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Kindle Rimbaud's Theatre of the Self By James Lawler

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Omes Self Creator Self Critic Self Ironist; he takes of Floodmaker Oriental Storyteller Dreamer Lover; and he recounts his descent into Hell in the guise of a and exploring the poet's theatre of the self Lawler Shows Us The shows us the lucidity and the dramatic coherence of Rimbaud's work. .
Rimbaud's Theatre of the SelfIn a new interpretation of a poet who has swayed the course of Modern Poetry In France in France elsewhere James Lawler focuses what he demonstrates is the crux of Rimbaud's imagination the masks and adopted personas with which he regularly tested his identity and his artA drama emerges in Lawler's urbane and resourcefu. L reading The thinking feeling Acting Drunken Boat Is An Drunken is an theatrical projection of the poet's self; the Inventor the Memorialist and the Ingnu assume distinct roles in his verse It is however in Illuminations and Une Saison en enfer that Rimbaud enacts most powerfully his grandiose dreams Here the poet bec.