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[EBOOK / PDF] A Seditious Affair by K.J. Charles

Scottish Rite pA standalone story but overlaps significantly with the characters and events of A Fashionable Indulgence In the bedroom of an assignation house a self taught brute and a Tory gentleman are carrying on aassionate but anonymous affair spurred as much by a shared love of books as by their deviant desires In the streets lower class radical Silas Mason risks his life to write How to Win the Nobel Prize: An Unexpected Life in Science polemics against the oppressive government while high born Dominic Frey of the Home Office hunts seditious rogues down UnfortunatelyTheir spectacularly ill matched love affairlays out against the backdrop of vicious Regency olitics from the Peterloo Massacre to the Cato Street Conspiracy I loved writing Regency from this angle with older heroes and some fairly dark times I hope you enjoy it Where does one s fealty layDominic so torn Over the course of the story I felt such empathy for him He was faced with a couple of critical life altering decisions both of which had advantages and disadvantages to them One reuired learning something for himself and the other allowing others to make their own choices Silas characterization is brilliant The turns of hrase are humorous illuminating and clever a Ä perfect guttersnipe Eually intelligent men but on different social ladders with vastly different resources He s a democrat and a radical fighting wordsDominic s work collides with his illicitersonal life and the interconnections of the characters beyond the Richardians endanger all The group needs to stand together or be The ABC of Communism picked off one by one Needless to say this upheaval is not met kindly and there is a great deal of infighting and harsh words as the cards arelayed outThe dissolution of the dream of young love is the most heartbreaking thing and here it is laid bare the aching ain of letting go as Richard and Dominic redefine their relationship Absolutely gutted me There s this deep tie of friendship and love that once was something else and to use an analogy from the revious book in the series it needs to be untangled not cut This was a most difficult knotDominic s moved on He s found something that he needed and the acceptance that he craved Silas gives him what he s wanted for so long uestion is what will it cost him Charles does a good job addressing social issues even fringe ones without bungling them There are substantive albeit brief discussions on ex slaves within London and even the spectrum of sexuality in Regency England including transgenderism None of these tertiary characters are throw aways or cheap each has a distinct ersonality with laudable traits Simply ut the depth of the characterization makes this engagingWhile the historical references make this a chewy read The counter to Tory When The Light Went Out politics theros and cons of both sides arguments and the demands of the Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates people for representation all under the specter of the French Revolution is fascinating This was a razor s edge and you feel it reading the bookThe William Blake uoteseppered throughout are hysterical Delightful and unexpected ripostes that charmed me and brought a grin to my face every bloody time Previously I had never ondered Blake s historical context enough to see him as a radical and this little nugget of enlightenment brought me joyLest you wonder where this will all go Charles leaves a big neon sign with Cyprian the valet cum uppet master rise in เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร prominence Playing the characters like chessieces and setting up uite a doozy for the third book in the series I just gotta have it Gotta Overall a frisky kinky love affair that bridges classes and olitics Copy rovided by Netgalley Written December 20 201548 Stars Amazing well written heartbreaking ainful intensely hot and grand romantic good My happy HUGE loveBook 2 A Seditious Affair is the second art in KJ Charles new historical non aranormal men loves men Seditious Affair is the second art in KJ Charles new historical non aranormal men loves men Society of Gentlemen This MM novel is TELLING THE STORY ABOUT AN UNEXPECTED SECRETLY ENCOUNTERS LATER the story about an unexpected secretly encounters later couple two men from completely different social classes as we met as second characters already in 1 A Fashionable Indulgence 38 stars from me FANTASTIC I m happydancing exhausted amazed chattering satisfied and just want a lot books from this fantastic MM writer Everything Ms Charles does seems to be addictive good and I m stunned once again London summer fall winter 1819 1820 Silas Mason the radical 40 year old bookshop owner who acting at risk for what is legal and ermitted in terms of olitical seditious words rinted Brainwashing of the German Nation pamphlets with dangerous strong opinions about a non democratic regime unfair conditions citizens rights and the all mighty governance of society A braveeople s man raised in simplicity near Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) poverty who lives for the to be revolution and his beloved books Silas is the man who Harry Vane from book 1 first worked and lived with A desire clashes with duty tale It snowed Of course it snowed with unemployment and hunger all over the country If it hadn t snowed maybe theeople would have spoken out against the Six Acts But it was midwinter and hot food in your belly was a good deal of a concern than freedom Silas is a man who takes risks and sometimes also like it to be a bit hot and rough in the bedchamber Since a year is he secretly meeting a man he doesn t even know the name of A man in fancy clothes drinking expensive good wine Dominic Frey aka Tory is a well born gentleman working for the Home Office a ministerial department At daytime trying to curb crime and illegal activities and at night wish it to be kinky rough dominant and uite hard from another mans hand Inner needs that for years has been giving him a lot of anxiety as he feels it is inexcusable forbidden and also embarrassing His throat felt absurdly tight Thank you The brute s arm tightened and Dominic blurted I wish What "Nothing Nothing at all I wish you d tell me your "Nothing at all I wish you d tell me your I wish I dared tell you mine A Seditious Affair starts intriguing good it catched my interest at once with a steaming scene in a secret men with special needs house Two incognito men secretly longing and caring for each other in their own different ways These secret hot Wednesday meetings with Silas are Dominic s lifeline for insanity and strength to survive all those long days between When not hunting the Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt pamphleteer who wrote sedition under theseudonym of Jack Cade Level of kink view spoiler You who know me already knew I m a bit skittish when it comes to rougher sex needs or hard kinky encounters This wasn t in any way too rough or too explicit it was romantic and emotional and I m very thankful hide spoiler. Al week after week In the bedroom everything else falls away Their needs match and they are united by sympathy for each other’s deepest vulnerabilities But when Silas’s olitics earn him a death sentence desire clashes with duty and Dominic finds himself doing everything he can to save the man who stole his heart  Includes a special message from the editor as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept titl. ,

A Seditious Affair
Das Mittelmeer: Eine Biographie (German Edition)
Hanks to you Intellectual Principles of Isotope Geology passionate radical intense I hated this book I loved it Dominic and Silas don t walk in the same circles They don t breathe the same air But they give each other what they need and watching Dominic s humiliation Buddy Read with Adam and CupcakeA tag team review betwixt Cupcake and Baby can be found here 45 Hearts I was very happy for the futureairings in the Society of Gentlemen series And this series thankfully features a different couple each book But Cyprian the redheaded valetspy made an impression on me Immensely I was all over the ginger go figure He s cunning and bends the rules I wanted to spring on top of him likeI dunno what I wanted Cyprian like I wanted my next breath And his book won t be out until next yearSo I figured A Seditious Affair book 2 was going to be a filler book a stepping stone if you will I was just going to enjoy the read but knew the main dish would be with the ginger KJ Charles knocked me out with her wordsAGAIN I shouldn t have underestimated the words of KJ Charles Or even thought for a second that it was going to be a filler book Sweet Cheesus the coupletheir words to one anotherthe kinkthis story Consideration that was what it wasThat tiny Ouroboros piece of thoughtfulness from a gentleman who wanted to be fucked into the gutter but who noticed how the man in the gutter felt Aser usual it was word Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 porn for the mind in A Seditious Affair And KJ Charles and kink who knew BDSM before it was formalized but not heavy for those who shy away from kinkier romancesSilas the ham fisted brute with a mega chip on his shoulder who breaks the law while fighting for the every man s rights is the dom in the relationship He s thoughtful he s creates the scene and he knows his gentleman sub Dominic Through him Dominic gets to not only recognize theart of himself that has been shamed by his former lover but he gets to finally have someone in his corner Dominic was not weak for having his redilections and through Silas he was even strongerIf only their lives coincided as easily as their bedroom activities They were on opposite sides of the fence gentleman vs working man Silas was the seditious writer when not selling books and Dominic worked for the Home Office the very institution that was trying to snuff out eople like Silas How could they ever have a HEA At oints I thought it wasn t going to happen Silas and his stubbornness and ride would get in the way but Charles makes the story work as well as the men work for their happy endingOf course with the help of wonderful supporting characters including the gentlemen Ricardians a slew of folk that made the tensions run high and kept the ace going But I must discuss the standoutsZoe I thought I was half in love with Shakespearebut he has a new contender in Zoe the ballsy madam of Millay s We all knew who he was except you Zoe hissed and we all knew who you was except him and how the fuck was anyone to know that you two was too stupid to ask each other I thoroughly enjoy the way this author handles diversity in this time eriod and she doesn t just make a free black another Bauern In Mexiko: Zwischen Subsistenz Und Warenproduktion part of the scenery seen but not heard She gives them a voice She gives them character And Zoeshe goes onto my faves secondary characters list She s ballsy and smartI adored her Almost as much as the other scene stealer Mr Julian Norreys the star of book 1 A Fashionable Indulgence uite ludicrously excellentthat first thirtyercent is so tightly lotted and infernally acey that the first night i read this it took me hours to realize that i d forgotten to ee and was LEGITIMATELY IN PERIL OF LITERALLY PISSING THE BED RIDICCCCCCCCCCCULOUSLY in eril of literally Forever Im Yours pissing the bed ridiccccccccccculously i mean one escandalo smoothly transitioning into another to theoint where i decreased the font size so i didn t have to swipe so freuentlythings eventually hit a different rhythm and thank god i don t get much sleep these days and the little i do get should ideally not be relentlessly consumed by exuisitely crafted romance novels but then the Book Simply Became Excellent In simply became excellent in wayit went from a breathlessly exciting headlong tumble into a series of scrapes to the measured glide of a number of outrageously clever juxtapositions wherein no opportunity for conflict went untapped but then yet moar escandalo right through to the thunderingly good finish and fuck me in the eye but i was donespectacular language i lived for the arguing and the name calling and the hilarious what have you incineratingly sexy sodomitical escapades delightful callbacks to familiar characters from the first book of the series thoughtful handling of very real Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown problems between irreconcilable ideals characters as glorious as they are flawed and oh my fucking god in heaven inclusionyou heard mei said the book features inclusionin fact i need tout on my church hat right here and Testify a little bit because this shit has been weighing on me for ages i ve seen authors cluck and fret over a lack of diversity in every single art form there is but the day i saw an author flat out tell me there was no way to make inclusive media and money at the same time i about lost my shit because he appeared to be arguing that it was out of his hands and there was simply no way at all for one to craft things that didn t alienate say black Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work peopletoull a completely random example from the air at just this very second with no forethought or empirical data whatsoever now i was uite catastrophically in love with him at the time so i ll thank you to forgive me for not cursing his ass out on the spotbut that shit ate at me for e ver because if the artists the ainters the writers the film directors the sculptors if the artists aren t utting my A Spectre Is Haunting Texas people in the art who willyou want inclusion don t fucking moan about it like a fucking ninny in uintillion word blogosts that can be reduced to it s not faiiiiiiiir you re the goddamned creator you make that shit fair or you shut the hell upmake it work because nobody else willand Tilak Kathalu people like me woke assed consumers who are still spending money buying Rey and Finn and Poe action figures and reading Star Wars fanfic like it s made out of jizz and chocolate we are fucking gagging for it okokremoves church hat fans self briskly is clearly overcome by the Spiritnow where was ioh inclusionbrotheren and sisteren kj charles wrote a book about white azz georgian fops and guttersnipes and found a way to include the everlivin shit out of view spoiler a couple blackeople and a trans man hide spoiler Book 2 of Society of Gentlemen This is. Discovered the ideal meld of intellectual companionship and absolute obedience to his sexual commands But unbeknownst to Silas his closest friend is also his greatest enemy with the ower to see him hanged or spare his life   A loyal well born gentleman official Dominic Frey is torn apart by his affair with Silas By the light of day he cannot fathom the intoxicating lust that drives him to meet with the Radic.

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KJ Charles seems to always get it right and she scored again with another really well written historical in the Society of Gentlemen series Now here is some stuff that I think you should know This absolutely can t be read as a stand alone It takes lace in and around the same time line as A Fashionable Indulgence and the lot lines are interwoven to a great extent If I m comparing the two stories I d say that I liked A Fashionable Indulgence It was unexpected charming and for sure less gritty This story has it s moments that felt darker almost depressing which is less my speed It also felt olitical and charged something I tend to avoid in my romance reading In terms of sex content I thought that this book was hot I like Ds books where there is a The Why Cafe powerlay of some sort especially if it involves humiliation or begging and Dominic loves to beg No he loves to be FORCED to beg Ohhhh yeahhhhBut the best art about this story has to be the writing KJ Charles is one of my tried and true standbys for an excellently written book She has a way with words that gives great authenticity to her stories I can t wait to see where else she takes this series because I know Richard s story is going to be erfection Copy Satisfying Mommy’s Pregnant Needs (A Psuedo-Incest, Mother-Son, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy, BDSM, Erotic Romance) provided in exchange for an honest review I could give this a high rating just for the sex Those were intense Ds scenes well before BDSM was established and the rest of the world caught up to it But I d be a shallow git if I recommend this just for the sex and romanceBecause this book is so much And KJ Charles We disagree without hatred and fuck as we choose If I were to give my idea of utopia Here am I again wishing I could give a better review to this book after my second read of it in less than 5 months And still not feeling able to Come to bed with me you blasted radical Bring me your revolution For me this book iserfect PERFECT The character development makes me feel everything that Silas and Dom go through to my very bones I m held captive by every ageIt s very very rare for me to heart both the romantic relationship and the lot outside the romance an eual amount Especially if that eual amount is YES PLEASE EVERYTHING ALL THE GOOD when it was a matter of dying on your feet or living on your knees the answer wasn t as clear as you might have hoped I don t recommend reading this book as a standalone The good news is that it s no hardship to read the full captivating trilogy shorts Fortheloveofgod don t forget the shortsNote The cover though Who in the holy hell is that supposed to be Certainly not either of the MCs Not even remotely close in any aspect Argh Ignore it and carry on I kneel for two reasons only and the other one is Soul of Dust prayer It s not how I am not usually ASSDKNGJJGFORKJCJGROKWESTANGORKKKGJGJ Dead Deader DeadestWarning Some uotes ahead Proceed with caution5 starsGushing Gushing And GushingGaaaah Just read this beautiful uote I must I have been coming to love you for a long time you damned seditious brute as I almost found the courage to tell you earlier Wednesday by Wednesday week by week I have loved you He ran his hands gently down Silas s sides to his hips I know the burden thisuts on you and that it is a crackbrained dangerous way to go on but I also know what it is to lay my life waste I will not do it again Ok You read it right Did you feel it The rush The stomach churning and all that jazz lovey dovey stuff BECAUSE i felt it Silas and Dom s story did things to my body my soul and my whole entire being The connection between these two is Mind Blowing The Chemistry Is blowing the chemistry is WOW WOW I was in book heaven while reading this one I am currently still basking in book heaven Silas broke my little Shadow Game peanut heart I love him His character is well written and i felt like i was with his in the 1800s going through every struggle he was going through trying his best to fight for what he believes in in turn that leaves him at a vulnerableosition and sometimes lonely because not so many ERIS: The Patsy (Warped Comedy Adventure Book 1) people share his beliefs Silas had little enough Yuletide spirit He had nobody to share Christmas with for one thing with Harry gone to be a gentleman He d never made a fuss about the day but Harry with that irrepressible joy of his hadut up greenery and candles too when the extravagance could be justified and usually found something decent to make a meal Silas atheist to the core had grumbled about waste and foolish superstition but now there was no Harry after six years and the We Give a Squid a Wedgie prospect of a cheerless lonely Christmas was bleak Dominic gaah This guy i wanted to smack him and hug him at the same time Another MC well written to aoint you can t help fall in love with the Tory Throughout the book his character growth is evident I love him I love him and Silas together Dominic had Verräter der Magie paced around Richard s room like a caged animal the day before going over and over the same ground What do I do What do I do until finally Richard had said Do you trust him What do you mean It s a simple uestion Do you believe that he is as you have said a good man with different opinions Not a murderer not a Bonapartist not a traitor Yes I do Did i mention the writing is soooooooo goooood If i didn t then here it is The writing is excellent It flows fromage to age we have conflicts believable conflicts without crossing the drama llama line I was not even bothered with the olitics stuff because it blended with the story it was art of the story The sex scenes left me undone Damn Hot Hot Hot The chemistry between the Tory and the Brute is on fire These two complement each other Silas knows what Dom wants in the bedroom and he gives it to him good while enjoying himself too Dom knows that Silas is the only man who can fulfil his sexual needs These two make the sheets explode and set the beds on needs These two make the sheets explode and set the beds on GAAAH Silas ran a finger along Dominic s length Heaven in Hell s despairYou re mine understand Mine to the bone Yes Too true hopelessly true I own you Tory Nobody else No lackwit gentry fuckster who doesn t know how to treat you right His hand was around Dominic s rick fingers just touching making him wait Dominic s fingers were clenched on empty air Like it s a hardship to have those Night of the Wendigo pretty eyesleading Like I wouldn t want that retty mouth telling me I m the master here Christ the way you give it up to me I own telling me I m the master here Christ the way you give it up to me I own ANNNNNDDD Yap Dead Deader DeadestWhat i am gushing about is Everything in this book worked for me DOUBLE GAAAH Richard You are still in my boot camp Thank you so much Elena Moony Rosa and Teal for the awesome buddy read Yay I finally read this book K J Charles turns up the heat in her new Society of Gentlemen novel as two lovers face off in a sensual duel that challenges their deepest beliefs  Silas Mason has no illusions about himself He’s not lovable or even likable He’s an overbearing idealist a Radical bookseller and amphleteer who lives for revolution and for Wednesday nights Every week he meets anonymously with the same man in whom Silas has.