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Alien Alpha etesh #1This one was interesting It could easily have been 4 stars except for the annoying unanswered lot This Beats Working for a Living: The Dark Secrets of a College Professor pointsHeroine is kidnapped by galacticoliticians think UN who are trying to keep another species of aliens alive with a eteshhuman breeding We'll Make It Through program Heroine is treatedretty badly imo drugged glamour violated by aestheticians then sent The Silent Earth: The Complete Trilogy plummeting to the alienlanet in a od with zero information or repHero turns out to be a good guy saving her repeatedly from carnivorous alien fauna The couple witness what sounded like the The Age of Apollyon public rape of another human woman Plotoint not really cleared upThe alien lanet is brutal sweltering in the day and freezing #OVERNIGHT WITH LARGE AND FIERCE PREDATORS MEANWHILE THE COUPLE #with large and fierce redators Meanwhile the couple a Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples physical relationship Juniper can write some good detailed steam I was totally into both characters as the reader gets to enjoy both characters POVThe hero takes the heroine back to one of the human women sods and they find translators first aid kits and foodIt is then that the hero finds out the heroine didn t volunteer and doesn t want to be there He s crushed but wants to help her get her wish Selfless hero with mad bedroom skills AIll be looking for the follow up to this book as I enjoyed the story and found it interestingI d recommend it to this who enjoy this genre Spoilers Members of the alien olitical organization apologized by saying we screwed up but they didn t seem to care about what they did to the heroine It reminded me of Cher from Clueless hitting a car on her drivers test saying oops My bad The human woman who died when her od crashed was never really addressed by the The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 political organization They just said something like yeah too bad Also Rebecca tried to have a etesh baby but it nearly ripped her uterus out And the book ends with the heroineregnant on a barbaric alien The National Debt: A Short History planet Wtf No HEA there The lady who kind of got brutalized by the bad chieftain No explanation there She s treated like a dogbut she cries Totally wrong cover Probably not the authorsick likely the smarmy ublishers Hero has dark scales on his arms and horns like a ram Skin is copper colored These didn t kill the story for me but they were irritatingly not addressed Novalyn bryce got on my last nerves she was annoying going back and forth between odrik one minute she wanted to have sex the next she saying no its wrong to make him think she

him and then wanting to home in the book she mentioned her grandmother once before giving her a lesson on stringing a guy along well apparently the stupid girl didnt learn that lesson cause she was still doing it to top it off lets use the alien while going back forth once again between oh i feel bad and then surprise surprise i want to go home or i want to have sex with him The author in my Opinion really screwed up on this one Hopefully if i read any books by her it wont be like this one 25 Stars rounded upMars or rather the ueteshi need women Fortunately they have intergalactic baby momma nappers who know right where to find some mostly willing earth girls Except for our girl of courseThis was not a bad book The trope is a tried and true one for a reason The writing is decent as well but the heroine s never ending hand wringing and waffling made me grumpy Presented with a thousand reasons why she should stay on her new home lanet and a thousand Why She Has No she has no to go home she still keeps running as fast as she can away from everything she wants This is how I spell stupidThe Hero is hunky devoted and deserves better than her frankly Still it was an interesting way to ass a couple of hours Th. Novalyn Bryce is a student tending bar at night to ut herself through school in New York City She has no family few friends and no romantic rospects Odrik Nuh’ar of etesh is seven feet tall with skin the color of honey He is a warrior hunter with rippling muscles and ink black hair and horns that wrapped around his head like a crown The et are a roud tribal eop.

Review Alien Alpha etesh #1

E most original art of this story was the fact that the lant had carnivorous lants that attacked the main character NovalynnNothing else was original Novalynn was the lant had carnivorous lants that attacked the main character NovalynnNothing else was original Novalynn was Odrik deserves better Send her back to ThymerGo read the other alien romance out there 35 StarsVery interesting alien lanet storyline Loved Odrik I wished there had been story at the end What happened next Juniper Leigh is something new in my world of scifi Alien Abduction Her story was very fresh and sweet in some aspects Not bad not bad at allWhat its mainly about Our lovely Novalin is a lonely girl She s trying to find the one the man of her dreams She dates she s decieved and finds herself swooped by aliens who relocate females in other lanets Planets where other alien species are in need of females Usually the gals volunteer Not her case So she ends up in a lanet where the etesh are expecting their new wives And that is how Nova Meets Odrik Hot horned alien Golden skin eyes like a black night with golden glitter scales on his arms and jet black hair That guy above with black hair Just amazing I enjoyed this very muchStill What kept it from being a 4 was the details Though the The Elephants Journey plot is not that all original and one can overcome it easily Yes Mars needs women theme the hero changes everything related to it Which is good What I can t overcome is the style of writing Overused terms like home to refer to a vagina It was such a turn off really Making his way home reallyAnd words like orifice just made it yucky and distasteful Not good When it comes to sex scenes Leigh describes it graphically and odd As if detailing a surgery or side effects of an illness Total turn off As to theace it was ok The heroine is just confusing I seriously felt sorry for Odrik He was so sweet and she was such a hipocrate I get that she s lost and she wants to go home That she s been moved to another Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' planet against her will But that doesn t give you the right to use someone and justlay ing ong with their feelings I mean She was okay with having sex with him when they didn t understand each other Treating him almost like an animal and when they can communicate and talk civilly suddenly she s like No we can t do this It just made want to strangle her Odrik was sweet respectful and attentive to her needs Even when she s selfish wants to seduce him cause she sees a happy couple worked out and suddenly changes her mind Even after those actions he still allows her to have him and then respect her wishes of leaving him It made me sooo angry So to summarize Mostly The style and odd narration took oints away So this is a 35 stars Good not overwhelming I bid you farewell and hope your future reads are fab 15 star for the awesome hero and amazing carnivorous fauna 15 star for the awesome hero and amazing carnivorous fauna this story contains spoilersThe only reason I read these kinds of books humanalien romance is for the emotional high the romise of a silly but enjoyable epic adventure I also want to see how gloriously wild the author s imagination is and to just enjoy an impossible fairytale esue romance where love conuers all I over look a lot of faults in this genre because my expectations are not that high I only want to be entertained and feel the connection and The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry passion between the hero and heroine Sadly Alien Alpha was not it for me The story had aromising beginning Novalyn Bryce is a student tending bar at night to StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story put herself through school in New York City She has no family few friends and no romanticrospects Odrik Nuh ar of etesh is seven feet tall with skin the color of honey He is a warrior hunter with rippling muscles and ink black hair. Le who were settled on the It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life planet etesh two hundred or so years ago Over those 200 years most of their females have died off leaving them on the brink of extinction The government in conjunction with an intergalactic agency known only as The Echelon a group that serves to keep the balance of the universe in check has beenlucking human women up out of their lives to. And horns that wrapped around his head like a crown Novalyn is tricked and kidnapped from earth by this intergalactic UN type superior alien species with extreme case of the big brother syndrome They decide she s Lignin Biodegradation perfect mate material for Odrik s species because hiseople are about to go extinct due to almost all of their women dying from a mysterious sickness Odrik is an alpha and the leader The et a Pure Chance primitiveeople living in a extremely hostile The Lady and the Lionheart planet They need his strength and guidance to survive androsper but he is in exile after a olitical coup and now he is alone living in a hut far away from his eople The lanet is hostile and very different from earth and it is not for the faint of heart It is definitely not a lace meant for fragile human flesh since even innocent looking Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church plants are carnivorous and the carnivorous animals are nightmarish monsters The scene is set for twoeople from very different background to forge a bond and develop attachment and A (kinda) Country Christmas passionate feelings but things don t work out as expectedFrom the word go Novalyn acts irrationally runs of screaming into the dangerous world outside Odrik s hut even after being rescued by him from aod wreak after she crash lands He then rescues her from certain ugly death after she runs of crash lands He then rescues her from certain ugly death after she runs of the carnivorous blood thirsty fauna Odrik is sweet kind gentle and tends to her injuries and looks after her well being Instead of being grateful andor thinking and reassessing the situation she runs off into the wild again and almost dies before being rescued again and atched up again Her lack of intelligence really annoyed me After realising what a gentle soul he is and how much he wishes she d give him a chance she continues to keep him at emotional distance but uses him for her survival The lack of regard emotional maturity and intelligence shown by the heroine ut me off and ut a damper on the otential romance The hero was amazing sweet and selfless He was willing to National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 put his needs and happiness aside and help her get back to herlanet even though he was crushed by her rejection It is just a shame he didn t get a heroine worthy of him instead of one who keeps him dangling until the very endThe lot was slow and I didn t much care for the farcical olitical intrigue and the bad guy was a jokeThe alien big brother overlords and their reason for meddling "with the lives of other species seemed a "the lives of other species seemed a silly and self indulgent for a superior civilisation The reason behind Novalyn s kidnapping seemed a bit far fetched too and the Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism possible love triangle at the end was totally unnecessary and it didn t add anything to thelot There were also unanswered uestions and unsolved issues to do with death molestation and even rape of the human women apparently it was all forgotten like it never happened Seriously The lack of roper ending left me confused There wasn t even a HEA I need my HEA in an alien romance story but there was no real wasn t even a HEA I need my HEA in an alien romance story but there was no real either This story had so much otential but in the end it was a dud for me I loved the hero and the world was interesting if trite in some of its depictions The heroine made me nuts She was Too Stupid To Live The behavior of the suppliers of the women was immoral and that didn t match with their mission and I had trouble moving Charming the Firefighter past thatThe heroine waffles until the last moment I wished for better for the hero I liked this book but the anger I felt with some of the characters took away a star This whole situation that Novalyn was in was complete and utter bullshit in my opinion The reason 355 StarsA short cute alien story that waserfect for an afternoon rea. Bring them to etesh as otential mates to keep the roud Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales people from dying out entirely Novalyn Bryce is one such woman Alien Alpha is a 50000 word Alien Sci Fi Romance novel containing scorching sex scenes and adult content The lushlanet of etesh rife with tall chiseled alpha males menacing alien tribes and a complete dearth of suitable women Read at your own ris.

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