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EBOOK NEW (Loves Sacrifice The Billionaire Banker #4) ☆ Georgia Le Carre

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3 I m kinda happy it s over
like the writing and I njoy Blake and Lana together Unfortunately that s where my sympathies nd EVERYONE is out of their fucking mind in this Book The Whole Secret Society Backstory Is The whole secret society backstory is and I m still not sure if that is a good or a bad thing But I can tell you one thingI m sure happy that I m done with this series I honestly couldn t take another bookIMHOMasuerade is the best Georgia Le Carre book I read so farjust sayin D What an amazing journey this series was I remember when I began reading this story someone recommended it to me saying it was a little gem and it was so true it captivated me from the beginning so much and I began craving it and It s a bit bittersweet that it came to an nd but this is one of those story that will remain with me for long Turning to this book 5 I loved it as much as I did with the others I was a bit disappointed though with the lack of power Blake shows in the situation they found themselves From a powerful man like him who rules the world and controls Gender Justice everything Ixpected something different I was very pleased with the debut of Helena Blake s mother in the story I always asked about her in my reviewsand wanted to see how she and Lana will deal with Generations and Collective Memory each other She was just how I imagined her to be a ruler and a strategist A lot of twists and turns ofvents will happen some shocked me some were unbelievable but Lana and Blake will have their HEA and this time with total freedombut with a challenge though but I don t want to spoil thatGeorgia thank you for this amazing story Lana and Blake will remain my top favorite characters3 You re the best Can t wait to read the story of Billie Masuerade which will be the next book published by Georgia coming this Fall The conclusionor is itThis is a great nd to this series I really njoyed this book and while I ve struggled a bit with a couple of the books I appreciate I m in the minorityThe first book Owned I loved and it completely pulled me into Lana and Blake s relationship and I knew after that book I was in this until the From Notes to Narrative end that said I m not sure how I feel about the whole El thing couldn t uite get my head around thatWhile this is the final book for these two characters uestions are left unanswered these may be addressed in future books I don t know but I am reading Billie s book Masuerade after this 5 Perfect Ending StarsWhen I finished the last word of this book I let out a big long sigh My husband looked up and asked What s up I looked at him smiled and said Nothing I just finished my book It was sooooooo good I loved how itnded I m just a little sad I won t read about Blake and Lana any Of course he didn t understand but I know my book bitches doWe witnessed Blake and Lana s marriage in the last book Seduce Me through Julie Sugar s Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America eyes This book starts us off on their honeymoon As you can imagine they jet set off to a remote places that only money can afford Once they arrive back home things run smoothly as Blake Lana and their toddler son Sorab adjust to life as a family This blissful bubble does burst whenvil nters their lives Love will be tested and decisions will need Some secrets wont stay silentAn vening out at the theatre for Lana and Blake nds prematurely with shocking news Frantic the couple rush home to discover their worst fears And Blake is forced to confront the realization that his new family is on a collision course with his past caught in the crossfir. .

Review Loves Sacrifice The Billionaire Banker #4


Loves Sacrifice The Billionaire Banker #4O be made leading to the ultimate sacrifice I can t tell you what happensyou need to xperience it for Yourself Oh Lana Lana Lana Oh Lana Lana Lana sighs softly When I met you my heart was a blank canvas Now it is a kaleidoscope of color rich and ternal This is the final book about Blake Barrington and Lana Bloom now Barrington and let me just tell you that Georgia Le Carre delivers a phenomenal book filled with secrets which will be unveiled vil villains and panty wetting sex scenes While Blake Lana s story is over I m hoping to still catch glimpses of them in Lana s best friend s Billie story in Masuerade coming this Fall I can not wait A gifted copy was received by the amazing Georgia Le Carre in xchange for an honest review Thanks so much Georgia for such a perfect nding to an Foraging for Survival epic tale Blake Lananjoying their honeymoon an Fragments evening at the Opera when Blake gets the call from the head of his security no parents wants Now Blake knows that he has underestimated Victoria but is it too late his past has come back to harm his family and how will Blake deal with Victoria s demands Victoria wants Blakes blood and his wife sorrow for how they have humiliated her and how Lana has stolen Blake from VictoriaSecrets are revealed and Blake has to make a choice a sacrifice to hismpire or the love he has for his family what will Blake choose because he has obligations to the brotherhood good or Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries evilThrough it all Blake refuses to give up the love of his life Lana Barrington 4 Stars I M LEFT CONFUSED SLIGHTLY DISAPPOINTED I love love LOVE this series Blake and Lana are one of my favorite couplesver So I was so pumped to read the final book about them But there were so many things that felt unanswered and I was confused Why didn t we see what happened when Sorab grew up We just see a tiny glimpse of their future and it s all HEA but I wanted to know how they beat Blake s motherfamily and some uestions on Victoria Blake and Lana definitely had some hotsweet moments I just wish there would have been because I love them I wish this last book would have had answers and a better depth nding I still love the series and will miss them dearly Love s Sacrifice book 5 of 5 The final installment in aloof Billionaire Blake Barrington Lana s saga dealing with their pasts present future Sometime ago I had my soul put in a box and delivered to you Books in series should be read in orderBook 1 The Billionaire Banker Blake LanaBook 2 Forty 2 Days Blake LanaPart 21 Exposed Blake LanaBook 3 Besotted Blake LanaBook 4 Seduce Me Julie s storyBook 5 Love s Sacrifice Blake Lana The Billionaire Banker book 1 4 fol 45 StarsThis is the final book in Lana and Blake s xplosive seriesI admit that I am so sad it is nding I have fallen in love with this couple so hard They are up there with my faves and in love with this couple so hard They are up there with my faves and don t want to say goodbye What did I do when up there with my faves and don t want to say goodbye What did I do when finished the last page I went straight to and downloaded a bunch of Georgia Le Carre s older booksLOL I have njoyed very minute of the Billionaire Banker series and I am very hopeful that the rest of her other series will be just as good I have fallen in love with a new author and I have got I bought and reviewed. E of adversaries who won’t hesitate to hurt them Once again Lana shows the strength that underpins her character to keep her family together but with Blake already weakened by the revelation of devastating secrets will they be strong nough to face down such menacing adversaries Lana and Blake know th.

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