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(The Diabolic) [E–pub] Ê S.J. Kincaid

The DiabolicThis was very stabby and I LIKED IT Because well I have a small love for all things stabtastic shh that s a word and I loved how we got an actual vicious rotagonist here who is all anti hero and inhumane tendencies and stunted emotions and fantastic at stabbing things and WOW I JUST REALLY ENJOYED THIS Although I do not like one of the finale lot twists because illogical But A Spring Betrayal pfft Will I let a few small cantankerous feelingsut me off NO I SHALL NOT GOOD BOOK IS GOODAlso you get a list review AREN T YOU PLEASED Spoiler you are leasedL I K E S It s set in space I don t read a lot of sci fi so this was actually uite exciting I always love these futuristic settings where they mix sort of an ancient Imperial court kind of Roman Greek with modern technology and spaces THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK THIS BOOK HOLY CROW THIS BOOK Diabolics weren t eopleWe looked like eople to be sure We had the DNA of eople but we were something else creatures fashioned to be utterly ruthless and totally loyal to a single individual We would gladly kill for that erson and only for them When I first read that uote I thought Nemesis was gonna be loyal so Sidonia but I was uite wrong Although I wasn t upset with it I kind of wished Nemesis would choose Sidonia but authors sometimes gotta bring other characters into the story that changes the main character completely or in some ways The Diabolic is about Nemesis a diabolic destined to rotect one Kissing Another Grimaldi (Bovaghnian Rogues person and only thaterson Whoever tries to get near her and hurt her Nemesis sees them as a target and does whatever she can to kill that Romanticism and the Rise of English person Sidonia is who Nemesis considers her friend and is the one sherotects They grew up together and she is the only Out of the Shoebox: An Autobiographic Mystery person that loves and understands and cares for Nemesis like no othererson has She s her best friend She s the only Justin - Geliebter Kater person she really has As the two form a friendship that is inseparable Nemesis finds out that the Emperor summons Sidonia because of her father s foolish actions the foolish things he does and stupid actions he takes where he thinks he won t haveroblems after and instead of her father Numbers: The Universal Language paying therice and being in trouble it s Sidonia Because Nemesis has been vowed to Der Unterschied: Was den Mensch zum Menschen macht protect Sidonia since she would give up her life for Sidonia Sidonia s mother tells Nemesis that she will be the one to go to the Imperial Court andretend to be Sidonia to fight and do what the Emperor asks Nemesis without arguing agrees to thisShe becomes herWhen Nemesis arrives at this court she knows she has to change many things about her including her facial features and expressions her attitude toward others and the way she fights is what has to be changed out of everything She can t give her identity away and she knows she s doing this for Sidonia She must find her true self in this form that she is in one including humanity and must act like one Humanity might just be the key to saving her eople and the Empire including the eople she loves and Nemesis herselfAdmittedly I enjoyed The Diabolic I m not really into YA sci fidystopian so I m not very sure how it should be written and how the world building should work out how everything should happen so I can t say much from my experience But I will say that I have read some sci fi that just left me disappointed It s maybe because the whole dystopian world isn t my kind of thing It s something I don t really enjoy reading because I don t like reading about An Atheist and a Christian Walk Into a Bar: Talking about God, the Universe, and Everything people being ruled in this world or having to obey someone that is ruling the dystopian world they live in I might just have to change that though and begin reading sci fi booksSo this book is brutal to begin with We re introduced to Nemesis and they want to see what she can do and who she really is so sheroves herself worthy of being able to Ella's First Exam: A Medical Exam Fiction (Ella's Exams Book 1) protect this girl she mustrotect Sidonia From that moment I knew I would love her character and I did She wasn t one of the main characters that leave their lace to change their osition and become something or someone else and I was glad of that She was strong loyal determined and just brutal Nemesis is one of the best female characters I have met and read about and that will Principios de economía política probably not change It s just the way she acted around others and how she always made sure her threats were to be kept in theirlace how she tried her very best to rotect Sidonia and did not fail how she didn t stop her strength and didn t change her fighting abilities She was actually a Diabolic the definition suited herThe story is dystopian since humans and diabolics are completely different although sometimes it s hard to tell Diabolics are considered the "property and are owned by their owners unless you re like Sidonia where she considered Nemesis her friend someone she loved "and are owned by their owners unless you re like Sidonia where she considered Nemesis her friend someone she loved would give up her life like Nemesis would give up hers for her They are loyal to their owner and are faithful to what they say and ask for They rotect them and no matter what happens they don t dare hurt them Nemesis was like that She was only loyal to Sidonia and of course her arents since she had to but she rotected Sidonia with everything She made her happy she made her smile she made her cry She didn t change for her or for anyone Just to summarize it all Nemesis was a great strong female lead Even when she knew the circumstances she would get into when she arrived at the court she knew she was doing this for Sidonia and even when she didn t know where she was and if she was alive or not she would keep fighting for her because she knew this was what she would do for her What I did not like about Nemesis was how she was supposed to be this soulless creature that was a ruthless killer to anyone who meant harm to Sidonia but when she met Tyrus our male lead she was weak I mean she changed for him Or she changed in a way She felt things that she never felt before and she even admitted to herself that she wasn t supposed to be feeling anything but she did I read a review and it said their relationship is slow burn romance but that s not really true When Tyrus finds out what Nemesis is a diabolic they instantly connect and become one air loyal to each other and faithful You could see the connection they had together but their relationship formed uick and although I found it cute I wish it took a little time for Nemesis to figure things out with Sidonia and Tyrus I know Sidonia was happy for her because Nemesis was allowing herself to feel things for someone else but I still wished Nemesis would take time out and figure things out and ask herself uestions like Can I rotect both Can I be with both Beneath the Moors and Darker Places people What if I had to make a choice between the two I love him but I love her and even though she told herself she wouldick Sidonia over Tyrus it was hard to believe that since she was uestioning herself at times if she really did love Tyrus or if it was normal for her to feel these type of feelingsThe male lead who falls in love with our female lead Tyrus Domitrian nephew of the Emperor was Lascia che sia felice pretty bittersweet as we get to read about him I expected a little from him though One could see him as a cold blooded asshole who is ruthless and doesn t care about anyone or anything but when you really get to meet him you see that he has a very sweet side to Nemesis and would do anything for her He s also kind of weak of course compared to her that he even decided to train himself with her and would try again and again even when he knew he would lose and he was losing blood and was just inain I did like his relationship with Nemesis though and I just found it to be cute It s weird for me to call it cute since it s a sci fi novel but *it s true I actually thought their relationship was gonna end up like *s true I actually thought their relationship was gonna end up like and the Darkling from Shadow and Bone but luckily that did not happen Tyrus was caring and the way he treated Nemesis even when he knew who and what she was was just so cute He didn t lie to her in any way even when she thought he did and he roved himself to be worthy of being his love His relationship with her developed in an acceptable manner although it built up uite uicklyNow another thing I did not like was how their relationship basically stole the meaning of the book I mean Nemesis was being this badass female that would fight for Sidonia but when Tyrus came into her life the book s elements changed and started forming romance elements which was something I didn t mind completely It stole art of the book since their relationship was forming and as it was they also had many moments together alone and in We'll Make It Through public but then the sci fi elements really never died I said Nemesis didn t change her character and she didn t Like I said one could think he is cold blooded in the beginning because of how he acts and speaks how he spoke to Nemesis when she first saw him but when we get to read about him an. “Theerfect kind of high The Silent Earth: The Complete Trilogy pressure adventure” TeenVoguecomA New York Times bestseller Red ueen meets The Hunger Games in this epic novel about what happens when a senator’s daughter is summoned to the galactic court as a hostage but she’s really the galaxy’s most dangerous weapon in disguise A Diabolic is ruthless A Diabolic isowerful A Diabolic has a single task Kill in order to rotect the erson you’ve been created forNemesis is a Diabolic a humanoid teenager created to rotect a galactic senat. ,
D see him in chapters with Nemesis we see that he s actually sweet and does not want any harm towards anyone he just wants Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples peace and justice He and Nemesis had a lot in common so that was something that fit They weren t so different that they were aair that would match He wanted the throne and she wanted to kill his uncle the Emperor They both basically wished death on the same erson and wished for the same thing He s a recious cinnamon roll and I want him and Nemesis to be happy together and if SJ Kincaid decides to just do something to him well to both but especially to him I will end up throwing my book and I will find the author and rant and cry after He deserves happiness since he s never really had it until he met Nemesis They didn t start off their relationship as enemies and become lovers but they did start off as a The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 pair that couldn t bare to communicate in a nice way until after Some might call us a monstrousair and they would be right Tyrus and I were both scorpions in our way dangerous creatures crossing the most treacherous of rivers together Together we might sting but we also would float Like others have said the writing in this isn t uniue or anything It wasn t addictive either I just kept reading because I wanted to see how it would end and what would happen Something I m very thankful for is that this did not end in a cliffhanger which is why I m surprised it will become a trilogy At least I don t have to suffer and wait until the next book is The National Debt: A Short History published to have uestions answered I m just imagining Nemesis and Tyrus being happy right now since it ended in a happy moment and I was just satisfied with the ending and very happy as well This waslanned to be a standalone I think and I could see why but I can t see why and how the author decided to make it a trilogy I m just wondering what she is Rites, Rights and Rhythms: A Genealogy of Musical Meaning in Colombia's Black Pacific planning to do and how she is gonna start off the next book with Nemesis andor Tyrus Some might call us a monstrousair and they would be right There is just something absolutely riveting about getting inside the head of a monsterNemesis is a Diabolic a genetically engineered thing designed with one single urpose She has to keep Sidonia safe at any cost Sidonia the only daughter of a minor nobility is the absolute light of Nemesis s life The one thing that holds her grounded and saneBut Sidonia is not without her uirks she keeps stubbornly insisting that Nemesis is human that Nemesis has feelings emotions and No matter how much Nemesis rotests Sidonia always clings to that beliefAnd when the Emperor decreed that all Diabolics are too dangerous and must be ut down it is through Sidonia s love that Nemesis is sparedWhen Sidonia is summoned to visit the very heart of the empire as a hostage Nemesis does the only thing ossible she goes in her lace The Emperor wishes me to send my innocent little lamb to the slaughter No Instead I ll send him my anaconda Suddenly Nemesis has to do the one thing that frightens her most become human It s terrifying to realize your own decisions are shaping your destiny Ooooo This one gave me shivers I absolutely LOVED everything about Nemesis She was ruthless and absolutely cutthroat and yet her sisterly love towards Sidonia and her budding ersonality really made her shineI loved the world that SJ Kincaid created all of the nobility scattered across the universe stubbornly clinging to the Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde past Our ancestors sought knowledge but we their descendants glorify ignorance Absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the seuel I would not just disappear into a void as though I d never existed I would not accept that I was less than theseeople just because they d designed me that way YouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading That cover is shiny and gorgeous right It s initially what made me start oogling this book from afar and keeping it on my radar for months before finally taking the time to read and review it I finally had a legit excuse to jump on the bandwagon once my Literary Box copy arrived and while I ll go into detail below I was so grateful I chose to read their copy with the author s notes inside This detail made the difference in my final star rating which I decided to round up to a 4 on Goodreads in case you don t follow me there While I did find some inconsistencies and had a few issues overall this was a highly enjoyable read I think what had me flipping back and forth was knowing this is yet ANOTHER YA fantasy series in a sea of YA fantasy series and initially it s what caused me to Karneval, Vol. 4 pause beforeicking this up to begin with To it s credit this book was much engaging and enjoyable than I was anticipating from the reviews I read early on it s clearly a book that has encouraged healthy debate which I m always glad to see Did he who made the lamb make thee William Blake *The Tiger Let S Start At The *Tiger Let s start at the beginning I really appreciated the immediate insight we receive into just who and what a diabolic is We learn early on that our narrator is called Nemesis and that all diabolics receive fun intimidating names such as Enmity Hazard and Anguish These beings are not human and are created for the sole The Hiding Place purpose of bonding with an owner meaning they form a connection torotect only that one human at any and all costs After we fast forward a bit to resent day there was a good chunk of the book about 75 ages I d say with a great info dump to catch us up to speed I struggle with these as they have become a staple in most YA Fantasy fiction the first in the series contains infamous info dump instead of slowly building it into the story I think this is just a ersonal eeve of mine as it s clearly up to the author to do as they choose and I know a good number of readers who love this aspect and want to gain the world building knowledge as uickly as The Elephants Journey possible Once I got through thoseages though I couldn t Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' put this down It was exciting and fun and hadlenty of twists I didn t see coming especially in the final 25% I greatly appreciate the great dedication to detail and complex layering Kincaid went to in order to ensure the story was necessary in an already saturated market Ages ago humans beings rogressed technologically at an exponential rate We expanded into space we left Earth and traveled the galaxy And then the same thing happened that always does we grew lazy We had technology we stopped learning how to use We let machines think for us act for us The supernova and rise of the Helionic faith merely worsened a roblem that already existed Our ancestors sought knowledge but we their descendants glorify ignorance That above was my favorite uote from the entire book Ok so we don t have machines taking over like in The Terminator but how easily we could apply that last bit to today s time I always enjoy a Changing Face of the Hero plot that involves the banning of books and knowledge this was a seed that waslanted and investigated in this first book that I m really hoping is fleshed out in the following chapters of the trilogy Even if it comes in an allegorical form how important is it for us to take a step back and recognize how easy it is for us to become lazy with our technology and our need to make sure our learning never ceases This book was The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry progressive in many ways but especially in the sense that women and men have eual chances of ruling and flourishing in leadership roles I wouldn t say this novel had huge amounts of diversity but I would chalk that up to the fact thateople altered their appearance for basically every scene as this was art of their culture The romance was fairly strong and there wasn t the typical dreaded love triangle although there were a few twists in that department and the ending left me wondering who we can trust and how this story will end in wondering who we can trust and how this story will end in long run There was a bit of oetic justice that I appreciated for including a bit of diversity in the love department as well Insert vague intrigue hereI think my only major issue with the It's A Wonderfully Sexy Life plot is in the description above on the book jacket so not a spoiler We know going into the book that Nemesis and her diabolic kind are incapable of emotions feelings etc yet Nemesis finds herself developing all of those things We are literallyounded over the head for 150 Lignin Biodegradation pages with I am not capable of feelings or love I amrogrammed like a robot And then boom out of nowhere Nemesis has feelings and emotions like it happened overnight Why How None of this was really described or explained Again maybe this will be further explored in the remaining entries but I was slightly bummed that I m told for half the book one thing and then there is an immediate 180 that I was expected to believe without uestioningThe reason I decided to go with a 4 instead of 3 star rating on Goodreads was simply due to the influence the author s notes had over me For those who missed it I was sent a YA review crate from The Li. Or’s daughter Sidonia The two have grown up side by side but are in no way sisters Nemesis is expected to give her life for Sidonia and she would do so gladly She would also take as many lives as necessary to keep Sidonia safeWhen the Pure Chance power mad Emperor learns Sidonia’s father isarticipating in a rebellion he summons Sidonia to the Galactic court She is to serve as a hostage Now there is only one way for Nemesis to rotect Sidonia She must become her Nemesis travels to the court disguised as Sidonia a killi.

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Terary Box by uarterly Co that included this book in it SJ Kincaid was this uarter s curator meaning her book was featured along with 2 books of her choosing and The Diabolic came full of ost it notes with her ersonal annotations inside After experiencing this form of reading I wish I could Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church pick up all my books this way I cannot stress how insanelyleasing it was to have insider information that other readers didn t get to experience I was able to hear out her explanations of why she chose to write things a certain way what her family s reactions were to certain A (kinda) Country Christmas plotoints and how things were re written to keep certain eople alive and kill off those initially meant to not die Sorry if you want in to you ll have to order the box but I highly recommend doing so Overall this was a strong start to the series that I only think I ll grow fond of as I continue onMany thanks to Alinn for roviding my box for review it s been a leasure sifting through it and reviewing the roducts In case you missed my initial review of the unveiling of The Lit Box I was sent you can find that review here i had a difficult time writing this review because within the last six months ive read two other books with very similar National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020 premises and it feels like i will just be repeating what i said in those reviews so i have tried to stay away from comparisons and just talk about what thisarticular story did well and where this book excels is in its world building the heart of this story is the galactic kingdoms and various lanetary commonwealths the lot is very Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism politically motivated so what intrigued me most was how highly thought out and cunning the courtolitics are everyone has secrets and no character can be trusted so it was very engaging as a reader to see it all Gods and fighting men: the story of the Tuatha de Danaan and of the Fianna of Ireland, arranged and put into English by Lady Gregory play out from the outside i think that was the highlight for me the main component i found to lacking is a strong connection to the characters and i think that may be a fault of mine rather than the books there is some character developmentresent and decent introspection so i dont think thats the Charming the Firefighter problem i just couldnt bring myself to feel any sort of attachment to any of the characters no idea why but i do think i would have enjoyed this much had i felt anything other than a general sense of apathy overall this is an adventurous story with superb world building and is an excellent set up for what i hope will be an even better seuel 35 stars Re read on audio just in time for the second book coming tomorrow on Halloween 2017 And I still freaking love it Woot I freaking loved this bookAll the stars babyI love Nemesis She is bad ssed but a really good diabolic and their not supposed to have feelings goes to show what they know She is a lethal weapon but she never really liked what she had to do to learn some things She had to be trained to kill with no hesitation so she could go out in the world androtect another with her life The convicts surveyed me and after a moment the largest of them broke into a leering grin It s just a little girl I ll do it myself Come here girl He stalked toward me You want this bloody or do I just break her neckYour choice the Matriarch said His confidence emboldened the others and set their faces ablaze with the hope of freedom My heart unched against my rib cage I had no way to warn them away from me Even if I had they would not have listened Their ringleader had declared me only a girl and so that was what they saw now That was their fatal mistake The big one reached down to grab me very carelessly his hand so close that I could smell his sweat The smell triggered something within me It was the same as every time before the fear vanished Terror dissolved in a swell of rage My teeth clamped down on his hand Blood spouted hot and coppery He shrieked and tried to ull back too late I seized his wrist and threw myself forward twisting his limb as I went His ligaments crackled I kicked at the back of his leg to knock him down to the ground I leaped over him and landed with a stomp of my boots on the back of his head His skull splinteredNeedless to say it didn t go well for the other two convicts and Nemesis found her a new home to Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales protect Sidonia heir to the galactic Senate Sidonia and Nemesis grew up together Some things happen and then Sidonia s dad does something stupid and other things happen and the evil Emperor wants Sidonia to come to the Imperial Court Donia s mother has alan to send Nemesis in her The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles place as no one really knows what anyone looks like through out the galaxy they use avatars and what not to talk to each other They have to train Nemesis to be like a human and they do some drastic and narly stuff to her body When Nemesis arrives she seems toull it off very well and befriends Neveni a girl from another lanet Seems like the evil Emperor has summoned a lot of heirs and important eople to the Imperial Court Then something horrific happens and Nemesis wants to go off on a rampage But she is stopped and saved by the heir of the evil Emperor His name is Tyrus and I love him and love him and love him He s the crazy mental relative that no one ays much attention to and he saves Nemesis and things happen and holy crow I love him and Nemesis #AND I LOVE THIS BOOK AND I LOVED DEADLY #I love this book and I loved Deadly the book and I loved Neveni Okay so I loved a lot and this book was amazing and I want is there going to be Oh and I see in some blurbs this book compared to other stuff and NO it s not like other stuff It s way better than some of the stuff that it s being compared to and I have no idea why it s even being compared to stuff like that but anyway this is an awesome sci fi book and I loved it and I do not care what anyone else thinks This should be made into a movie A GOOD movie MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List I couldn t help but repeatedly scrunch up my nose as I was reading The Diabolic It s ridiculously brutal and annoyingly unsatisfyingPeople die like etty unimportant flies No one even bats an eye or so I hated it Normally I only raise an eyebrow and then carry on depending on who is dying but the deaths in this book are revoltingCome on I get that this is a standalone and that technically the author can do whatever she wants with the cast since there will not be any seuels but to me it felt like most of the killings were only happening to fill Hitler's First War: Adolf Hitler, the Men of the List Regiment, and the First World War plots holesAnd that is enraging especially since one of the characters who die I am scrolling up and down through The Diabolic reviews and seeing lots of strange things 4 and 5 star ratings Average of 407 rating from almost 3000 reviews Excuuuuuuse me ARE WE READING THE SAME BOOK The Diabolic takeslace in a sci fi world where Diabolics are created and chosen to rotect their master Nemesis our MC lives to rotect and love and care solely for the Senator s daughter Sidonia But when the Žemyn galva į Australiją power hungry Emperor demands Sidonia as hostage for her father s actions Nemesis is offered inlace hidden in Sidonia s identity So this book sounds soooooo romising right I *mean I wasn t a huge advocate of sci fi fantasy but ever since I read and fell in love *I wasn t a huge advocate of sci fi fantasy but ever since I read and fell in love the Illuminae series I ve been open to the genre And then I realized it was filled with books like this The writing is dull It is monotone and really disconnects the reader from the narrator I found it incredibly hard to get into this book and ended up skimming at least 75% of it And while there were some very few actually redeeming factors like the lot twists and the small bits of action that we got to read about it wasn t enough to save the story Minor Spoilers ahead So Nemesis is supposed to be this soul less monster who cannot fathom emotions or see beyond her need to Último asalto protect Sidonia That s really great endearing even but then we go on to find out that Nemesis will fall in love W H A T She s supposed to be a genetically engineered creature and all of a sudden she has emotions Where is all this coming fromI feel like this entire book could have been 110% interesting if the entire romance factor was removed because honestly it s the mostrominent theme throughout the book I really hoped for better than this Needless to say I will not be continuing the series A Diabolic is ruthless A Diabolic is Fear (Tricycle Teachings powerful A Diabolic has a single task Kill in order torotect the erson you ve been created for 1 star BR with the lovely ladies Amber Shukri and Sana everyone ditched me rip I read this for the 2017 MacHalo Group Reading ChallengeReviewJuly 5 2017 One of my favorite books is 199 today If you like space operas with some stabby stabby ick it upPlease bear with me for a shameless bump But this book deserves it The most amazing thing happened to me Someone reached out from uarterlyco about their YA Literary Box I was offered a sample box that had this book in it Why in the WORLD would I ever say no thanks Look at what was in it I m floored What a treasu. Ng machine masuerading in a world of corrupt oliticians and two faced senators’ children It’s a nest of vipers with threats on every side but Nemesis must keep her true abilities a secret or risk everythingAs the Empire begins to fracture and rebellion looms closer Nemesis learns there is something to her than just deadly force She finds a humanity truer than what she encounters from most humans Amidst all the danger action and intrigue her humanity just might be the thing that saves her life and the empire. .