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Y at all Not thrilling Some chapters are personification of real like gambling or adultery Another "Chapters Are About Madness And about madness And stories represent dislike or disgust over gay people Really dude you used sex to create stories with gays That s not good All the stories are typical The writing though is good Stories no sigh I literally elt FORCED to read this since I bought it with hard cash and don t wanna to waste it Worse is I spend like 6 weeks to Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm finish andelt expressionless throughout reading the stories Some of the stories are just borderline atrocious and grotesue not in a good way ie Malay Magick But anyhow some of the stories are uite interesting ie The Girl Who Grew Horn Overall it s not a great book or good book to be rank "but it is still readable. ontianak malay " it is still readable. Ontianak Malay and Gravedigger’s Kiss this is a collection that will make you tingle in all sorts of places. .
Ome of the book does terrified me some are just mehh Not because the stories are not good But a ew stories especially through the stories are not good But a ew stories especially halfway through the where the plot is going like what are the writer trying to tell me That the characters made out almost every storiesHalfway through the book it gets really lengthy with lots of descriptions that idk whether it contributes to the plot or not Idk Maybe I m wrong I m not an expert in writingI m SO SORRY "But I Can T "I can t Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome feeling like reading a porn book If this is a horror and romance genre doesn t mean every stories is about making out Please kids stay awayrom this book hmmmHowever I m sure Horror Stories 2 will be better Thanks again to Tunku Halim or sharing It s very Malaysian And old stories Cliche I mean Bored Not scar. Ng twenty of his best short stories such as Biggest Baddest Bomoh Mr Petronas The Rape of Martha Teoh Night of the This book suck I am sorry it just not something that I can read with pleasure not that because "it was horror stories it wasn t scary after all regret buying it dont think "was horror stories it wasn t scary after all regret buying it dont think gonna buy any bukufixi after this Not even inish To some people it might be a worth read but naah not my cup of tea 2 stars to be exact 1 star or the Writing 1 Star For A 1 star or a stories that managed to interest me First of a big congrats to Tunku Halim or this book I knew the writer he s the dad of my Lecturer S Friend However It s riend However it not affect my review I think a ew early chapters were great I liked vampire stories but when too many chapters are about vampires I get bored Feel like reading twilight tbh Just a darker version Better if titled vampire storiesThis book is titled horror stories Yes Over 15 years in the making this is a mid career retrospective by Malaysia’s prince of darkness Tunku HalimFeaturi. ,