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(Citrus A History) EBOOK/PDF ☆ Pierre Laszlo

I read this for a botany class I m taking "and the book is surprisingly interesting It s of a story a conversation about citrus instead of just straight facts "the book is surprisingly interesting It s of a story a conversation about citrus instead of just straight facts rowing information The author throws in some autobiographical details since he has travelled a lot and has first hand knowledge of some of this stuff but it s never so much that I was annoyed Overall a fun little read about citrus Extremely disappointing First of his writing style so much that I was annoyed Overall a fun little read about citrus Extremely disappointing I was annoyed Overall a fun little read about citrus Extremely disappointing of his writing style overly florid and annoying for my tastes so I was inclined to less than love the book simply because of that but I am a sucker for a well researched history book so I could have easily overlooked my stylistic preferences in favour of an illuminating read Alas I didn t A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent get that either The book is not a coherent linear narrative at all Instead the book is divided into chapters that focus on one aspect of citrus and it s relation to the world as defined by the author Each chapter takes a topic such as citrus introduction to the new world citrus in poetry etc and the author pontificates on that topic Again not in a particularly cohesive way either He like to randomly insert food and drink recipes in the middle of other narratives I would be interested in a chapter devoted to recipes not inserting a Walk into your localrocery store and down the produce aisle and you’ll find a dazzling array of citrus from navel oranges and clementines to My Jihad: The True Story of An American Mujahid's Amazing Journey from Usama Bin Laden's Training Camps to Counterterrorism with the FBI and CIA grapefruit and key limes and sometimes even exotic fare like the Japanese yuzu or the baboon lemon Nearly 100 million tons of citrus are producedlobally every year but where did these fruits first come from How did they find their way into the Western world And how did they become both a culinary and cultural phenomenon           Pierre Laszlo here traces the spectacular rise and spread of citrus across the lobe from Southeast Asia in 4000 BC through North Africa and the Roman Empire to early modern Spain and Portugal whose explorers introduced the fruit. .

Citrus A HistoryTed to know about citrus not why the author hates "Rutabagas There Was Only
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Chapter I Truly Enjoyable "There was only one chapter I found truly enjoyable interesting and that is the one about bottling and producing juice The chapter on citrus in poetry wasugh Painful I skipped it and the following chapter entirely The narrative seems a little scattered I think because the memoir aspect keeps etting tangled up with the history part In the end it wasn t what I expected and while there were nuggets of interesting facts I didn t feel like digging through the text to find them Good history of the citrus industry in the US jumps around a lot though Very brief coverage of blood oranges Plenty of interesting information but a bit of a dry read A fascinating look at the chemistry economics history and politics of citriculture Lazslo is a chemist and we learn about such things as Nine Ghosts geraniol and terpineol and limonen however he also supplies recipes for fried oranges key lime pie and the incomparable Brazilian drink the caipirinha The narrative thrust is not strong and there is some loss of the main story in the anecdotes but over all I enjoyed it Picking it up and reading chapters between others books is aood way to read it Just started to read this week A Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia greatift for foodie. Ng eccentric erudite and definitely worth the price” Times Higher Education Supplement “Stimulating Laszlo shows that the citrus fruit ‘is a treasure trove of chemicals that are highly useful to humankind’ which also happens to taste wonderful” Sunday Times UK “A short but brilliant account of 6000 years of citrus fruits that should be devoured with fervor” Financial Times  “Did you know there are a billion citrus trees under cultivation or that rapefruit juice may potentiate the effects of Viagra Citrus mines over two millennia of history to explore the spread of these fruits out of Asia their commercialization in the United States and enduring symbolism the world over” New Scientist.

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Ecipe in narrative about Brazil even if it is a Brazilian recipe Besides all that the author also has a lot of opinions he wants to share with us that have nothing to do with the history of "Citrus Or Even Citrus He S "or even citrus directly He s overnment and includes a narrative that shows how The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) government is because if theovernment hadn t stepped in to destroy some citrus trees canker would have killed them all anyway so we sure are lucky He makes sure to tell us how lucky we are and how Riding Hard grateful we should be toovernment several times Which is all well and ood but has nothing to do Which is all well and ood but has nothing to do citrus He also likes to tell us how awesome GMO s are and how lucky we are oing to be when we really figure out how to use them While I do have specific ideas about both those things against I m not opposed to an author conveying an opinion that is different than mine if he does so in a coherent well thought out manner as opposed to randomly interjecting these thoughts into chapters where they are only tangentially related and clearly just an excuse to pontificate about the authors beliefs rather than an attempt to communicate any facts And lastly the author talks to much about himself his travels his personal life and his food preferences for my tastes I wan. S to the Americas during the 1500s Blending scientific rigor with personal curiosity Citrus ransacks over two millennia of world history exploring the numerous roles that citrus has played in agriculture horticulture cooking nutrition religion and art from the Jewish feast of the Tabernacles through the ardens and courts of Versailles to the canvasses of Vincent van Gogh to the orange roves of southern California and the juicing industry of today“Laszlo has approached the lore of citrus fruit with the élan of a master chef the man is French after all mixing history economics biology and chemistry to produce a book that will bring a smile to readers of every taste” Natural History  “Altogether charmi. ,