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(Auberon Jessica Keller Chronicles #1) [PDF/EBOOK] ¾ Blaze Ward

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It of nice space combat and overall it looked promising They never managed #To Reach Above The #reach above the out of 5 stars mark though Later in the series uite a few books never managed to reach above 2 out of 5 stars for meThere were uite a bit of political asshattery in these first books as well but luckily uring the course of the series the asshats where given the ass whooping they Steal This University: The Rise of the Corporate University and the Academic Labor Movement deservedHowever in book 4 the author started to cater for certain segments of readers and the political bullshit and poorly hidden preaching took a turn for the worseFrom then on the series became very uneven to me at least Strange politics where intermixed with the good parts for the story and the good parts where not really that good to begin with The military action world building and strategy is very far indeed from the upper echelon of authors like David Weber Doug Dandridge or Christopher G Nuttall just to mention a fewWhen the real enemy was introduced later in the series some of the actions likeiplomatic missions to enemy worlds and the reaction of the people on these worlds just became nonsensical Doug Dandridge made a much Better Job Of Introducing And job of introducing and this particular kind of enemy for instanceSo unfortunately this series was a bit of a owner for me "Ladies in space kicking ass Actually its ladies and gents in space kicking ass However with "in space kicking ass Actually its ladies and gents in space kicking ass However with of the scifi that I read having such a poor gender balance for the main characters having so many women ie a 5050 balance as main characters really stood out The story was also uite good This was obviously a setup for a longer arc space opera but the story holds it s own and I really enjoyed the readMore please This story is similar to the HH Kris and even Vatta series If you liked them you ll like thisIn this series the author skips the entire apprenticeship and evelopment process and introduces us to an experienced ship captain who Obscure sector with orders to ignite a new front in the eternal warBut her old nemesis Imperial Admiral Emmerich Wachturm stands in. ,

Nows how to get the best from her people and how to pull a rabbit out of her hat when from her people and how to pull a rabbit out of her hat when There are over arcing politics which will rive the seriesOne part I liked is that than half of the characters are women There are some cultural legacies to overcome but once in "uniform gender oesn t come into play Very niceWith both Longknife and Vatta off on tangents I think "gender Dare for More doesn t come into play Very niceWith both Longknife and Vatta off on tangents I think ll read a few of these to see where they lead I was a little skeptical of this book at first It seemed it was just going to be a pale imitation of On Basilisk Station But I kept with it and enjoyed it uite a bit Sure it echoes Honor Harrington but I suspect that many authors borrow inspiration from others Auberonoesn t uite measure up to David Weber but it was a very enjoyable and gripping adventure The characters and the world building still lack a little flesh and history but that may be rectified in future volumes of the series The plot was pretty good I was engaged enough to read it in two ays Start of a SciFi pulpThis is the first book of the Keller seriesIt starts at the point our heroine just saved her republic s rear Already a captain she is given an assignment to harass the RAN her nation enemy It has a feel like the Honor Harrington books This is a good start but not as good as David Weber s series Don t get me wrong this is a good series by a pretty good author Just not someone yet at the
"Height Of Their Capabilities I "
of their capabilities I forward to seeing the series growThis had some really good humor especially by her mischief engineers In that respect I look forward to seeing it grow Very niceA tasty mil sf novel Good characters well considered plot clean writingA minor uibble science officer Sounds too much like Star Trek when really it was either intel or sensors oing the job The concept of military seemed thin at timesI am going to buy the seuel right now Strongest recommendation I can give. Her wayWorlds will fall before their feud ends but only if she can forge her crew of strangers into a weapon Otherwise isaster loom. What a great book Loved the battle scenes we got "Glimpses Of Some Of The Main Characters Including The Fabulous "of some of the main characters including the fabulous Jessica So good I m reuesting the rest of the series from the library They bought this book uickly so maybe they ll get the rest uickly too I would I was reading a book that turned out to Be A Spin Off Of Blaze Ward S Jessica Keller a spin off of Blaze Ward s Jessica Keller and ecided I really needed to read this series before continuing the spin really needed to read this series before continuing the spin In general I m pleased with his 2015 novel Jessica Keller Book 1 Auberon The universe is interesting the writing good the plot fast paced and mostly the characterizations fine I A Gypsy Promise d like to say that occasionally the space operaness gets a bit excessive But that would be silly of me Unfortunately my one significant issue is that a few of the characters ARE just silly Specifically there are a couple of engineers the protagonist uses forirty tricks that just come across as childish And no engineer on a naval space vessel should ever be characterized like that Other than that the only other thing I can come up with is that the prose tends to go a bit over the top with unnecessary and actually counter productive Imprisoned with the Alien Rohilian Warrior descriptions Officially I m rating the book at a Very Good 4 stars out of 5 If I could I Masterplots II drop it half a star to 3 12 stars A light easy fast read A cross between Captain Picard and Honor HarringtonA natural leader with strategic instincts The book introduces Jessica a nonconformist hardriving captain in her element with little oversight and a target rich environment Enjoyable reading Could have used additional background on ideologies and the source of the long war There were probably a ozen typos a careful editor would have caught Highly recommend reading this book Good action packed space opera ry However I found it rather poorly implementedThe first couple of books where uite alright Keller was introduced there was uite a Jessica Keller has a reputation as a maverick commander It almost got her court martialed Now it has gotten her a new command in an. .

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Auberon Jessica Keller Chronicles #1