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Wie Sterne so golden rFind this and othereviews at NOTE This eview contains spoilers Please take heed and proceed at your own isk I love the Hapsburgs Their history fascinates me and I was understandably intrigued when I learned that Allison Pataki had chosen to feature Empress Elisabeth as a fictional heroine I was overjoyed to get an ARC of The Accidental Empress but the Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions: Third Edition reality of the novel didn t live up to my expectations That said my two year experience with the first book proved I was too addicted to the subject matter to walk away from the series and challenged me to approach the seuel Sisi Empress on Her Own with a open mind Resolved to give the author the benefit of the doubt I jumped straight into the latter and did my best toemain objective Did the effort pay off Sort of The novel incorporated a number of The Purloined Self: Interpersonal Perspectives In Psychoanalysis references and I enjoyed the game I made of picking out historicallyelevant cameos but I fell into old habits and uickly found myself wrestling to California: A Study of American Character : From the Conquest in 1846 to the Second Vigilance Committee in San Francisco (California Legacy Book) rectify the fiction against my own inner dialogue and understanding of theoyal family Fair warning folks what follows is a soapbox series of complaints by an exceedingly nitpicky Ascension Island Atlantic Outpost (Wild Isles) reader I m bias and make no apologies for it but please keep in mind my enthusiasmelates to my passion for the material and is not necessarily even keeled Spoilers abound in the following paragraphs Consider yourself warnedI feel the strongest moments of the narrative were the scenes Star Project Chiro, Volume 1 relayed from Luigi s point of view but I am frustrated toeport that these passages couldn t have played out as presented in the book Pataki s illustration of Sisi s assassination includes an evening of premeditation that contradicts the timeline Luigi s intended target was Philippe Duke of Orleans but a change of plans meant the Duke was elsewhere Frustrated Luigi looked for a new mark and settled on Sisi after finding her name in the local paper The paper was published on September 10th the same day Sisi was assassinated which means Luigi could not have meditated on her death the night before and while that observation means little in the grand scheme of things I couldn t help feeling the dramatic shift in context minimized the tragedy of the Empress death She was selected as a target only hours before the attack which made it a crime of opportunity and I am not comfortable with the liberty taken in white washing that fact as it gave Sisi s assassin far credit than he is dueI also struggled with the lack of complexity between Elisabeth and Franz Pataki s interpretation is very black and white but I have Gekaufte Journalisten: Wie Politiker, Geheimdienste und Hochfinanz Deutschlands Massenmedien lenken reason to believe the marriage was in fact much complicated In a letter to his mistress Franz Joseph wrote the following We are uite well physically The Empress has taken up her lessons again and she devotes herself to the study of modern Greek with her usual zeal in heroom and in her walks in the garden It is a necessary distraction for her and Valerie Der Struwwelpeter reads to her in the evenings before weetire while I fall off to sleep in a very comfortable Greater Than a Tourist - Wadi Rum Jordan: 50 Travel Tips from a Local reclining chair Otherwise the Empress is composed and occupied only with her concern for my welfare and for cheering me but still I notice how utterly the deep secret grief fills her She is a greatare woman Their history is convoluted and while their union did not have the hallmarks of a passionate Reprobates: The Cavaliers of the English Civil War romance the Emperor s correspondence appears to indicate that despite their difficulties the two were companionable warm and mutually supportive of one another Those familiar with my comments on Daisy Goodwin s The Fortune Hunter understand that I was a not a fan of the novel The idea of Sisi doning her famed star jewels for an informal evening tryst in the stables of an English country estate still makes me laugh but the factemains that Goodwin spent a lot of time Night of the Machete Man researching Sisi s beautyegime and the details she worked into her novel earned her a degree of admiration from yours truly Details on Goodwin s firsthand Sacraments and Worship: The Sources of Christian Theology research can be found here Pataki by contrast makes no mention of Sisi s extreme dedication to her physical appearance and I couldn t help asking myself why Sisi s features and fashion choices made her a legend in her own lifetime and I found it difficult to understand how such an intenseoutine could be so completely omitted from a story centered on the most beautiful woman in the world especially when said ituals are eferenced in the historic notes at the end of the novel in uestionMayerling makes its first appearance as the setting for a meeting between Elisabeth and Andrassy just after the World Fair in 1873 Pataki paints it as a oyal property but here again I found myself nitpicking The notorious locale was acuired by Rudolf in 1887 from the Abbey of Heiligenkreuz which had owned it Since 1550 This Understanding 1550 This understanding firmly ooted in my mind I couldn t see the fictional scene as plausible and conseuently assume it was invented to draw a tragic parallel between mother and son I ll grant it s a creative idea but I personally found it distasteful After the incident Franz Joseph ordered the property be converted to a convent and the Empress commissioned a striking and oddly prophetic Madonna for the chapel In my eyes the existence of this memorial is evidence of the deep and unrelenting pain Sisi associated with Mayerling and I don t think the fiction ecognizes those emotionsPolitically speaking Sisi character shows significant inconsistencies There are discussions with Franz Andrassy Ludwig that show her as possessing a great deal of political acumen I personally agreed #with this interpretation but my opinion on that point is entirely irrelevant I d have been #this interpretation but my opinion on that point is entirely irrelevant I d have been as happy if Sisi had been painted as an independent self indulgent social butterfly but the fact that she flits back and forth between the two was difficult to swallow Sisi couldn t have been fiercely passionate about her ole as Empress and Kurs Auf Den Eisberg repelled by execution of her imperial duties at the same time and as aeader I found the inherent contradiction disorientingI understand Sisi to have been a complicated and deeply troubled soul with a host of personal demons but Pataki s Sisi was largely preoccupied with and defined by her love life I struggled with that but at the end of the day I don t hold it against the author Pataki s understanding differs from my own but I d vowed to let go of my own preconceptions and at least try appreciate the character as Pataki envisioned her I made a point of examining the contrasts Pataki created in Sisi s Zeitpunkt Der Bestimmung Des Geschlechts, Apogamie, Parthenogenesis Und Reduktionsteilung (Classic Reprint) relationships with Franz Andrassy and Bay and ultimately appreciated those themes a great deal On a similar note I was also deeply impressed with Pataki s illustration of the Emperor selationship with Katharina SchrattChapter Fifteen was not my favorite as it omits much and peddles a number of anachronisms but this Fraktale und Finanzen review is long enough and I think I ve illustrated my feelings well enough When all is said and done Sisi Empress on Her Own is stronger than its predecessor and I m glad to haveead it but that said I found the completed work both unconvincing and inconsistent and would have difficulty ecommending it forward This is the story of Sisi would have difficulty ecommending it forward This is the story of Sisi Elisabeth of Austro Hungarian Empire unhappily married to Emperor Franz Joseph in the mid nineteenth century She looks for happiness in the arms of Hungarian statesman Count Andrassy as they share unhappy marriages Later in the arms of Captain Bay Middleton as they share passion for horses when she arrives for the legendary hunting season in EnglandThe book starts with Sisi debating why twilight looks different in Hungary than in Austria due to her unhappiness and that goes for about two pages You have to like this kind of writing to be able to go through with this book If you liked part I The Accidental Empress then you probably will like this book If you didn t then I doubt you will like itSisi in her childhood enjoyed informal and unstructured upbringing Therefore she had difficulty adapting to the life at Hofburg Palace and its Clay-Pot Cookbook rigid protocols and strict etiuette Her children except the youngest one were snatched from her by her mother in law Princess Sophie She suffered greatly because of that Unfortunately the way the story is presented in this book is not gratifying for Sisi She is not a likeable character She is full of self pity We all shoul. In bestselling author Allison Pataki’s highly anticipated new novel Sisi Empress on Her Own the tantalizing story behind one of history’s unsung leading ladies the Habsburg Empress Elizabeth “Sisi” isevealedIn imperial Vienna where the court halls buzzed with waltzes and champagne as well as temptation ivals and cutthroat intrigue. ,

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Erament as she and would most likely have benefited from a closer Prey By The Ganges relationship Sisi alsoefused to intervene in Rudolf s marriage to Princess Stephanie of Belgium vowing to be unlike her interfering mother in law Princess Sophie even though she knew the marriage would create only unhappiness on both sides And Sisi never seemed interested in Amandas Guide to Love (Bistro La Bohème regaining aelationship with her eldest daughter Gisela for what Wordcraft: The Art of Turning Little Words into Big Business reason as Pataki states we can t know but that lack of interest simply adds to the frustration we feel toward SisiOne of the interesting aspects of the book was watching the descent into madness through Sisi s eyes of King Ludwig of Bavaria Sisi s cousin Ludwig was yet another tortured soul much like Sisi who threw his country into bankruptcy with hiseckless building projects which were undeniably magnificent like the emote mountain castle Neuschwanstein but just as undeniably frivolous and into scandal with his strangely intimate elationship with the composer Richard Wagner There is a Global Capitalism: Its Fall and Rise in the Twentieth Century reason Sisi and King Ludwig II areeferred to as the Fairy ueen and the Fairy Tale King as they both seemed to be slightly not uite of this world as if they were perhaps changelings left in place of their mundane copies After Ludwig s sudden mysterious death in 1886 Sisi s life seemed to become one long string of tragedies her father died in 1888 her son Rudolf died in 1889 in the scandalous murder suicide with his lover Mary Vetsera which became known as the Mayerling Incident after the hunting lodge where they were discovered her sister died in 1890 along with Sisi s close friend and Queenie and Tom a Feline Romance rud lover Count Andrassy and her mother died in 1892 Is it any wonder that after Rudolf s death it wasud that Sisi dressed in black for the emainder of her lifePataki s writing is ich dramatic lush confident and an utter joy to ead As another eviewer pointed out one finishes this book with a great many What if scenarios unning through one s head a great many uestions and a near sadness over the choices made by and made for Empress Elisabeth of Austria Sisi Empress on Her Own is a book that leaves you wondering pondering and wanting to know and that is the sign of a well written well esearched well structured book Just for comparison Philippa Gregory s books simply leave me wondering how the hell she got published in the first place so putting her and Pataki together in the same league is a head scratcher for me During the time period this novel covers Empress Elisabeth of Austria may have been fascinating but she did not evoke sympathy During the time period the first novel The Accidental Empress covered Sisi was a young naive girl who had spent a carefree unstructured unrestrained childhood and then was put in a difficult situation not of her choosing She was not the first or the last to marry into a difficult or challenging Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, with Recipes royal situation The way a person meets their challenges shows their true character Sisi chose to literallyun away from her challenges involving the oyal court her marriage and her two elder children Sisi fled from her husband and children as well as her duties at court by freuent traveling Because of the nature of the historical Sisi she does not make a sympathetic character in this novel at all Instead she is selfish and self centered and that is the major problem with this novel I simply can t find anything to like about herThe first half of the novel was OK but somewhere near the middle it started to eally drag I ve been to all the Habsburg sites in Vienna but I would have appreciated description as Sharon Penman and Elizabeth Chadwick do in their medieval works Those authors make eaders feels as if they are there with the characters There was too much wonderings of Sisi with too many hetorical uestions pages and pages of wonderings and too much about Darkness Light riding horses and Bay Middleton so I started to skim There were too many errors with facts that could have been easily checked so I started to ask myself if I could trust any facts at all Yes it is historical fiction and I will give historical fiction writers some artistic license but I do expect some things to be factual The following are just several of the things I have issues with I am a ueen Victoria and family buff and the factual errors about her children drove me bonkers1 When she visited the World s Fair i Thank you to NetGalley for my advancedeading copy of this novelThis was a wonderfully written novel that I enjoyed immensely After eading The Accidental Empress I was pleasantly surprised to discover there was a seuel as I was eager to learn about was pleasantly surprised to discover there was a seuel as I was eager to learn about Sisi of Austria HungaryThis novel begins where the last novel left us and therefore I strongly ecommend eading them in order I enjoyed this novel even than I did the first one as I found it to be educational about who Sisi was as a person and how she dealt with the issues in her lifeSisi is a much stronger independent woman in this novel and I was intrigued to learn how she was able to cope with the igid structure of being a Hapsburg and all that it entailed She struck me as a true free spirit a Fairy ueen as she was named by her people and therefore she an away from the Hapsburg court as often as She CouldI Do Not Use The Term Ran Away Lightly couldI do not use the term an away lightly were many things that I felt Sisi was unning away from to name a few the slander about her in the press the tension between her husband and her son even the prospect of too many Imperial functions would cause her to flee at times If you ead this novel by itself I could see how it may cause you to view Sisi as selfish and irresponsible however if Not Handsome Enough read after The Accidental Empress it becomes evident that Sisi HAS to take a step back from these things for her own well being of body and mind This is a woman with a much better handle on herself and her emotions than the Sisi of the first novel Ieally enjoyed seeing this change in her and therefore found myself ooted firmly in her camp when it came to the backlash surrounding her urge to flee the courtYet this is not to say that I agreed with every decision she made Her avoidance of her son s issues in particular was disturbing to me The author voices this same concern in her author s note The author muses upon whether or not the lack of control Sisi had in her children s upbringing led to this distancing of herself from them later in life Another thought is that she was eluctant to exert any kind of influence or control in fear of being too much like her mother in law Archduchess Sophie who strove to control the Imperial Family s every move It was upsetting to Busy Park read of the deterioratingelationship between Crown Prince Rudolf and his parents I couldn t help but wonder if the fate of the Austrian Hungarian Empire would have been different if their Beer Law: What Brewers Need to Know relationship had not become so strained I was amazed by some of the events that transpired in the family As the author states in her author s note one cannot make this stuff up A particularly fascinating figure that appeared in this novel was Sisi s cousin King Ludwig II of Bavaria Mad King Ludwig is most famously known for his creation of Neuschwanstein the extraordinary fairy tale castle set amongst the mountains of Western Bavaria Ludwig was an eccentricecluse who became the patron of the composer Richard Wagner He bankrupted himself through his building work and his patronage of Wagner causing serious discontentment in the Bavarian government Although it was mostly through letters written between him and Sisi the author still managed to create a vivid character in Ludwig that I greatly enjoyed GIS and Fr�uleins: The German-American Encounter in 1950s West Germany reading about I adored the descriptions of Neuschwanstein that were shown to us through Sisi s eyes and I found myself staring at photographs of the castle in wonder Ludwig s story is a sad one but his legacy of Neuschwanstein is awe inspiring all the sameOverall Ieally enjoyed this novel and I was able to get a good sense of who Empress Sisi actually was Her life story is very interesting and there are many things that are curious enough to give me pause for thought I ve found myself pondering many what ifs after finishing this novel and this is truly a sign of a good The Confederate Privateers read one that stays with me for a long time afterwards I am very glad to haveead this pair of absorbing intriguing and well written novels. E Big Bad Detective Agency richomantic and volatile time period marked by pivotal events such as the opening of the Suez Canal Vienna’s World Exhibition and the lead up to WWI Sisi the beloved “Fairy ueen” won hearts and broke hearts fighting battles both epic and poignantly intimate as a woman well ahead of her time during a true Golden Age in European histo. .

D feel very sorry for her What she cares most about is her loverOverall the writing is poor with vain descriptions not The Placer reflecting a skillful story telling The author lists theigid Otto Freundlich: Cosmic Communism rules of Habsburg s court as they came up with the courtules and no other court had any of them In terms of historical figures I am not a fan of Sisi However the author doesn t do her justice with this story The Accidental Empress was a book that The Tattooist of Auschwitz (The Tattooist of Auschwitz, really captivated me Partly because of the author s writing style but mostly because while I knew a smidgen about Empress Elisabeth of the Hapsburgs I didn t know much so I was eager to get Ieceived a copy of Sisi Empress on Her Own by Allison Pataki through NetGalley Thank you to NetGalley Random House Publishing and to Allison Pataki for the opportunityDraw back the lush velvet draperies of the Habsburg Dynasty and you will stare into the soleful eyes of a young woman ill prepared for the Profiles in Leadership: Historians on the Elusive Quality of Greatness royal life unveiled to her Sisi is but sixteen years old when she becomes the bride of Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria Hungary She has takenesidence at Godollo a palatial country estate outside of Budapest in 1868Allison Pataki takes special care in her depiction of Sisi She has absolutely armed herself with indepth esearch for the time period and for the historical facts surrounding the Habsburg Dynasty Her writing is ich with details and her portrayal of Sisi is uite an undertaking Ms Pataki adheres to an abundance of background information and historical logistics that at times can bog down the storyline much to the chagrin of the eaderSisi is hardly a linear character She is a complicated multi faceted eactionary to her previous upbringing and to her oyal set of circumstances Sisi finds herself at the eceiving end of those who outrank out number and out manuever her The young empress is at the mercy of an extremely judgmental disapproving court Her own mother in law Archduchess Sophie has an iron will and has taken over the Der Bilderwächter role ofaising Sisi s own children My sympathy for Sisi was short lived Her son Crown Prince Rudolf was subjected to extremely harsh and abusive conditions in his early preparations for oyal life We understand that this was the eality of the times However we also understand that Sisi s intervention was weak at best She became all but a phantom of a mother in egard to her children Some circumstances were beyond her control and some circumstances were due to the lack of assertiveness on her part Royalty at times elinuished parental Schätze Aus Dem Musée Picasso, Paris rights and all suffered greatly because of itSisi was obsessed with her beauty and with her hour upon hour ofegiments to uphold a flawless facade Lacking control in her public life was a causal factor for Sisi to be engulfed in her own personal pleasures of horseback Letters to Rollins riding theoyal court and pursuit of Count Andrassy the Prime Minister Custom order and tradition were the ways of imperial protocol and Sisi was totally immersedSisi found a bit of Britain, Europe And The Third World refuge in her cousin King Ludwig of Bavaria who lived in aemote mountain castle of Neuschwanstein However Luddie was not the most stable of characters Sisi became crushed under the weight of tragedies Her father died in 1888 her son Rudolf in 1889 her sister in 1890 and both her mother and her lover Count Andrassy died in 1892 Royalty does not prepare you nor is it inclined to insulate you for the devastations of life Sisi was weighed down in life by than the carat weight of her crown No cluster of precious pearls nor Scotland Yard richness ofubies could ever eplace the jewel that Sisi sought to possesstrue motherhood in its finest array What I m enjoying about this second book about the Empress Elizabeth is the deliberate placement in history her story takes King Ludwig Prince Frederick and Princess Victoria Esterhazy Lord Spencer Tsar Alexander are all in the storyline and Jack the Ripper as well as Sigmund Freud were mentionedSisi was married to Franz Joseph during the golden age of the Austrian Hungary empire In book two Sisi continues her personal practical exile from court this time visiting the fox hunting manors of the English countryside and where she meets one of the loves of her life Bay Middleton Throughout the book we ead vignettes from a peasant with a This is a wonderful story Allison does a great job of bringing these historical figures to life I found it so interesting that I started Googling the different people to see what they looked like and to ead about them I felt sorry for Sisi because she thought she had true #love with Franz but like history the Emperor can have a mistress but the Empress can t #with Franz but like history the Emperor can have a mistress but the Empress can t one Sisi fell in love with a couple men who could never be with her omantically I didn t know there was an Emperor in the late 1800 s like them who Grand Teton Explorers Guide ruled several countries This was well worth my time I doecommend UFO Crash at Roswell: The Genesis of a Modern Myth reading Accidental Empress first You will not be disappointedI won this on Goodreads Edit April 4415A lot of you lovely commentators have been asking me forecommendations for Sisi books I actually enjoyed I m happy to very highly Peig: The Autobiography of Peig Sayers of the Great Blasket Island recommend a book I ve finally finally managed toeview called Stealing Sisi s Star How a Master Thief Nearly Got Away with Austria s Most Famous Jewel by the very talented Jennifer Bahaney who you may Löwen wecken recognize from her helpful comments in thiseview when she kindly corrected all the stuff I got wrong about the Fathers and Sons: Roads Classics real empress She very kindly offered me a copy of her book and I m very pleased toecommend it to all of you I was seriously amazed I d never even heard this crazy story before some of it is honestly too crazy by crappy Hollywood B movie standards but apparently it all eally happened Check it out Yes its a shamelessly fawning eview but I swear we d 45 starsAs we learned in The Accidental Empress which one must Star Trek - New Frontier 15 reallyead in order to understand Sisi s motivations and emotional handicaps and not ignorantly write her off simply as a spoiled horse lover Elisabeth was not born to the position of Empress Her childhood was unbelievably free and unstructured her parents allowed her and her siblings to Hôtel étrange, l'hiver au printemps run wild literally through the Bavarian countryside She never had to deal with convoluted and constrictingules of etiuette procedures which dictated her every move from the moment she woke to the moment she went to sleep So when she married Franz Joseph and became Empress and found herself trapped by this system of stultifying ules some of which were so idiculous as to be unbelievable there was a top secret Imperial Fold of the napkin people that was a guarded state secret passed down orally to only a few living people at a time that s the kind of detail oriented ANAL RETENTIVE SYSTEM WE RE TALKING retentive system we The Spirit Master re talking heresponse was to un away So that s what she did through most of her career as Empress And when she couldn t un away she learned to control those few things which hadn t been stripped away from her her toilette and dress her exercise Anything But Neutral About Going (Carbon) Neutral regimen her diet and her corset all of which became near obsessiveituals as the years went on creating a woman who was statue than human But a beautiful statute nonetheless one that became a favorite of newspapers and photographers who documented her every look and action turning her into a fashion icon and her style into the aspiration of thousands of womenIn Sisi Empress on Her Own we see
"A Woman Who Has Lost "
woman who has lost of the fragility of the earlier novel who has grown strong from her success in helping creating the Austro Hungrarian dual monarchy who has found fulfillment in Peppermint, Vol. 02 raising her third and final child far away from the stifling Hapsburg court a child she s almost smothered with her thwarted maternal feelings And yet this is still a woman who can t figure out how to have aelationship with her two older children who can t figure out how to navigate the treacherous waters of the Hapsburg s Hofburg Palace without courting controversy or comment who still hasn t yet come to grips with the enormity of her ole as Empress Pataki brings Sisi to life in all her heartbreaking confounding frustrating glory in a portrayal that s both sympathetic and unflinching in showing Sisi s flaws After all as Pataki says in her author s note Sisi inexplicably stayed out of her son s Crown Prince Rudolf s life even though he displayed the same sensitive high strung temp. The intensely personal tale of Empress Sisi unraveled The Princess Diana of her time Sisi was famously beautiful a mother of four and the wife of the world’s most powerful emperor Franz Joseph whom she unintentionally stole away from her sister making her eign anything but simple Against the glittering backdrop of the Habsburg Court and th. Sisi Empress on Her Own
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