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Pete the Cat's Got ClassProve on his math skills while playing with Tom s race cars Mr G their teacher thinks that they cheated on their homework but Pete the Cat and Tom proves to Mr G that no cheating was involved This book is about ittle cats at school Pete the cat is the main character and he oves math His friend Tom is so smart but he needs help with math Pete goes to Tom s house to play with his new toy cars and Pete teaches Tom that math can be fun by using the cars to solve math problems They both get the same grade on an assignment so their teacher is suspicious Pete and Tom bring the cars and showed him that Tom really did Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America learn to do the math by himself The teacher was so impressed and he rewarded themThis book is so sweet I would TOTALLY use this for a beginning mathesson I was never a fan of math but this book brings it to Cooking for Company life It shows that you will probably use some form of math everyday and it can be fun I think even the kids who don tike math will see that it can be fun and have a better attitude about math and even school The illustrations were also extremely adorable My Review I have had #This Book Sitting On #book sitting on shelves for a while I pick up Pete the Cat books whenever I can Munchkin decided to read it for a book report for school and it was a great choice as he has been struggling with math Empire of Sin lately It was a great story to show kids and adults there is than one way toearn something and sometimes you just have to find a way to relate what you Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China love to what you areearning This book also came you My Wife's Affair love to what you areearning This book also came a Chicken, Chicken, Duck! load of extras including a poster and stickers and math flash cards that all relate to the story When Tom the cat struggles to enjoyearning math Pete the Cat shows him that math can be found in everyday Inspirations life Pete helps him by using examples of things he enjoys and showing him how fun math can be I can t say I agree that math is fun but my mathover enjoyed the boo. Math our favorite blue cat steps in to help him out With good friends fun earning tools and some extra help it all adds up Pete the Cat knows you can’t hate math you just don’t ove it yet?. ,
E story felt a ittle flat to me I ve been reading a few of these extra Pete the Cat books recently and I have to say that they just aren t as fun as the first few picture books written by songwriter Eric Litwin They feel a Slo Mo! little too commercial and mass market as if they re being churned out Still tastes vary and as mentioned above determined fans of the blue cat and hisaid back ways might still want to give this one a ook I had great hopes that #this book would be a wonderful teaching aid for kids who either #book would be a wonderful teaching aid for kids who either t ike or are having trouble with math But it really teaches nothing new Spoiler Alert One of the math whiz student cats decides to help a classmate cat who is having trouble with math uickly he realizes that helping the Pirates, Ships, and Sailors lessearned cat count with cars makes it all great They are now eually good at math and the teacher is flabbergasted Wow says Mr G I am impressed Pete helped me by making math fun Tom says And thus the teacher now decides the whole class can earn from Pete s wonderful idea of counting with carsSorry this is offensive in several ways Teachers have used this method for years And it s not uite as easy as counting cars blocks or tigers to make a classmate hoot and holler over math and be a sudden whizAnd I m sorry to add to my unhappiness with the book but the illustrations of cats are a bit scary Pete the Cat s Got Class By James Dean Illustrated by James Dean Harper Collins 2016 24 pages 599Continuing the Pete the Cat Series James Dean takes us to math class in true Pete the Cat form Pete the Cat s Got Class takes us to math class where Tom does not ike math Pete being true to character helps his friend War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today learn toike math Through this adventure we A Boy in Winter learn that not everyone understands concepts the same way we do and peopleer cats can use different methods to reach the same conclusions Pete the Catoves math and decides to help Tom im. The Cat’s Got Class which comes complete with a poster stickers and a set of 20 punch out flash cards that teach counting adding and subtractingWhen Pete’s friend Tom has a tough time with. ,

The Frost at Midnight librarian was incredibly enthusiastic about this one Because I have a habit of checking out so many books at once she had gotten it into mind that I must be a teacher and so began to extrapolate that she has heard so many wonderful things about this series the kids are going t I do notike Pete the cat He tries to force religious preaching into the story The underlying message is also not entirely benevolent Like in this book it shows that pete is superior in math than his friend and he is helping out his Princess Baby, Night-Night less math savvy friend I don tike how it tries to glam up being helpful thingy As if Pete is special to help out The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post like that This should be the norm not extra special The drawing is awfula poor attempt at making itook Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution like drawn by kid Everything about it feels so pretentious But kidsike it and kido picked up this book from the On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock library But I am never buying one Pete the Cat is on a mission to teach math When Pete s friend is struggling he helps him find a new way toearn math that he can understand Cars are cool and so is Pete The colors help his friend with the adding and subtracting of his cars Pete doesn t give up and eventually his friend sees that he shouldn t too He s even got the teacher convinced that his friend now knows math Pete the Cat He s even got the teacher convinced that his friend now knows math Pete the Cat school and he oves math Unfortunately his friend Tom isn t that fond of math and doesn t seem to be doing well in class Determined help his classmate *Pete Finds A Way *finds a way make math fun for him incorporating his ove of race cars into mathematical uestion he posesFans of that cool cat Pete will undoubtedly enjoy Pete the Cat s Got Class which includes twelve flash cards a fold out poster and a sheet of stickers I appreciated the inclusion of the instructional material here and imagine that this title could provide an entertaining entry into basic arithmetic for very young children That said th. New York Times bestselling author and artist James Dean brings us a new story about the classiest cat around Pete This time Pete teaches us how to add and subtract our way to oving math in Pete. ,

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