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Devour Author Kurt Anderson (E–pub)

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E thread going at the same time There are unlikely heroes secrets that get revealed as the book moves along and no shortage of action I liked the characters well nough that I cared about what happened to them and ven felt a bit of sympathy for the monster as one should when reading a full length novel about a beast doing what it must for survival The author managed to tie things together nicely toward the nd of the book and I was able to suspend belief during this book long Spirit of the Wolf enough tonjoy it because the writing was good If you love horrorthriller books this one is a good choice I won t go in the water for a while This review is based on a complementary copy from the publisher provided through Netgalley All opinions are my own ExcellentThis story was action packed pretty much from beginning to A Vineyard Christmas end and I hope to read stories by this Author CAUTION SPOILERS WITHINDevour is one of thosexamples of the old adage Never judge a book by its cover And that s xactly what I made the mistake of doing I saw the cover a massive maw rising from the water to close upon a cruise ship and thought Ooooh this is going to be SCARY To its credit it did at least start off well A giant sea creature hunts ice fishermen and smashes through the ice to did at least start off well A giant sea creature hunts ice fishermen and smashes through the ice to at them Unfortunately the pace it set could not keep up with the rest of the bookFirst thing s first The creature depicted on the cover is nowhere near the size that s described in the book Although the creature is uite large larger than a great whale I did feel like this was a bait and switch The main problem with this book though is that the creature feels of an afterthought than the focal point of the story There s this whole subplot that takes place on the cruise liner Nokomis and the author spends so much time trying to weave this illegal card game story together that by the time the story reverts back to the monster whatever tension he s supposed to be building starts to dissipate It s also not helped by the fact that just about very human character he has are cookie cutter generic types from action and horror genres I actually moaned in detest when he devalued his main character Brian s shipmate Gilly when Brian recovered Gilly s body from the water and said I just don t like losing things This book is also horribly dited I have to uestion some reviews on here that state this book is well written and well dited It is not There are countless spelling rrors missing and xtra words and he Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) even manages to misspell one of his own character s names There s a little girl named Taylor and on one page it s spelled with an O and on the very next page it s spelled with an E Was thisven Math Basics 6 edited past first draft I wasn t scared at all by this book To be fair it s very hard for a book to scare me because I need audio and visual cues to really help immerse me which is why movies and games are far better served for this genre but this book didn tven make me uneasy I suppose the main reason why is because so much time was spent on that damn stupid illegal card game Bored the heck out of me Also the author just nonchalantly brings in another monster for a last minute scare tactic and just as uickly kills the monster off letting it be forgotten It did have a cool Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, ending when Brian killed the monsterven though it was highly unbelievable So much potential gone to waste in this book If you want to read horror at sea read Steve Alten s Meg series instead Simply Brilliant You can tell straight away that this Author has a talent for writing This was such an The First Ghost easy book to read and was so we. Rives in time to save the ship’s last survivor But the nightmare is just beginning A casino cruise ship carrying high stakes passengers and a top secret cargo becomes the creature’s bloodsoaked hunting ground Desperate but determined Hawkins goes after the biggest catch of the century. This book had such promise as at least anxciting creature feature but unfortunately the it went on the ridiculous the story became to the point of it being just a waste of time Starting off somewhat like a cross between the movie Deep Rising one of Steve Alten s water monster books a cruise ship loaded with gamblers hides its real nature a poker game between two wealthy crime bosses and a whole lot of criminals working for them and running seedy dealings Meanwhile an ancient giant undersea menace has found its way into the Atlantic Ocean and attacks the ship While this premise should have been ntertaining ven if it was pretty cheesy the narrative becomes too Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential entangled in the whole criminal activity and stupid gangsters and what follows on the ship just got stupider as it went along Despite the fact that the ship is sinking and being attacked by giant creature the poker game continues And the criminals keep beating up people And no one wants to call for rescue becauseveryone will be in deep shit if the authorities find out what s going on below decks Had a lot of that crap been removed it would have been njoyable instead of the stupid slog it became Like many other reviewers I was drawn to this book by its cover and then the blurb I have a passion for monster novels specially when the monster is of colossal proportions That isn t uite the case with this book the cover is conceptual in nature but the sea creature predator is still sizable nough to wreak havocBased upon the blurb the book isn t what I xpected but the story maintained my interest Odd as it may sound I specially liked the POV the reader gets expected but the story maintained my interest Odd as it may sound I specially liked the POV the reader gets the creature I also think the author did a fantastic job describing it and allowing the reader to see its movements I wasn t invested in the characters the way I would have liked to be but this is still an Placing Memory enjoyable read if you like monstercreature books and it delivers a satisfyingnding i ve read bryan dunn s thaw and lincoln child s terminal freeze before this one is really good The plot is layered and interesting with a lot of different character motivations for veryone But it lacked a lot of development of the monster which should be the point of a monster story We don t get to spend a lot of time on the beast and indeed many of the human characters spend a good portion of the story downplaying or ven denying the xistence of the creature I think that was the biggest downfall of the story Like the second or third seasons of The Walking Dead the creature becomes a backdrop for the characters rather than the focus The plot would have been pretty much the same if a storm was crippling the boat rather than a prehistoric beastYou know when you can tell some character is the author s favorite You know because the character isn t really that interesting or doesn t deserve all the attention he gets from other characters Frankie felt like this to me He s not really a great guy He s not ven a good guy But the author focuses so much on him and gives him the heroes death and ven makes the survivors go to his family as the very last scene in the book I never felt like this character deserved all this attention The only thing he

Had Going For Him 
going for him that he didn t want to kill one of the female characters That s itI feel like the author could have worked to wrap up things as well He repeatedly states that Taylor is now an orphan because her parents were killed by the beast and yet we never know what happens to her after they scape the boat Did Brian and Destiny adopt her Did she go to. IT LURKS Deep beneath the ice of the Arctic Circle something has awakened A primordial creature frozen in time it is the oldest largest most While My Soldier Serves efficient predator that nature hasver produced And it is ravenously hungry  IT HUNTS Thirty five miles off the Massachussetts coast a small resea. Extended family or into the foster care system What about Wells He gets on the tugboat and the monster destroys the tugboat but we never see his death for sure And he was a major characterThere s a lot of attention to detail and good twists in this story and I m sure the author s next novels will be improved over this as his talent volves There are two acceptable modes for a book like Devour Thriller or Campy funDevour somehow manages to be NEITHER thrilling or full of campy funFull review later but basically Sucked Sucked Sucked Sucked SUCKED ARC REVIEW This is a first for me I normally just watch the animal attack horror movies but this one piued my interest Looking at the cover I thought Jaws Alligator and a whole array of different creature horror movies But reading through the book I realized it was like Deep Rising without the tentacles and Devour was a lot better I liked this it was a good read once I got than a couple chapters into it I inhaled the thing It is in third person but it switches perspective between the main characters and the creature itself that was a nice touch I liked that it wasn t just the creature they were having to worry about but an alternate conflict that they are dealing with and the fact that the creature is there complicates mattersThe perspective of the creature is interesting because of how it thinks You see how it s mind works as it finds out that the big things that float on the water have yummy bits fall out of them when you crash into them The other characters are a fisherman who is trying to forget his past a cocktail waitress just trying to arn some xtra cash a scientist who figures
Out What The Hell 
what the hell going on and a young girl who is just a victim of circumstanceFrank Moore has verything planned out he s got a gambling cruise ship all set up as a cover for his true intentions he never The Fiend Next Door expected that a creature that was suppose to bextinct would defrost from the arctic circle and start hunting them Brain Hawkins was just trying to arn a living as a fisherman when he picks up a distress call from another vessel With the Coast Guard busy all the unusual ocean activity Brain decides they are the other vessels only hope He never xpected to find the thing in pieces with barely one survivor a professor who was doing research with his students on the unusual activity going on recently Destiny Boudreaux only took the job with Frankie because he promised a hefty paycheck and awesome tips Taylor Millicent is only on the gambling cruise ship with her parents because it offered day care and that fact that her parents really didn t careIn international waters off the coast of Massachusetts Frankie s ulterior motives are in full swing when it all starts to fall apart The creature just wants to பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் eat it neverxpected to work this hard to have to get some food but the humans those little tasty morsels started to fight back When Brain and the scientist go aboard the cruise ship as the only means to survival he now has to fight back mobster thugs as well as find a way to survive the attack of the giant sea creature and make it back to shoreOverall this was a fun read A heart pounding action and suspense with in depth characters and an alternate plot that adds to the intensity of the overall story What a great cover So scarySo I a good of the overall story What a great cover So scarySo I love a good novel and one has all the right lements to be truly terrifying If you love those sci fi movies where there is something bigreally biglurking in the depths then this book will no doubt satisfy you The story is good and has than on. Rch ship is attacked All but one of its crew is killed by the massive serpentine horror that rises from the sea The creature likes this human prey The chewy outer hide The tender saltiness within And it wants  IT FEEDS Responding to a distress signal fishing boat captain Brian Hawkins ar.
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