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KINDLE [Bieguni AUTHOR Olga Tokarczuk] By Olga Tokarczuk

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Random thoughts random scramblings and mixed t all together Die Frauen meines Vaters into some sort of text Extremely dull disjointed ramblings on all sorts of things It could be read but personally I don t findt very nteresting or lluminating Overhyped graphomania nothing nothing lessDNFing this Now the winner of the Man Booker International prize 2018 which was well deserved This Contest of Champions, Vol. 1: Battleworld is my third book from the Man Booker International prize shortlist and might just be my new favourite book of the year so farWhether or not thiss a novel Denn die Nacht bringt das Meer. Nordsee-Thriller is debatable Its of an uncategorisable mixture of 116 short pieces varying n length from a single sentence to over 30 pages On the whole the longer pieces are short stories and the shorter ones thoughts observations and uirky pieces of science or historyTokarczuk has a uesting curiosity which s eually at home discussing travel exploration the history of anatomy and the science and ethics of preservation techniues such as plastination The thematic logic Galloglass 1250–1600: Gaelic Mercenary Warrior is sometimes opaue but becomes clearer as the book proceedsLike short stories the component chapters are best readn a single sitting I would have liked a table of contents to make The South Atlantic Coast and Piedmont: A Literary Field Guide it easier to find suitable break points and I decided to create my own which I havencluded as an appendix belowThere are also 12 rather The Amish Baking Cookbook: Plainly Delicious Recipes From Oven To Table intriguing historical maps scattered among the text and once again their relevances a little unclearOne of the most striking pieces appears near the end It treats the uncontrollable spread of plastics I, Elizabeth in the modern world as a studyn evolution the bag becomes an ultra successful organism which spreads by anemophily wind pollinationThis A Guide to British Garden Birds. Stephen Moss and Brett Westwood with Chris Watson is a uniue fascinating and thought provoking book Highly recommended If you want a professional review I recommend this one from the Guardian Table of ContentsPage Title7 Here I am8 The Worldn your Head16 Your Head Yahoo Answered: An Internet Marketer's Guide to Yahoo Answers in the World21 Syndrome23 Cabinet of Curiosities25 Seeings Knowing28 Seven years of Trips29 Guidance from Cioran30 Kunicki Water From Our Grandmothers' Kitchens i39 Benedictus ui Venit39 Panopticon39 Kunicki Wateri58 Everywhere and Nowhere61 Airports63 Returning to one s Roots64 Travel Sizes65 Mano di Giovanni Battista66 The Original and the Copy66 Trains for Cowards69 Abandoned Apartment69 The Book of Infamy75 Guidebooks76 New Athens78 Wikipedia79 Citizens of the World Pick up Your Pens79 Travel Psychology Lectio Brevis I85 The Right Time and Place85 Instructions86 Ash Wednesday Feast102 North Pole Expeditions103 The Psychology of an Island103 Purging the Map104 In Pursuit of Night108 Sanitary Pads109 Relics Peregrinatio ad Loca Sancta110 Belly Dance111 Meridians112 Unus Mundus113 Harem Menchu s Tale123 Another of Menchu s Tales124 Cleopatras124 A Very Long uarter of an Hour124 Apuleius the Donkey126 Media Presenters126 Atat rk s Reforms127 Kali Yuga129 Wax Model Collections132 Dr Blau s Travels Love★Com, Vol. 6 i147 Josefina Soliman s First Letter to Franz I Emperor of Austria150 Among the Maori150 Dr Blau s Travelsi170 Plane of Profligates171 Pilgrim s Make up171 Josefina Soliman s Second Letter to Franz I Emperor of Austria173 Sarira174 The Bodhi Tree176 Home A Dictionary of Iowa Place-Names is my Hotel177 Travel Psychology Lectio Brevis II180 Compatriots181 Travel Psychology Conclusion183 The Tongues the Smallest Muscle183 Speak Speak184 Frog and Bird186 Lines Planes and Bodies188 The Achilles Tendon196 The History of Filip Verheyen Written by his Student and Confidant William van Horssen214 Letters to the Amputated Leg219 Travel Tales220 Three Hundred Kilometres221 30000 Guilders229 The Tsar s Collection232 Irkutsk Moscow233 Dark Matter234 Morality The Dinosaur That Pooped Adventures! is Reality234 Flights266 What the Shrouded Runaway was Saying268 Josefina Soliman s Third Letter to Franz I272 Things not Made by Human Hands273 Purity of Blood274 Kunstkammer274 Mano di Constantino276 Mapping the Void277 Another Cook278 Whales or Drowningn Air280 Godzone314 Fear Not315 Day of the Dead317 Ruth317 Reception at Large Fancy Hotels318 Point319 Cross Section as Learning Method320 Chopin s Heart329 My Specimens329 Network State331 Swastikas331 Vendors of Names332 Death and Action333 Evidence334 Nine335 Attempts at Travel Stereometry336 Even336 wiebodzin338 Kunicki Earth367 Island Symmetries368 Air Sickness Bags369 The Earth s Nipples370 Pogo370 Wall370 Amphitheatre The Lost Treasure of Talus Scree in Sleep372 Map of Greece374 Kairos402 I m Here403 On the Origin of Species404 Final Timetable407 The Polymer Preservation Process Step by Step408 Boarding Rating 25Thiss a book that demands a lot of mental work and at slightly than 400 pages a considerable time nvestment While I don t exactly regret reading t which Just William's Greatest Hits is something I suppose I was far lessmpressed with t than most I d like to have to show for my time than I do This s a fragmented chaotic and even careless book roughly organized AROUND THE TOPICS OF TRAVEL AND the topics of travel and As advertised t s not a traditional or conventional novel perhaps not a novel at all It s a collection of loosely connected stories many of them nconclusive anecdotes facts a lot of pseudo facts nformation that masuerades as having a foundation Too Big, Too Thick, Stretched Me, Squirting: Book 5 in reality ruminations and attempts at playfulness cleverness some of them self conscious or self referential It seems that Tokarczuk did a fair bit of consulting of Wikipedia and who knows what other sources to create her book She marvels at the online collaborative encyclopaedia than oncen Flights Whatever the case a lot of the nformation Tokarczuk presents n her book The box of delights: when the wolves were running. is just flat out wrong Dark matter for example does not account for three uarters of the universe According to NASAt makes up about 27% while 68% of the universe Fish Chips is dark energy Any basic anatomy or neurology text will tell you we do not as Tokarczuk alleges owe our short term memory to the hippocampus The hippocampuss actually nvolved "in long term memory storage Atat rk whose reforms came n the 1920s was not responsible for "long term memory storage Atat rk whose reforms came Psychoanalysis and women;: Contributions to new theory and therapy in the 1920s was not responsible for cruel removal of dogs from ConstantinopleIstanbul to ansland The Fifth Elephant (Discworld, in the Bosporus where they would die of thirst and starvation This camen the early 1900s according to humanities and law professor Colin Dayan n her 2016 book With Dogs at the Edge of Life Columbia University Press and other sources Is Tokarczuk s carelessness with facts n this book ntentional some sort of deliberate post modern disregard for accuracy or s t a result of translator or editorial carelessness I don t know but I don t "See How It Serves "how t serves meditation on travel and anatomy After I encountered several such errors I mistrusted the author Why was I struggling to parse her sometimes tedious lectures on travel psychology and discussions of The Man Who Knew imaginary psychological syndromes that had no foundationn reality The book Mount! increasingly became a sort of futile game I didn t care to participaten While I enjoyed a couple of the longer stories Tokarczuk Chipper: More Than a Miracle included for example the story of a New Zealand biologist whose worknvolves the extermination of Doctor Who: Combat Magicks invasive species returning to her native Poland to facilitate the assisted suicide of a former lover and another about a despairing Russian wife and mother who rides the subway for days on end to escape her hopeless home life for me this book just didn t come together Thedea that things n motion aren t ultimately as subject to entropy as things at rest just seemed silly A book that nitially struck me as stimulating and clever soon lost ts lustre Flights turned out to be less than the sum of ts parts and certainly overhyped A philosophical meditation There’s an Alien in Your Book in anatomy time and travel all three arentrinsically linked throughout The book s filled with odd stories and even stranger characters Although some of the stories really trigger some emotional responses this book did feel heavy There s lots to digest her Now deserving Nobel Laureate Age all n your mind Gender grammatical I actually buy my books Girls on the Home Front in paperback so that I can leave them without remorse on the platform for someone else to find I don t collect anything This book can be a kind of bible for the people with restless legs people whose biggest fear that they will have to spend all their lifen one place to whom travel The Complete David Bowie is the religion roads the home and their own house merely a comfortable hotel The narrator Licence to be Bad: How Economics Corrupted Us is one such person Standing there on the embankment staringnto the current I realized that Fundamentals of Nursing Care: Concepts, Connections Skills in spite of all the risksnvolved a thing n motion will always be better than a thing at rest that change will always be a nobler thing than permanence that that which s static will degenerate and decay turn to ash while that which Seoul: A Window Into Korean Culture isn motion s able to last for all eternity Y Zaprasza do wspólnego oswajania migotliwej fragmentarycznej rzeczywistości do porzucania utartych szlaków Ta powieść nie ma granic – dzieje się na całym świec. .
Bieguni AUTHOR Olga Tokarczuk

Free read Bieguni AUTHOR Olga Tokarczuk

Each of my pilgrimages aims at some other pilgrim In this case the pilgrim Argirópolis (Colección de Clásicos de La Literatura Latinoamericana: Carrascalejo de La Jara) isn pieces broken down This might very well be the first time that I have no clear picture Advanced Imagineering: Designing Innovation as Collective Creation in my head regarding this review Flightss the winner of the 2018 Man Booker International Prize and this Around Town (LEGO Duplo Dk Readers. Level 1) is one of those cases where the verb like andts negative form can t retain any significant meaning So be patient with me while I am trying to clumsily explain the Social Imaginaries of Space: Concepts and Cases impact Flights had on meIn a magnificent translation by Jennifer Croft Flightss a modern Odyssey of the human being amidst eternal journeys from country to country but most Developing Bus Rapid Transit: The Value of Brt in Urban Spaces importantly within ourselves Anatomy and transportation are combined to demonstrate the continuous search the change the fight for self discovery Individual stories taking place over different eras born out of curiosity and despair Tokarczuk s works a hymn to human emotions to ndependence to unfulfilled wishes He said that death marks places like a dog marking ts territory Flights Comparative Policing from a Legal Perspective is a novel featuring characteristics of essays biography and non fiction where the voice of the writer reflects the feelings and thoughts of charactersn a distant and at times clinically sharp way Tokarczuk s writing brings to mind great authors of Balkan and East European Literature I found similarities to Da a Drndic and Dubravka Ugre c although n my opinion Tokarczuk lacks the darkness and The Rest of the Story impact of the two Croatian writers She focuses onssues that reflect the strangest aspects of traveling and searching for the destination that would mean the end of a fulfilling journey Or not What happens when you don t want to reach the end When you feel that you can t settle that you don t need a permanent basis The apartment doesn t understand what s happened The apartment thinks China-European Union Investment Relationships: Towards a New Leadership in Global Investment Governance? its owner has died Theres a plethora of nformation n this beautiful book Tokarczuk refers to the Recurrent Detoxification Syndrome the need of the human mind to return to certain mages no matter how disturbing or repulsive they may be It s what makes us freeze unable to take our eyes off mages that make our stomach turn Another Five Wakes and a Wedding interesting point has to do with the apartment thats left behind locked and dark when we depart for a journey leaving our shelter silent and lifeless And what about the Si encuentro tu nombre en el fuego images that come to mind at the sound of a country s name What do we recall when we think of egChina Russia Spain Lithuania Serbia Ireland and every other country of our planet Each one of us forms a uniue personal picture based on experience education and various culturalnfluencesThe richness and power of Flights lie n the characters and their journeys I was confused moved and horrified by the story of Kunicki a Polish businessman whose wife and son disappear for three days and for unknown reasons while vacationing n a Croatian Curveball island The story of a Russian woman a mothern the most difficult position An Elegy for Mathematics imaginable who tries to relieve the pain of people who have no destination any made me think of loneliness and the horrible feeling that you re slowly drifting away when you aren t strong enough to fight Neboj a s thoughts on what war leaves behind and the moving journey of Chopin s heart from Paris to Warsaw are outstanding momentsI don t particularly agree with a few of the writer s views on people and God They seemed too detached almost nihilistic but thiss of little A Stranger on the Beach importance Flights should be an undisputed reading choice a book that can be read while on a journeyn an airport while the night Coming Home is fallingn a hotel room overlooking the distant glimpses of the city lights And Strasberg at the Actors Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions if you don t travel do not worry Olga Tokarczuk and Jennifer Croft are here to be your powerful guides I m a few years old I m sitting on the window sill and I m looking out onto the chilled courtyard The lightsn the school s kitchen are extinguished everyone has left All the doors are closed hatched down blinds lowered I d like to leave but there s nowhere to go My own presence s the only thing with a distinct outline now an outline that uivers and undulates and n so doing hurts And all of a sudden I know there s nothing anyone can do now here I am My reviews can also be found on From our new Nobel laureateNow the winner of the Shadow Man Booker International Prize from a panel of reviewers and bloggers A Witch's Guide To Faery Folk: How to Work With the Elemental World including myself and also winner of the official Man Booker International Prize My photo of author and translator after I handed them our shadow jury prizeHighly recommended Throughout this beautiful chaos threads of meaning spreadn all directions networks of strange logicHis eyes attentively probe their constellations positionings the directions they point The Homefront in Civil War Missouri in the shapes they makeFlights published by perhaps the UK s finest publisher Fitzcarraldo Editions and wonderfully translated from the Polish by Jennifer Croft who translates from Argentinian Spanish as well as Polishs the first Olga Tokarczuk novel I have read but
certainly won t 
won t the last The Polish original was entitled Bieguni after a peculiar possibly apocryphal sect who believed that the only way to escape the power of the Antichrist was to avoid stability anything that has a stable place n this world every county church every human government everything that has a preserved form n this hell Celibate Passion is at his command he who rules the world has no power over movement and knows that our bodyn motion s holy and only then can you escape him once you ve taken off Although this title could have been used n English Jennifer Croft took the decision to change Daniel Webster and Jacksonian Democracy it to Flights a title taken from one of the many different pieces that comprise the novel and which Tokarczuk notes opens up a newnterpretation of the novel given the wider range of connotations that the word has The Gay Pretender in English vsts Polish euivalent Both speak to the theme of the novel travel and the necessity for some of always being Bloody Winter in motion rather than at rest As a young child the narrator finds her way to the Oder river The first trip I ever took was across the fields on foot It took them a long time to notice I was gone which meant I was able to maket uite some distance I covered the whole park and even going down dirt roads through the corn and the damp meadows teeming with cowslip flowers sectioned nto suares by ditches reached the river Though of course the river was ubiuitous n that valley soaking up under the ground cover and lapping at the fieldAnd she soon realised that unlike her parents with their settled life Inventaire Sommaire Des Archives D�partementales Ant�rieures � 1790, Vol. 1: Mayenne (Classic Reprint) in one place that lifes not for me Clearly I did not nherit whatever gene t War Girls is that makest so that when you linger n a place you start to put down roots I ve tried a number of times but my roots have always been shallow the littlest breeze could always blow me right over I don t know how to germinate I m simply not "in possession of that vegetable capacity I can t extract nutrition from the ground I am the anti Antaeus "possession of that vegetable capacity I can t extract nutrition from the ground I am the anti Antaeus energy derives from movement from the shuddering of buses the rumble of planes trains and ferries rockingThe novel that unfolds s not told As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant in linear fashion but rather like the narrator s lifes told Lesson Planning and Classroom Management in fragments details of her own travelsntercut with observations on the psychology of travel and stories of travelers down the ages Am I doing the right thing telling stories Wouldn t t be better to fasten the mind with a clip tighten the reins and express myself not be means of stories and histories but "with the simplicity of a lecture where n sentence after sentence "the simplicity of a lecture where The Nightmare Garden in sentence after sentence single thought gets clarified and then others racked after ontot Look to the Mountain in the succeeding paragraphs I could use uotes and footnotes I couldn the order of points or chapters reap the conseuences of demonstrating step by step what t s I mean Tales have a kind of The Space Race: The Journey to the Moon and Beyond inherentnertia that The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna / Vicuna, Cecilia. Esther Allen, tr. QUIPOem. Two books in one (Wesleyan Poetry) is never possible to fully control They reuire people like mensecure The Color of Water indecisive easily led astray NaiveAnd as she observes of her writing career she became for some time a sort of gargantuan ear that listened to murmurs and echoes and whispers far off voices that filtered through the walls But I never became a real writer Life always managed to elude me I d only ever findts tracks the skin Mayan Strawberries it sloughed off By the time I had determinedts lo cation Bill Gates (Up Close) it had already gone somewhere else And all I d find were signs thatt had been there like those scrawl Mistaken Mistress ings on the trunks of treesn parks that merely mark a person s passing presence In my writing life would turn Bunny: A Novel intoncomplete stories dreamlike tales would show up from afar n odd dislocated panoramas or n cross. Co mamy wspólnego z biegunami – prawosławnym odłamem starowierców ludźmi którzy zło oswajają ruchem Ile jest w nas z biegunówOd dawnych sułtańskich pałaców. ,
Sections and so The Great Smog of India it would be almostmpossible to reach any conclusions as to the wholeMany of the pieces that form the novel are short eg a page and largely stand alone For example The Tongue s the Strongest Muscle pities the fate of monolingual native English speakers How lost they must feel n the world where all The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary instructions all the lyrics of the stupidest possible songs all the menus all the excruciating pamphlets and brochures even the buttonsn the lift are Tryst with Prosperity in their private language Wherever they are people have unlimited access to them they are accessible to everyone and everythingTokarczuk refers to her techniue with the shorter pieces as constellation letting the reader draw their own lines and form their own picture and for me there were a number of main threads that emerged notably theoretical lectures on travel psychology given according to the novel s story gratis at airports to passing passenger by an EU funded program These for examplentroduce us to Stendhal Syndrome the shock experienced by someone encountering an experience of great personal significance typically a work of art or a great city and Popular Hits it s near opposite Paris Syndrome the psychological trauma experienced by mostly Japanese tourist when the reality of Paris doesn t live up to theirdealised expectations And the three stages of the travellers feeling on waking up n a new place from assuming they are home to confusion as to where they ars to the last enlightened state It makes no difference I m here the minor Greek god Kairos god of the fleeting opportunistic or advantageous moment the narrator s peculiar attachment she claims t s known as Recurrent Detoxification Syndrome to the mperfect which manifests The Creative Habit itselfn her travels as being drawn not to the well known museums The Rest of the Story in the cities she visits but rather to cabinets of curiosities where collections are comprised of the rare the uniue the bizarre the freakish and linked to thisthe book tells the story of the fictitious Dr Blau putative successor to the real life Gunther von Hagensn the field of plastination crafty plastinators heirs of embalmers of tanners of anatomists and taxidermists I also had the rather unnerving suspicion that this techniue could transform originals nto copy to preserve organs and bodies and earlier from the 17th century Frederik Ruysch Tokarczuk has also remarked that the narrator s fascination with plastination relates to the fragility of the ultimate vehicle that we all use for travel the human bodyTokarczuk makes a similarly strong link between travel around the world and the mapping of the human anatomy The narrative notes that n 1542 just as Copernicus s revolutionary pun ntended map of the solar system Revoltionibus Orbium Coelestium omitted Uranus so Vesalius s eually mportant map of the human anatomy De Humani corporis fabrica lacked a number of specific mechanical solutions Lords of Life: A History of the Kings of Thailand in the human body spans joints connections such as to give just one example the tendon that joins the calf to the heel It was to be 1689 until Filip Verheyen a contemporary of Ruysch discovered and named the archilles tendon and Flights also tells us his story and draws the aforementioned connection How could this tendon never have been noticed It s hard to believe that parts of one s body are discovered as though one were forging one s way uprivern search of sourcesPerhaps the least obvious fit to the novel s narrative approach s a conventional fictional and present day story which s nserted albeit split nto three parts over the novel of a Polish man on holiday n Croatia When visiting a small sland Vis his wife asks him to stop the car takes a short walk with his young son he assumes for a comfort break but never returns The review by The London Magazine below provides a very helpful Simon Spatz: From Holocaust to Halifax, A Story of Survival and Success interpretation of the story within the context of the overall novel The story within the story Flights from which the English translation takests title provides a companion piece similarly a near present day fictitious story of a Soviet women struggling to cope with a ex military vet husband and a chronically A Life in Two Worlds ill son One day she goes out on her weekly break her mothern law providing temporary respite care but doesn t return to the house The Hitler Kiss: A Memoir of the Czech Resistance instead finding shelter on the Moscow metro and with the homeless where she meets a the surviving member of the Bieguni One fascinating aspect of reading Flights and which I think speaks to the power of the prose as well as the ubiuity of the themess the echoes The Doré Illustrated Balzac Droll Stories it raised from other favourite books I have readn the last 12 months notably other books from Fitzcarraldo themselves as well as their small ndependent press peers from the Republic of Consciousness Prize The opening section describing the narrator s first trip to a river could have been taken from Esther Kinsky s River the preoccupation with collections of the macabre from Matthias Enard s magnificent Compass and the opening uote to my review with ts sense of permanent possessions as a burden echoes the story of the auctioneer from David Hayden s Darker with the Lights On Stendhal Syndrome also features Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species in three wonderful books Noemi Lefebvre s Blue Self Portrait Jack Robinson s Overcoat and Eley Williams s Attrib Highly recommended and I look forward to of the author and translator s workn particular Drive Your Plough Over the Bones of the Dead which Fitzcarraldo will publish later Feminisms at a Millennium in 2018 and the Book of Jacob which Jennifer Crofts currently finalisingOther reviews that do the book justice than I can Gwydion's Dawn interview Audiobook read by Julia Whelan Winner of the Man Booker PrizeThiss my first book by Oga Tokarczuk a Polish author The stories gave me the visuals of roaming traveling without a permanent plan yet wishing for nner peace and tribal connectionsThe blurb tells of the nitty gritty specificsme I enjoyed "Julia Whelan s voice up on emotions just letting my magination sync with the stories I was reminded "Whelan s voice picking up on just letting my Mj 12. Die Geheime Regierung imagination sync with the stories I was reminded my travel days wondering streets of Tel Aviv or Afghanistan observing other peopleand being observed I learned the big lesson from traveling for two years outside the United States years ago which I thought about with these stories You take yourself with you no matter where you go no matter how far you run I enjoyed the writing the uniueness the stories themselves and the precise feeling that things are the exactly the way they aren the moment but not what we wish them to be Feelings of running as Strahlend In Purpur Und Goldd. Heilige Reich Von Konstantinopel if taking a train to a new city might help being loss hoping for understanding and better daysno permanence but searching wondering and desiring how feeling settled with home might be Ha I can say todayHome feels better than roaming off for years but I m not regretful for those lonely years eitherof moving from one place to the next dayn and day outToday though I at least have the Sierra Wildflowers: Mt. Lassen to Kern Canyon illusion of feeling I ve found my placen the world I can t possibly be confident that I fully comprehended all these stories but I did reflect and allowed my own El Guero Tellez/ Tellez the Blond: Reportero de policia!/ Police Reporter! introspective voice be heard while simply enjoying the rhythm the movement of Olga s creatively I likedt I felt Haunted Louisiana: The Most Haunted Houses in Louisiana it s universal power of humanity In the profusion ofmages and metaphors that make up this book one mage stands out That I m now using t as an opening for the review A Mistaken Match is apt because themage I m thinking of Lodz is a line asn the first stroke a pen makes on a blank sheet of paper Or the line made by a jet stream dividing the sky n two Or the stroke made by an anatomist s scalpel on virgin skin Or ndeed the line made by the shadow that splits the earth The Diminished into daytime and nightime bright time and dark time It s no surprise then that Olga Tokarczuk s wunderkammer of a books full of contras An essayistic work of fiction about travel anatomy and time Flights meditates on what t means to embrace wandering as a way of life A few lengthy stories about travelers and migrants comprise the bulk of the collection but between these the author ntersperses many short sketches essays anecdotes and facts Some have taken ssue with the shorter pieces but I found both kinds of work to be hit or miss In spite of the collection s unevenness Tokarczuk occasionally draws nteresting parallels between the ways humans map the world the body and the Claimed by a Cowboy intellect Had the author connected these disparatensights Discipline into some kind of overarching argument the book would have been consistently engaging Gosh What a load of disjointed tripe Not a novel Not a book More like the author collected all kinds of things personal notes FB statuses. Przez siedemnastowieczne gabinety osobliwości po współczesne hale odlotów – Olga Tokarczuk zabiera czytelników w niezwykłą podróż przez różne miejsca czas. .
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