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The First Ghost eNs which I do get happens but this was just too much I really can t pinpoint on thingxactly as to what just made this book hard for me to finish It was alot of little things that just added up The other characters were uite annoying and not at all like any Italiam mafia I have read previously Italians are all about family And I do get that an author can change their perspective and make the story their own but this one I just had a hard time grasping I have read alot of mafia books and this one unfortunately just does not do it for me As said the potential is there The storyline is awesome it just failed on the delivery Some may really njoy I however don t think I will be able to continue the series Amelia Abbiati The devil with the angelic face The heartbreaker The killer The Femme Fatale Amelia was worthy of that title She was ruthless when necessary and compassionate where reuired which is very often in this book Often times I found myself getting frustrated with where her mind was at and the decisions she made I can understand being confused by such a difficult decision to kill the love of her life or not but I think she went a tad overboard Her relationship with her father never seemed worthy of hesitation That being said I m not sure why it took her so long to decide what she was going to do Especially when she had options to release herself from her father s hold Love of your life or the man who made you into a cold blooded killer and trapped you into a life of murder and tormentKirsty Anne Still had such a great idea with Femme Fatale and while I njoyed it I felt it didn t live up to it s full potential Riddled with countless grammar Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential errors I found it hard to stay connected to the story There were moments where the sentence didn t fit and I lost the thrall I had with the characters I m hoping this was alldited in the final version but perhaps readers won t mind too much I m personally unable to stay hooked to a story if the diting is not up to parI waited a while after reading to write up my review because I was left with mixed feelings When Kirsty allowed me to read the first leven chapters or so of this book I was pretty Humanism excited for I was intrigued by Amelia and her dilemma As per usual Kirsty Anne Still always comes up with uite original stories and complicated characters The first book in the Viper Room series was what made me a fan However Femme Fatale was missing something anffortless flow In depth characters that didn t give me the same feeling as her previous seriesIt lacked momentum and suspense in many sections of the book Parts dragged on than I would ve liked but nevertheless it was somewhat interestin 35 Love is a Battlefield Stars There are so many mixed reviews on this book that I didn t want to come in reading this story and be left disappointed The one thing I can say is that I thoroughly Smokin' Hot enjoyed this read The story has good bones and with that comes the fact that there s so much to where this story can go The biggest reason Injoyed this book was the simple grittyness of it The conflict between falling in love the vengeance duty to family and the betrayal it all leads to its climax and the ultimate sacrifice This book is just one of those stories that you have to take a chance on It will ither have you loving it or hating it What an interesting review right Can T HELP YOU DECIDE WHETHER YOU help you decide whether you to read or pass it up But I will say this I am really looking forward to start reading part 2 in the Pericolo Series So that should tell you something Right ARC provide for honest blot tour review For your next fix out of 5 Fist Pounding Passion filled Stars image rror A femme fatale f m f t l or f m f t l French fam fatal is a stock character of a mysterious and seductive woman whose charms Lasombra ensnare her lovers often leading them into compromising dangerous and deadly situations I knew nothing about this book before I started it other than the title The title alone was what had me wanting to pick it up and read it because of the definition of the words femme fatale It had me intrigued to know about this story More about this woman who seduces and destroys men with her prowess This book had me so torn I absolutely loved the concept Mafia princess who literally gets away with murder whenever needed to help protect her family She s skilled in the art of seduction so they never see her coming But then she s faced with her next target The man she was once and still is hopelessly in love with The plot still fills me with mexcitementBut I didn t feel that it was xecuted as well as it could have been There was uite a lot that needed some adjustments Needed tidying up Stuff that is probably asily overlooked by an author who has gone over the manuscript countless times but should have been glaringly obvious to any beta readers or Wanton Nights editors Some of the characters had such split personalities that I m surprised I don t have whiplash They were cocky and arrogant one minute and whiney and desperate the next Also Amelia s dad was unlike any Italian man never mind mafia boss that I vever read about Italian s are known for their intense family bond and how protective they are over their children While My Soldier Serves especially their daughters But Salvator was not like that at all He repeatedly threatened Amelia with death andven selling her It was crazyBUT yes another but I still think the storyline is great never mind think the storyline is great never mind messy it was in parts and I did note how it strengthened towards the nd It was well written and I think given some work and detailed diting it could be a truly fantastic read And after that nding I m definitely looking forward to the seuel Seriously This book started out with a bang but seemed to go downhill from there The synopsis caught my interest and I was looking forward to reading it The story was very slow moving and there wasn t nough going on to keep me interested moving and there wasn t The Fiend Next Door enough going on to keep me interested worst part was how Amelia s thoughts kept going back and forth about whether or not she was going to kill Zane who is the love of her life I m sure there are others who reallynjoyed this book but there wasn t nough suspense for me. Hat breaks me don’t feel don’t deviate kill Zane Maverick It should be simple but how am I supposed to choose between the man who raised me to be this seemingly heartless and strong female and the man I could only ver love to death Warning 18 due to scenes of graphic murder sex and a high use of swearing. When love crosses family that is hard பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் enough to sort out but when that family is a mobmafia and the father truly believes he is God well things just got a bit difficult This is the story of Amelia Abbiati a young woman who has been trained to be a killer Her first mistake was not acting shocked or upset when she witnessed her father murder a man in front of her From that day forward her dad groomed her to take out the people who threaten or go against the Abbiati family Of course she has brothersach with a distinct personality and agenda so this only makes her determined to prove to them she deserves her place in the family You might wonder if she The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 ever longed to be a normal woman to find a man and fall in love well yes she tried that and Zane Maverick a detective broke her heart and fueled her fire to kill menven She settled in accepting this was her life she would do the deed people would come in and clean up the scene and she would wait for the next file to be given to her showing her who the target was She was proficient clean and swift and always left her signature mark on the victim When her father gave her the next hit she was taken back Looking at the picture in the file she saw none other than Zane When she asked her Papa why Zane she was told only two reasons Zane broke his bambina s heart and Zane was trying to take down the family Now her loyalty will be tested will she be true to the family or risk it all for the man she still lovesThe rest of the story gives you an abundance of suspense and drama There are graphic scenes that fed my dark and twisted cravings and plenty of passion and love Amelia kept me sitting on the A Meditation on Murder edge of my seat as I watched her try to balance the demands of her dad and brothers with the desire she had for a little time with Zane before she killed him When others decided she would not be able to carry out this mission and went after Zane I marveled at how she took care of the problem I found myself begging her to take Zane and run Spend a life time in hiding but also being in love but Amelia doesn t run from anything or anyoneMy favorite books to read are those with a very twisted plot and dark scenes and characters The violence drama and twisted behaviors the better for me This author didn t disappoint me at all With the scenes that took place in this book I wanted to crawl in her head and see how she came up with this stuff it was so fabulous I didn t feel like I was reading a predictable book or similar to any other pieces of work Each character had their own traits and personalities and that gave this story anlement of xcitement I will warn you now the cliff hanger is dramatic and I am dying for the next book This book would have been a four star rating till I found myself at the nd When I will scream out loud because I needed of this book NOW then you will get a five star from me I would tell anyone who has a TBR list that involves violence betrayal suspense and some of the most twisted thinking ver written that this book needs to be on the top of that list FEMME FATALE The PERICOLO Series 1Bravo Kirsty Anna Still If your looking for a good Mafia read look no further The Abbiati s are Mafia Royalty Amelia Abbiati is her fathers salvatore abbiati dio del sangue her fathers Salvatore Abbiati Dio Del Sangue weapon She is the FEMME FATALE She is a born and bred killer Her motto is don t feel don t deviate just killIn order to keep her place in the family she must do what Father orders Even if that means to kill the man that broke your heart but still is completely in love with Zane Maverick She knows ither way will be her undoing Excerpt And you should know one important thing here before you ven think of trying to pawn me off or dispose of me I love him with all my heart that I know for sure now but for you I will kill him I will do that because I fear you Pap I don t worship you or admire you I fear you and that s all on you I xhale and feel it vibrate with my fury before filling my lungs again So be happy knowing I will never love you And don t think that I remain loyally by your side because I want to be The sexy Detective Zane Maverick has always loved Amelia He regrets ver Leaving Her But Her Family her but her family always stood in their way Her desire for her fathers constant approve drove a wedge between them Now he has her back and he doesn t plan on letting her go So the big uestion is can Amelia kill the love of her lifeI absolutely loved this book It will definitely keep you guessingYou do not want to miss out on FEMME FATALE Read it SAM S REVIEW 5 Stars5 OH MY FREAKING HELL I CAN T EVEN GIMME BOOK TWO RIGHT THIS SECOND ONE OF MY FAVORITE MAFIA BOOKS EVER WOW WOW WOW STARSI am trying to find the words seven times I have tried to write this review and I keep changing it So here goesTHIS FREAKING BOOK ABSOLUTELY ROCKED MY GOD DAMN WORLD BUT IF I DON T GET BOOK TWO SOON I WILL CUT A BITCHThe second I finished this book I had to write to the author My reaction to the very last words included me launching my kindle across the room shouting loudly and then half hour of pacing back and forth in my kitchen I LOVE cliffhangers yep It is true That feeling of shouting VERY LOUD when you know there is no pagesYEP LOVE IT There is something about the motions of a cliffhanger that show me just how is no pagesYEP LOVE IT There is something about the The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? emotions of a cliffhanger that show me just how the book was This book is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC it was so intense raw and left me ondge from start to finish The Abbiati family lies betrayal murder love deceit power and loyalty mix those traits up with suspense angst passion dark and gritty you sure are going to be in for one hell of a ride Kirsty Anne Still has given me verything I want out of a mafia book A KICKASS lead female Amelia Abbiati the secret weapon the girl who is supposed to do anything Daddy tells her the very close family unit the horror the deaths and the cover ups The Femme Fatale is the person Amelia has become the most treasured possession in her family UntilZane Maverick the detective who Amelia is deeply in love with You want a modern day Romeo and Juliet storyBABY YOU NEED TO PICK UP THIS BOOK I am not going to give away any big spoilers because this book. Book one in The Pericolo Series They call me the Femme Fatale But only because they don’t know me My job seduce men only to deliver their death sentence I work for my father’s business I’m his secret weapon I’m the one that gets away with murder For years I’ve given in to my father’s demands lived. ,

DESERVES ach and The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online every one of you to pick it up feel the differentmotions that pass through you and then feel as deeply as I do about this book There are some scenes that made me want to punch throat people through my kindle there are some scenes that brought me close to tears some of the scenes made me beg for the situations to Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet end and some made me fist pump with a HELL YEAH This is a 5 GIGANTIC STAR read for me I need the second book like my last breath I need to know the outcomeKIRSTY ANNE STILL A ROUND OF APPLAUSE TO YOU on this masterpiece Now get to writing ladyI CAN T HOLD ON MUCH LONGERFIDAH S REVIEW 45 StarsFemme Fatale is the first book in the Pericolo series Amelia is the only daughter of the cold and heartless Salvatore Abbiati Her task is to seduce men before killing them She has always been numb to her killings but her latest mission could very well be the one to break herKirsty Anne Still s writing wasngaging from the beginning to 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) end To be honest I wasn txpecting to be hooked to the story as uickly as I did It wasn t just the storyline or plot the Design Research: Methods and Perspectives emotions and the characters theyach played a part and verything was really gritting I can t tell you the amount of times my yes watered as I read this book in public I could barely hold the tears backOne of my favorite aspect to the book were the relationships and I m not just saying the romance I really love how family plays an important role in the story as well I Why Photography Matters enjoyed seeing how protective the older siblings get over the younger ones You could tell how much they loved and cared forach otherOther than that the characters were all so complex and different It was really interesting as I tried to get a hold on their personalities Surprisingly I didn t hate any characters Yes including the characters that were seen as cruel and Doreen Valiente Witch evil I loved seeing the depth toach character The characters were developed and written really wellRomance It s probably something most readers are looking forward to reading I mean I m a sucker for romance as I ve said in my past reviews The love interest in this novel is Zane Maverick Judging from the synopsis I xpected a sort of instant love situation That was not how it turned out to be which I m really glad about Although the romance did progress fairly uick However it didn t uite bother me because I could tell how great the two characters were for ach otherThis was almost a 5 star read for me My only complain is the situation at the Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag end I don t dislike the situation at thend but I don t like it Hsi K'Ang and His Poetical Essay on the Lute either I wish I could talk about it but I llnd up spoiling you so I will avoid thatOverall this was a really great book I was very much invested in the story and characters I need to read the seuel I have never read a book by Kirsty by the blurb really caught my ye I loved the sound of the blurb and a very strong women charactor that I desperatly wanted to read it Wow I was hooked by the first chapter The detail and the writing style in just those first few pages was like I was there I was drawn straight in and knew instantly in woukd be a 5 read This is another one of those books were you can t give to much away the blurb says all you need to
Know To Get The 
to get the xperience And Not Know What Is not know what is to happen The story itself is Mafia based If you ve never read anything like that because you ve got images in you head of Mafia Forget all that and read this You won t be disappointed The story is gritty dark hot with some smashing sed scenes It s full of lies betrayal and murder I loved Amelia in the book She is her dads secret weapon Know body would suspect her She trained to kill professional and does her job to perfection She is completly fearless and always ready to go Nothing stands in the way if a job her charm good looks and all round persona get her verything she needs and her job always done She reminds me of the ice ueen Nothing will break herwell until her next hit comes alongZane Maverick Her dad gives her the ultimate killto kill the love of her life a New York detective She thinks she can do it until she sees him again Will Zane be the one person she can t kill Amelia s character is very bad ass chick but she is someone you will love and connect with very uickly She s hard as nsils on the outside as that s his she s been made and because of the world she has come from but inside you no she is falling apart and is just putting in a front I loved her whole character and the way the author gave Amelia so many different sides to her personality for us to see She s not just a hard killer she has a softer side too The whole book was very fast paced but that could be because I just couldn t read it fast nough The characters in the story were brilliantly wrote about The author got ach charactor spot in I can t think of one thing I would change about them at all The book left my complely stumped and reeling Inover verything about the book The angst pain grit sorrow and unknown This is a book that once you start reading you won t be able to stop The Strange Visitors: Documents in Indigenous-Settler Relations in Canada from 1876 ending finished with one hell of a cliffhanger I can t wait until the next book is released so I can find out what happens next Excellent book by a author ive never read before Defiantly will be looking out for books from her In the future 5 Kim Author Groupies 25 StarsI really wasn t sure what I was getting into when I had said that I would read this book inxchange for an honest review And this is probably one of the hardest reviews I have Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, ever written The book started off with a bang and had me in its clutches immediately I wanted to see where this was going Then it hits a lull I almost couldn t finish this book I found myself skimming pages and hoping to find something to grab onto and bring that wow back into book Sadly that did not happen til about the last 20% This story has great potential but fell completely flat in the middle which absolutely kills a book That s where the meat is that keeps the reader begging for There was way too much inner monologue with main character and she really started to bore the hell out of me She kept going back and forth with hermotio. The life of a mob princess fell into this merciless realm where he presents me with a man and one goal – to kill When it’s to keep the Abbiati name from ruins I’ll run with the wolves and protect it fiercely However when he brings a new name to the table I know my newest mission could well be the one
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Femme Fatale Pericolo #1

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