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Hich the metaphor is meant to work at key points in the book This led me back into The Tunnel for another look Halpern and Carpenter suggest that Sabato followed Borges in his interest in the labyrinthine character of history through which the world changes direction at critical nodes They also point out Borges allusions to alternative and ven parallel universes that were of interest to Sabato They contend that Sabato builds on these Borgian tropes to create scenes of discontinuous time in his storyMaybe so But I find the argument of Halpern and Carpenter to be somewhat tendentious But ven stipulating their observations I don t see the point The metaphor if there is certainly not central to this tale of murder and psychopathy Of course there are always alternative trajectories for any story or for any historical reality But the idea of using the collapse of You know I was going to review this book but then it occurred to me that I would never know if you have read my review I mean yes I do get likes but suppose people are liking them without reading them Of course why would anyone do that Two possibilities seem to suggest themselves ither they want to make a fool of me by making me keep writing reviews that no one reads or to distract me from something Of course that in itself calls for a mass conspiracy because so many people from so many countries will be liking my reviews unless of course it is one person with many fake accounts Now that I think about it the possibility seems very real The above is how our protagonist might have started a review But now to proper reviewI don t know if it can be defined that way but all art whether it be painting writing singing Campfire etc all art forms seems to be tools of communication of communicating in superior ways It is like that teenager boy writing poems to his sweat heart sort of thing or making albums uoting great poets when one doesn t feel gifted oneself because our normalveryday language isn t My Little Blue Dress enough toxpress what we feelBut what about artists What yearnings must they have in themselves to make it their profession to develop those tools to be on constant look out at just the right word phrase color Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars etc Why should MB write leave alone his manuscript of Master and Margarita leave alone keep them knowing that they are as good as their death warrant Manuscripts don t burn one hears in the answer but why don t they Is it that they live in constant fear of being misunderstood like Kafka was Perhaps getting the message right in itself notnough there must also need be the person who can understand the message And thus Nabokov s irritation at wrong interpretations of his works and Van Gogh s sorrow who though created most beautiful paintings never found a pair of Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life eyes in which that beauty is reflected Perhaps that is why artists seek posterity and immortality to carry to their death bed the hope that what they have to say will be one day be heard in just the way they wanted The protagonist in the Invitation to a Beheading by Nabokov gives his writings to hisxecutioners in desperation and asks them not to destroy them as long as he is alive so that he could at least have a theoretical chance of finding a readerSo is it for that theoretical Chance Of Finding Someone of finding someone will understand him "That Keeps The Artist Going It Seems To Be True "keeps the artist going It seems to be true the case of Juan Pablo our protagonist here for whom the whole life was like a dark tunnel yes that Crazy Love explains the title where he lived in solitude because as he puts it no one understood him The trouble begins when he finds a woman does understand him And he discovers that he has a lot to say than that single painting She wants that too because the need for understanding is mutual It doesn t matter who paints and who reflects Only our guy can t havenough his overt thinking over analytical pathological brain can t believe his good fortune Like Anna Karenina he needs constant assurances of her fidelity as is often the case of those who fell in love when they had long given up on any chance of finding it Like her he too dwells over suicide but rather prefers killing his girlfriendCamus commissioned its publishing and the narrator here too finds himself a stranger in his world but his solitude because he is a nihilist but rather because of his misanthropy It also shows similarity to Lolita in that Juan Pable might be putting his own version and suppressing the voice of his victim Really wanted to nail this in one sitting but still managed it in two wow this still retains it s power to shock all these years later disturbing and Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society even funny Sabato features possibly the most chillingnding I have come across to date Narrated by an artist in jail that being Juan Pablo Castelwho practically goes about stalking a woman named Maria after he spots her ying one of his canvases in a gallery From this moment on he forces his way into her life learning she has a blind husband and x lovers drives him deranged with jealous nvy A perverse ffect of the candour in Castel s retrospective account is that it almost makes you forget he s a murderer believing this is an ordinary man just telling a story It wasn t always uncomfortable and has some darkly humorous moments throughout The lurking horror of his crime is all the gross for its subtlety that s what makes El T nel so darn chilling A fantastic psychological short novel Missing out on top marks though because I still felt it s story somehow seemed unbalanced. Is the story of a murdererin the city of Buenos Aires Argentin. ,

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Sabato s The Tunnel 1948 resembles Camus The Stranger 1942 for both are "Spare Short Novels Featuring "short novels featuring protagonists as first person narrators men who are profoundly alienated not only from their societies but also from any meaningful personal relationship But the two p If you want to foreground a sociopath misogynist stalker s sense of urban isolation and alienation against a woman s prolonged Black Heart, Red Ruby emotional and physical abuse at the hands of the same person and call itxistentialist literature your choice Just don t xpect me to appreciate it What I learned from this novel is that if you look intensely and soulfully at a painting in a gallery and the artist himself happens to see you doing it and conceives the NOTION THAT YOU AND ONLY YOU that you and only you have perceived the true great meaning of this work you might find yourself cajoled inveigled drawn in stalked obsessively obsessed over night and day belittled berated bewildered bamboozled brutalised and finally stabbed and killed in a blizzard of male rage in just xactly the same way these ghastly things are done in any old vulgar sex crime you might see on Forensic Files or in the pages of your local tabloid and so the moral is clear if out of the corner of your New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood eye you do see the famous artist looking at you looking you should beat it out of there as fast as your little feet can carry you and don t look back until you re back behind double locked doors because he might just might be the protagonist of anxistential novel from the 1940s El t nel The Tunnel Ernesto S batoThe Tunnel is a dark psychological novel written by Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato about a deranged traditional painting techniue Juan Pablo Castel and his obsession with a woman The story s title refers to the symbol for Castel s Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey emotional and physical isolation from society which becomes increasingly apparent as Castel proceeds to tell from his jail cell the series ofvents that nabled him to murder the only person capable of understanding him Marked by its xistential themes The Tunnel received ЯED enthusiastic support from Albert Camus and Graham Greene following its publication in 1948 2008 1386 174 9644482956 20 1387 160 9789649234816 04071399 It was just about the stroke of dawn lilacs started to bloom the birds were singing along the orchestra was about tombark on I got up arly and decided to plunge myself in books I d a few options The Tunnel Beauty and Sadness and Reuiem A hallucination I chose The Tunnel for from xcerpts of the book it occurred to be an The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs existential tale of an account of relationship of an artist Juan Pablo Castel with Maria Iribarne whom he murdered I was listening to Shine o The Tunnel by Sabato inspired by Dostoevsky and Kafka is not just an intriguing novel but also an importantxistential classic It cannot be totally denied that there are some similarities between Castel of this novel and Meursault from The Stranger but Castel is not too nihilistic in his views The heart of Castel might have been frozen but there was a drop or two of love just Moreno enough to feed the birdsSolitude is often thought of as something self warranted Sometimesven a man who built his own fortress of solitude from which he can watch and sneer at others waits Monsieur Pain eagerly for someone to breach the wall that confines him God or Man Solitude is not indestructibleCastel doesn t want to be judged but to be understood That s why Castel havingnded up in the prison cell narrates the A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author events that changed his life He was oblivious of all human sorrows in his tunnel of solitude There were no intruders His journey inside his tunnel has always been unobtrusive with occasional suspicious sneaks from the outside and a faint hope of meeting someone inside from the outside Slowly the walls keep narrowing in Darkness keeps creeping in Such was the life of Castel Usually that feeling of being alone in the world is accompanied by a condescending sense of superiority I scorn all humankind people around me seem vile sordid stupid greedy gross niggardly I do not fear solitude it is almost Olympian He was free but incomplete and waiting anxiously for someone or a guiding light Along came a lovely being ravaging his solitude and denting his vanity After gazing from the outside for a while at the tunnel wall of paintingMar a viewing Castel s painting of Motherhood as shown below Mar a left without a word There was a strange distant silent sea which beckoned to them and which would sweep him away in the name of love Here is Castel reflecting on his past and a love affair which otherwise would have lasted had he not killed the only person who would understand him What went wrong Who wronged their love which could have otherwise been beautiful and maybeverlasting It also happens that when we have reached the limits of despair that precede suicide when we have What If exhausted the inventory ofvery The Exhaustion Breakthrough evil and reached the point wherevil is invincible then any sign of goodness however infinitesimal becomes momentous and we grasp for it as we would claw for a tree root to keep from hurtling into an abyss But soon the goodness seemed not The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good enough His perverse predictions deceived him His syllogisms had become sinful delusions His absurd uestions made him confront his love His fractured love metamorphosed him into a heartless murderer It is not solitude any but a sordid museum of shame Here is he animated by the faint hope that someone will understand himven if it is only one person givi. El Tunel was his first novel published in Spanish in 1948 and. Ng an impartial account of the Supplemental Book events whichnsued from "his love affair One of the giants of Latin American literature Ernesto S bato 1911 2011 lived most of his "love affair One of the giants of Latin American literature Ernesto S bato 1911 2011 lived most of his in Buenos Aires Argentina and periodically committed his own manuscripts to the flames noting in one interview with wry satisfaction how fire is purifying Fortunately in addition to many Hark! The Herald Angels Scream essays three of his novels survive Before commenting on The Tunnel his first novel written in 1948 some observations on his other two On Heroes and Tombs S bato s dark brooding 500 pager includes anntire hallucinogenic mindbending section Report on Blind People The novel also features young Martin and the object of his obsessive love Alejandra a reclusive young lady who deals with serious bouts of madness With Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners every page turned a reader is ledver further down murky winding corridors of memory and imagination Not an asy readAnd S bato s second full length novel The Angel of Darkness is ven darker and brooding where S bato himself takes on the role of main character and first person narrator In one outlandish scene S bato has a nightmare where he shows up on his wedding day as groom wearing only his underwear marrying a television celebrity with blind Jorge Luis Borges standing in as best man I mention Borges s blindness since this novel also involves a search for a Society of the Blind rud to be responsible for all the world s ills With its uniue combination of magical realism and philosophic reflections I judge this as one of the greatest novels ver written However on this point I am an army of one since nearly all critics and readers cite this work as dense heavy and overly cerebralTurning to The Tunnel Juan Pablo Castel first person narrator of S bato s short novel is a painter who becomes obsessed with a young woman who has a particular appreciation for a scene in one of his paintings And although The Tunnel is the same length as Camus s The Stranger and both are considered works of xistential alienation the obsessive Castel is a universe away from Meursault s indifference And to whom may we compare Castel For my money narrators in Tommaso Landolfi s tales of obsession aristocratic and condescending down to their toes looking at their fellow humans Red River Girl even thoseducated and cultured or perhaps La strada delle croci especially thoseducated and cultured as a rabble of vulgar ugly gluttonous gross moronsBack to Castel s obsession for the young woman The opening line of the novel It should be sufficient to say that I am Juan Pablo Castel the painter who killed Maria Iribarne Hi sits in the room where he is locked up and writes down how once he set yes on Maria Iribarne he was driven mad by desire This is one compelling story Once I started reading I couldn t put the book down until I finished My sense is S bato wanted his reader to do xactly that read in one sitting to get the full motional and psychic impact of Castel s obsessionAt one point Castel relates a nightmare where he is in an unfamiliar house surrounded by friends and one sinister stranger We read The man began to change me into a bird into a man size bird He began with my feet I saw them gradually turning into something like rooster claws Then my whole body began to change
From The Feet Up 
the feet up water rising in a pool but when I began to speak it was at the top of my voice Then I was amazed by two facts the words I wanted to say came out as suawks screeches that fell on my ars as desperate and alien perhaps because there was still something human about them and what was infinitely worse my friends did not hear the suawking just as they had not seen my normous bird body This nightmare foreshadows a scene in The Angel of Darkness where S bato walks down a street in Buenos Aires having been transformed into a half blind barely aware four foot batThe theme of blindness pops up continually Maria Iribarne s husband is blind During one motionally charged conversation Castel accuses Maria of deceiving a blind man At another point Castel conveys how he was blinded by the painful glare of his own shyness and at still another how his blindness prevented him from seeing a flaw in an idea And turns out we can see how Castel s obsession made him blind when it came to Maria For Pretty Reckless (All Saints High, example the followingxchange where Castel first converses with herThe hardness in her face and yes disturbed me Why is she so cold I asked myself Why Perhaps she sensed my anxiety my hunger to communicate because for an instant her xpression softened and she seemed to offer a bridge between us But I felt that it was a temporary and fragile bridge swaying high above an abyss Her voice was different when she added But I don t know what you will gain by seeing me I hurt The West Transformed everyone who comes near me Just as Opaue the Second Time RoundIn The Tunnel Ernesto Sabato has a mysogonistic puerile obsessive apparently psychopathic murderer tell the reader hisvery thought about a folie a deux with his victim and its rationale My first time through The Tunnel left me bewildered Of what literary rather than ideological merit is this work For whose dification or amusement is it meant My original conclusion It s a difficult book to be interested in much less like But I picked up on a hint by another GR reader and found that Sabato was a scientist before he was a writer and had incorporated uantum physics in The Tunnel as a sort of hidden metaphor Indeed there is a short book by Halpern and Carpenter which outlines the way in Becoming a big hit in France Albert Camus was a fan The novel. El túnel

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