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TituladaPoetry LatinoLatina Studies elena minor has described her

as words of exploration that up on Their Own Terms Who Can Know What own terms who can know what truly are Which brings to mind that perhaps loaded termindeterminacy meaning not only what Marjorie Perloff has in perhaps loaded termindeterminacy meaning not only what Marjorie Perloff has in in her groundbreaking volume from the early 80s arguing against what she deemed a tired way of looking at the poetics of the day but also John Cage when he states that a piece of music can be performed in substantially different ways In elena minor's case you'll find ,

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Plethora of ways she deploys her poems not only linguistically English and Spanish are on eual footing here but also the various topographies she has at her disposal when arraying her words and numbers on the page TITULADA then is deliciously indeterminate in the best sense of the word This is her artistic lineage Someone asked me to characterize her work and the phrases that to my lips almost were deviously playful and complicated and ich and bordering almost involuntarily were deviously playful and complicated
rich and bordering hermetic but so Which brings me bac. .
Hysterie Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century Der Flügel des Engels : Autobiogr., Selbstzeugnisse, Briefe an Jack Kerouac
K to elena's word exploration Her work is literally fun to mouth a linguistic ide you won't soon forget elena minor emembers the city as traffic breaks making gaps for words to stretch collude Pop Flows Out Of Its Into A Great Expanse Flows out Of Its Limits Into A Great Expanse its limits into a great expanse bulwarking thought threaten to slide away Her poems warm uncoil slither across the page; only to cycle back cold as a desert night Corrientes de sangre sendero seco What's left Some attling west And this body wanting to confide in you 'bone breathe down' Krystin Dykst.