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R shifter Monty is a bear *who knows what he wants Angie all to himself After meeting her at bar Kyle *knows what wants Angie all to himself After meeting her at the bar Kyle not too happy Jealousy runs rampant with these two bears We also meet Angie s grandmother and find out she has gotten herself in a bind Angie is there for the rescue Of course these two bears are right there for her Will the three figure out how to work and well play well together Kate Kent does a great job in continuing this series It is best if you read ach story in order Another hit book by Kate Kent It s a sweet fun hot and sexy read that you will love as much as I did The characters are believable and well written The story though short pulls you into it and although it does leave you wishing it was longer it doesn t leave you feeling like you didn t get a full story I like the characters of Angie Kyle and Monty Angie and Kyle have been a couple for awhile only he still plays the field while Angie is left wanting and goes looking for something something deeper So Angie feels it s time to move onto something real and tries a dating agency which leads her to meeting Monty Angie and Monty hit it off which causes Kyle to see what he has in Angieand what he has a chance to lose because of his actions This awaking leads to a fight with Monty for Angie If you want to know of the story your going to have to but the book It s a good bookReceived ARC copy L KATE KENT HAS ANOTHER GREAT BOOKI LOVE HER SURPRISING STORIESSO MUCH HEARTDON T MISS IT May 18 2015 I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST OPINION OVER 18 READING This is a great story how a woman and sister are raised by a grandmother She has boyfriend problems witch nds up breaking into a bear fight in front of her house while trying to stop it her phone rings grandma has fallen and is in the hospital She grabs her keys throw clothes wallets and yells at them that she is leaving cause her grandmother is in the hospital and she has to go NOW They grab their things and one says I going too the other give Give me the keys you are not able to drive She said the way you were fighting just now I don t know if I can take it at once both say we will behave When they get there grandma has a lot of problems and as her sister continues the story and comes out and yet the guys keep being ready to help her grandmother in anyway they can But grandma herself has some surprises for them all when she talks some real surprises that she has kept for over 10 yearsAND BOY WHAT MORE SECRETS GRANDMA IS HOLDING She Also Has Some She also has some for her granddaughter mbarrassing the heck out of her or was it a way to choose or not between the men But they may decide for her This is a funny book with a lot in itlove fightsmob loss fearand joy OH and a happy Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, ever after DELICIOUSLY CUTE FABULOUSLY FUNNY COMPLETELY CAPTIVATING SERIOUSLY SEXY AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING Oh my glory I love this series Well we re back in Frederick Maryland for another tasty tidbit from Kate Kent Furocious is the fourth amazing novella in Kate s hilarious Sexy In Fur Series and it totally rocks This is a stand alone story with NO cliffhanger and comes complete with its very own happilyver after Now that I ve said that I would highly recommend reading the The First Ghost entire seriesspecially if you njoy sexy fun reads I ve been hooked since Book One Furever The story is well developed well xecuted original cute Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential exciting humorous romantic and deliciously sexy The dialogue is smart snappy well written and funny The characters are captivatingngaging ndearing and at times laugh out loud funny Kate skillfully. Nd open to love Realizing what he might lose Kyle takes on Monty and the two have a knock out drag down fight for the curvy babe As the men battle it out the sexy wolf shifter is upset to discover that her beloved Granny Harper the owner of Sweet Tastes Bakery has a broken arm And Granny is knee high in cupcake orders and trouble Can Angie find the love she so desires and help her. Wow what a great idea and fun m nage romance Angel Angie and Kyle are on the outs but she

has a back 
a back plan through a dating site Monte comes to town to meet her and the sparks fly So do the fists when Kyle finds out Meanwhile Angie s Gran has gotten into trouble with the wrong guys and they hurt her Time for people to step up and help Gran Monte and Kyle are both willing to help and through their involvement they realize they ach can t be without their girl Angel They propose a share were Pact to be in a m nage with her Angel is on board because she doesn t want to be without them ither She can T CHOOSE SO WHY NOT BOTH choose so why not both hunks Great hot sexiness and a well written romance ENJOY This series of stories are aptly named in that the shifters contained within them are indeed too too sexy Angie Angel Kyle and Monty than live up to the wonderful characters whose stories have proceeded theirsWhen wolf shifter Angie decides that she is ready for a permenance in her love life that she isn t finding in her spiratic hookups with bear shifter Kyle she goes out and finds the one in bear shifter Month who is ready to give her what she needs Yet the prospect of seeing Angie move on without him reveals a new depth in Kyle as to what he wants from Angie This short but involved tale takes its reader on uite the ride while navigating through a adventure that is not to be missed Keep these sexy stories coming Kate Kent I was given a copy of this book in xchange for an honest reviewAngie and Kyle both have been getting together wink wink for awhile now but Kyle isn t ready for a serious commitment and Angie isAngie has been chatting online with Monty and when he comes to town to meet her things get hairyMonty knows Angie is the one for him and Kyle thrown for a loop by Monty s arrival realizes she s his mate as well Kyle and Monty go all furry and are fighting during which Angie gets a call that her Granny has been hurt both guys go with her to see Granny and she gives the boys an idea that they are really keen on a were share pactThis was a smoking hot read with lots of passion I really njoyed reading it although I wish it had been longerI cant wait for the next book in this seriesI highly recommend this to other adult readers out there Ferocious BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter by KATE KENTAngie is waiting for Monty who is a bear shifter that she has been talking to on FaceTime She decides to wait for him at the Bite Me Bar Now this is where Kyle works as bartender Kyle is a bear shifter who Angie and him had a friends with benefits relationship So as Angie sipped her drink Kyle is saying take me home Angie please take me home Angie answer to Kyle is you know we agreed we wouldn t have sex any because you aren t ready to settle down and Angie is OH MY This is a case of I want you now that I can t have you There are is a lot of funny moments and this is a HOT and Fuzzy story I njoyed reading this book There s re two other books in this series but ach is a stand alone you can read them in any order But I definitely recommend you read them allI have read all three books in this SERI BEARS AND BEARS WHAT IS Bears and bears what is girl to do I know have sex with both That is xactly what Angie does Angie or Angle Sue is a wolf shifter that wants to settle down have a family and live the white picket fence life Her friend with benefits Kyle a bear shifter is the bartender of the Bite Me Bar He Lasombra enjoys his time with Angie That is all he wants until Angie puts annd to their benefits relationship Angie has been on a social dating site and has fallen for Monty a bea. FURocious STANDALONE Oohlala Angel aka Angie Wade is a sweet slice of heaven to hunky bear shifters Kyle and Monty in this blazing hot menage BBW auction reseller Angel Wade is fed up with Kyle Collin’s roaming yes The delicious ‘Bite Me Bar’ bartender is just too hot for his own good When her handsome new online friend Monty Lawrence comes to town to meet her she is ready

read & download FURocious FUR #4

Combines these lements into a wonderful paranormal read filled to the brim with humor wonderful characters and sweet romance I loved it And I just love this town with all its wacky businesses like the Bite Me Bar and the Slice of Pie Pizzeria sound familiar and Wanton Nights every single one of its crazy lovable characters Newly turned wolf shifter Angel Sue Angie Wade has finally hadnough of waiting around for handsome playboy bear shifter Kyle Collins bartender at the Bite Me Bar They have slept together than a few times and as much as she would love to take it to the Next Kyle Has level Kyle has abundantly clear that he s all about having fun and playing the field and with his good looks and popularity at the bar he certainly had a big field to play from What s a girl to do Why go online to a social media site and meet someone While My Soldier Serves else of course Angie meets tall dark and hunky bear shifter Monty Lawrence online and they have really hit it off Monty has taken some vacation time and is driving up from North Carolina for their first date He s meeting her at the Bite Me Bar tonight so there Kyle Collins take that But Kyle s reaction is than a little surprisingspecially when he shows up at Angie s apartment at six the next morning gunning for a fight with Monty Huh Yep curvy Angel Sue has gone from no guys to two guys overnight and both seem intent on fighting for the lovely wolf But before anything can be resolved Angie gets a call that her beloved granny and namesake has been injured so the two jealous bears decide to accompany Angie to Pennsylvania to help out her granny and hopefully one will win her heart Only one HmmIt seems granny has gotten herself involved with loan sharks and needs a lot than a little tender loving care But never fear Angie and her two handsome bear shifters are there to help and with both competing for Angie s heart what could go wrong HmmMaybe it s like what could go right and maybe just maybe there s a lot to Angie s rockin granny than meets the ye Oh me oh my Buckle up my lovelies It s another fabulously funny and gloriously sexy ride Two handsome sexy bear shifters check One beautiful wolf shifter check One cantankerous loving granny check Two clueless loan shark cronies check A barrel of laughs check Heated attraction fiery passion sweet romance a share were pact and a steamy menage a trois you betcha That and a whole lot I just love it Can you tell that I really loved this story Yeah I did Deliciously cute completely captivating fabulously funny seriously sexy and delightfully ntertaining Now that s what I call ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe entertainment How love scenes and love story Angie wanted it Kyle And who wouldn t Sexy shifter who bartends at the Bite Me bar But Kyle wanted to play the field That is until Angie meets Monty When jealousy takes over Kyle finds himself in a new situation battling for her affectionsWhen Angie needs help in fending off loan sharks who come after her grandmother that s when things start to get ferocious Both men find themselves working together to teach the thugs a lesson andventually win Angie s affection But can she choose between themIn true Kate Kent style Furocious doesn t disappoint by including a couple super hot shifter men who aren t afraid of anyone or going after what they want Angie like most of Kate s female characters is strong and confident in her own curvy skin Shifters have an appetite for sex unlike most humans so you are always guaranteed a hot sex scene or two Add in a little drama and you have one action packed asy readComing soon by Kate Kent in the Sexy in Fur Series FURgotten. Gran out of the mess she is in If you like smoking sexy menage action with two hunky werebears and one curvy woman – you’ll love this red hot read FURocious is a 14000 word BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance This is a standalone novella and the fourth in the Sexy in Fur series These paranormal romances can be read in any order The story includes strong sexual themes and langua. FURocious FUR #4
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