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(Possessed by the Fallen Horsemen #4) [E–pub] Á Sharon Ashwood

Possessed by the Fallen Horsemen #4A signed copy was The Real Estate Entrepreneur: Everything You Need to Know to Grow Your Own Brokerage provided to me by the author through Goodreads giveaways in exchange for a review Thank youThis was the first book of the Horsemen series that I have read and even though it can be read as a standalone I got confused a couple times and felt as though I was missing some important elements This was the main reason for my choice in rating I highly recommend reading the other books in this series first Aside from that I LOVED the magical world that Ashwood created It was truly beautiful and creative And I would have loved to read about the way magic works and interacts with the other elements Definitely theart of the book that I enjoyed the mostI like the characters however from the reading I left like there was revious character development that I was missing in starting the series with the last book And it took me a while to connect with them but after a few chapters I started rooting for themI haven t read many books in this genre but I felt that this book was uniue in respect to the way the sexy arts layed a role in the story instead of just being there Overall a fun read I received this book from Goodreads First Reads This book was Overall a fun read I received this book from Goodreads First Reads This book was in the beginning but icked up Possessed by the Fallen is the conclusion of the terrific Four Horsemen series by Sharon Ashwood Can you hear me weeping It s been a wonderful ride each installment delving deeper into the massive rift between the Marcari and Vidon kingdoms But importantly each Horseman lovingly featured We met and lost vampire Jack Anderson aka Death the lynchpin of Les Compagnie des Morts in the introductory novel all revious reviews available here Jessic. A Secret To Bind ThemAgent Jack Anderson’s latest mission is to defend the upcoming royal wedding so he has no time to face Jessica Lark Especially since the temptress knows his secret. .
A Lark the brilliant dress designer suffered the same fate But Like Jack The Agents Of The Company Seem To Jack The agents of the Company seem to a Challenged by Love E-Boxed Set phoenix like talent for resurrection theyainstakingly went Separately Ready to love Jack and Lark You most certainly willSohugs all around at the reunion Notevenclose Going undercover does wonders for the mindit hones your memorieskeeps revenge alive and hot if you were stabbedby your lover How does one even get over that Betrayal is unforgivable and Jack s got an infinite amount of time to seethe but his heart is ever traitorous where Lark is concerned she was after all the one who made his still heart beat againHis entire being was flooded with desire and rage and she was at the core of it allWith the upcoming royal nuptials two weeks away there s little time to focus on love affairs gone horribly wrong Bridal apocalypse is to be Communicating With Animals : The Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals prevented by all means necessary and this marriage had theower to seal the gates to the Dark ueen s Robot Programming prison forever In spite of Lark s offense she stole Jack s dark secret to dissect and exploit for her own Light fey kind Jack needs all the allies he can muster against Selena the evil Dark Fey ueenIn myrevious review Faran s book I alluded to discoveries and nefarious action The deadline is fast approaching and Jack must resurface owerful than ever to gather up his troops and ensure the ortal is sealed Our Fake Relationship permanently Uncertainty with Lark aside reduced to spy vs spy for the time being will those closest to Jack welcome him back withoutause I would he s a hot ass vampire but those trust issues Jack is holding against Lark could be the same accusations being flung at him by That he’s not only a vampire but one of the FallenJessica has information to save Jack’s mission – if she can gain his trust Their chemistry is still magnetic yet she senses that.

characters Ø PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Sharon Ashwood

Is own HorsemenJessica Lark I shouldn t like her but Ms Ashwood makes her forgivably flawed and vulnerable Yes she did the unthinkable against the man she loved but it wasn t without ersonal cost The aftermath Suffering Physically And Emotionally Led Lark To physically and emotionally led Lark to the dark side sadly this is no Star Wars referenceMs Ashwood is tying loose ends coming full circle but she does it intriguingly writes it decadently every bump of the way The subplots held their own glamour inching their way toward final connections that achieve visionpurpose But instead of being formulaic Ms Ashwood introduces new magical elements for good and complicates Jack s already shaky comeback a la Me Myself and Irene only this time deadly You ll understand my meaning when you read the book Forgiveness isn t shameful and we witness its healing effects on those who need it the most Ms Ashwood described spectacular action you ll Über Nacht practically lift up your own hand to guard against the flames of battle but she s created significantly memorable characters with stunning counterparts who envelope you in swoon worthy romance Possessed by the Fallen is aerfect finale for an incredible series Sharon Ashwood deserves high Ad Astra praise for maintaining such exuberance throughout four books Fey demons and vampires and lies Note to Self I have the beginningFirst 3 in this series Do noturchase the 4th title until after you ve read the first 3 Ashwood s story is action acked and exciting from start to finish Both Lark and Jack are likable characters whose chemistry feels real in spite of the supernatural nature of the novel RT Book Reviews 4 12 stars Review to follow. Jack is wary of her But when she’s threatened by the Dark Fey who wish to sabotage the wedding Jessica must hope that Jack will come to her aid – and salvage their chance of a future.

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