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Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia jOriginally review for an Author Spotlight hereWinterkill is one of those books where no matter how long I make my review I still wont be able to get my entire point across There aren t enough words in the English language to represent how much I enjoyed this book I have been sitting on this review for almost a week and I am still at a loss for words but I am going to try to form the review this book deservesI ADORED Emmaline s character She was so strong and brave Her grandma am has put a stain over their family but Em was hell bent on trying to make her Pa s and her life better She wasn t Wayward She was CURIOUS You cannot contain people in a small village and not expect them to be come curious I was actually shocked that people didn t uestion everything But then again they were safe fedbarely and in a community of loved ones so I guess most of them didn t feel like anything should be uestioned Some people don t want MORE Some people are fine withust livingBrother Stockham kind of creeped me out He seemed nice and kind at first but after a few scenes with him trying to get close to Emmaline he became too obsessive and I could شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى just tell there was something wrong with him He ended up freaking out on Emmaline and proved that there was definitely a few screws loose Tom was so cute He had a HUGE secret that could get him send to the gibbets but he keeps his secret and so does Em It sucks that he can t live life how he wants to but then again it s 2015 and people still can t live how they wantKane Oh Almighty Kane He was so swoon worthy He put his life at riskust to watch over Em I was soooo rooting for him the entire book Him and Em kept ending up in this impossible situations and I The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) just thought it was so funny They were always thrown together and I think that helped them get feelings for each otherThe entire bookust had me on edge all the time I never knew when someone was going to die because of Wayward acts or if Em was about to get caught exploring the woods But after Em found the truth out about her Grandma am I was sitting here telling Em to do bad things The book was definitely very interactive for me I was talking to characters so muchThe Lost People was such a cool concept Obviously other people had to exist right The fortification couldn t hold the last of the human race right Well most of the people thought they were the last It is so sad how easily people will follow the leaderIn the end I found Winterkill to be a breath taking book There were so many ups and downs So many shocks and draw dropping moments I found myself hoping for certain things to happen and then something else entirely happened But I am glad it ended the way it did I was rooting for Kane so much as I previously said I cannot wait to get my hands on the next bookOverall I gave the book 55 stars I find dystopians in which religion is heavily involved extremely creepy This book takes a while to warm up I wasn t a big fan of the colonial setting and their slang and way of talking What I did appreciate was the mystery and Emmaline s bad leg The author does some really marvelous work on that Emmaline is on the outside of the community Her grandma did something bad and she carries the village people s rejection Although it would seem that she is concerned about it than most people I like a romance where action speaks louder than words and I don t mean physical affection Kane is a good hero with plenty of casual with a good dose of edge I like him because he likes Emmaline but doesn t feel the need to make a show about it or boast about the acts of bravery he commits for her sake And he is brave Maybe one of the bravest heroes He s not afraid on many levels and I like that about him Stockham surprised me Early on I d shoved him in a box and every time he said something unpredictable he made me smile which is really weird To be honest I wasn t really enjoying the book until I put on some Tchaikovsky to listen to and suddenly the book became so exhilarating and beautiful and terrifying I loved how things come together in the end They are isolatedbut not aloneWinterkill is basically a rip off of the movie The Village Let me tell you the resemblancesBoth the book and the movie were set in a walled villagetown in middle of nowhere surrounded by deep forest where mysterious creature roams the beings are called here malmaci and in The Village they were called Those We Don t Speak Of Aside from the similarities with the movie the Setting is vague A very little history behind how the village came to existence is given Two types of groups were told to survive from the old world the people who speak French and those who speak English which led me to uestion what happened to other democracies How the Old World Kingdom world as we know it now met its endSadly no explanation Speaking of the Characters Emmeline our protagonist is a Strained who bears the shame of her grandmother s insubordination She is also a cripple pushed on an axe at a very young age by the villagers and broke her leg Although given her situation I found her frail traits uite believable but at times her reticence to speak up and wussy nature annoyed me I liked her eagerness for knowledge and curiosity to discover the mystery outside village walls Which ultimately led to her family history and secrets she never thought could existAdding further to the list of similarities with The Village a triangle between the MC Kane the boy she had a crush on and the village leader is introduced in the book However the Romance between Em and Kane were sweet and well developed Kane was understanding and gorgeous and despite he lied to Em given the reason behind it he was easily forgivable Gabriel the mysterious young village most women swoon over suddenly began showing interest in Em for no apparent reason I have to admit I was misled by his sincerity and his impression of love That loving someone doesn t mean the person you love will love you back I liked the way Gabriel s character was crafted layer by layer complex and psychotic For the Writing had it been any other story I would ve called the writing choppy though not as choppy as Half Bad but considering the MC is illiterate and so are most of the people in the town her voice felt absolutely suitable for her persona somehow reminded me of Willo from After the SnowAs final verdict I d say Readers give this book a chance If not anything I found it engaging Though I already guessed the big reveal from a half book away I kept reading and honestly one or two twist near the end I didn t see coming Trust me despite its flaws and holes Winterkill is truly not a terrible book by any means 25 starsThe Village meets The Forest of Hands and Teeth meets The Hallowed OnesWinterkill is a very atmospheric and lovely written story that though it has plenty of tension and suspense feels long winded and loses its effect halfway through the book because of the slow progression of the few events that take place in the novel Ultimately although it does have a couple of interesting new aspects to it Winterkill is basically just

Like Every Other Standard 
every other standard dystopian novel out there All the technical aspects of Winterkill are impressively like every other standard YA dystopian novel out there All the technical aspects of Winterkill are impressively crafted The author managed to infuse the novel with a very oppressive atmospherea sort of dreamy uality into the world and even a couple of well written exhilarating scenes of suspense The author did a wonderful ob at setting the world but there s very little in the way of explanations and backstory The story of this world is made up of vague myths which works in favor of the mysticism surrounding the village but leaves a lot to be desired in terms of world building You don t know where this village is you don t even know what period it is You don t know anything about it if it s an average Amish like community in modern times or if it s a post apocalyptic refuge or even if all this takes place in the past It does lend a lot of mystery to the village but I kept expecting a bit mostly because since the nature of this community is not the mystery all of that gets pointedly ignored This novel is extremely slow story in general I normally wouldn t mind so much but most of the events in the novel go in a "Sort Of Repetitive Loop And It Isn "of repetitive loop and it isn until the end that the chain breaks and something else something interesting finally happens By then at least to me it was a bit too late This is not a particularly long novel but it feels far longer due to the slightly stagnant plot of the first two thirds of the novel The general plot is also extremely familiar and follows the safe pre established path of almost every single generic dystopia out there I had a very hard tim. Where Emmeline lives you cannot love and you cannot leaveThe Council's rules are strict but they're for the good of the settlement in which Emmeline lives Everyone knows there is.

review ½ eBook or Kindle ePUB Ï Kate A. Boorman

WinterkillIsolated in an unfamiliar land with merciless winters That part of the book description is what really made me want to read Winterkill What was it that was lurking out there in the forbidden woods The answer wasn t really all that surprisingI liked this book but I didn t love it I got annoyed with Emmeline a few times because I thought she made some stupid choices and couldn t see who she should obviously have been able to trust and who she obviously should not have been able to trust Also the romance was a bit too insta love for me because there wasn t enough build up to it And while I thought the characters were ok none of them really stood out in any special way to me This book also reminded me a lot of another book series The Frost Chronicles by Kate Avery Ellison That one while not perfect either surprised me and had a creepier feel to it so I liked it better over all When I chose to read this for some reason I thought it was a stand alone but it is the first book in a trilogy There were no cliff hangers and the main mystery is wrapped up It looks like the next book explores new territory and while it advances the plot line of what Emmeline found out in the woods I m happy to leave it where it is and consider it a stand alone If I had loved it I would continue but there was ust something missing for meReview also posted at Writings of a Reader They are isolatedbut not alone So I will have to admit that the first thing that grabbed my attention towards this bookwas the cover I mean what a seriously wicked creepy cover Winterkill is written in stakes in replace of fence posts there is snow covering an entire village and a young girl with a red robe running through it YepI had to have this oneWinterkill is about the Arabian Challenge journey of a young girl named Emmeline that is determined to discover the truth about her village Of course this synopsis immediately reminded me of The Village by M Night Shyamalan but let me assure you that it is very different Emmeline s settlement has been slowly deteriorating and her people are disappearing The villagers blame these occurrences on the malmaci which are the creatures that haunt the woods surrounding the village Out here I can feel the dead in the trees The Lost People rustle the leaves muddy the shafts of light through the branches whisper in my ear They creep dusty fingers along my necktug at my braid pull strands from my plait to tickle my face Or mayhap its the wind Emmeline s grandmother was shamed from their village and cast out and when this happens the descendants of her family are all branded as stained Em never really understands why her grandmother was cast out and she is determined to discover the truth She has dreams that call her into the woods and forces her to break the rules of her village but Em sourney to discover the truth may end up causing her death Each chapter of this book was so fascinating and I was completely absorbed in the story Every time I thought I had the mystery uncoveredI was so wrong There are so many twists in this book and I loved every one of them The only thing that I will say confused me a little with this book was the language There were certain parts where characters spoke a different language and it was not exactly explained what they were saying so to me that was a little confusing I tried to make sense of the sentences by the writing around it but sometimes I ust couldn t figure it out and it threw me off the story at times Another aspect of the story that I really enjoyed was the romance The romance between Kane and Em was so young and sweet The setting of the story reminds me of the ways of the Amish in that their traditions are very similar Em and Kane are so innocent and yet so in love It was a perfect addition to this story Winterkill is full of suspense atmosphere secrets romance and a spell binding mystery Fans of Young Adult will devour this book Kate Boorman is definitely going on my favorite authors list She is an amazing story teller and weaves a story that keeps you guessing until the last page is turned UmWOW Read this in one sitting It was THAT GOOD I didn t know what to really expect from this book and as I started reading it I thought it was going to be a remake of the movie The Village by M Night Shyamalan but I was wrong I was completely hooked by the end of paige one Then I thought please don t let it be like the book The Forest of Hands and Teeth because I hated that book but I read on intrigued and wondering where this author might take because I hated that book but I read on intrigued and wondering where this author might take storyThis book is dark creepy romantic thrilling mysterious and adventurous everything you need to enjoy a well written story It s the story of Emmeline who lives in a settlement isolated from anything beyond their compound Here those who live in this settlement barely have enough to survive Where curiosity is good as long as it doesn t out stretch the boundaries set by the Council men who watch over this settlement and keep the peace by pounding in everybody head virtues that are smiled upon and those evil thoughts feelings and doings that could lead you to your own death Emmeline keeps herself apart from everybody around her as she is stained and crippled She is the granddaughter of a woman who became wayward and went beyond the boundaries of their settlement which lead to the Council taking her to a place called The crossroads where she was put to death Because of that the decadents of those wayward people are always thought of by others to be tainted and not worthy of certain virtues However Emmiline feels like she is wayward because she can t help her curiosity for the unknown and can t help herself when she finds a path beyond the boundaries where she s allowed to go You can t help but sit at the edge of your seat gripping this book and cheering Emmeline on When Emmeline turns 16 she has now come of age to be bonded AKA married She catches the eye of the settlement leader who asks for her hand in marriage This is a great opportunity to wash away the stain of previous actions of her grandmother as she has been found worth to be the wife of the settlement leaderHowever she can t help but explore that path that she knows is forbidden to her and which could result in her death And when she does she finds the very thing her grandmother found which someone killed to keep secretI completely loved everything about this story from each of the characters to the twist at the end that I didn t see coming The undecided feelings I had for two of the male characters The excitement and thrill I felt for each part of Emmeline s story and how it all unfolded This was WAY better than I imaginedSexual Content mild some kissingLangauge noneViolence mildDrugsAlcohol mild Review also posted at Ja itam a tiSometimes you ust have to trust your gut Here is the thing I have seen the cover for this book a while ago and fell in love with it This book has been on my wishlist for a long time but then I started seeing some not that nice reviews for it and I cooled off But my gut is something I always trust and it told me to go for it I did and surprise surprise it was totally worth it Firstly I m glad that this book haven t got labeled as retelling as I m not "SURE I D PUT IT THERE THE COVER GIVES "I d put it there The cover gives a vibe like this is a story about Red Riding Hood but in reality it s not that much This is actually something I have no idea where to put Depending on your interpretation it can be either historical story or dystopia but for me it works both ways Now this is a story about Emmeline Em for short who grew up in settlement It s the world
She And People Living 
and people living know about The woods around them are scary and full of malmaci who are their worst nightmare But Em is a very curious young girl and wondering in the woods is what she often does But it s what she discovers there is what will change her I have no idea why but I always liked stories which give off a very old fashioned vibe I have got a feeling like I m in 17th century and somewhere in area of today s Canada be prepared for lots of French here tho and I loved it Besides the setting Em and I connected right away She is not your extraordinary kick ass girl but rather common but at the same time easy to approach That leads us to the love interest here which almost melted me I made that weird suee whenever the two of them met What can I tell you I have a thing for firstsort of forbidden love deal Lastly what made me fully enjoy this story is actually the writing It was really nicely written and very readable I couldn t stop reading once I started The only issue I had with this book is that some elements here seemed unnecessary Maybe we ll get the point in the seuel Well let s hop. Il's suffocating embrace especially when she discovers that a Council leader intends to snatch her hand in marriageThen Emmeline begins to hear the call of the trees beyond the Wa. E engaging with Emmeline mostly due to the fact that she was familiar in every single aspect She s the typical Mary Sue special snowflake YA heroine that allows people to push her and mistreat her to which she does have a reason but then she would selectively show a backbone only when she didn t need it or to people who didn t deserve it and that excuse would fall through a girl who goes thinking about a gorgeous guy she Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students just met all the time and waits around for a guy to save her The best Emmeline had going for her was her curiosity and her thoughtful nature but her narrative style gets repetitive after a while and is wasted on the insta love She does grow in the novel that much is true and she learns to be brave but with the slightly anti climactic events at the end all that s sort of moot pointMoreover Emmeline was unbelievably outstandingly appallingly selfish and did a lot of things out of absolute self interest Even towards the end when she learns the truth behind her community when she realizes what s at stake it all comes down to her and what she wants and how if she doesn t do this or someone doesn t help her she won t get what she wants She reminded me way too much of Mary from The Forest of Hands and Teeth except that Mary had no problem admitting and embracing her selfishness whereas Emmeline is constantly portrayed as a selfless martyr Emmeline used the people around her the people she claimed to love and forced them to help her with her stupid plans or to keep dangerous secrets with very little explanation but then pouted and whined when they very reasonably told her that itust couldn t be done She wasn t irritating but her voice and the way she did things so impulsively got tiring very soonMost of the characters in the book were there to be used as props by Emmeline and lacked characterization beyond what they could provide to Emmeline and her needs The main love interest is included in his group He s the generic gorgeous understanding but mysterious boy from every book ever who falls for the main character for no discernible reason Lust certainly that I could believe between those two but the degree of love they claimed to feel for each other Personally I never saw it there because they were never shown to share any particularly deep connection over anything not for lack of trying on the author s part Another characterization that bothered me a bit was Emmeline s best friend who happened to be gay I completely understand that in as isolated and pious a community as Emmeline s she would try to understand her friend s situation in whatever way was easier for her but I didn t feel particularly comfortable with her saying that he was gay because he had two souls and that it was his woman soul making him love men The connotations behind that are slightly problematic Winterkill is undeniably well written and atmospheric but a slow moving plot and a main character I could not connect with made it really hard for me to engage with any aspect of the story It s a lovely book really but if I cannot care for it in any way then the best writing in the world cannot make up for that Oh where to startAfter reading about 20 pages of this book I was ready to throw in the towel I made myself read up to page 100 to see if things changed and the story did improve but not enough for me to rate this book any higher than one starI found the writing distracting The book is set in a village where people speak English or French Since I live in a city where people speak both languages and sometimes do not notice which language they are speaking I found that the way this book was written did not seem realistic I felt as if I were reading a covert French lesson rather than a story It also felt repetitive since I did understand the French Then there are other language issues Mayhap Using the word mayhap would make sense had I a better idea of the time frame of this book Also there were some inconsistencies as to how people were addressed Brother Sister Soeur etc Soeur Manon because she spoke mostly French but Brother Andre also spoke mostly French and he was addressed as Brother Then there s the detail as to the kind of berries Come on Saskatoon berries So I Googled them and found out that they are similar to blueberries and they grow in the prairies In the US they are referred to June Berries because let s ILLERAMMA Kathalu just say it s easier to say and spell June I had a feeling that I read this book before It reminded me of the movie The Village I also had difficulty relating to any of the characters Emmeline is stained meaning that she is shunned for the sins of her family yet she really isn t ostracized or anything Again that felt kind of wishy washyFor the record I did finish the book though it was a slog Thank you to NetGalley and Amulet Books for a review copy of this book 4 Stars Wow what a surprisingly thrilling ride WINTERKILL was I was sure WINTERKILL was not going to be My kinda book but WHOA my mind was changed pretty uickly I highly enjoyed WINTERKILL but I wasn t sure on how I was going to feel after it started It was kinda slow and dragged in the beginning It felt like nothing was really happening besides a girl wanting to go out in the woods beyond But it changed uickly after the first 15 20% then I was in full flow of in engagement I was swept into a world full of lies secrets deception mystery and murder Yeah it s definitely got the ualities of my Kinda Book THE PLOT Deep in the mysterious woods lies a forgotten village secluded with ancient legends and whispers of beast that roam the woods searching and preying taking and claiming the lives of the people long ago which are now remembered as The Lost PeopleWhat people have survived remain in their walled village in the woods trying to keep the peace and survive They ve bounded together for years abiding by the Council and Leader s every word To not abide would be considered a wayward act and being branded as a wayward is a serious crime with serious conseuences As being deemed a wayward is risking the communities survival and thus ruled unfit to remain in the community and then are sentenced to the crossroads to dieAt almost the age of sixteen Emmeline is officially becoming of age Which means she isust about the age of eligibility to be offered the opportunity to become bound to a man of binding age She s never really given binding to a man too much thought as she is looked down upon and shunned for her grandmothers waywardness when she was a young girl in the village and was sent to the crossroads to "Die So Em Is Marked Labeled A High Risk For "So Em is marked labeled a high risk for and has been paying the price since birthEm fills her days helping in the village by gathering herbs plants and other useful flora she can find in the gathering areas But she yearns for She desires to leave the boundaries of their village which is forbidden and considered an act of waywardness that could land her a one way trip to the crossroads But the desire is there and it is strong with reacuiring dreams that are calling to her Telling her to find them luring her to the woods beyond the boundaries of their save haven And one day the pull is too much for Em and she gives in and that s when everything changesEm explores the woods outside her world hoping to find what has been calling her And that s when she finds lies secrets betrayals mystery murder and The Lost People But she s playing on very dangerous ground and if caught not only her world but the ones she loves could come crumbling down Em will have to uncover who or what is calling to her and American Literature Student Text just what do they really want As the boundaries between friend and foe start to blend and too many lines crossed Em will have to decide what is worth fighting for andust how far she s willing to go to set things rightEm will have to make the ultimate choice make the unknown known or leave it as it is Which could be worse Em s about to find out in this epic adventure as one girl fights for what she believes in Overall WINTERKILL was an intensely great read which I devoured as the mystery unfolded and the pieces of the "Puzzle Started Fitting Into Place "started fitting into place the end of the book I found myself really engaged and dying to know what was going to happen next to these awesome characters that I ve slowly grown to care for It s definitely worthy the read and I highly recommended it even with it s slowwwww start NOTE I received a physical ARC from Amulet Books for reviewing purposes All opinions express are my own and are not influenced in any way Emmeline knows she s not supposed to explore the woods outside her settlement The enemy that wiped out half her people lurks there attacking at night and keeping them. Nothing but danger the other side of the Wall and the community must prepare for the freezing winterkill that comes every yearBut Emmeline struggles to be obedient under the Counc. ,
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