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He ven that nuance worked for me I was fortunate to be asked to beta read this story and for my first beta read I feel beta read this story and for my first beta read I feel was honouredThis is a really interesting different book A young girl who is desperate for money to get her out of debt is given what she believes is an Gods Choice easy opportunity ofarning a lot of money Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye easily and uickly It s an idea situation to get herself out of debt andnable her to improve her lifeShe directed by a friend to the perfect solution to all her problemsfills out an on line application and lies Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France embellishing on her sexualxperiences BDSM knowledge she s transported to an island that s an xclusive resort for rich men Doms who like to play in an open nvironment where they are safe to Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild experience their fetishes with like minded people at a monetary cost without it affecting their real life situationsAll clientele including the women who sell their time and bodies for a limited time to these men are all given new identities so both parties are safe to play with no come back troubleThe meeting of the men and women starts out by a naked hunt where the females are hunted by the men and the winning male claims his winning female for the week to do with how he sees fitPhim aka Sapphire is caught by the beast Beast soon realises that Sapphire is in fact notxperienced but decides to continue on with this Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets experience anyway ultimately both gain a lot from thexperienceThere are a lot of interesting twists and turns within this story which compels the reader along this unusual ridethe sex is really really hot and the story I found was an asy read which I couldn t put down There is conclusion to the story not necessarily a cliff hangerbut it does leaves the reader wanting I "do so hope there is going to be from these two and the islandGreat first read and I m looking "so hope there is going to be from these two and the islandGreat first read and I m looking to from this authorI thoroughly njoyed the story Wow I don t know what to say I am left with my mouth hanging open This book blew me away Literally I had to stand up and take a break to figure out what I just read Fantasy Forfeit is a cross between Fifty Shades of Grey and The Hunger Games only so much better then that sounds I had never heard of this author before and her voice is different then most I ve read The main female in this story Sapphire is uniue and her thoughts are fun to see This book kept me on the Forgetful of Their Sex: Female Sanctity and Society, ca. 500-1100 edge of my seat and I read it in a day and a half It was intense and sexy and so much fun This isn t your normal BDSM books and the safe words aren t always true to their word in this fun twisted game I am hooked and cannot wait until the next one Fair warning there is a massive cliffie that left my mouth hanging wide open The only thing I didn t like is that the book is only about 80% The last 20% is promo for other books I want book PS Don t judge this book by its cover Fun read but things got a bit convoluted plot wise I didnjoy the relationship between Sapphire and Beast very sex. His playground A demanding Dom he wants nothing than a four day retreat where he can indulge his desires with a professional submissive When an old rivalry turns dangerous veryone’s limits are challenged Publishers note This book contains xplicit sexual content graphic language and situations some readers may find objectionable Anal playintercourse BDSM theme and content includingnot limited to bondagerestraint spankingpaddling tethering xhibitionism voyeuris.

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Holy wow I was not xpecting something so good with such an unassuming cover and seemingly derivative blurb What a marvelous page turner I found PhinSapphire both incredibly interesting and thoroughly believable Her past is shrouded in mystery she has a shrewd mind protecting a soft core and she has an adventurous spirit that while admirable leaves her vulnerable to others and in over her head throughout this book Beast is alpha dark and clearly an iceberg As in we ve only seen the tip but there is clearly much hiding under the surface The best part of this book however is the author s uniue irreverent voice Larkspur s descriptions details and word choice are unexpected and de I bought this book because EG rated it highly and she was right This is a strong 4Set in the classic island of debauchery this BDSM tale adds an intriguing plot twist what if the Doms didn t like Wicked Loving Lies each other What if they used their subs as pawns to compete but not in a friendly way And what if this was told from the perspective of the pawnOur young Sapphire is a newbie to BDSM but she s faking like she has a clue And this lands her in a world of hurt After a while those pains become tingles and she s hookedThe sex is hot and inventive Lots of sex in public Plenty of inventive bondage If you don t like sharing andor menage this might not be for you There is one brief dub con scene but it is handled appropriately Everythinglse is Please may I have some There was a teaser for the next book which suggests that it s going to be La heredera del mar even painful forveryone Which could be good I have only read a few books in this genre but Gem you can write as many like this as you can and I will keep reading them I njoyed the plot and was shocked by the way it nded I found myself reading it and wanting to know what happened next but also not wanting it to nd I want to know about Beast Im hoping the second book will clue me in I was impressed with the way it flowed and ven though at one point I almost couldnt finish reading because lines were crossed Im glad I continued Im off to find the next bookI received a free copy in xchange for an honest review Wow Don t let the simple cover deceive you this was brilliant 5 Scorching hot stars This is one of the best kinky romances I ve read so far this year Boy was this hot hot hotThis book focuses on a private resort where the rich and kinky gather for a few days of debauchery This story was such good fun and the BDSM was very well written and did I mention HOT Definitely spank bank material Beast was a God Seriously I d offer myself up to him any day I hope there s another book in this series I need Beast Phim is having money "troubles and her friend Jon tells her about a job where she can arn a lot of in just a "and her friend Jon tells her about a job where she can Aramaic Bowl Spells: Jewish Babylonian Aramaic Bowls Volume One earn a lot of in just a days When he recommended this job he didn t fully understand what it wouldntail and neither did she until she was there It s on an island a hunt where dominant men What if a scam artist put Xenophon And His World (Historia Einzelschriften) everything you have at risk and selling yourself to a stranger for four days solves all of your problems The island is discreet luxurious and anonymous Invitations to the island’sxclusive Hunt carry a six figure price tag The uarry is a well trained submissive the prize is four days of unfettered play where only aliases are xchanged and satisfaction is guaranteed It’s the perfect getaway for a Dom who likes to play hard and walk awa. ,
Ay a hefty price for 4 days with a submissive True identities are not known these men want anonymity and no strings attached fun The overall story is xcellent When I realised the majority of the book focused on the 4 days of captivity I thought that may be dragging it out but that s not the case At no point did it feel repetitive or superfluous The characters are great Jon and Phim s friendship feels genuine the bantering between them shows this Phim is a bit of an Groove: An Aesthetic of Measured Time enigma she s strong defensive and determined I hate Orion he repulsed me the depth of my hatred shows the author described him well Then there s Luther slimey greedy manipulative I want to teach him a lessonAs my kindle gave me a dwindling % left of the book I began to wonder how the book would conclude as I saw no immediate answers and I was right I m left ondge Will Beast be able to contact Sapphire again Will her past become known Will Luther and Orion get their dues as I hope Thank god there is a seuel and hopefully we won t have to wait too long for itThis "Is Dark Erotica And Not "dark rotica and not love story although there is a bond that develops between Beast and Sapphire I received it in xchange of an honest review And forever thankful i will beMUST READ ALERT Very well written with an xtremelly creative story a female lead who is as sweet as she is strong and without bating her lashes makes a handful of very strong man fall to her feet Did i mention how creative the story is It is one of the most creative story i found in romanceerotica books till now When i read it I honestly thought Hunger Games meets
#50 shades in #
shades in RomanceErotica setting I am so xcited about this book Sizzling hot and steamy and completely addictive you will love it Fantasy Forfeit is one those book that will stay in your head and that you will want to re read several times I loved Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing every moment of it I can t wait to see what happens to Sapphire Two Hands High In the Air With Lighters On 5 Twit is pleased Lord Beast STARS I couldn t getnough of this book Damn where to start So we have PhimSapphire the F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby educated businesswoman in a financial bind Then there s Lord Beast the mysterious alpha in all ways sexy as hell Dominant I loved the dynamic in this story Sapphire s the smart capable female able to adapt to her surroundings on an island where she s hunted by a barrage of unknown men and then submits to being captive while being pushed to a whole new level sexually Beast is all about control He s raw demanding relentless and yet has this soft side to him that made this girl fall Hard Every page was intense And the sex Please Lord Beast Please Loved it Couple of issues there were a few issues withditing but not so much to deter from my overall Walled (The Line, enjoyment of this book I was also somewhat annoyed with how the heroine couldn t use certain words I was confused at first like what is this a fucking typo or what the fuck does that mean But the I got into the book Y with nontanglementsThreatened with bankruptcy 'Sapphire' clutches at the possibility of solving her problems with one long weekend Armed with a friend’s reference and knowledge gained through novels and internet research Sapphire is accepted as a Hunt submissive She xpects a weekend Dom someone older with money than virility She hopes for someone who will give her a taste of fantasy without pushing her limits 'Beast' is a master of the Hunt and the island is. Fantasy Forfeit

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