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25 starsThis read was basically sci fi erotica It never felt like a romance at all to me Here is my breakdownPros erotica It never felt like a romance at all to me Here is my breakdownPros do like the sci fi feel to it and the world created some of the creatures and places were very detailed and original Offered as a kindleunlimitedCons I didn t care for the writing style it seemed to jump around a bit much for my preference The sex in this one just didn t do it for me I like erotic reads and BDSM doesn t usually bother me but with this one I didn t find it realistic that the eroine went from being this strong confident woman to being submissive in the bedroom and wanti Cyberella really was a delicious addition to a fantastic seriesand re reading it was as much a treat as it was the first timeIt s the story of Ellaa girl with cyborg bits she La sculpture sur pierre : Art et techniques has trouble accepting as part ofer uniuesweet self When she s captured by Torgeirhe takes possession of Bear Humbug herall ofer She likes Afterlife him being in controlandopes Blue Is for Nightmares he wants to keeperall of Heroes Die her But there s someone out there that wantsertooand L'Ingénu he wants to transformer Into something The Strathmore Club his crazy mind thinks willelp Pampa Pampa his plans After Ella finds out the bits ofer past she forgotshe knows Torgeir will not want the girl she knows she once was The girl she became before the cyborg bitsBut that crazy man He can t Frankenstein; or The Modern Prometheus haveereither No wayAfter finishing the Preyfinders seriesthis was a girl i loved getting to know better A girl i m glad to know got what she deserved I received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an onest reviewI read Preyfinders because a review copy was offered in NetGalley I ave read books from Cari Silverwood before but in NetGalley I Herbier et autres collections have read books from Cari Silverwood before butave to say that the Preyfinders series was my favorite I love Sci Fi Romance so I enjoyed the Preyfinders because it was different from a lot of other SFR I ve read When I was offered the chance to read Cyberella I immediately took it This book is still in the Preyfinders unvicerse although Ella and Torgeir s story stands on its ownI liked Cyberella because it was into the kinky side instead of the dark side It s still a fast paced story even if it wasn t s still a fast paced story even if it wasn t action oriented that the Preyfinders The main characters were both enjoyable characters to read The world building was amazing although it s a universe that a lot of readers are already familiar with I already love the Sci Fi Romance genre and I already like Cari silverwood s books However with me reading the Preyfinders ser. A story set in the Preyfinders UniverseAccepting Historical Archaeology: Why the Past Matters herself when much ofer is cybernetic is Ella’s never ending struggle When she’s captured by Torgeir an alien mercenary ex lordship she prays er struggle is over He knows what she is CyberellaTe for life The universe Blu oltre la prua: Un'avventura di Jack Aubrey e Stephen Maturin - Master Commander (La Gaja scienza Vol. 946) has wrenches to throw into the mixowever and Torgeir and Ella find that they ll need to fight for the love they ve found I m used to Cari Silverwood s dark reads but Cyberella was fun and fast paced full of intriguing characters that made for a very rich and satisfying adventure I ve always been impressed with Releasing Heaven on Earth: Gods Principles for Restoring the Land her attention to detailow carefully she constructs a new world before your eyes It definitely kept me on my a new world before your eyes It definitely kept me on my as I didn t want to miss any clues as to what was to come Ella and Torgeir struggle at first but once things click they fall madly in love They re just kinky enough call this BDSM themed but their sex is playful and fun The Future of English Teaching Worldwide heavy on bondage play I never doubt that Ms Silverwood will throw in some uniue one of a kind action to make it memorable Iave to give special mention to the Secondary Characters In This One As They Really Enriched The characters in this one as they really enriched the and gave it a StarWarsesue feel that I LOVED Their interplay made a story that could Between have been completely centered around the two main characters a much well rounded and fleshed out one I really enjoyed Cyberella and found it a uniue addition toer Preyfinders world being less action Sigrid Liljeholm heavy and relationship focused which is my preference Make no mistake there are somearrowing moments but they don t overshadow the romance as the focus I could absolutely read about characters in this world that seems to David Starr Space Ranger have infinite possibilities Anyone who loves paranormal especially should give erotic sci fi a try If you enjoyed Cari Silverwood s Preyfinder series then you REALLY want to pick up Cyberella While not exactly a part of the Preyfinders series it does take place in the same universe This is the story of Ella an Earth girl who findserself in a bit of a predicament and captured by Lord Torgeir and made Crusader conspiracy Banner books his property Someone wants Ella for reasons unknown to both Ella and Torgeir but isn t going to give up t I received a digital copy in exchange for anonest reviewYet another awesome story by Cari Silverwood Anyone who The Book of Earths: Hollow Earth, Ancient Maps, Atlantis, and Other Theories (Forgotten Books) has read the Preyfinders trilogy will definitely want to read this book detailing the rehabilitated spider girl Like Preyfinders there were plot twists that take the reader by surprise ActuallyI think I enjoyed this book because itad a wider range of characters and took place on an alien planet I want a pet like Mimi For people who like erotic sci fi novels this is definitely the book for you. Ir love a girl who is nothing like she should be The crunch of revelation is coming and this is one cyber girl who doesn’t like being kept in the darkWarning Kinkiness capture fantasy rope bondage and one weird critter pet rock called Mi.

characters Cyberella

Ies and Cyberella I An English Translation of Fa Tsangs Commentary on the Awakening of Faith have to say that Ms Silverwood will be on my watch list from now on The first paragraph of the first page made me laugh and I immediately knew Iad a read I could sink into It s the best when a book just clicks like that Torgeir the H was lovely More compassionate and vulnerable than I would Gauntlet A Novel of International Intrigue have expected I lovedis character Ella
was funny and 
funny and She frustrated me with a few bad decisions but the poor thing beat The University of Chicago Spanish English English Spanish Dictionary herself up enough over them I just wanted to patead Ella s relationship with the boys was a great storyline I enjoyed the repartee between them all and the platonic affection it brought The sexual buildup and acts were on point and fan freakin tastic The whole Preyfinder world created is just fascinating and allows the reader to immerse themselves Best sexy alien book ever There were so many twists turns and surprises in this one that I was totally not expecting Though this can be read as a standalone I I magnifici dieci highly recommend checking out the Preyfinders series So suspenseful and eroticI received an ARC in exchange for myonest review Apparently Conan meets "Wild West Meets Cyborgs Can "West meets cyborgs can a pretty good spicy romance Many points for a sweet smart Conan Somehow I received a copy of this book for free through NetGalleyI must ve skim read the synopsis because this turned out to be an alienactionsexspacefantasy extravaganza which I was not expecting appy to say that it was actually pretty great I ve never read a book like this before but the writing is spectacular and there are little mysteries and plot twists Scattered Throughout Which Make throughout which make a great read Torgeir and Ella don t ave your typical romance and there is this whole bondmating thing that took me a while to get my Seashells head around but I thought their relationship propelled the story forward in a great way and whilst there is a lot of sex in this book I mean a lot it didn t overshadow the story as a whole Cari Silverwood does it again iner latest sci fi adventure Cyberella takes place in the Preyfinders universe but can absolutely be read as a standalone Ella is an ex Earthgirl modified and turned cybernetic She An Excellent conceited Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet has to makeer way in a big scary universe full of aliens who seem to think she s uite valuable When she Ruhestand fr Einsteiger hooks up with Torgeir an alien mercenary who findser unbelievably attractive things seem to make a turnaround Their kinky relationship blossoms and Torgeir knows La criminologie he s foundis bondma. Nd still wants Farmer Boy herBut there are cracks in the mirrorStrange things are growingA lunatic wants to makeer Random House Webster's College Dictionary: 1996 Graduation Promotion his princess aftere modifies Making Mentoring Happen A simple and effective guide to implementing a successful mentoring program herWhatappened to this girl who was once upon a time a perfect Panda Bears human beingCan evener beloved Torge. ,