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(The Gun Bluford Series Number 6) [PDF/EBOOK] ´ Paul Langan

Ll of you people who like ramasadinteresting and fun books you should read this because it is very touching how a boy named Tyrone bullies the whole school and then this boy that he mainly picked on id something very regretful that you will have to read to find out You think that he is mean and vicious but on his other half he is sweet and touching on how respectful he treats his older brother who he hasn t met in years You wont believe what goes on at his house to find out the reason why he is #so mean and rude So if you wanna know the answer #mean and rude So if you wanna know the answer these untold uestions read this book and you will be AMAZED The story The Gun by Paul Langan is about a bully that ends up getting bullied and loses his bully reputation His is name is Tyray Hobbs After he got picked on and bullied by Darrel Mercer Darrel was the only person to stand up to Tyray Tyray wanted to get his revenge on Darrel He wants to buy a gun from this guy that his brother knows His brother is in jail The guy tells him that the gun costs 50 ollars Tyray had to find a way to get the money He always had money when he was a bully Tyray pretended to be friends with this girl and lie to her in order to get 50 The Economics of Agricultural Development dollars from her Tyray endd up getting jumped therefore losing the money Tyray ended up stealing money from his mom He bought the and went to find Darrel He was about to kill him but he couldn t I think the arthur s purpose of this story was to inform and entertain This story can be very entertaining but it is also teaching you something It teaches you that if you become a bully there are conseunces that can come your way and other outcomes that you may not like I think Paul Langanid *a great job on this book It was very good test The Gun is the continuation of *great job on this book It was very good test The Gun is the continuation of Bully In The Bully Tyray was the freshman bully in high school and he learned to get what he wanted through bullying and intimidation He often took money from other kids and nearly everyone in the school was afraid of him Tyray liked the idea of being powerful At the end of the book Darrel Mercer the new kid Tyray was bullying stood up to Tyray and beat him up which caused him to loose his repuation Tyray began getting laughed at and made fun off Tyray then gets the idea that the only way for everyone to respect him again is if he gets a gun I like the gun because this can happen to anyone This is reality Kids in school are bullied all the time Its just a matter of time before someone turns to a weapon If you watch the news this has happened a few times before There was one incident where a student was always being picked on Day after Shallow Grave day Then oneay he came to school with a gun and killed several students As police beagn to investigate the found that ethe student has been planning the event for uite some time He had The Pocket Guide to Action diary of all his emotions and the things he wanted too people He even had a list of the people he wanted to killhe killed them Another reason i like this book is because it teaches a lesson I think the phrase what goes around comes around fits this book perfectly I think this is so because in the begining Tyray thought he had it all He took peoples money made them cry and bullied people for no reason In the end Darrel proved he is not undefeatable and Tyray felt as though his only option was a weapon Finally this book grabbed my attention not only by the title but by the topic The Gun is very catchy and that is why i began to read this book but the way Tyray got the gun is very realistic He went to a local place in his neighborhood and then someone sold him the gun It was not only wrong lawfully it was wrong becasue he s selling a gun to a minor Guns are accessible to minors in Philadelphia as well That s a very common way people are killeda gun This is a very great book and i recommend that people should read it I like it bcause it catches my attention it teaches a real life lesson and this can happen to anyone. Reputation and his uest to get revenge on Darrell the only boy who ever stood up to hi. The Gun Bluford Series Number 6The Gun by Paul Langan I *LIKED THE BOOK BECAUSE YOU NEVER *the book because you never what was going to happen next Tyray Hobbs is the bully in school He threatens and beats people up to get their money and to make them scared of him One Algorithms for Clustering Data (Prentice Hall Advanced Reference Series : Computer Science) day a kid named Darrell stood up to him and breaks his wrist Tyray becomes a joke around school He thinks if he would buy a gun he would get his status at school back He lies to get enough money to buy a gun and then waits outside of Darrell s workplace to get his revenge back Tyray is about to kill Darrell but then points the gun to his own head Darrell tackles Tyray before he can shoot himselfTyray is the main character Throughout the book he realizes that picking on people is not the way to earn respect He looks up to his brother and because of this heoesn t kill Darrell Darrell remains the same throughout the book He tries to be friends with Tyray multiple times The book takes place in a city in California Most of the story takes place at Bluford High School or Tyray s house It Made to Crave Action Plan Participants Guide does not say the year this story took place but it sounds like presentay I would give this book five out of five stars I would recommend it to middle school age #kids to young adults who like action packed books and interesting reads I read The Gun by #to young adults who like action packed books and interesting reads I read The Gun by Langan I thoroughly enjoyed the book because it flowed very well and was never boring In the beginning the main character Tyray Hobbs is a bully He beats people up and takes their money because he thinks that gets him respect One Introduction to African American Studies day a boy Darrell stands up to him and breaks Tyray s wrist He becomes the laughing stock of the school and thinks the only way to get back their respect is to get a gun He steals and lies to get enough money to buy a gun and waits outside of Darrells work to kill him Tyray is about to kill him but then turns the gun on himself Darrell tackles Tyray before he can shoot himself and Tyray becomes a totallyifferent personTyray is the main character as well as a My Lover dynamic character Throughout the book he realizes that intimidating people is not the right way to earn respect He looks up to his brother a lot and that is the reason heoesn t kill Darrell Darrell remains the same throughout the book He is always positive and tries constantly to be friends with Tyray The book is set in an unknown city in California It takes place mainly at Bluford High School and Tyray s house There is no specific time but the events seem similar to current Alcohol Addiction day issuesOverall I would give The Gun four out of five stars I would recommend it to most readers because it has a simple vocabulary and would interest most readers The book has a very good message and is an easy read for anyone who likes intense action I read The Gun by Paul Langan In this book the main character Tyray is his high school s biggest bully and that is his only known way to be accepted by his peers When one of his victims Darrellecides to stand up to him the kid flips him and rops him on his wrist breaking it on the spot This lead to Tyray not being as feared This was a pretty good book It is A Little Too Easy To little too easy to though I read through it very fast but it was still ecent Even though I liked it I would not read it again The plot of this book is that there is a kid named Tyray that bullied other kids ever since middle school He is very big in a muscular way so no one could Aspects of South African Literature do anything to fight back His life at home isn t very good Hisad threatens to beat him and would make good on his threat His mom The Barefoot Girl: A Novel of St. Margaret, Patroness of the Abused doesn to anything about it His older brother who he was very close to was sent to prison for an armed robbery His parents Social Media in Academia disowned him after that Back to the present a new kid who was uite small moved to the school and Tyray was excited to bully him and take his lunch money Heid so and as a result Darrel joined wrestling A few months later Tyray tried to bully him in the lunchroom and Darrel flipped him and broke Tyray s arm Tyra. The seuel to The Bully this book is about Bluford freshman Tyray Hobbs the tormentor Y cried in front of everyone and no one was afraid of him any People started to make fun of him and mock him Tyray then found a gangster on the streets and was offered a gun About two weeks later Tyray got enough money to buy the gun Tyray told his old friend about the gun and told him to spread the news so people would be afraid of him It worked well and everyone knew by the next ay The principal heard and searched his backpack the next ay The principal heard and searched his backpack locker but Tyray had left the gun at home That night Darrel was at work until 800 so Tyray went at 750 to wait for him outside of his work When Darrel got out of work Tyray tackled him off his bike and aimed the gun at himAfter a few minutes of standing there and thinking about it Tyray Orality in Igbo (African) Literature decided heidn t want to go through with it because he would end up in too much trouble just like his brother Instead Tyray tried to kill himself but Darrel slapped the gun out of his hand as he pulled the trigger Tyray was lying on the ground and realized he needed help and wanted to change Darrel reached out to help him up The two walked off as Darrel promised that this was just between the two of them and nobody else needed to know As they reached the end of a Modern English in Action (Level 12) dark alley Darrel and Tyray ended up walking off in oppositeirections Tyray had apologized and knew that his life was going to change Although he was unsure about what was going to happen next he headed home He was afraid to face his parents Tyray Nature-Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms decided that he needed to come straight and so he told his parents the whole story I would recommend this book to at least high schoolers or people that are mature enough to handle talking aboutifficult social issues such as murder and suicide because those subjects are The Alchemical Mandala A Survey of the Mandala in the Western Esoteric Traditions discussed in the book Also I would recommend it to those that want a uick and easy read because this bookoesn t take much time to get through It is recommended for a reading level 52 The Gun is about a young African American man that is still going to high school and is bullying other young men The young man that is bullying these kids is Tyray Hobbs He bullies these kids because he likes the feeling of having power and that people are afraid of him There was a new kid who started attending school in the beginning of the year so Tyray targeted him Tyray id this because he knew he could make him cower and be afraid of him The young man s name was Darrell Mercer Darrell came to Blue Ford High School because his mom could not find a job on the east coast She found one on the west coast so they moved to this new neighborhood Over the course of the school year Tyray made Darrell s life miserable *Darrell Joined The Wrestling S *joined the wrestling s guilty pleasure book series 3 An amazing read as always The gun by Paul Langan was an amazing book It had me at the edge of my seat and wanting the whole time Tyray Hobbs is a freshman at Bluford High School He hates school but the one thing that keeps him alive is being a bully Tyray is six feet tall muscular and he takes advantage of these things when it comes to school Tyray is known for intamidating kids and stealing their money but all of that comes to an end when Darrell Mercer comes along Darrell humiliated Tyray in front of all his friends and now Tyray Mercer comes along Darrell humiliated Tyray in front of all his friends and now Tyray revenge Now Tyray thinks the only solution to his problem is a gun This book had my heart pounding and my hands shaking I could not believe how good it was The Gun had me hooked from the beginning all the way to the very end I was not expecting the ending that I had received and I really think that the ending is what made me rate the book five stars I really enjoyed this book and I know other people will too I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys young adult or rama This book was focused on the real life situations that people go through every Digital Feminist Activism: Girls and Women Fight Back Against Rape Culture day There is nooubt in my mind that someone wouldn t enjoy a book as good as The Gun Hi my name is Stella and I think that F Darrell Mercer The tale traces Tyray's troubled home life his The Story of Han Xiangzi: The Alchemical Adventures of a Daoist Immortal (China Program Book) desire to rebuild his.

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