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Daddy's Little GirlJulia Latchem Smith has a very easy way about her and that Flows Directly Into Her directly into her As hard as it is to read about the life of a child who was abused in any manner at read about the life of a child who was abused in any manner at she makes it a lot easier for her readers Luckily for Julia her father has some type of control granted it wasn t very much and that makes this book slightly easier to read I think especially for eople unaccustomed to the mis lit genreThat out there it s still very hard because even though the author was never actually raped the abuse she did take should never ever happen to anyone much less a child Latchem Smith s writing is above average I think especially for a first time writer writing about something so Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' personal as this She outlines her childhood her mothers very extreme OCD her fathers relationship with her when she was very little and howerfect it was then she goes on to let readers know how the abuse started when she was around the age of 8 We get to see how she dealt with everything how her family managed to deny retty much everything that was done to her for her entire life and so much in between If someone asked me what book they should start reading in this genre this would be the one I refered them to It s not easy by any means but it d well written and a little easier to stomach than a lot of others I ve read I m not going to go into the outcome because I don t like to use the spoiler feature if I don t have to but we do find out the end result in the book and Latchem Smith also uickly goes into the volunteer work she got involved in once she started to heal Was as always good to hear someone s ersonal story and struggle However there were times at which I just didn t connect or much like Julia I think mainly though through frustration that she was blind to see what seemed so apparent to us as readers However I recognise that she was taking us through stages in her life and as she felt at those moments and I m glad there was a resolve for her I just wasn t connected to this articular story as I have of similar others Ok Not too graphic #which was good Daddy s Little Girl is a novel authored by Julia Latchem Smith about #was good Daddy s Little Girl is a novel authored by Julia Latchem Smith about the emotional and sexual abuse she suffered as a young child at the hands of her father coupled with the very obvious distaste her mother displayed toward her children While the beginning of the book is focused on what conspired between her and her father the larger amount of it is about the To the outside world Julia's family was a icture of respectability; middle class decent loving But between the ages of eight and thirteen Julia's father sexually abused her While Julia's mother's obsessive domestic tendencies occupied her elsewhere Julia's father concentrated his attentions. ,

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Motional turmoil she suffers throughout her life as well as the effect it has on her relationship with her now husband Jonathan While the overarching story is decently gripping the writing was underdeveloped and at arts bulky with completely unnecessary information and dialogue One It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life particularly bad instance is the 26age Lignin Biodegradation purely dialogue interaction which was so lengthy that it had to be written inlay format with the erson speaking s name denoted and their dialogue simply shoved in after I found that by the end I didn t really care much for the main character nor literally any of the other characters in the book as most interactions felt just unrealistic the other characters in the book as most interactions felt just unrealistic unreasonable To me it felt less like a survivors story and like a oorly written wattpad book The only redeeming The Lady and the Lionheart part was that view spoiler the ending was happy though it was an unlikely truth for most of theeople in the system as most eople would not have been able to submit the tape as evidence and as such robably would not have gotten a guilty verdict against their childhood abuser hide spoiler When I think of the fact that the incidents and events in this book had happened in real life it gave me shivers There are a few events mentioned in the book because of which I felt really sad for Julia and the way she was harrased by her own father th Heartbreaking true story from an Author and a survivor who took things to the edge to get justice and continues to do so for all those who are afraid to speak up The author Julia Latchem Smith recounts her life living in an abusive householdBook 5672 of my 2019 coffee table to read challenge cont 2020 Reading about Julia s experiences I was reminded of something that happened to a friend of mine while I was in middle school The way Julia s revelation of sexual abuse was handled was very much the same way my friends was handledI always knew my friends dad and grandma were on the strange side Her dad had even told me once that I had a nice ass I was only 12 I knew something was up and for years had asked my friend to tell me One day as I was walking the school hall on my way to class when she stopped and handed me a letterAs soon as I got the chance I got another close friend of mine and we all met up in the bathroom to talk to our friend who was crying out for someone to save herShe agreed to go to the office with us but told me that she wouldn t be strong enough to tell the truth if I couldn t be. On his daughter When eventually Julia twice found the courage to reveal what was happening to her her mother encouraged her to retract her allegations Years later after Julia had married and had two daughters her father confessed and Julia was able to record their conversation and ress cha. ,
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By her side I romised her that I would be right by her side I thought since she was a victim she could have whoever she needed there to support her They called a social worker into the school and told her that the social worker would talk to her as soon as her dad got there Even at 12 I knew that was a mistake Why would they her to be confronted by her abuser at such vulnerable timeAs her father walked in he gave her look that said than words could say at such vulnerable timeAs her father walked in he gave her look that said than words could ever say was a terrifying darkness behind his cold blue eyes I grabbed my friends hand and gave it a sueeze as I watched her visibly shrinking under her fathers glareEverything felt wrong the minute her father was there It felt like we were going to be in trouble instead of my friend getting help They called my friend into the room with the social worker once her dad was inside My friend not once letting go of my hand Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church pulled me along with her One of the office workers of the school stopped us from entering and told me that I would have to wait outside My friend looked at me with tears rolling down her cheeks and said that she couldn t do it without me I told the office worker that she needed me but since we were kids our wishes were not taken into account I had to let her go I knew what would happen the minute she walked into that room without me and had to tell the social worker about her dad right in front of the monster I knew she wouldn t be able to go through with telling the truthHell she had tried to tell them she needed by her side in order to go through with it but they wouldn t listen to us kids Needless to say my friend went home with her dadReading this book brought that all back to me Not that I forgot it I just don t think about it a lot any becuase it just makes me angry Julia went through her ordeal at around the same time my friend was going throught hers and I seriously hope that things have changed since thenPeople need to respect the victims and let them tell their accounts of abuse at a safe distance from their abuser even when the victim is a child This is not the first book of it s kind I have read and it never gets any easier to read about sexual abuse anyone has been through regardless of age It is shocking to read how the case itself was handledreviously but I am glad her father finally got what he deserved and I am so glad she finally found herself again OMG not for the faint hearted Had me in tears But good on you Julia. Rges Her father is currently serving eight years in A (kinda) Country Christmas prison Julia no longer has a relationship with her mother and brother but she has successfully rebuilt a new life for herself This the dramatic story of how by confronting herainful ast Julia has begun to build herself a successful futur. ,