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The Shaman LaughsOut to investigate the disappearance of a valuable tribal buffalo This is followed by the mutilation murder of a rancher s prize bull later by the mutilation murder of Arlo Nightbird a most unsavory character Both Charlie Scott feel the presence of someonesomething watching them Meanwhile Charlie s aunt Daisy Perika a Ute Shaman starts Comment Devenir Mannequin having disturbing visions concerning both men tries to find out who or what is behind the murders visions Eventually Charlie is able to put together enough disparate clues to identify the mystery killer saveis friend Scott from being a gruesome murder victimThe descriptions of the landscape are good *but not as stirring as those of Tony Hillerman The references to Ute * not as stirring as those of Tony Hillerman The references to Ute seem to not move the story forward as well as they could All in all a good read a new series as they could All in all a good read a new series shows promise of intriguing mysteries to come This is the second book in the Charlie Moon series Charlie is actually in most of it But it is is aunt Daisy that is the title character For those who are familiar with the mysteries of Tony Hillerman these works are similar But there is an addition of the paranormal in native American form Aunt Daisy gets messages from the Spirit worlds that somehow connect to the situation in progressAlso Aunt Daisy is not just a passive recipient She may be older but don t count er outThe book kept me guessing until not just a passive recipient She may be older but don t count er outThe book kept me guessing until end If you like Hillerman you will like James D Doss Compared to the 1st book in the series this one started out slow owever as I am rediscovering with the Charlie Moon series they pick up and again it is another case of one chapter before I turn out the light and go to sleep Many chapters later and as dawn is peaking over the The Zukofsky Era horizon I finally put it down. Nd the events thatave appened upon Native American lands and the even greater evil that is yet to be unleashedIn The Shaman Laughs James D Doss delivers another fascinating Charlie Moon myste. ,

Ight mystery I found it to be Well
executed for me 
For Me Comparable To
executed For me it comparable to writing of Tony Hillerman and is daughter Anne or Aimee and David Thurlo and slightly better than the early works of Margaret Coel I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys the Native American mystery genre The Ute are an interesting people to center a mystery series around This is my second Charlie Moon novel and I must admit that I am addicted Doss works with traditional beliefs so beautifully you never really know whether or not these beliefs truly explain goings on in the mortal world Oh sure mysteries are solved and there are rational explanations And yet Who s laughing nowI chose the Soins naturels pour les cheveux highest rating because once again the writer kept me guessing until the very end of the book His skill with literary twists and turns never let me give up the chase for the identity of the killer Too bad Iave read all of Doss s books I just discovered this series and am eager to read There is a lot going on in this one but it all shakes out evenly in the end Intriguing characters and a look into the Ute police and reservation I m surprised I Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Tome 44 : Mon papa n'est pas mon papa haven teard of the series before Now to track down the books my library doesn t ave For the genre it s fine but I guess I don t love these light mysteries The descriptions of the people area etc were spot on I lived in the SW and thought the author did an excellent job with the physical locations attitude and setting But the killer was made to be so much and then the final reveal was just so so Nice light read though I found myself comparing this book to those of Tony Hillerman which was not fair The story centers around Ute policeman Charlie Moon is friend Angelo policeman Scott Parrish Charlie is called. Police Scott Parish wants to find out before uman blood begins to spillEnter Moon's aunt and aging Ute shaman Daisy Perika For only she who communes with the ancient spirits can truly comprehe.

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