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A Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on Terror (EBOOK)

I do like that it doesn t even pretend that it s objective That s nice But it s also about as historic as the movie Troy The outright political agenda a la Fox News is so steaming from the political right it almost makes Howard Zinn look balanced than revisionist There are ood points and there is value in creating a telling of American history that makes one simply feel proud of America and all its done And there is indeed very much to be proud of in our reat country But To Ignore The to ignore the is than just simplistic and irresponsible it s also disastrous and dangerous We need to accept the ood and the bad of our history and understand them both I have this book on my shelf next to Howard Zinn because I think they show the simple truth that the idea of objective history is a myth history is a product of its authors This right wing paean to capitalist suddenly non The Craving genocidal airbrushed American perfection is problematic to the nth degree but it also points out that Zinn at timeslosses over what s right about America Still it s in the wretched pile because it s such a blatant falsehood at times I had to watch my ag reflexPS The liberation of Ira Really Sigh A fantastic way to et true American history For such a thick volume liberation of Ira Really Sigh A fantastic way to Love in Catalina Cove (Catalina Cove get true American history For such a thick volume reads incredibly well even humorous in some parts Refreshing after years in the institution of the university system A Patriot s History of the United States APHotUS is really two books one of them prettyood another atrociously bad The book that is The Million Dollar Goal good is from about 1776 to about 1870 It describes in very positive but also sensible tones how incredible the United States was what revolution meant and how the Founding Fathers shaped the world stage The book starts with Columbus landing in 1492 itlosses over his bad acts and continues on to describe the colonies through the revolution Its here the book makes its first major error it claims that the Founding Fathers were very Christian and wanted American to be a Christian Nation There is almost nothing accurate about that assertion but the book makes it You literally have to keep your eyes from rolling out the back of your head while they claim that men like Washington Adams and Jefferson were God fearing Christian men You may experience nausea The book recovers by describing the tortured history of the US when it was half free and half slave The book catalogues the desperate attempts by men like John Wilmont Henry Clay John C Calhoun Daniel Webster and ultimately Abraham Lincoln to either end slavery or keep the Union moving without facing the issue Its at the brink of the Civil War that the book I believe flirts with reatness the book systematically and effortlessly DEMOLISHES every single argument that claims that the Civil War was anything but a war against slavery and "how SLAVERY and no other reason was why the South seceded from the Union The "SLAVERY and no other reason was why the South seceded from the Union The ives a point by point logical and persuasive set of arguments that leaves one with no doubt that Slavery lay at the heart of Civil War and nothing else Its factual its elegant and its powerfulThe book never comes close to this again From that point on the book is unreadable a terrible book with terrible history and terrible research Here are just some highlights Claims that John Wilkes Booth shot himself to avoid capture Not true Claims that companies that violated the Anti Trust laws were better for America and that those who opposed them were jealous Never mentions the how the Government ended things like the 18 hour work day and child labor Juts never mentions it And then we et to 1929 and the book just implodes Its here that the book makes no pretense of being objective the book basically says that Hoover caused the Depression by wait for it making the Government do too much IO must stress that the books provides absolutely no evidence for this assertion only bald. The revised 10th anniversary edition of the #1 New York Times bestsellerOver the past decade A Patriot’s History of the United States has become the definitive conse. ,

A Patriot's History of the United States From Columbus's Great Discovery to the War on TerrorEr to all problems socialism communism fascism then this book is not for you I find it humorous that people et all bent out of shape about historical bias What You were looking for a perfect world Get real I like this because it takes the liberal look at history Revisiting America Readings in Race Culture and Conflict Susan Wyler Lies My Teacher Told Me Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong James W Loewen and of course A People s History of the United States 1492 to Present Howard Zinn and turns it on its ear I ve had my students read from both sides of the track And uess what There s difference And uess what So what If you don t like it I suggest you o to a c The difference between A Patriot s History and other American History Books is that you can tell that Schweikart and Allen actually Appreciate and Respect the United States Unlike Zinn s People s History book which carries with it a palpable distaste for what the United States WAS and IS the authors of A Patriot s History of the United States are clearly not rooting for a downfall of the United States "The facts remain the facts and they are clearly outlined and sourced The chapters are "facts remain the facts and they are clearly outlined and sourced The chapters are segmented in a way that allows the reader to absorb the information by topic and in order not just by date but also by cause effect It is well written easy to read easy to understand and respectful of our Nation s Leaders throughout I would recommend it for readers of all ages particularly teens young adults but also for older readers looking for clarity on the history that they were NOT taught in school While I could have one on until the end I ended up only etting to 308 out of 867 pages this book just put too much stress on me to continue bearing it From the beginning it s a complete and utter whitewash of atrocities committed against minorities the enocide of native Americans by Columbus and Cortez treatment of African slaves while boosting the podium for the white men who have always shone under the spotlight There were times where I was intrigued by the material but that was before the Tucker Carlson rhetoric completely turned me off from this book Comparing this to Howard Zinn s People s History of the United States about whom these authors love to complain I found that while Zinn acknowledges many times throughout his work that he has opinions and it influences what he s writing meaning he s self aware that he s subjective these authors pretend that their writing is completely objective and only the truth is on the pages This kind of pompous and self righteous behavior from people who claim to be historians is utterly laughable at best and at worst is insulting to those who take their jobs seriously Also reat job trying to convince your readers that Andrew Jackson was somehow a man of big overnment and that too much Prisoner of Midnight government overreach resulted in the Trail of Tears while also diverting blame for the Panic of 1837 away from Jackson and instead putting it on the Mexicans You almost had me fooled I know very well that the Trail of Tears was a result of not enoughovernment intervention into the atrocities committed by white settlers in places such as Georgia which this book doesn t even bother to mention and the Panic of 1837 was a result of Jackson destroying the National Bank that was keeping the entire US economy in a result of Jackson destroying the National Bank that was keeping The Entire US Economy In Basically Schweikart entire US economy in Basically Schweikart Allen paint this fairytale delusion that big BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. government has always been the reason for everyone s suffering and misery and that only conservatism and cutting taxes for the rich will save the day These authors even has theall to complain about Harriet Tubman etting a bigger spotlight than George Washington Basically when you have people calling the Ira War a liberation and slavery a peculiar institution maybe their morals just aren t uite in check with the real patriots of America. Allen have now revised updated and expanded their book which covers America’s long history with an appreciation for the values that made this nation uniuely successf. ,

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Faced conclusions The book really hates its anti logic stride when it ets to FDR and claims that FDR prolonged the depression provides no facts for this that had FDR done nothing private enterprise would have built the economy back up like it had not done from 1932 and how FDR was luckyLet that sink in a minute Yes "because when I think of inheriting the worst economy in modern history and then facing Nazi Germany Fascist Italy " when I think of inheriting the worst economy in modern history and then facing Nazi Germany Fascist Italy Imperial Japan in a horrible war I think That man is soooo lucky The book ramps it upClaims Joe McCarthy was a reat American States that Watergate was the result of John Dean not Richard Nixon you have to be pathologically crazy to believe any of this States that the Hippie anti war protesters were in effect a bunch of whinersThe book then hits its zenith bashing every democrat after Tru Remember being taught about the heroism of the battle of Iwo Jima How about the moral compass of the founding fathers of the This book is like the last refuge of scoundrels Garbage Overall a very biased book that pretends not to be it was written as a sulk toward Howard Zinn s A People s History of the United States and it shows while Zinn is open about his biases and actually reasonably objective "this book is not a history but a collection of opinion pieces that lorifies the od "book is not a history but a collection of opinion pieces that lorifies the Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı god failed democracy and always abominates liberty in favor of it and jingoist nationalismSome particularsp 50 false implication that the state has a right to some share of an individual s incomechokengtitiktitikchokeng 80 1 false attribution editorializing of belief to Jefferson thatovernment was natural rather than artificial based on statement from the Declaration that says the opposite eg instituted right to institute new Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines government ie at their option and only with consent of those wishing to beov We have been lied to Large blocks of vital history that makes us who we are today are maliciously absent from today s high schools and universities We are products of a system that makes us inclined toward self loathing as Americans Informed educated people know that the liberal left has taken over our public schools beginning in the early 70 s You don t have to be a right wing conspiracy nut to know that history books were rewritten in order to indoctrinate our youth into believing that the United States as a republic is evil and that our system of The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River government is a failure and therefore free enterprise democracy and capitalism along with the republic a nation of laws should be replaced by either communism or socialism Informed educated people know that the media including TV shows and movies is overwhelmingly dominated by leftist and that the news is no longer objective but selectively revealed to support leftist causesThis book changes all that andives you the real history of our THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy great and proud country It shows you integral parts of our past that remain untold in our schools to this day and explains the Progressive Movement which was begun by President Woodrow Wilson and perpetuated by Franklin Delano Roosevelt Progressives believe that those who don t work to help themselves shouldet free money from those who have it and that the role of overnment should be to forcibly take it from them in the form of excessively high taxes Progressives don t believe in the axiom absolute power corrupts absolutely and seek to expand the role of overnment like a control freak parent They see the splinters in other peoples eyes but ignore the beam in their own eyesIf you believe that you should not only River Bodies (Northampton County, give a hungry man a fish through the act of voluntary charity not forced and that the hungry man should be taught to fish for himself then this book is for you On the other hand if you don t believe in personal accountability and that the individual s problems are a result of society and thatovernment is the answ. Rvative history of our country correcting the biases of historians and other intellectuals who downplay the reatness of America’s patriots Professors Schweikart and. .

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