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Not giving too much away about the storyline itself that ye really captivates You It Also Brings It also brings into the world of a snowy cold New York The two lead characters Jack and Amy I initially Struggled With But They Soon Drew Me with but they soon drew me and thankfully didn t jump into bed with ach other straight away I was xpecting the author to go for this and I was surprised that he thankfully didn t The finale of this while keeping you on your toes also wraps up the series without revealing too much It was published in 2006 and As Far As I M Aware There far as I m aware there been no other books While the others in the series have been left open A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, ended or tied intoach other this one is definitely the The Shadow Reader end I can t really see them rebooting this series any time soon as there has been no interest in the films in recent years and these have been taken over by other horror movies If you see this for a reasonable price I would definitely recommend picking it up I doubt there will be many copies floating around and I feel sorry for the author as the publisher was not able to afford a new print run despite printing the wrong name on the spine hardly the author s fault I would not pay much for it as the book is uite slow paced but if you re a completist like me it may be worthwhile setting up alerts onBay or other book site. Ize Jack and Amy find that they are faced with a rising body count as they try to find and save the other victims before it's too late. ,

Any fan of Final Destination would probably die to read this Seriously though this book is great It is well written the characters are relatable and mostly interesting and it s a fun spin on the series However this book is Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies extremely rare hard to find and if you do find it veryxpensive I would suggest checking out this channel to listen to the bookhttpswwwyoutubecomwatchvwZEjE One of the best books in the novel franchise Andy Mcdermott adds a new perspective on how one could meet any unfortunate End Between Car Explosions Between car xplosions you were anticipating twice prior to it happening to the unexpected talk show fatalities that weren t due to ratings This book takes you on an adventure The nding was the most The Power Of A Choice effective in the series where you are cheering on the lead for finally getting ahead in life and then see it all taken away Awesome book It isxtremely rare to find and it took me 12 years and several want alerts on an abundance of websites I acuired my copy in May of 2018 I have been on the hunt for this book for uite some time now and had found out direct from the author s mouth the reason why this book is ither consistently out of print or when one does come up on or Bay the price is sky high This book was written by Andy McDermott and has the author s name on the front cover. When homeless man Jack Curtis saves young policewoman Amy Tom from a psychopath killing him in self defense he unknowingly saves six

characters Death of the Senses

But on the spine the author s name is printed
as rebecca levene 
Rebecca Levene has written other Final Destination books Shortly before this was due to be published the copies were recalled and pulped and another print run couldn t go ahead A few copies did manage to get out but because of this I have seen the prices run into the hundredsI managed to grab a copy of this through the World Of Books seller on for less than 10 which I instantly snapped up The condition was xcellent and I was so pleased to complete my collection of Final Destination books This book Death Of The complete my collection of Final Destination books This book Death Of The is uite intriguing as it goes in a different direction to the previous books by using the senses as a way of clues rather than the uite often in your face clues as the arlier books I also love the way that the author links back into the first film and also one of the arlier spin off books as well An author that knows the Final Destination series inside out This book is uite slow going and does suffer from some pacing issues As I ve said on other reviews I m surprised that of these weren t made into film as some of the ideas in these are brilliant Some of the deaths in this were uite simply staggering particularly the one you suddenly thought the person was safe before another twist I do like the cover as well while. Ther people all young successful and famous figures in New York City who had been marked for death But Death will not be denied his pr. Death of the Senses

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