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N running at the back of the pack But being slow has its perks Races are like mullets business in the front party in the back pg 28 Cracked me upOn are like mullets business in the front party in the back pg 28 Cracked me upOn training here Ayers describes her first CrossFit class At some point during my last rep my contact lens slipped off my eye Even my eyeballs are working in this class I had to walk back out past the MMA testosterone ring to et to the ladies room to fix it and that s when I realized #I could no longer straighten my arms I was walking like a #could no longer straighten my arms I was walking like a Rex and couldn t help it I won t be joining a CrossFit The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) gym anytime soon pg 91I m seriously considering purchasing one of my sisters this book it s hilarious and uplifting If you enjoyed Confessions of an Unlikely Runner you may also like Down Size 12 Truths for Turning Pants Splitting Frustration into Pants Fitting Success by Ted Spiker or Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Heminsly while I don t know if this book matches the description of a combination of Bridget Jones and Forest Gump or something like that I did find it laugh out loud funny touching completely relatable and I pretty much want to be Dana Ayers new best friend It s a uick fun read that made my feel almost ok about being a back of the packer It also reinforced that I shouldn t let my speed or lack thereof determine the adventures I undertake Runner friends if you don t take your runner self too too seriously I strongly recommend this read Cute fun readas a runner I laughed and nodded my way through the book I had no expectations for this book it was a free download from but I picked it for my running book club this month Funny and completely relateable this was areat read for any middle of the pack or back of the pack runner. ’ stories share an underlying theme of Ayers’ serious reverence for the sport of running and the running community Ayers describes experiences such as participating in a 1000 mile relay for Boston Marathon bombing victims and being overcome by emotion while observing wounded veterans struggling to finish a race Her stories prove how life enriching it can be to physically fight for something and to cheer on others who are doing the sameFor anyone who has considered trying a marathon an obstacle race or simply taking up running for the first time Ayers is your ambassador If she can do it you can to. Best of my ability Dana seems to run to a lose weight and "b do those silly themed races that aren t for people who like " do those silly themed races that aren t for people who like without actually trying to improve She never seems to be prepared for the races she runs which for me would be recipe for injury and I m super jealous that she never seems to et injured I can see this book being #Motivational To Someone Who Has Never Run Before And Wants #to someone who has never run before and wants start but for anyone who actually likes running it s kind of frustrating to read Confessions of an Unlikely Runner filled me with hope Hope that one day I too with my sporadic training style and bookworm tendencies could stumble my way through a race longer than a 10k at if not respectable pace then at least a step above sedate Ayers is funny candid and self effacing in Confessions her sports memoir She ives tips and tricks from her many years of race running as well as humorous stories to comfort and amuse struggling athletes I liked her writing style immediately It s down to earth and Arabian Challenge genuine This book is appropriate everyone but I think that the beginner to intermediate runners will enjoy her humor the mostAyers thoughts about running Running as helped me deal with coworkers and break ups has taught me what I m capable of physically and emotionally has introduced me to some fascinating people and has taught me how to accept support Of course it s alsootten me electrocuted pg 3How she stumbled into marathon running I honestly don t remember how I decided on a marathon as my weight loss enabler I searched through old emails and found one I d written on november 15 2009 to my friend on November 15 2009 to my friend The subject line just said Marathon and the email started with I may want to do one Haha pg 17O. S with insights about how and why she keeps runningA self proclaimed ambassador of slow runners Ayers has completed dozens of endurance challenges including Tough Mudder the Ragnar Relay Muddy Buddy Warrior Dash Run Amuck the Army Ten Miler the Country Music Marathon and many mud runs obstacles courses and races Her race descriptions will entertain seasoned runners and non runners alike Woven into the chaos of her running adventures is compassionate reassurance for anyone who feels like they aren’t fast enough athletic enough or strong enough to finish a tough raceThough told with humor Confessions. Confessions of an Unlikely RunnerSuch a fun read Next time says tell me again why you pay to do that just loan them this book She really captures the spirit and soul of runners I read this on a flight and I found myself trying not to laugh out loud too much This book is me Most would call me a runner but I have never been able to ive myself that label even after two full marathons So relatable and if I lived closer to the author I d want to be her running buddy Such a ood read for anyone who has ever even thought about lacing up those sneakers Fun uick read about Ayers experiences being a casual runner Not a how to for budding marathoners but it does Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students give insight into the nittyritty of different types of marathons and relays We are the casual runners as opposed to the competitive runners Casual makes it sounds like it s my choice Like I m just keeping things casual with running Like running and I sometimes see other people because we re non committal like that That s basically the tone of the whole book Very enjoyable specially if you re intimidated by something you ve wanted to try but don t think you ll fit in a yoga class cross fit marathons she ll inspire you to not take yourself so seriously and ILLERAMMA Kathalu get out there and do it anyway Really funny a lot that I can relate to as a wanna be runner This was a random read I was scrolling through the top 100 free books on and this one caught my eye This was a really fun book because a I think I just didn t like the book because the author annoyed me She s one of thoseoofy people who says weird things just to say them and that always ets on my nerves As a runner I m not super fast #but i can be competitive and am always #I can be competitive and am always to improve my running to the. Witty observant and full of cringe worthy confessions and heartwarming encouragement Confessions celebrates both running and life Part Bridget Jones part Forrest Gump Dana Ayers chronicles her awkward mishaps and adventures in transitioning from childhood bookworm to accidental accomplished athlete Over the last ten years Ayers has completed a vast array of races She runs them all while admittedly not etting much faster much thinner or much disciplined though she has managed to be on national television split open her pants and et electrocuted Ayers intersperses her hilarious yet relatable struggle.

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