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(E–pub Download) [Tangled Roots Kendra Clayton Mystery #2] AUTHOR Angela Henry

Tangled Roots Kendra Clayton Mystery #2Et married in the "3rd one and hope Carl get

married soon so 
soon so she can make Lynette wear something hideous "one and hope Carl get married soon so that she can make Lynette wear something hideous her bridesmaid dress P Never want to put this downJust when I think Kendra Clayton is already the most well rounded and deeply evocative protagonist Angela Henry makes her even compelling Kendra is real flawed and likeab A bright and pcoming new author is Angela HenryI love to read everything and I just discovered Angela Henry when I read her first book The Company You Keep Now I m on book number 3 This woman can WRITE She keeps you glued to the pages and is funny to boot Keep email comin girl Deserving five star READplor develops on each page ntil stunning conclusion constant nexpected story developmentGreat start to new yeardon t skip chapters or you will miss story line Loved itGreat suspense Gotta love Kendra nosey self So much shocking stuff going on and she puts all. R turns into the job from hell when a retired kindergarten teacher with the personality of a piranha becomes her new bossAnd to top it all off Detective Trish Harmon of the Willow Ohio police department shows p at her class looking for Kendra's favorite student a troubled young man named Timmy who has been straightening out his li. Not sure why I couldn t get "Into This Book But It T "this book but it wasn t my liking None of characters seemed interesting or likeable Some of it may be that I am not familiar with that culture but
characters like the 
like the megachurch pastor just came across as a stereotype Are we really interested in a book where this pastor is condoned in the community for his outrageous behaviorSorry just couldn t get into it I bought this one back in February and just got around to reading it yesterday It is surprisingly good The social structure of the black characters is both interesting and believable and carries out the mystery plot very well Warning to Cozy friends there is language that keeps it out of the Cozy genre but not so much as to take away from a good story liked it and want to read the next one to see what does Reverend Rollins has in store for Kendra Carland maybe Kendra s buddy Lynette will For Kendra Clayton life is good for about five minutes Then her sweetie lawyer Carl Brumfield leaves town to help out his sister in Cleveland Her soon to be married best friend picks out a hideous bridesmaid's dress for her to wear a seuined Smurf blue nightmare with a bow on the butt The work she loves as a part time GED instructo. ,
The pieces together Can t wait for book three in the morning This one was better than the first one I found myself actually liking the main character a little this time and enjoying the storyHowever it had some weird wrong letter issues and misplaced paragraphs They are perhaps some sort of conversion issue like a printed version was scanned to create the ebook and the character recognition software screwed some stuff p but still very annoying I found this book to be a real page turner There were a few editing errors in the e book copy that I read but the story was good Just when you thought you knew what was going on Angela Henry takes you on yet another twist or turn This was the first book I ve read by Ms Henry Now I m eager to read Definitely twistegood mystery almost read 90% before I fingered the murderer bang The White Paternoster, And Other Stories up ending was a surprise looking forward to reading all of this series books. FeA pretty local beautician is dead and Timmy is suspect number one When he later showsp at Kendra's apartment begging for help it's only one step before Kendra's back on the road to trouble again trying to find the real killer stepping over the "line from a nice safe life into dangerand getting tangled in the deadly roots of "from a nice safe life into dangerand getting tangled in the deadly roots of