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PDF KINDLE Broken Illusions His Agenda #3 ↠ Dori Lavelle

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Holy jeepers creepers Dori Lavelle manage to struck gold with this phenomenal spine chilling horrifying tale Maybe I shouldn t have read Broken Illusions in the wee morning hours because every time I heard a noise or some off the wall sound paranoia would set in until I d glance over my shoulder So onto the review Ding dong Jude MACKNIGHT IS DEAD PART OF BURYING THE DEAD IS is dead Part of burying the dead is to grips with the actual past and that brings up old ghosts Maybe Haley can move forward with her life but it s hard moving on when odd occurrences makes you uestion your sanity When every breath you Take Leaves You Cold Inside leaves you cold inside though somebody walked all over your grave Some ghosts refuses to go uietly into the night their disembodied soul s stalks your every move praying on your worst fears Ones that doesn t want to slumber in their final resting place uick ending to this seriesI read the first two books two years ago and not sure why I didn t finish the series Oh well Finished it now and it was a good ending Didn t blow me away but good Just when you think things are over I had been anticipating this one and was definitely not disappointed Full of wonder and suspense I could not stop flipping through the pages I have grown to love these characters and am sad to see the series end BUT I needed closure At first we wonder what truly happened after the last book I found myself wondering if Haley could ever truly be happy Was Jude really six feet under I can t go in to too much detail as I want you to find out for yourself But let s just say there is a twist you won t see coming I didn t If you need a eep you on the edge of your seat read you will definitely be pleased with this one I KNEW ITI KNEW IT It was too easy to have an end like that in the second book of this trilogy Damn Jude is fucking crazy Crazier than I could tell from the previous book mostly because now I got Jude is fucking crazy Crazier than I could tell from the previous book mostly because now I got read his POVThe plot twist in this book had me completely SHOCKEDI honestly wasn t expecting an HEA in this story considering that this is a fucking disturbing ride of craziness that I so very much enjoyed it I enjoy this one a lot It was much fun than I expectedSo glad that I finally decided to read it I m struggling to find the words to describe how awesome Jude is in the finale to this series Man Jude is the crown prince of depravity and mind fuk Once again he s proven why he is the MONSTER of all mo. WARNING Due to sexual situations and adult content this dark and disturbing psychological thriller is not intended for readers under the age of 18 and anyone who is unable to read books containing the following. D into a beast set on getting their happily ever afterBroken Illusions book 3 Is The Whirlwind And is the whirlwind and conclusion to Haley and her beast Jude s story Story is told from alternating POVs has all the elements of a tragedy yet there is somewhat of a HEA with a prince riding off into the sunset with his damsel But I wanted a non HEA death and destruction to both That s all I can sayGrimm plot Spell binding story telling Unconventional HEA Damsel in distress and her hauntingly unforgettable beastHero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 4 starsSexual tension rating 4 starsSex scenes rating 4 starsSex scenes freuency 35 starsPlot rating 35 starsDialogue rating 45 starsStorytelling rating 45 starsStory ending rating 3 starsOverall RATING 4 STARSWOULD I RECOMMEND THIS 4 starsWould I recommend this YesWould I re read this series Maybe laterWould I read future books by this author Yes 5 MONSTER Ending Stars THIS SERIES IS AMAZINGI should end my review at that Dori Lavelle wrote a crazy monsterous story Everything I love was in this series Trying to move on with some sort of normalcy Haley has made a decent life for herself after JudeWith a great photography business and a great relationship with Dustin life is good or it should be good Haley can t help but feel something is very wrong She can t put a figure on why things are starting to not just feel right Thinking she is just being paranoid she eeps things to herself She doesn t want to worry Dustin When would it all end When would I allow myself to let him go I wanted worry Dustin When would it all end When would I allow myself to let him go I wanted so badly I wanted it for me I wanted it for Dustin With any hopes of eeping her sanity she must visit the one place where her nightmares began Unknowingly she has been walking straight into the hands of her devil Her paranoia was her mind s warning for her Hayle s life was yet not her ownThe battle has begun once again and each page will be explosive and leaving you sitting on the edge of your seatI hate to end my review this way but I can t say any JUST READ THIS SERIES Wow What a fantastic conclusion to this series The author ept us on our toes until the very end I certainly didn t see the twist coming can t wait to read from this author Wowthis third book in the series is just incredible From the first page I was riveted Could literally not put the story down for the last couple of hours Now I am done and all I can think is pardon my language please Holy Shit The de. Still see Jude's face And sometimes I swear I feel his presence When will he stop haunting me And when will I stop waiting for the other shoe to drop This is the breathtaking conclusion to the His Agenda seria. ,

NstersHailey has one foot in the loony bin and the other on a banana peel thanks to Jude I begrudgingly concede that Jude may have gone a tad bit far in his revenge methods on occasion but should one expect anything less from the crown princeI won t ruin this beautifully dark read by divulging any details However allow me to convey what we all now deep in hearts regarding this seriesthings are never what they seem or reveal what we hopeThe "series must be read in order to understand and appreciate the deliciousness of Jude s darkness There are three books total " must be read in order to understand and appreciate the deliciousness of Jude s darkness There are three books total priced and worth every minute of your money and time Embrace the darkness and marinate in the beauty and freedom of JudeFive dark and lovely stars for this finale ARC provided HEED THE WARNING PEOPLE This is not a test HEED THE WARNINGAs conclusions to a series goes this one tops the cake What I wanted to happen happened Jude is an evil sadistic fuck and I loved him It s wrong of me to love a man like that but I do I can t help it He brought me to my neesThis is the first series I have read of Dori Lavelle s She did an excellent job portraying love in all the wrong places that seemed right His Agenda is sexy horrifying beautiful and heartbreaking I laughed I cried I was turned on and I was pissed off Those are all ualities I look for in a series that I ll read over and over againDori what an amazing Disturbing Psychological Thriller you have produced Broken Illusions book 3 of 3 THIS BOOK MADE ROMANCE HISTORY FOR ME He was Jude Macknight a powerful man He took what he wanted when he wanted it Books in His Agenda series should be read in orderBook 05 Cold Deception Jude s preuelBook 1 Veiled ObsessionBook 2 Dangerous IntentionsBook 3 Broken IllusionsWow I can honestly say this is the first book I have ever read where I was wishing there would NOT be a HEA for neither I am in utter shock that would think that and still feel the same hours after finishing I think author might have felt the similarly since upon concluding series she added a preuel Novella About Hero In about hero In Agenda part 1 2 followed a broken and lonely damsel Haley as she was rescued by a Knight in shining armor resort developer and real estate mogul Jude Macknight After fairytale wedding damsel Haley felt the walls of their ingdom closing in and allowed herself to be rescued by another prince Her Knight in rusted armor turne. Issues idnapping murder graphic rape and extreme violence Jude Macknight is gone forever and I can finally start my new life with Dustin Brannon But it's not so easy to move on When I close my eyes at night Broken Illusions His Agenda #3