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Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France eWaiting a really long time and I still have nothing to give them I m really sorry and I mmbarrassedAbout dropping out of social media For uite a while the only thing I could think of to put on Twitter was OH MY GOD THE PAIN Which besides being uncomfortably personal would have gotten redundant My mom died I had to put my favorite dog to sleep and about 9 other super hard things like being unable to write But I also started feeling like it was Really Arrogant Of Me arrogant of me assume that people are interested in all my daily thoughts or what i cooked or whatever it felt so I cooked or whatever It felt so I know that Twitter is an important tool and a valuable platform but I stopped reading it and I stopped posting on it This will sound silly but it felt like a lot of pressure and it was one of the plates I let drop I have authors I follow or used to follow and I know I would be so bummed if one of them just dropped out of sight with no xplanationSo I know I m not offering any fun or gratifying news like The book is done You ll have it soon I m saying that I know I disappointed you and unfortunately right now I can t promise anything I mean I m hoping that I will get the book together I know S S is hoping so too I m doing my that I will get the book together I know S S is hoping so too I m doing my hereTake care veryoneCat. F years Now following the tragic death of her parents Vivi has finally accepted her birthright and is learning to live life as a shapeshifte. I have been waiting YEARS for this

Book To Come Out 010515Why 
to come out 010515Why t this out yet011415Updates A synopsis and cover Cover is beautiful but it reminds me of another series062915And a release date is out July 7 2016 Why are we still waiting December 2019It has been a long 5 years y all 2016 Why are we still waiting December 2019It has been a long 5 years y all should get a award for keeping this on my tbr pile for so longDecember 2014 Of waiting I CAN T FIND THIS BOOK ANYWHERE please someone help me For those who are curious why it hadn t come outHi This is way way way overdue I ll start with an apology for dropping out of sight without a word I really am sorry And I know people are confused and upset about the second Birthright book and i haven t been keeping you and I haven t been keeping you to dateIt s hard to know what to say I feel Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild embarrassed for disappearing and I feel like I let a lot of people down by doing so I ll say upfront that I m fine I m not ill I m not in a coma Everything s fineThere isn t a simplexplanation Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets except that life got hard for a while and it took all mynergy to deal with my real life and I didn t have anything left over I was surprised by that because I m usually able to juggle a thousand plates in the air But I was down to like managing four plates And Electromyography for Experimentalists even that was hardI have a good lif. Publishing delayed or possibly not happening SynopsisVivi Neves had rejectedverything her parents hold dear their heritage culture traditi. E but like Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 every life there are some tough spots and some hard times During my tough spot I just hunkered down to get through it and I had to let a lot of plates drop For someone who s usually so together it was kind of shockingI feel like I ve had to remake myself in a way with newxpectations and new patterns and new ways of looking at verything including myself It was necessary and good but for a while it killed any creative impulse I might have had It s hard to be creative when you re running around on fire Not literallyI feel like I m coming back in my new phoenix like form but I m taking baby stepsAbout Birthright I ve never done this in my life I have always delivered I ve written the second book about three times and thankfully I ve written the second book about three times and thankfully Schuster did not publish it because it wasn t my best work They ve been amazing and supportive and astonishingly patient but of course I have disappointed them and myself by not pulling that story together I could analyze the whys and wherefores of that but the short answer is that I haven t written a second book that is up to my desired uality My sainted ditor and I are still working out what we re going to do In the meantime all I can do is apologize because I know people have been. Ons and their dark family secret they're haguari cat people shapeshifters who turn into jaguars as their ancestors have done for thousands
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Darkest Night Birthright #2