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Alien The Rage War #2 (E–pub Download) ô Tim Lebbon

Horror to go with the sci fi Space madness and shit like that I was impressed BrilliantAfter reading the first book I started on this one instantly This story picks up where book one finished obviously and the action starts instantly A few new characters have been added which add even depth to this epic story The story itself develops substantially and gets even bigger I can honestly say that this trilogy is one of the best series I ve read in a long time If you ve not read the first book predator incursion read that first If you have the first book predator incursion read that first If you have the first then you need to read this one Looking forward to the third now A Solid Storyline ContinuesPart 2 of the Rage War continues its multi tier story right where book one left off There are many stories going on at once and the author does a great ob keeping them cohesive If you are a fan of the Alien or Predator franchise then these books are a must Talk about a novel that suffers from second book in a trilogy itis As much as I still found it engaging and entertaining and it had most of the same good things the first novel did not a lot happens and instead of ust whiffs of being the second book the novel stank of it There are some new characters introduced that felt like unnecessary filler and a lot of repetition of stuff we already knew And for a novel supposedly about Predators there are barely any of them in it Less than in the first novel which I thought was done to try to heighten our expectations for the second and third novels I have a growing concern that the author is trying to avoid including the Yautja for some reason Hell we don t even get to see them fight There s a showdown betwee. Aces may not be enough to stop the carnage as an unstoppable swarm of Xenomorphs topples planet after planet penetrating ever deeper into the Human Sphe. ,
Typical middle volume holding pattern problems IN THAT THIS ENTIRE BOOK IS that this entire book is gigantic set up for a doozy of a finale We hope It doesn t add much to what we already know but simply moves the various pieces around the Human Sphere chessboard Still probably a textbook perfect example of a well developed plotted and characterised trilogy Blistering pace aw dro Just finished the second installment in the Rage War trilogy via audible and it was fantastic An excellent continuance of the events of the first book with new revelations and new character developments "Along With Reaching Into reaching into impactful conseuences of the coming conflict There are moments of events that seem to line up a little too much with prior happenings but I don t think it takes away too much from the story as a whole The narrator did a fantastic Class of 92: Out of Our League job and I ve got the third book ready to listen to Another great book from LebbonBrilliant as usual Can t wait for the third one to come out Pity my two heroes had to die I ll be sad reading the next book without them Tim Lebbon is the best thing to happen to the ALIEN franchise since James Cameron ALIEN INVASION is a fantastic continuation of a trilogy that up to this point puts all other ALIEN tie in novels to shame Lebbon s sci fi universe is brilliantly conceived and THE RAGE WAR as a whole is epic and scary in a way that lives up to the promise of the original filmsOn the negative side the book is bogged down by too many characters and too muchumping from place to place and viewpoint to viewpoint I would have preferred something streamlined Also there are places where you can tell the book was written on a strict. For centuries Weyland Yutani has tried to weaponize the aliens Now someone has beaten them to it sweeping through Yautja space and turning predator int. Alien The Rage War #2Deadline Certain snatches of dialog are awkward or lame and Some Of The Characters Seem Less Than Fully Realized There of the characters seem less than fully realized There also an eye rollingly convenient last second rescue that almost ruins the book s opening chapterAs a whole though ALIEN INVASION is a wonderful entry in an outstanding series that does to further this shared mythology than all previous ALIENPREDATOR novels put together This entry was much better than part one Now I can actually remember the primary characyers and want them to meet The action was brisk and "Superfluous Characters Were Removed "characters were removed s a proper sense of things heading into part 3 Overall it was proper sense of things heading into part 3 Overall it was satisfyingExcept for Johnny Mains and Leider Seriously wtf Unless they re somehow saved at the start of book 3 they were literally brought back here Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story just to depress readers some Their story goes nowhere builds to nothing Itsust a series of unfortunate events That really disappointedits fixable but we ll see how part 3 goesI really like Ilsa and Lilya s stories though Interacting with the mysterious Predators and hurrying around a war They remind me of Luke and Han in Star Wars The rebel and the Scoundrel destined to meet After a oke made about Ilsa in part 1 there may even be potential for romance Its their stories that are dragging me on to the conclusion of the Rage war Although this was definitely the second book in a trilogy I m very interested in what it set up I m ready for the big climactic end to the series My only complaint would be to give the Predators personalization but again I imagine that s what the last book is about I ve burned through 5 Alien books this year 3 by Lebbon This one has a lot of. O preyFaced with the overwhelming forces of the Rage Earth envoys forge an unprecedented alliance with the Predators Yet even the combined might of two

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