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(PDF/EPUB) [Terms of a Texas Marriage] ¼ Lauren Canan

Terms of a Texas Marriage

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I didn t know if the author would be able to pull off the premise of the heroine having to marry in order to keep her anch Seemed like an outdated concept But Lauren Canan set it Up Beautifully And In A Very Believable beautifully and in a very believable The heroine is spunky and the hero is used to getting his way Put these two in a oom and watch the sparks fly I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish I was *going to ound it to 4 but I kinda got annoyed *to ound it to 4 but I kinda got annoyed the last 30% of the book Shea started off as this feisty lady who catches Alec s eye unwilling to let go of a anch that s been in her generation for ages So unwilling in fact she marries him to keep it But she s strong willed and super crafty and the book had a couple LOL moments that totally made my day The omance between at the beginning almost made me not ead because I felt for sure it was going to go in the ealm of insta love but then it ended up being a slow burn slowly progressing Before Copernicus romance that won me over Would ve been a 4ead if not for the last 30% where the conflict occurs that tears them apart It just felt like after everything they d been in they esorted to miscommunication and being children Not attractive Still I liked it enough A 200 hundred year old deed allows the Harrison family to live on land owned by the Morreston family until such time they want it back at the end of the lease Then to the dismay of both parties a clause is discovered that commands the female heir of the Harrison family to marry the male heir of the Morreston family if she wants to keep it WELL SHEA HARRISON DOESN T WANT Shea Harrison doesn t want have anything to do with a city slicker like Alec Morreston but she has to in order to stay on the land her family has lived on for 200 years Alec meanwhile is sure that he can get her to give up and move away so he can develop the property he hasn t lived on He underestimated Shea Alec was forced to temporarily elocate from New York to Texas and he Health and Wellbeing in Childhood returned with his young son who became fast friends with Shea and all theanch hands Once thr Sometimes I wish that I could take the place of some of these Harleuin heroines Not because I want to be pressed up against some himbo s chiseled abs but because I ve got than half a brain and I know how to use itCase in point Shea Hardin is forced by an overlooked clause in an archaic will to be married before a certain time period or forfeit her land to one Alec Morreston Alec Morreston found out about this clause two months previous to the Child Support, for the Non-Custodial Parent, Alabama Edition (Series 1, for the Non-Custodial Parent) reading of the will and wonders out loud why her legal counsel didn t mention it Said legal counsel protests that it never occurred to him Alec Morreston would use it to his advantage to try andeclaim possession of the landReally A lawyer doesn t think someone would use a legal loophole to his advantage What kind of attorney is such a dimwit that he doesn t tell his own client about a potentially upsetting loophole in a will What kind of legal moron doesn t believe someone else would take. The contract says she must marry if she wants to save her L. Munatius Plancus: Serving and Surviving in the Roman Revolution ranch Because of a two hundred year old deed modern Texasancher Shea Hardin must wed wealthy landowner Alec Morreston to save her. ,
Advantage of such a clauseShea isn t much better Her first option is to find some other man any man to marry She doesn t want to give over her family land to Alec Morreston whom she suspec This wasn t a bad book it just wasn t one of my favorite s I thought the pace was a little slow and the story just seemed to drag in places Shea s family anch was on a 99 year lease with a enewal option The owner of the anch wanted the property back Shea was willing to fight for the land that had been in her family for 200 years Five days before the deadline all party s had a meetings She found out in the lease there was a personal clause It stated In addition to the actual "UPKEEP IF THE RENEWAL OF THE LEASE IS AWARDED "if the enewal of the lease is awarded a woman she must be legally wed by or before the expiration of the lease It went on to state that If the female lessee has no husband or betrothed the oldest adult male unmarried in the Morreston family will be joined to her in matrimony legally and spiritully and they shall live as husband and wife for a period of not less than one year Her lawyer said they could try to fight it but would not have a chance to get a Krebszellen mögen keine Sonne. Vitamin D - der Schutzschild gegen Krebs, Diabetes und Herzerkrankungen: Ärztlicher Rat für Betroffene. Mit Vitamin-D-Barometer ... reply from the courts within 5 days Shea had grown up on that land so many memories of playing in the biganch house She had promised her dad she would take care of it before he passed on If she had to marry Alec to keep her land that s what she would do The two married It took a long time for the two to build up trust or friendship The *chemistry was sizzling between the two from the start They just fought against it It ended *was sizzling between the two from the start They just fought against it It ended being a eally sweet story I just wished the two build a friendship sooner Both Alec and Shea were head strong and slow to trust making the story line drag Two Hundred Year Old Contract makes the Rules This book had a very interesting plot from the beginning Shea needed to marry someone to keep the lease on her land based on terms from about two hundred years ago Otherwise Alec the owner will get to claim it and as a developer he wants to use it for other purposes The
story takes place 
takes place at the anch where Shea livesThe author clearly showed the chemistry between Shea and Alec as well as the tension and arguing It has a few The Guardian Team: On the Job with Rena and Roo random details thrown in the story that keep your interest They both have their own agenda but of course they ll find a way to make it work in the endThere were a couple of things I didn t like One was how fast Alec s personality changed in the book He was very determined to get the land but very soon after their wedding he acts almost passive and aloof about getting his way It just seemed like his character changed too fast to be believable I also felt that this book was very short It did not take me very long toead the entire thing but it could be that all Harleuin books of this design are that way It s not a big deal or anything just a good book to The Mathematics of Financial Derivatives: A Student Introduction relax with and not have to think about Ieceived this book through GoodReads First Reads and want. Family home She says yes and swears this marriage will be in name only But she underestimates Alec One look at this suave billionaire and Shea knows staying out of Alec's bed will be the
Beijing's Economic Statecraft During the Cold War, 1949-1991
Ed to leave my opinion about it I m a sucker forThe contract says she must marry if she wants to save her anchIt was a uick Information Security Governance read The tension was thick but the love took time Ieally enjoyed this one Shea Hardin s family lived on the anch for years but she didn t ealize they d only been leasing long term from the Morreston family *At The End Of The Lease Now Alec Morreston Is *the end of the lease now Alec Morreston is to Renew Because Plans because he plans use the land for some big time development deal He doesn t care that he s kicking Shea out of the only home she s ever known But the contract states that she gets to keep the land if she can survive a year married to Alec so she goes through with it She doesn t expect to come to like Alec let alone fall in love with him She s hoping that if he spends enough time with her and the Atala / René ranch he ll come to see what it s worth in sentiment at least and give up on the whole thing But she s not so sure hard hearted Aleceally can love her backThis was an interesting story not fantastic but not bad I enjoyed Widow of Dartmoor reading about the contract it was a neat way for the two characters to get together It seemed the two of them were always trying to call the other s bluffs and ending up in over their heads I liked how that kept working out for them A major case of no communication there towards the end caused just theight touch of angst I like how Shea came to Dark Calling realize that life and love wasn t just about the land and the tradition but about people while Alec came toealize that tradition uality time and honesty made life valuable At times it kind of felt like the two were at a stalemate and I found myself wondering how Shea could honestly consider forgiving Alec for his actions and seeming lack of feelings I also felt somewhat uncomfortable that Alec was willing to push forward on the wedding night when he knew Shea wasn t Arabella Millers Tiny Caterpillar really willing sure he could manipulate the hormones but when all said and done she wouldn t have wanted it Forced seduction in a historicomance is one thing but it seems so out of place in the modern stories This is a very good book I just couldn t put it down Wow This book is an awesome Prinzipien Der Gemeinschaftlichen Kosten- Und Schadenstragung Im Seerecht Und Au�ergew�hnliche Formen Der Haverei Im 18. Jahrhundert read which keeps you turning pages from the beginning to the end Due to a clause in a contract Shea Harrison must marry to keep theanch the Harrison family has leased for two hundred years from the Morreston family Alec Morreston wants the land for himself to build a O Sabor dos Caroços de Maçã resort on and is hoping to convince Shea to hand the land back to him Theanch is Shea s home and her livelihood No way is she going to give in Shea is determined to meet the contracts conditions but can t find a groom Shea has an Ace up her sleeve though the contract has a stipulation that a single male Morreston Alec being the only Heir is obligated by the contract to marry Shea if she so wishes for her to keep the Only the Hunted Run ranch that Alec wants for himself Complicated hey and such a great storylineThis book is wonderfully written and I highlyecommend it. Oughest challenge of her life His hungry lips and skilled touch may seal the deal and her fate Will he take her heart and her land Or on the brink of losing it all will Shea gain everything.