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Complex and believable characters that wrap you up completely in the story You will forget that you aren t living on the prairie before electricity and rocery stores while you are reading this book Written with reat attention to historical accuracy it s a pleasure to learn about times one by without the accuracy overpowering the plot and story Seuins and Spurs is one of StJohn s best books to date Make sure you Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age get your copy ROBYN After leaving home eight years ago to follow adventure and be a singer Ruby Dearing is done with that life and returns home to her family farm Only things are different when she arrives and Ruby is confused When she is surprised by a stranger and promptly clobbers him over the head with a frying pan then ties him to a chair Ruby has no idea what she is in forWaking up with a splitting headache and being tied to a chair in his own home is not what Nash Sommerton was expecting When he explains to his sister in law who he is she is in denial at first Finding out her sister and her baby she never knew about and her mother have all passed away in the eight years she s beenone is a shock to Ruby s system However Ruby is determined to make a life for herself on family land and shock to Ruby s system However Ruby is determined to make a life for herself on family land and will have nothing to say about itNash Sommerton has his own feelings about the woman who abandoned her family all those years ago but slowly she is set out to prove all his preconceptions about Ruby are wrong Ruby is no shrinking violet and when she sets out to do something she throws herself into it like a pro When Ruby discovers that Nash has children who reside with his parents while he takes care of the ranch she sets out to prove she is worthy to care for her niece and nephew For as much as he would like to shrug Ruby off she is Les Innocents getting under his skin Ruby s attraction to Nash is tempered by her believing she would be doing a disservice to her sisters memory if she continues on the path in front of her but sometimes things are set in motion for a reasonSEUINS AND SPURS is the first book I have read by author Cheryl St John This is a wonderful second chance at love tale that truly tugs at the heart Nash is big and brooding a hard worker who will stop at nothing to achieve hisoals Ruby is a force to be reckoned with Considering her homecoming was nothing she expected finding her family decimated and herself now alone she doesn t let that rule Ruby picks herself up and surprises all those around her I really enjoyed this story and I think all who have a I Was A Stranger gander will as well Good story of second chances Ruby had left home at sixteen tired of life on the farm and dreaming of a bigger world She spent eight years as a singer and actress moving from town to town Now she s tired of life on the move and ready too home and ask her mother and sister to forgive her for leaving them But she arrives home to discover that her mother and sister have died and her sister s husband in charge Nash isn t sure what to make of Ruby For his entire marriage he has resented the way that she just disappeared leaving her sister alone to care for their mother He doesn t know what she wants or if she can be trusted so he s oing to keep a close eye on herI really liked Ruby She has *a lot of uilty feelings over the way she left and that she *lot of uilty feelings over the way she left and that she t come home in time to ask for their forgiveness She understands Nash s doubts about her and is determined to show him that she belongs there too I loved watching her tackle each challenge as it came up from learning how to cook a chicken to facing the townspeople she left behind She also has a really kind heart and doesn t hesitate to stand up for what she believes. Ther and sister only to find stubborn Nash Sommerton her sister's widower in charge Nash is prepared to fight this unruly beauty for his ranch but Ruby amazes .

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This story started off with a bang and kept right on moving The author keeps a pretty fast pace with something to always keep your attention right on moving The author keeps a pretty fast pace with something to always keep your attention might be a clean read but have no doubt you will feel the passion not only of the two main characters but the whole family This is a story you will et lost in the author ives you such wonderful character with stories inside of stories that keep you saying lord what else can happen as she shows you just what she has planned for this characters These are characters you c I liked this but didn t love it There s plenty of conflict throughout the story but the couple doesn t seem to have to work very hard to et past it to their happy ending That said St John writes very Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth good homespun westerns and this oneave me the same cozy feelings as many of her other books have Also I thought the couple was a really ood mix The heroine s background especially was like catnip to me Not a favorite but still time well spent I loved this book by Cheryl St John Ruby Deering left home at a young age to pursue her dream She becomes a singer in Western towns traveling by train from town to town Nash Sommerton married Ruby s sister to pursue his dream of owning a ranch Will Nash and Ruby find forgiveness with each other Ruby comes back home to ask her mother and sister to and Ruby find forgiveness with each other Ruby comes back home to ask her mother and sister to her for leaving them She finds out that while she was one her mom and sister have died her brother in law is living in her house and she has a niece and nephew Can Ruby and Nash forge their differences let Moonrise (Snowfall, go of past mistakes and make a life togetherNash wants to own a ranch dnf at 30% Boring and suspend believe moments did it for me Loved the book The characters pop off the page and into your living room They are soentle and kind full of spirit and empathy but with some flaws I m an animal lover so a ood clean Christian story with caring human beings and horses is a book I can et lost in I believe we are where we are supposed to be at any iven moment Ruby returns home after 8 long years of being on her own finding her way in the world only to uestion if she returned home too late Or did she Horses children in returned home too late Or did she Horses children in doctors life as we know it all rolled into a warm inviting family story Another fabulous historical story by Cheryl St John You keep writing and I ll keep reading Ruby Dearing is a woman after my own heart I like her heard the siren call of the stage and the theatre Unlike Ruby I set that aside and settled down as a wife and eventually a mother I felt an affinity with her though I surely understood what drove her to keep oing Sometimes I was irritated with her for so completely losing touch with her family but there is redemption in StJohn s writing and redemption and forgiveness shone through to me Nash Sommerton is a A Little Dinner Before the Play gooduy at heart but he s Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies got a chip or a boulder on his shoulder as big as the Grand Canyon And he s not really in the mood for forgiveness especially not for Ruby She soing to have to prove her worth and he knows he can t depend on her because he believes she will flee again and head back to the stage Might not be today maybe not tomorrow but he knows that one day she will disappear once again It s really too bad that he likes the change she brings to his ranch He likes the breath of fresh air that she is to his soul He would like to talk to her about second chancesbut do second chances really existAnother must read page turner from Cheryl StJohn I always know I need to plan a long evening with nothing scheduled in my morning when I pick up her books Once I start the first page I won t be sleeping until I ve read the last page StJohn creates such. Her last chance at redemption Singer Ruby Dearing is tired of life on the stage and yearns for a place to belong She returns home to beg forgiveness from her mo. Is right The scene with the abused horses is just one example She also aches for family of her own and falls hard for her niece and NEPHEW SHE S DETERMINED TO TAKE She s determined to take care of them the way her sister would have wanted Though she s never been around kids before she really does a fantastic job of looking out for them She also has no hesitation about taking in a young orphaned Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch girl who has been abused Nash is also uite wonderful in spite of his initial attitude toward Ruby He has someuilty feelings of his own about his marriage believing that he hadn t treated his wife the he hadn t treated his wife the he should have He spent a lot of time working on making the ranch a success thinking that he had plenty of time to then work on making his marriage a success Instead she died before he had the chance Now he has Ruby showing up and shaking up his life From their first encounter involving a skillet and his head he doesn t know what to expect She claims she s home to stay but can he trust that she really willNash and Ruby have a strong pull toward each other but both try to resist it feeling that it is inappropriate Nash especially can t et Ruby off his mind and the longer she stays the he begins to believe that he has misjudged her He s a strong man with a strong will but he is also able to admit when he is wrong I really enjoyed seeing Nash come to appreciate Ruby and the way she takes care of everyone Ruby s biggest issue becomes one of deciding if she can forgive herself enough to believe that she deserves to be happy I liked the way that Nash had a big part in trying to show her that her mother and sister never held her big part in trying to show her that her mother and sister never held her against her Then all they had to do was have the courage to admit their true feelings for one another and it only took a tornado to do itI also enjoyed the secondary characters Nash s mother was a real sweetheart of a lady and did a lot to show Ruby that she was a ood person She is also a very strong person herself and sets a Forbidden Reading great example when a surprise visitor shows up at her home I also liked Nash s hired men and how sweet they were to Ruby Nash s kids were adorable and young Jane s explosion onto the scene was both funny and heartbreaking Loved this book Cheryl writes about such strong women The emotions that are displayed and brought forth in this story can manifest at any time in ones life Coming home after a long absence and finding all things changed would send anyone into a tailspin but for this heroine she pushes forwarded and ultimately learns to forgive herself I think this was my favorite book so far of Cheryl s historical romances Seuins and Spurs by Cheryl St John Ruby returns home after years of being away from her family She discovers her sister and mother have passed away She learns her sister had married and has two children with Nash Sommerton her brother in law These two characters begin at odds with each other but begin to accept the sincerity of each She wants a home and adores her niece and nephew and he finds an attraction to her warm and vivacious personality He is afraid to recognize his feelings as he suspects she will leave again She continually shows her devotion to the children and accepts her role as aunt warmlyRuby finds herself very attracted to Nash but she constantly reminds herself that he was her sisters husband Finally he admits to her his marriage to her sister Pearl was a marriage of convenience no passion and he is overwhelmed by his strong feelings for Ruby and he loves herThis Western Romance captures your attention from the beginning to end The story continually developed which is what I look for in a novel I would highly recommend this boo. Im with her determination to restore the house to the home it once was Can he persuade Ruby to forgive herself and see the second chance they've both beeniven.

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