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E I found t hilarious so I really wanted This book describes Veitch s adventures replying to scam emails It s very funny and lighthearted I adore his sense of humor and the way he communicates with these people He never veers nto being cruel or dismissive t s like he manages to create this form of humor that s just confused and snarky All Brotherhood of Thieves: The Wardens in allf you re nterested "In A Short And Fun Read This Is Very Cute "a short and fun read this s very cute absolutely recommend Shaking Behind the Microphone: Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking it evenf Lamikorda it doesn t come with a free toaster What I m Taking With Me I love the way he speaks and could absolutely watch hours oft You never really think about the other side of scams I WANT SOMEONE TO BELIEVE IN want someone to believe Garou Saga: Who's Who Werewolves in like James Veitch believesn hummus Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI became obsessed with James veitch a while ago while was on a while ago while I was on TED Talk binge and came across the grabbily titled This s what happens when you reply to spam email I enjoyed t so much that I ended up Googling him to see f there was any where that come from and landed on the Scamalot series he did with Mashable You can Complete Guide to the TOPIK (advanced) imagine my delight then when I managed to finagle a copy of his book DOT CON which further chronicles his adventuresn tormenting scammers by wasting their timeI think part of why I like James Veitch so much s that he s not malicious or mean He doesn t nsult the scammers he corresponds with or yell at them He actually reminds me a lot of another troll I like Ken M whose sense of humor You Come to Yokum is self described as bringing a banana to a gun fight per hisnterview with Vox In his correspondence with these scammers James deflects their reuests or demands for personal data with zany good humor playing the blithe diot while never outright saying no and t s absolutely hilarious when they try to pander to him some of them go to great lengths to win his credit card Zbogom, dragi Krleža infoIf you re a Veitch fan already most of the contentn this book probably Firesoul isn t going to be new to you I recognized most of the emails from his Scamalot series and only saw a couple new ones I didn t mind seeing them again though especially the Giant Gummy Lizard one whichs one of the funniest things I ve ever seen on the Jonathan Franzen: The Comedy of Rage internet Howeverf you re new to James Veitch s shenanigans you should definitely read this book as You Are the Rain it s honestly pretty pure and frankly hilarious In his TED Talk he said that he doesn t feel bad about messing with these guys or gals because every minute they spend with hims a minute they don t spend preying on the vulnerable and I think that s trueAnd Cycle Style if you don t want to read the book well we ll always have Tuscany Thanks to Netgalleythe publisher for the review copy3 to 35 stars. Its his long lost love recounting tales of their favourite moment together or the business man providing a uote for James' new bookt s amazing to see how easy t can be to scam the scam artis. Dot Con by James Veitch

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Right I realised that I have tons of books that I finished ages ago and which need reviewingThis was a really fun and uic read Heard about the book thanks to a hilarious TED talk of the author Toaster story s the absolute BEST This was awesome The genius of comedians s that they manage to find new and hilarious ways of looking at and talking about everyday things And the genius Iron Cross idea of James Veitchs writing back to email spammers You know the low energy cons of Nigerian princes and so on third world country entrepreneurs utilizing the opportunity to connect globally To Assist The Gullible And Na Ve In Contributing To assist the gullible and na ve Zachary's Virgin in contributing to various economies A fool and his money and all that Well normally you don t think about them delete button at most but Veitch actually actively engages these peoplen laugh out loud email exchanges be that a mail order bride scheme of any other money scam It s about as funny for the readers as Pfaueninsel it might benfuriating for the spammers which s to say considerably so I really had fun with this book It s such a slender volume only 144 pages very uickly read took about 80 minutes some of which were spent laughing aloud About as long as a stand up act n fact And to the same effect All Torah With Ramban's Commentary Translated, Annotated, And Elucidated: Devarim/Deuteronomy (Artscroll) in all a great way to start the day I read this first thingn the morning And just a fun funny read n general Recommended Thanks Netgalley I was laughing so hard when I was reading this that I thought everyone on the train was staring at me But I didn t care James Veitch s just so awesome and so funny when he writes back Winnie Mandela or Princess Mina whose uncle has stolen her nheritance I think we should have the James Veitch movement Let s go people Me when I realised that James Veitch has a book I was obsessed with his videos for years t always fascinated me how far he can go with these scammers and they still continue Most of the stories were previously told by James n one of his videos however t did have details here n the book But probably my favourite part of his videos s how he delivers them which of course you cannot have n the "book except when I was reading the stories his voice n my head Btw why s "except when I was reading the with his voice n my head Btw why Horses is always Western Union Anyway I lovedt Had a few good laughs I will definitely re read several of these The Snail farm and the novel are always my favourites Plus Mary Gary China Jewelry Corp and Unsubscribing And Goblin King if you are reading this and you do not know who James Veitch then please find his videos on Youtube Beware anyone who s been muggedn Manila Philippines and needs money transferred to Western Union If you re unfamiliar with James Veitch I encourage you. Dot Con The Luthier's Apprentice is the story of what happened when James Veitch decided to play the scammers at their own game providing a hilarious showcase of the conversations he orchestrates with onlinemposters Now to head over to YouTube and lose yourself Factories in the Field: The Story of Migratory Farm Labor in California in the rabbit hole of his videos then come back and read this book Veitchs a former Apple Genius turned famous comedian with the third most viewed TED Talk and he achieved this by responding to an email scam This exploded nto a viral sensation and now he plays along with virtual scam artists n order to waste their time and beat them at their own game This entire book s told as an easily readable series of email exchanges with these scammers and they are downright hilarious If you are familiar with James Veitch you ve probably already heard some of the exchanges in this book but there are also plenty of new ones With an this book but there are also plenty of new ones With an style and laugh out loud ridiculous humor Veitch must contend with surreal poetry clandestine coups mperiled royalty unreuited long distance romance and to dupe these villains and maybe win a free toaster while he s at t And as funny as all of this s there Schlechter Sex 2 is much to admiren the way that he wastes these scammers time so they have less time to target the older generations and the gullible This book was an absolute crackup I love how creative James Veitch New Jewish Voices: Plays Produced by the Jewish Repertory Theatre is and just how dumb some scammers can beI watched a Ted Talk Dear James BluntWill you be my book boyfriend I don t read much romance so I am not sure howt s done properly but you t read much romance so I am not sure how t s done properly but you lock a person you like n a high security personal harem and th If you re like me you delete spam emails with one swift click afraid to nteract further than that n fear of downloading some evil attachment James Veitch however has no such fear Not only does he respond and play the part of an Sword and Sorceress 24 innocent victim but hes damn hilarious cheeky and awesome while doing t Most of these emails start out the same way you ve wonyou ve been leftwe have found some outrageously large sum of money but you have to wire a processing fee of up to a few thousand to get the millions James always manages to throw the scammer for a loop It s hard to explain Veitch has done some TED talks where he goes through the emails check out this particularly hilarious one with one of the best nteractions n the book Look I know t may be silly to give this book five stars but frankly The Riptide Ultra-Glide it made me stay up until 2 am with a serious case of the giggles I could not stop laughing with every new story and I don t even remember the last time a book made me do that It s a very fast read I finishedt Die Sanduhr in about a day If you re looking for some lighthearted fun reading look no further Go pick this up Thank you to Hachette for the ARC I went on a bit of a Tedx talk binge the other day and came across James Veitch s on. Aturally James replies with an offer of help ready to wire money by Western Uniont's always Western Union safely and securely but not before the recipient has given something n return Whether.
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