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Wyoming Strong Wyoming Men #4 (E–pub/E–book) × Diana Palmer

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A train wreck that I could not put down First things first The title Wyoming strong along with the cover depicting a rugged cowboy and even the blurb led me to believe this was one of those cowboy romances perhaps a la Lynda Chance Nothing to do with it Sure the characters live in ranches and ride horses sometimes but this book is about a roup of tight knit ex and current professional soldiers doing covert operations for the US and the ladies who love them Fine it is not my Elena's Conquest go toenre but I could have dealt with nice romance suspense hybrid Except in this case the writing and plot were such a hot mess that it uickly became of a circusI can t even list all the inconsistencies these Southern characters all of a sudden switch to Farsi for absolutely no reason Sister of My Heart given and then it is never mentioned again for example bizarre character development one minute the characters hate each other the next they want to have a baby together info dumps on various characters and plot lines that do absolutely nothing to advance the plot orive insight into the protags scientific impossibilities like etting pregnant without penetration AND with an imperforate hymen to boot because apparently H s sperm like to move and crawl eeeewwwww or the most fantastic character names like Angel Le Veut a wisely chosen moniker used by a military covert character names like Angel Le Veut a wisely chosen moniker used by a military covert to blend into Middle Eastern society LMAO or I shit you not a female soldier slash babysitter named Guns Grayson If that hasn t convinced you this book was Insane in the Membrane the H s reaction to h telling him she was almost raped by her stepfather is to immediately assume she provoked him into it and then just for laughs sent him to prisonI don t even know WTF I just read This was a trip to be sure Bahhhaaa This book was magnificently hideous Brilliantly hideous Worst book I think that s ever been written The two leads are Wofford horrible name Wolf for short and Sara In the beginning of the book Wolf had a pretty large dose of himself He was very condescending to Sara and it s no wonder she didn t like himHowever the book is about Wolf an ex secret op who has scars from a previous relationship and his childhood Apparently this woman verbally abused him There are several times in the book where I m actually not sure if he suffered humiliation or not I uess it s like mutenessit comes and Rescuing Gus goesSara s case is also interesting She was sexually assaulted by her step father when she was 13 However he couldn t completely rape her because she has an imperforate hymen This story line has too It s like the author was trying to kill her book right when she thought it would be a Class of 92: Out of Our League good idea for her romance book heroine not to be able to have sex ROFLSara has scares from the attack and from the trial when her mother ended up blaming her daughter Luckily mom died so we didn t have to dive into that fiasco Sara is afraid of men and is ashamed of her conditionThis book kills me It was like a mad train wreck but I couldn t stop reading I can tet past the part where Palmer thought her ideas on psychology were Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story good I couldn t keep marking up the book to take notes because it was every freakin sentence The psychology in this world is unbelievable It made no sense it was flip floppy it was outrageous So I laughed hysterically throughout the whole book I even skipped over the few love scene because I just kept laughing Nothing in this book could ever been taken seriously The book is filled with phrases like Bull excrement and Sorry I m a watering pot this morning and I was making up to her hahahahahaha Really Who talks like thatWolfets the bright idea to hire a therapist for the two of them while they are staying at his place This therapist is a Goth and has a pet python LOLOLOLOLUm no just no 1 there are some that say being a Goth puts one in a state of psychosis I m not sure I believe that but this is just ridiculous 2 Turns out miss therapist is really a Forensic Psychologist LOL I m How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead going too out on a limb and say that most forensic ps. New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author DIANA PALMER returns to Wyoming with a fiery new couple Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon are arch enemies from ages ago but mischievous fate has brought the tall rancher with the pale blue eyes together with the dark haired Wyoming Strong Wyoming Men #4Saves Wolf and heals the pain of his past He does the same for her He emotionally puts her back together after being broken her whole life The END OF THIS BOOK HAS AN of this book has an that made me smile It made me love Sara and Wolf and their cute little family even Wyoming Strong was such a beautiful tale about the power of true love and the courage it takes to trust someone with your heart It touched me deeply If romance novels are ice cream Diana Palmer is like If romance novels are ice cream Diana Palmer is like chocolate serviceable but why bother when there are so many other flavors available And yet I find myself reading her books knowing that there are other kinds of ice cream available kinds that I like so much but I waste my caloric intake on her and allow her books to rot my teeth I don t know why this happensOkay enough mixed metaphors This was This was definitely a Diana Palmer book The virginal female had a super hymen and everything seriously what is it with Palmer and this plot device I can think of at least three of her books that have featured a super hymen that ends up reuiring surgical intervention to et rid of it Is this romantic to her A character can be told something specifically in one chapter only to conveniently forget it or disregard it for the most improbable scenario ever in the next chapter Want an example Oh ho ho but this is a oodyWolf is explicitly told that Sara was assaulted by her step father His first thought I wonder if it was her fault for teasing him Fuck you Wolf Seriously Fuck the shit out of youAt another point he s told she s a virgin and then decides to take everything he knows and convert it into I bet she uses her looks to trick men into falling for her virginal wiles I bet she seduced her step dad away from her mom for kicks Yeah Because that s the kind of horror story you hear about all the time on the news involving step dads and inappropriate relationships with their step daughters Then he morphs this into I bet she seduced her step dad to the point of madness so it was her own fault that she is scared to the point of freak out status if a uy touches herHave I mentioned that fuck you Wolf Because it bears repeatingThere s a heavy blame the victim vibe oing on with this book Even after Wolf realizes the error of his misogynistic ways Sara keeps insisting the way he treated her like shit during their first time etting to um third base it was a weird base not uite a home run but definitely further than third base view spoilerand enough to impregnate her without any kind of penetration so there s that hide spoiler Whoooop It s been a while since Diana Palmer release a new book not a reissue and I m sooo happy I really hope Diana Palmer is forever healthy happy and well healthy The fourth book of Wyoming Men series this book is Wofford or Wolf and Sara s story Both of these two souls are damaged One of them by woman the other by man Wolf refuse to fall in love again after a sick ame from the woman he loved before and Sara refuse to et intimate because of her sick stepfather They both stumbled upon each other the both fall in love and both scared to move forward One mistake after another Wolf start hurting Sara s feeling And now when he knows the truth he ll do anything to win her back and beat his own demon I looooooved it I know if you re not familiar with Diana Palmer s works this book is way too dramatic the heroine s pretty much a doormat and the Hero s an uber jerk But I m a huge fan of Diana Palmer bless her beautiful mind and reading this story is a journey back home Like I mentioned before Diana Palmer haven t release anything new for a while and I ve been waiting for this book forever Now that I read it my heart s jolly Typical Diana s style alpha jerk Hero wounded but defensive pushing away others yet made others itch to came even closer scarred heroine yet strong and at the same time delicate dramatic encounters dramatic conversations dramatic love scenes and dramatic plot twist I m enjoying every minutes of it Can t wait to read her other books anytime soo. Ndsome draws her like no other man has ever attracted her And Wolf sees into the compassionate soul that Sara hides from the rest of the world But they are two passionate people with a talent for falling outcan love find the space to take root on the stunning Wyoming plai.

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Ychologists don t handle psychiatry on the side They are usually too busy SOLVING MURDERS lololol The whole book was one big hot mess of inconsistencies One minute Sara has this imperforate hymen and the next she s having her period every month Well anyone who can oogle the condition knows that these women are put on birth control otherwise they could die view spoiler Second Sara ends up pregnant which is completely impossible hide spoiler Diana Palmer is one of my long time favorite authors in the romance enreLately some of her books have been hit missbut this one was a definite hit with me375 Such a ood bookI know I whine a lot about DP books but she s one of my all time favorite authors and her books are always my comfort reads I ve read over 60 books by her easily some I like some I don t this I didWith classic tortured hero and a sweet naive heroine both with a bad past this book followed the well used formula and it worked for meWe have a tortured hero a This book is hilarious It s seriously one of the funniest books I ve ever read Forget Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling if you want a Alien Alpha good laugh read this book I knew from the beginning that this book was bad The dialogue is absurd the relationships between t WHO IS THIS DIANA PALMER PERSON AND WHO TOLD HER SHE COULD WRITE Whoever it was didn t read this craparella book SPOILERS AHEAD I read this book last year and I justot a paper copy iven to me So here oes my thoughts Firstly they both play an online ame and it s a secure server right So why the hell can I top ex military uy not et a message to her telling her about the crazy ex bitch who wants to cap his ass What computer stopped working Nope cause you are still playing your loser ame on it I know your cell phone is dead and you don t know how to charge it cause you are still in 1975 That must be it Cause even though you texted her before to set up the date you just could not risk the possibility that she the evil other woman could look over and see your text Great thinking expect I ot a better idea jerk face why are you dating the bitch She humiliated you and laugh at your willy and still you are being careful because she may hurt the stupid love of your life Did I forget to mention that she was raped like not one but twice and that she was still a virgin Yeah this is some messed up shit I must admit I was like Ok what the hell was DP smoking And if I smoke the same stuff will this story start to make sense to me Right so what was ood was that he was epically sorry for what he did and did not sleep with the crazy psycho bitch during their separation She was just so pathetic it was hard to hate her She does start to row a pair and I wished I could have seen her to hate her She does start to row a pair and I wished I could have seen her him off just once After everything he put her through she deserves her pound of flesh Ok what the 2 stars when this is clearly a negative star read is because I had strong feeling about the story And It Made Me Feel it made me feel pain they were experiencing That is very rare and that needs to be acknowledged DP is a crazy woman but she sure can write Too bad the story sucked Diana Palmer is my favorite author by far We met Wolf and Sara in one of her previous books and I hated her I was like there is no way she is onna make me like her But omg I was so wrong Sara is sweet and vulnerable and so loving Wolf and Sara hate each other at first Sara was almost raped by her stepfather at age 13 and she is a tortured sad woman Wolf is also haunted by the betrayal of a woman he loved and lost His only friend now is a woman he talks to online What he doesn t know is that his online friend is his nemesis Sara to online What he doesn t know is that his online friend is his nemesis Sara turns into love and their one night together ends up in pregnancy but Wolf has to let Sara o cause his crazy evil ex is after Sara He breaks up with her he pretends he is seeing other women Sara is deeply hurt he thinks she aborted their baby and then he is off to a suicide mission Super angsty readI couldn t stop reading this It was such a beautiful and intense love story Sara. Eauty on neighboring Wyoming ranches At first sparks fly but despite Wolf's misguided notions about the spirited Sara and her indignance over the assorted injustices he has thrown her way a truce of sorts forms Suddenly Sara notices Wolf's face while not conventionally ha.
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