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Ng a story writing assignment writes about it At first he tells the teacher that it didn t really happen it s ust a storybut as the story really happen it s ust a storybut as the story on the teacher knows that it s not ust a story and thinks that maybe Dexter will feel better if he writes down what is bothering him What happens to Dexter And why does that kid he hit still want to be friends with him Dexter the Tough tells the story of Dexter a boy in fourth grade who is new to school because he now lives with his grandma His dad has cancer and his mom is taking care of him At his new school an optimistic teacher provides an essay assignment of writing about his day As he works on the essay Dexter befriends Robin who he initially had issues with and the two boys discover they are both lonely This story tells the tale of Dexter a fourth grade boy who is angry and going through a lot of emotional trauma He finds a friend in an unlikely source and learns coping skills to get him through his tough times I think this is a great realistic fiction book for fourth through sixth grade as the turmoils and feelings that Dexter goes through are applicable to that age and level of the book as well as applies to this range There are many opportunities for read alouds and class discussion I think there is definitely a presence of anger as a strong emotion which Dexter feels This emotion could be used to allow students to create connections with ournaling and role play how they might feel if they were in his shoes I thought overall this was a great book uick read 140 pages but large print and several black and WHITE ILLUSTRATIONS IT S A BOOK illustrations It s book would be accessible for all readers in my class not a lot of difficult vocabulary but it challenges the reader to think deeply about Dexter and his situation Lots of great themes especially about perspective I also love the fact that Dexter s teacher encourages him to write and the process of writing helps him better understand himsel. 's friend Even Dexter doesn't know the answers to some of those uestions But as he deals with family problems a persistent teacher and a boy who's strangely interested in floor wax he discovers many surprises hidden in his own tal.

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Dexter the ToughDexter is angry and believes he is tuf he punched a Kid On His First his first at his new school Dexter feels abandoned by his father who is ill with cancer and by his mother who is living in another state to care for his father in a specialized hospital Dexter didn t want to leave his home and his friends to live with his grandmother and attend a new school But he has no say in his life anyThe fact that Dexter worries about the conseuences of his behavior and even feels guilty for his impulsive actions shows readers that Dexter is not a bully He s a child who faces life altering situations without the benefit of the maturity and wisdom he needs to cope with those difficulties This is realistic fiction at its best containing the complexity of real life from the perspective of a child Dexter is a multi faceted protagonist who doesn t always make the best decisions but manages to grow as a result of themAlong the way Dexter is assisted by the people in his new life Ms Abbott is an insightful teacher who nudges Dexter in the right direction without pushing him over the edge She uses the writing process to help Dexter probe the uagmire of his feelings and come to some very important realizations uses the writing process to help Dexter probe the uagmire of his feelings and come to some very important realizations of the very best children s chapter books I ve read I start off every school year reading this with my fourth grade students Not only is it a great way to discuss bullying and getting along with others but also how we all come from different backgrounds and we don t always know what others are experiencing or hiding I love how the character of Dexter slowly unfolds no the students begin to understand him and Love this book 3 12 stars Sweet Dexter isn t as tough as he thinksalthough he does have it pretty tough at the moment His dad is very sick and he s been shipped off to live with grandma while his mom takes care of his dad Not to mention he has a rotten first day at his new school But this school isn t as bad as it seems and he has. I'm the new kid I am tuf This morning I beat up a kid It's only the first day of school for Dexter but he's already mad at the principal and the secretary and the anitor and the kids who laugh at him When his teacher tells the cl. ,
A great teacher who uses a writing project to reach him and help him figure things out uick read but I think many kids could really relate to Dexter Something interesting about this story was that it was uniue because it was Dexter s first day the main character and he s already mad at the principal the secretary and the anitor and he beat up a kid on the first day But when all the kids have to busily write a story for his teacher Dexter had his own ideas He wrote I am tuf The next day busily write a story for his teacher Dexter had his own ideas He wrote I am tuf The next day teacher brought him over and said You need to add to this He wrote back I beat up a kid this morning With the help of a teacher who keeps persuading him to write Dexter eventually finds out who he beat up and he learns "About His Own Tale Than He Though There Even Was " his own tale than he though there even was learned that if you are forced to think about something it makes sense GRL School story about a boy who is sent to live with his grandmother His father is undergoing cancer treatments and his mother is tending to him Dexter is angry at his parents for leaving him He struggles between acting out on his a Dexter s tough outer shell is hardened by his family s hardships With starting a new school and living with his grandmother while his parents are focusing on a medical emergency only make Dexter determined to be tough but in the wrong ways This title would make a good book talk for 4th graders in a transient school setting especially at the beginning of the year I didn t really like this book because it like they keep asking how or if Dexter is a bully and its like he beats up a kid its like what kind of book will this teach the kid who is reading this book so if you would like to read this book it is a level in reading or you could ust get it at like to read this book it is a level in reading or you could ust get it at store and when you read the book tell me how it was too you so I can learn how you thoght the book was compeard to mine About a kid who has a lot of stuff bottled up inside He hits somebody the first day of school and after getti. Ass to write a story Dexter writes about how tough he is and how he's already gotten into a fight Is any of Dexter's story true Why was the other boy crying before Dexter hit him And why would the other boy still want to be Dexter. .