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[New] Adventures of Superman Vol 3 By Max Landis

Not a strong finish for this Superman *anthology series Stories about the Green Lantern of Krypton a reporter on Superman s trail and even * series STORIES ABOUT THE GREEN LANTERN OF about the Green Lantern of a reporter on Superman s trail and even encounter with The Joker fall flat Kelly Sue DECONNICK SHOWS UP TO WRITE AN shows up to write an Lois Lane story and an Iron Giant homage ends up than a little touching Overall though not as memorable as past entries in the series the paperback edition i have has the cover shown for the kindle edition So I realize that this and Injustice Gods Among Us Year Two Vol 1 aren t necessarily in continuity but it seems that it s at least sort of canon that the Guardians allowed Krypton to be destroyed Are they meant to be evil Public library copy The first story The Dark Lantern was a neat idea about a failed Green Lantern who was supposed to be the protector of Krypton I liked the idea than the execution I don t like seeing Superman cry in comic books A writer can break his heart I m alright with that Next up The Demolisher was rather forgettable and darkExposed was one of the better stories and perhaps the longest story in the book about a competing writerphotographer who wanted to expose The Daily Planet for inventing Superman and ot into trouble interviewing bad Prisoner of Midnight guys for his original expose I like the writer and artist and follow all of their work I d nitpick I didn t like the red nose coloring of Superman Was he a drip nose alcoho Good like Vol 1 but notreat like Vol 2 collection of Man of Steel stories Sugar Spike was adorably humorous and the dark and edgy The Demolisher was probably the. This third volume of Adventures of Superman continues to feature the best creators in comics and entertainment presenting their takes on the Man of. ,

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Adventures of Superman Vol 3Ll Also there is a BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. good tribute to Superman s history even though it kinda crumbles in the endWhile a 3 star may be a bitenerous I couldn t bring myself to Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor give this volume a two star rating because some creators here really tried and a couple of them delivered enjoyable stuff Short comic book storiesThis is areat COLLECTION OF SHORT SUPERMAN STORIES EACH STORIES TAKES A of short Superman stories Each stories takes a of the Superman mythos and pushes it to the limit It is fun to watch the creators take chances and risks they may not have in the regular comic book series It is almost like having a Superman movie directed by independent film creators AwwSuperman why you cry so muchThere s 3 different panels of him crying in the first couple of pagesThere are several different stories in this book and most are Mr. Jelly's Business goodnotreatbut ood These stories have a retro feel and Lois doesn t know Clark is Superman yet so it s hard to tell when they might take place This is also a return to the old ways of comics as there are no real major story arcs and it s pretty light reading Most of the villains are very schlocky in this and even s pretty light reading Most of the villains are very schlocky in this and even doesn t conjure much fear There s a few things that are a bit odd or feel off like Atomic Skull looks like he belongs in the 60 s and Superman s fortress is just outside of Metropolis in Excellent anthology My favorite stories are the lighthearted story featuring Sugar and Spike and Superman s evolution from the past 75 years that the story was a part of the year long celebration of Superman back in 2013 A must read for Superman fans. On point for new readers interested in the Man of Steel as each tale is stand alone unencumbered by continuityCollects Adventures of Superman #11 Best of the bunch However it ends on a flat note as the last few tales are not that interesting via Cranford Library Wow The first two volumes of stories from this the last few tales are not that interesting via Cranford Library Wow The first two volumes of stories from this first series were just terrific short continuity free adventurous humorous poignant yarns that captured the inspirational ualities of SupermanSo what went wrong in this batch Almost nothing in this set worked It s bleak and mean spirited too often and when it s not much too dark you et a muddled Jerry Ordway script he written some terrific Superman yarns
"But This Isn T One "
this isn t one them married to some reat Steve Rude artwork and an over saccharine Kelly DeConnick schmaltzer and I typically love a LoisClark relationship 255 StarsThis is by far the volume with the most inconsistent uality There are some stories here that could be in a top worst Superman stories Milligan s story is absolutely awful and so out of character and theme not to mention it was done before which makes you wonder if DC thinks Digital First means not ood enough to printLandis "Story Was Nominated For "was nominated for eisnerBut it is just an atrocious piece of projection from Landis characters as mouthpieces for supposedly edgy meta commentary Not to mention it wastes Jock s art on a talking heads comic I am really wondering how this story was eisner worthy if someone likes it please tell me why Unfortunately also collected are two uite forgettable three parters which bring the volume downBUT We Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines get a Doc Shanner AND a Steve Rude penned Superman story in this volume and they are absolutely beautifu. Steel in this collection of Superman stories written by Jim Krueger Justice Peter Milligan Justice League Dark and This series is areat jumping.