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Tions Grade level k 1Genre Informational Owen Ann and Eric Thomas Your Mail A Book about Mail Carriers Minneapolis MN Picture 2004 Print Ages 6 10 Delivering Your Picture Window 2004 Print Ages 6 10 Delivering Your is a basic simple read for oung children to come to know what it is like in the every day life of a Mail man It is kind of interesting in the book that the every day life of a Mail man It is kind of interesting in the book that details are clear such as what side the steering wheel is on of the truck I think this is a neat book to show what it s like to be a Mail Driver and deliverer I can t really relate to this book other than the fact that I know what the every day life is like just based on reading this book and seeing the drivers in my hometown I think it is an alright book not the best I have ever read Will give oung citizens a glimpse into the lives of these valuable workers and how their careers make communities a better place to liv. L mail itself the mail box the mail man and the mail truck so of course I had to get this book for him It was a simple book with bold images and thick pages perfect for older toddlers and preschoolers There are also some great facts at the end of the book for kids as they get older There are also endless possible activities to coordinate with the book and connecting it with real life Kids can learn new words by focusing on a specific topic Books that show a seuence also help increase vocabulary Even though mail is becoming less common kids still wonder how mail travels This book could be used when highlighting careers in a unit At the end of the book there is a great facts page that explains answers to some of the kids ues. Ibes what a mail carrier is how their mail truck works and how the mail must get DELIVERED NO MATTER WHAT THE SITUATION THIS READ ALOUD. no matter what the situation This read aloud. A cute book that I read to a preschool class #About My Everyday Job A Cute Illustrated Book To Introduce # my everyday job A cute illustrated book to introduce to this important job that helps our community I really liked this book It was a great book to introduce the community helper mail carriers It was simple but still held the children s attention The Did ou know page and timeline at the end were an added bonus to this introduction to the job of a mail carrier Clear illustrations too With Just Enough Detail just enough detail It s fun to Drive A Mail Truck a mail truck steering wheel is on the wrong side Learn about the important job mail carriers do in our neighborhood and why that steering wheel is where it isMy Review Munchkin is obsessed with all things having to do with mai. An introduction to the important job of mail carriers Through fun illustrations and easy to read text this nonfiction picture book descr.

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Delivering Your Mail A Book About Mail Cariers Community Workers

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