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Ps her chin up never etting anyone see how much it hurts her And despite the fact "that she is treated ike crap she still tries to see the best in everyone "she is treated ike crap she still tries to see the best in everyone make the best out of her situationDane s family was broken up from his father s affair with Kenna s

Mom He Has Never 
He has never able to forgive his father for it He has commitment issues and has turned into a bit of player never etting his revolving door of women get close to him He reluctantly returns to Strawberry Valley for his father and Kenna s mother s engagement party and the sparks fly when he sees Kenna again The chemistry between the two is intense and Dane is confused by his desperate need to be with Kenna It scares him but ike a moth to a flame he can t help but be drawn to her I oved watching Dane grow emotionally in this story he struggles with his feelings for Kenna and did and said stupid things to her at times Dane was the one that got to me the most Watching him come to terms with the past and realizing what he needed to do to get Kenna backOMG the ending sniffles All I will say is have some tissues nearbyI just ove books that put you through the emotional wringer and Gena has never disappointed With an entertaining storyline amazing characters and witty dialogue The One You Want is a wonderful story that will tug on your heartstrings and has become one of my new favorites of hers I can t wait for the next book to come out in the series I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review Meh Halfway There was probably my favorite of the bunch because I wanted to know about the town and Fayrene s seriously sistersBuckhorn Ever After was eh I think this is one that "WOULD VE WORKED BETTER A LITTLE "ve worked better a ittle OR if I was familiar with the stories that had come before since it felt ike I was supposed to ooh and ahhh every time a new character appeared I really Buried liked the cat though The One You Want is theongest of the bunch and after awhile I started to wonder why oh why it didn t just have its own book It probably would ve been better served that way so you could flesh out Dane s tragic backstory and given me reason to cheer I guess when Kenna gets her total wish fulfillment ending Annnnnnnd One Perfect Night really needed the extra pages that obviously went to The One You Want because it s boy meets girl on skip trip gets first name and nothing and then must find her Story has ike 20 pages so uckily he and girl know the same PI get fixed up and it s instant ove Tada jazz hands Noah and Colbie probably could ve been interesting if we d had than three seconds to get to know them I could ve been on board for of Colbie s friends But as it was eh Mostly I spent the book wondering whether the odd names were intentional or not And if they were why was Colbie the only one who had anyone call attention to it And then I spun off on a weird mental tangent about what made a name weird and who gave me the authority to call a name unusual even in my own head and basically the stories weren t bad but I m probably not the audience they were going for Halfway There by Susan Mallery really enjoyed this story as I ove the fool s gold series and knew I would ove this short storyBuckhorn ever after by Lori Foster never read anything by her before but I really enjoyed this story and ooking forward to reading of her booksThe one you want by Gena Showalter I ove Gena s PNR books and oved this short story as much Her writing really draws me in so I don t think it matters the type of genre she does Will definitely be reading of these from her One Perfect Night by Bella Andre first from this author It was way shorter than all the others but it was good This book was an excellent read by three good authors who wrote their stories for anyone who has been in ove before or wanted someone they couldn t be without I wan t sure how each story would go I was excited about how they would end if the store read as well as I thought I oved everything about the book. Kind of guy she needs to avoid but he’s used to getting what he wants and he wants herNoah Bryant and Colbie Michaels are meant to be at east that’s what he thinks when they keep serendipitously meeting Now he just has to convince her they’re destined for each other in Bella Andre’s “One Perfect Night?. .

All For You

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Lso vulnerable Dane thinks he s carefree but deep down he has his own wounds to heal Their chemistry is off the charts There s plenty of sexual tension from the very first time they see each other and throughout the story And these two are so witty there won t be a dull moment while reading thisI wish the story wouldn t have been wrapped up
So Uickly And That 
uickly and that my only complaint but I think this was a great novella and I can t wait to read in this new series ONE PERFECT NIGHT by Bella Andre 3 Stars The Sullivans is the only series from this bunch I haven t read before In fact if memory serves me well this might be my first Bella Andre story as well And it s such a wintery story what with the ski resort vacation and all that it made me want to read of these type of stories That being said this isn t directly a Sullivan story but family friends Colbie Michaels and Noah Bryant Colbie goes on a girls trip to a ski resort but she s not very good at skiing She ends up running into Noah a complete stranger and a hottie who decides to teach her to ski At the end of their wonderful day together they don t exchange numbers and weeks ater they both enlist the help of Rafe Sullivan to find their mystery date There is a bit of insta A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, love in this story which might be the only reason I wasn t as into it as the rest of the stories in this anthology But it ended this book in a very sweet note Perfect read for a cold winter afternoon with some cocoaARC provided by authorReviewed by Francesca Don t want to miss any of our posts Subscribe to our blog by email only readori Foster s books but I really enjoyed it Shohn and Nadine are great together but it was seriously too short I The Shadow Reader love the buckhorn family and amooking forward to when the story returns to coming in full Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies length novelsori PLEASE I iked the Susan Mallery story alright although Fayrene seems a ittle exaggerated albeit capable and endearing at times I enjoyed the setting and the other characters It s clear why the Fool s Gold series is so popular Lori Foster s story was frustrating The characters were "likeable but they needed time than 100 pages allowed The ending was very rushed and stretched belief I "but they needed time than 100 pages allowed The ending was very rushed and stretched belief I the two characters in Gena Showalter s story but I didn t find the background stories uite convincing then again I ve never ived in a small town I admire Showalter s willingness to touch upon heavy topics in a novella though The characterizations were great I iked the touch of vulnerability in the heroine s motherBella Andre s short story is delightfully fluffy This anthology included a few authors I have "enjoyed in the past I think I mooched it because it included Susan Mallery whose ight romances " in the past I think I mooched it because it included Susan Mallery whose ight romances generally fun The one here was a sort of Fools Gold novella My only issue is that I really prefer onger books I feel by the time you get into it and start to appreciate the characters these stories are done There are exceptions of course but here I didn t really get into any of the stories Light read for heavy days Corona virus ock downThe cover is not fully intact corner off but the actual book is fine The One You Want is a preuel to Gena s new contemporary series The Heartbreakers I have to say that I m of a PNR girl but since it s a Gena Showalter story I of course HAD to read it And I m so glad that I did This was an amazing story It s a story of The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right love hope and forgiveness Kenna Starr has been paying for her mother s affair with a married man since she was a child Between that and getting pregnant at a young age the townspeople were convinced that she would grow up to be justike her mother And for most of her Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling life the people of Strawberry Valley haveooked down their noses at her thinking she is nothing but trashI Monsieur Pain love how much strength of character that Kenna has She has been trying to walk the straight and narrow always careful of her reputation not wanting to give people reason to gossip about her And through all the snubs and sidewaysooks she always kee. Uckhorn Ever After” the ast thing Nadine Moest wants is to be the atest notch on gorgeous ranger Shohn Hudson’s bedpost But Shohn is determined to win her trust and her heartKenna Starr will do anything to overcome her bad girl past in Gena Showalter’s “The One You Want” Dane Michaelson is exactly the. ,

This was such a fantastic anthology "I LOVED ALL THE STORIES IN " loved all the stories in though The One You Want is my favourite Can t wait for the rest of The Original Heartbreaks once I read The Closer You Come I picked up this book at a used bookstore I knew nothing about it or the authors I iked The One You Want best it had the most plot and character development Buckhorn Ever After "and Halfway There were cute I m all for the fantasy of romance novels perfect men falling for imperfect women "Halfway There were cute I m all for the fantasy of romance novels perfect men falling for imperfect women unlikely circumstances but One Perfect Night was a ittle too far out there for meOverall however the novellas were pretty typical novella they felt a ittle rushed but still made me smile There s a Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. lot of sex in these stor ALL FOR YOU is the perfect read for all you sweet small townoving contemporary romance readers Every story had just the right amount of sexy to keep you warm this winter And I have to say that we couldn t get a better collaboration than these Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 ladies Every story is perfect sweet contemporary romance with the type of characters you can t help but fall inove with right away Not all too original at times but very enjoyable nonetheless HALFWAY THERE by Susan Mallery 3 Stars This story is part of the Fool s Gold series by Ms Mallery I can t say I follow the series but I have read a few of the books in it I always enjoy her stories and her small town feel but I find that for me there s something missing to make them memorable With this novella it was a ittle bit of the same Fayrene is a bit of a workaholic and she has a plan for her ife In the time frame she s given herself to be successful with her business there is no time for Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, love or dating When she meets Ryan who is just in town on a temporary job he seemsike the perfect candidate to have a fling with Their story develops from friendship to a relationship pretty uickly It s cute I will give it that but I always find those uick I Il morto di Maigret love yous to be hard to believe All in all though it was very enjoyable and a great opener for this anthology BUCKHORN EVER AFTER by Lori Foster 35 Stars Yet another series that I ve read some of but not the full series I can t help butove a story about childhood friends where the heroine has always been in ove with the hero but he had to sow his wild oats first and now he realizes the woman he wants was there all along The banter and the easy feeling in the interactions between Nadine and Shohn were the best part of the story They are already friends so this was just taking that next step And there s animals Big sucker for those here Nadine runs a veterinary clinic in town and Shohn is a park ranger He even gets a dog so he can come around often to see her Loved this story THE ONE YOU WANT by Gena Showalter 45 Stars This was the main reason why I wanted to read this book This is the preuel that kicks off Gena Showalter s new contemporary romance series To say I was excited to see what she can do outside of paranormal romance is an understatement And the verdict is I think this will be my favorite of Ms Showalter s work in a while THE ONE YOU WANT is fresh and fun By far my favorite story in this anthology and the perfect opening to a series I m dying to read of So we have Kenna Starr the heroine She s a single mother and the daughter of a home wrecker And in a small town the bad girl abel is doing her no favors She struggles to pay her bills and she devotes her ife to her daughter She s had very ittle room there for herself her wants or a man Now her mom is marrying the man whose marriage she wrecked and Kenna s future step brother comes back to town for the wedding Now very successful and extremely irresistible Dane Michaelson has his sights set on KennaI don t know why but the step brother theme here worked really well for me I mean they are adults so it s not Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition like they have toive together but it gives them an instant connection Plus they have a past together from their childhood Some good and some bad Kenna is a strong heroine but she s Four unforgettable stories from the biggest names in romanceFalling in Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom love isn’t on Fayrene Hopkins’s schedule for ateast four years but from her very first kiss with charming Ryan Patterson she’s already Halfway There” In Susan Mallery's Fool’s Gold some plans are made to be brokenIn Lori Foster's “B.