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Ce her to do something she isn t ready for so instead he ust orders her around Calling her slave felt off to me in the context of this book Merewyn whimpers and is umpy in the background for a lot of the book Nothing really fun happens I wanted Eirik to have a sense of humor or to be really surly or something He ust didn t have enough personality And with Merewyn so meek there wasn t a lot to engage meGotta say pass on this oneRating D THIS WAS AMAZING I ALMOST IGNORED THIS BOOK t a lot to engage meGotta say pass on this oneRating D THIS WAS AMAZING I ALMOST IGNORED THIS BOOK BECAUSE THE BLURB WAS SO TYPICAL AND DIDN T MAKE ME THINK MUCH OF IT HOW WRONG I WASHERO is not like our usual Viking warriors that we ve met While he s strong handsome and brave he s actually one plagued by nightmares of his past Here s a nice surprise Eirick is actually a virgin and it I won a copy of this book through a GoodReads giveaway It was a uick read but it didn t really do much for me The characters were under developed and kind of flat More of a backstory would have helped Enslaved by the Viking is the first in Harper St George s Viking Warrior series WOW what a fantastic start to this seriesEirik is a Dane warrior and the son of the arl Hegard He has lead his men on countless victories and collected a fortune from raids and trading One day he will take his father s place as leader Merewyn is a Saxon maiden the sister to the Lord of Wexbrough Manor in Northumbria One morning while taking her daily stroll along the beach she spots the enemy Northmen in ships coming toward herFrom the moment Eirik sees Marewyn on the beach he s drawn to her So when they raid Wexbrough Manor he ends up taking her home as his personal slave Eirik is a tortured soul who is marred by an experience from his past He knows he must eventually marry if he is to become Jarl some day But he struggles with the growing feelings he has for Marewyn his slave and the promise he made to keep her safe Both Eirik and Marewyn struggle to fight the pull that seems to drive them towards each other It was evident that both Eirik and Marewyn were good people caught up in a situation that felt at times that it was hopeless This story dealt with some heavy subjects but author Harper St George did a wonderful ob in dealing with them and telling a fascinating story that I really couldn t put down I actually finished it in one day I was so caught up in the storyline This was a beautifully written story of a couple who overcame extreme circumstances to find love With intriguing secondary characters that I hope to see of in the coming series I would definitely recommend this book I loved this book A beautifully evocative setting filled with engaging intriguing characters The tension between Eirik and Merewyn is enticing and their chemistry practically leaps off the page Lush Merewyn is enticing and their chemistry practically leaps off the page Lush and wildly entertaining I can t wait to read from this author I love a good redemption story And by redemption I mean this story managed to redeem itself in the last uarter Biggest plot twist of them all And if you were following my status updates as I was reading it wasn t looking good Like at all I m talking DNF territory Like I d rather set my hair on fire than finish thisFirst halfSecond halfWhew I m stunned myself I wasn t even planning to write a review fo. Er back to his homeland as his slave where they finally succumb to passion And as the lines between captor and captive blur Eirik realizes they have crossed into dangerous territor.

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Well it s safe to say harper st george has done it again Such an amazing book that had me hooked on the first few chaptersEnslaved by a viking is book 1 in the viking warriors series Having only read her outlaws of the wild west series I was intrigued and excited to read her read her outlaws of the wild west series I was intrigued and excited to read her series and wasn t disappointedMerewyn is an un married saxons woman living with her brother and sister in law She is taken captive by Eirik is an un married saxons woman living with her brother and sister in law She is taken captive by Eirik strong kind hearted viking who Is tortured by his pastHave to say when he finally reveals to Merewyn his secret from his past it definitely was not what was expectingYou find out before the big reveal that he is a Virgin and doesn t like to be touched so it keeps you guessing what could off affected him so much in the past to torment him nowYou very slowly start to see the passion between Merewyn ans erirk build and as that does the line between captor and captive giveHe struggles with his growing feelings for Merewyn He s father hopes for him to become the next hark and would never premit him to marry his slaveSuch a beautiful well written book She had some hard subjects to write about new the book which could off made or broke the book but she handled it perfectly Look forward to wading the next book in the seriesI recommend this book to anyone who loves saucy viking romances I received a copy of this book and I m truly thankful to Harper for her kindness I enjoyed this book and I m gladly giving it a reviewAfter finding out Harper s books I knew I had to read them I have had a fascination for Vikings since I was 12 and read Sandra Carvalho s books even though those are Fantasy and Historical Romances So last night when I was reading the book I had to stop for a moment and PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition just let my heart go through all the saudade Just for those that don t know saudade is a Portuguese word And in this particular case I m using the word in a casual say of saying I miss someone or something even if I can see that person or thing in the near future It s not nostalgia since nostalgia is a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time and we can feel saudade for something that might never have happenedAnyway in this case I m talking about a book and a storyLike I said in other occasions I love Sandra Carvalho s books and the first impact that Harper s book gave me was saudade for that other book and story Which means Harper s words and storytelling abilities made me emotionalBecause of that unexpected burst of emotion I felt I decided to go to sleep and I kept reading this morning I was calmer and I didn t felt that feeling of saudade againHarper St George has a brilliant way of using words in her storytellingust like a lot of our authors whose books I have fall in love that are in the Historical Romance genre From the brilliant images she created of the first time Eirik saw Merewyn to all the descriptions that gave the story some very vivid images in my mindThat s actually how the book starts with the first time Eirik sees Merewyn and how she ended up being his captiveEirik is this strong Viking Warrior son of a arl Jarl Hegard and he s a great leader but he also has his demons nightmares that torture him every night Merewyn is a Saxon noblewoman sister of a lord Lord From this day forward you are mine The moment Merewyn sets eyes on the warrior standing atop a Viking raiding ship something inside her stirs By all rights she should fear him shou. Lfred and she s strong minded but also kind and lovingTwo characters That Made Me Love made me love story so much that I couldn t put down the book this morning Their interactions made me go WOW laugh blush then cry because of a particular moment of trust and a secret revealed then I was blushing and smiling againI met a lot
other characters in this book I love and I m happy that they have their own books And this book was definitely a fantastic start of a series plus if you have never read Historical Romances about Vikings this is an awesome bookseries to get you startedthat been said bookseries to get you startedThat been said course I recommend this bookThere is no doubt in my mind that this is a 5 read Can I dislike a book and like it at the same time I dislike the repetitive repeating and disrespect of how he wants her so much but treats her like a slave yes I no she was but it annoyed me and how he ust wants her body which I feel there was to much hanky panky which I didn t care for as I didn t like the characters She was the same but she was forever contradicting herself I got whiplash lol I honestly didn t feel any connection to the story and didn t really care to finish but I hate to DNF books so until over half way when the story got a bit interesting and then I enjoyed the story from that point on I did like gunner tho so because of him and the last half of the story I gave it 3 stars While yes the idea of a master slave relationship is horrific from a modern standpoint the relationship developed here and the kindness gentleness loyalty and honor of Eirick make it one of survival within the rules of a thousand years ago and a beautiful love story He s a really really really good book boyfriend Now on to the rest of the series The title alone is the reason I wanted to read this Kidnapped by a viking How can one apply for this wink Unfortunately this book didn t work for me Eirik is the son of the The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, jarl the head dude and He had amassed a fortune raiding and trading while leading his men to victories in the lands south of the North Sea He would one day be calledarl in place of his father When the day came that he too went to take his place in Asgard the skalds would write verses of his heroic deedsThis sounds great but I never got a grasp on Eirik as this viking I wanted to see him cutthroat I wanted to see him badass Instead it s a lot of telling and not showing and I think that hurt the development of his character Eirik has never taken a woman hostage before but when he sees Merewyn on a scouting trip he has the overwhelming thought to take her for his own The next day he sets out to find her The need to find her pressed tight on his chest and threatened to sueeze the air from his lungs It was madness sheer and utter madness Eirik recognised it and kept a tight rein on it refusing to give up controlThis could have been super romantic and over the top fun but instead it fell flat for me Merewyn doesn t have the best life in her village but she also doesn t want to be a slave When her town trades her to Eirik so they can keep their grain she is terrified of going with this stranger to far off landsEirik starts calling her his slave right away people assume Merewyn is his bed slave but Eirik doesn t want to harm her or for. Ld run from him yet she cannot help but be drawn to him Eirik has never before taken a woman captive yet Merewyn inspires a longing that calls to the darkness within him He takes ,
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Enslaved by the Viking