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I Was A Stranger

SUMMARY ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ✓ John W. Hackett

Te but at the other end of the string was a heavy little stone of sadness I was leaving behind me a rare and beautiful thing It was a structure of kindness and courage of steadfast devotion and iet selflessness which "it was a high privilege to have known I had been witness to an act of faith " was a high privilege to have known I had been witness to an act of faith The Haunted House and Other Spooky Poems and Tales unobtrusive and imperishable I had often seen bravery in battle I now also knew thenconuerable strength of the gentleAnother moving moment happens during Hackett s escape He has been traveling at night in a canoe along a river with a silent happens during Hackett s escape He has been traveling at night in a canoe along a river with a silent not Medical Marijuana unfriendly stranger they stop at one point and get out on the bank to wait for someone Hackett does not know who or what and no one explains While they wait he realizes there are people some of whom might well be doing exactly what he is doing I was cramped and stoodp to move about a little The wind blew in great gusts Stinging drops of water whether of spray or driven rain hit me
*in the face *
the face shape grew before me hovered A Walk Across France uncertainly and drew close It was a womanGood luck said a low voice in EnglishA man appeared beside herGood luck said he and a hand found mine and grasped itThey turned and left me like wraiths as a third camepGood luck Englishman a voice murmured in DutchAnother woman s form materializedGoodbye The voice was a whisper blown by the wind barely heardYet another stood beside me and a hand felt for my armLook here are biscuits and a little paper packet was thrust into my handThen I was suddenly alone again moved and Nicademus uplifted as I had so often been among the Dutch There are so manytterly sickening and horrific stories about war and these need to be told and learned from But there are also stories of Gone til November uiet resistance like this one and these are important too Another book I read on a similar topic The Courage to Care Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust by Carol Rittner Sondra Myers made a similar impression on me the kindness of strangers this is what has saved so many in the end Small things sometimes other times incredible sacrificesThe kindness of strangers May I never forget how much it matters In terms of war memoirs this one is sort of a hybrid because it is about Hackett s experiences after he was wounded and escaped evacuation to a prisoner of war camp with the help of locals who sheltered him It is an interesting study in how people survived Nazi occupation Superb According to an American friend of mine Riveting Fine writing powerful intense concise nary a word not relevant to the telling I m transfixed by the tale A handsome new hardback edition was published early in 2014 by Slightly Foxed London They also serve who only stand and wait Thisotation from one of Milton s sonnets sums p John Hackett s attitude toward his time hidden and hiding from the Nazis in the Netherlands He was a brigadier leading a British parachute company wounded in the fall of 1944 I give away nothing to say he escaped the map and fact of the book give that away Nonetheless the reader feels the tension not knowing exactly how the escape will be made or who all will make it Hackett writes well with an occasional overwrought phrase who can blame him and I enjoyed the role reading played in passing the time as he grew strong enough to return to Britain His solace came from religious sources for the most part a bible was his first reading and which his hosts were eually devoted Just as important an anthology of poetry including much of Milton from whom he gained strength as well I hold Milton s treatment of. Cupied Holland hidden by a Dutch family at great risk to their own lives in a house a stone's throw from a German military police billet After four months in hi. I recommend this book for anyone who wants to see the best of humanity while suffering nder the oppression of war The of humanity while suffering nder the oppression of war The citizens who aided General Sir John Hackett were true heroes and showed the best answer to tyranny I was fortunate enough to meet a Canadian bomber pilot who was engaged in answer to tyranny I was fortunate enough to meet a Canadian bomber pilot who was engaged in Market Garden He told me him and his crew dropped bales of food to starving civilians who had lost so much like those portrayed in this book I take my hat off to all of them An incredible story Brigadier later General Hackett s autobiography tells the tale of a humble but truly inspirational man Someone who achieved a significant amount in their personal and professional lives it is telling that he focuses almost exclusively on this period in hiding in occupied Holland Moving insightful and extremely well written highly recommended During the Battle of Arnhem in World War II British General Sir John Hackett was severely injured He was taken to a hospital being held by Germans A German doctor wanted to give him Morphine and let him die but a South African doctor performed what was then a very risky surgery He was due to be sent to a prisoner of war camp where I m guessing that in the shape he was in he would have died when he was spirited out of the hospital by the Dutch resistance and went into hiding in the town of Ede where he was cared for by a Dutch family at great risk He grew to think of them as family such tender care did they provide him At first it was not even certain that he would survive but after some months convalescence and
*several attempts the *
attempts the was able to shepherd him back to England where he continued recuperating After the war he was able to go back and visit his family and remained close to them for his whole life The title of the book is based on Matthew 2535 A war book with a difference General Hackett as he was to become was seriously injured during the battle of Arnhem captured but managed to escape This book is largely about his being sheltered by Dutch families ntil he was finally able t I read this book with than A Way Youll Never Be usual interest as my Grandfather was annderdiver in the Netherlands during part of the war I was astounded at General Hackett s recall of events Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers until I got to the end where he told how he wrote this account in the year after it happened Nonetheless he must have been taking notes his descriptions are as crisp and clear as if they happened yesterdayThis is a book full of remarkable people Hackett himself the family he was hidden by Uncles Aunts brothers sisters the whole clan contributed in some way to his care and safety the resistance members who daily risked their lives for all those they helped and for me the most interesting the female couriers who escorted the divers from place to place delivered documents and explosives and whatever else necessary rightnder the nose of the Germans in this particular story 2 couriers one 40 yrs old and the other 19I really could go on and on The book brings Present Pasts up so many thoughts andestions This is not the Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie ugly side of the war it is harrowing and beautiful but a story of people doing what they believe to be right at any cost to themselves with grace and full hearts John Hackett when preparing at last to escape German occupied territory after recovering from his wounds makes this remark There was the expectation of excitement and change of freedom and a new life and the delight of setting out to go home My spirits bornepon thoughts like this soared like a ki. Badly wounded at the battle of Arnhem and then spirited from his hospital bed by the Dutch Resistance Brigadier John Hackett spent the winter of 1944 in Nazi oc. His daughters against him and am therefore prejudiced I
*admit completely but *
completely but don t estion other s admiration However all was not devout he specifically REUESTED VANITY FAIR AND THE FACT Vanity Fair and the fact one of his young resistance fighters managed to secure a copy for him shows a little example of man s humanity toward man The little acts are easier to comprehend than the massive daring of putting your entire family in danger for the sake of a stranger Striking autobiography of a wounded British Brigadier General given to the care of the Nazis as the British withdrew from the failed attempt to capture Arnheim then hidden by a Dutch famil When I started reading this book two years ago I was incredulous For this is one of the best nonfiction accounts of Allied bravery behind German lines from the War that I have as yet read Yet its reviews are few and far between on GR Why s thatWell for that I have to thank only myself and the others of my generation most of whom are still living for we are among the last who saw its effectsYou see those long lasting effects of the War inculcated a cold dread of modern warfare into our too sensitive souls And so many of s A Letter To Pakistan used to soft creature comforts became pronounced pacifistsAnd so I personally remainBut so many ofs others here are Before Our Eyes utterlynaware of the personal mortal hazards endured by the Dutch people who were not Death on Milestone Buttress uite firmly enoughnder the iron boot of Nazism for Hitler s likingFor these wonderful people like our soldiers who managed to save A Dark and Stormy Knight (Victorian Rebels, us from his totalitarian yoke by the skin of their teeth were proud members of the Greatest Generation These people putp with a meagre subsistence for ten full years during the Depression and then endured THIS LIVING HELLMany of them donning the Who Killed Mohtta uniformBut you know what These folks were so happy to be still alive in a Free World that they plunged RIGHT INTO THE THICK OF IT ALL out of sheer gratitude for their lives and freedomWe all know that the Cold War paralysed so many of the postwar generations with a dreary cynicismBut guess what We have never nearly risked LOSING our comforts FOR GOOD let alone for a fewnwired minutes as did so many of these old timers Until now with COVID 19But these gentle souls of the Netherlands who risked instant death or a much slower and tortuous death as a traitor in Auschwitz or Treblinka to save the life of one British soldier whom none of them knew personally were PHENOMENALLY BRAVEYou have often seen stories in the news about comparably audacious people but these folks were not cold images on your nightly news These people were warm innocent folks with too many problems of their own to risk throwing their lives away for a strangerYet that s exactly what these gentle homebodies didAnd this too is a gentle book that springs very few grisly surprises on s readers from a gentle manYes for General Sir John Hackett was a thoughtful gentle guyI know PTSD can do that to a manThat s why General NOT so high ranking during the War Hackett decided to write this shortly after demobilisationHe had TO GET HIS DEVILISH NIGHTMARES OUT OF HIS SYSTEM get his devilish nightmares out of his system he kept on slogging through his peacetime promotions to that high rankAnd Hackett was kind and gentle by his nature so he had no choice for his own peace of mindI know My stepmom s brother a career soldier knew him to be a iet self effacing senior officer His exorcism had workedThat exorcism we know as Catharsisits product this book is BeautifulAnd this book that I read was my stepmom s treasured copy. Ding Hackett was at last well enough to strap a battered suitcase to an ancient bicycle and set out on a high adventure which would he hoped lead him to freedom.