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Crazy Love eInjoyed this mystery about a small #village the book made it asy me #The book made it asy for me visualize the scenes I liked how the author added a nameword Pronunciation and Glossary in the front of the book An njoyable comfort read It was like the book version of a hot cup of good tea Unfortunately this book just wasn t for me "It didn t feel like a cozy despite the attempt at a charming Irish village And the pacing was just "didn t feel like a cozy despite the attempt at a charming Irish village And the pacing was just slow The dialogue was awkward and overall it just felt as if the author was trying too hard 35 starsThis was a fun cozy mystery I loved the Irish slang that is peppered throughout and don t know nough to know how accurate it is It certainly helped that I listened to the story I didn t find myself drawn to the characters as much as I was hoping but it was a fun story The heroine seemed like uite the town busybody I m surprised that people would still give her the time of day The language was another problem for me I never did figure out if they were swearing or just using Irish cant Not one I ll reread but I don t feel like it was a waste of time I thank NetGalleycom and the publisher for sending me this free book in return for an honest review I njoyed reading this book and give it 35 star Thanks to Net Galley for letting me read this so I could review it 35 starsThis is a nice cozy mystery read set in the small town of Kilbane in the County Cork of Ireland Siobhan O Sulllivan has been having a terrible year Her parents were killed by a drunk driver and her plans of going to University of Dublin have been put on hold She has 4 younger siblings and an older brother James to take care of She also runs the family bistro so they have income She has a full plateThen the brother of the man in prison for killing her parents Black Heart, Red Ruby ends up dead in the bistro James is arrested Nothing will stop Siobhan until she finds the real murderer and frees her brother She starts uestioning people she s known her life and turns the town upside downIf cozy mysteries are your thing then you llnjoy this little romp Murder in an Irish Village by carlene O Connor is the first book in the Irish Village Mystery series Siobhan O Sullivan runs her family s cafe with her five siblings after the de. A little slice of Heaven on the Emerald Isle In the small village of Kilbane County Cork Ireland Naomi’s Bistro has always been a warm and welcoming spot to visit with neighbors njoy some brown bread and tea and get the local gossip Nowadays twenty two year old Siobhán O’Sullivan runs the famil. Murder in an Irish Village Irish Village Mystery #1

characters Murder in an Irish Village Irish Village Mystery #1

Ath of her parents in a car accident The brother of the convicted drunk driver tries to xtort money from Siobhan claiming he had New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood evidence of his brothers innocence and then is found dead in the cafe the next morning I loved meeting Siobhan and her family andnjoyed this mystery very much The audio book narrator was terrific and I loved the accent which added to my Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey enjoyment of the story A nice charming cozy mystery A man has been murdered and with all thevidence pointing to her brother it s up to Siobh n to solve the crime Well this is really very good It s a cozy mystery set in a small Irish town To be honest it feels like it was written 50 years ago and that s the best thing about #It It S A Lot Like Those #It s a lot like those BBC crime shows they broadcast on Saturday nights Not the greatest book ver written but charming and well worth the ffort The setting for the story is Kilbane County Cork Ireland Our protagonist is Siobhan O Sullivan Siobhan was about to leave Kilbane to attend university in Dublin when her parents were killed in an auto accident She is the oldest of six children so she stayed to take care of her siblings The next oldest is James but he is an alcoholic They all work in the family bistro called Naomi s Bistro One morning on opening the caf they discover a murdered man sitting at a table James Naomi s Bistro One morning on opening the caf they discover a murdered man sitting at a table James arrested for the murder and Siobhan is off to solve the crimeThis is a new author and narrator for me I believe the story is what is being called a cozy murder The book is well written and most ЯED engaging This is a charming story set in a uaint village that adds charm to the story along with some interesting characters My only complaint is some information was repeated during the story A goodditor should have cleaned that upI read this book as an audiobook downloaded from Audible It is the narrator Caroline Lennon that makes this book such a pleasure to listen too This is a book that should only be read as an audiobook to fully njoy the story Her lilting Irish brogue was a delight to listen too The book is about ten hours long I am going to be looking for books narrated by Caroline Lennon she is a great narrator Murder in an Irish Village gets off to a slow start you ll need Y bistro named for her mother along with her five siblings after the death of their parents in a car crash almost a year agoIt’s been a rough year for the O’Sullivans but it’s about to get rougher One morning as they’re opening the bistro they discover a man seated at a table dressed in a sui.