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Stunning and Fascinating If you ove Alien Romances You Will Want To Check Out you will want to check out series The storylines are incredible The characters are awesome Ryden is a General of the Brion military They are the most feared race in the Galaxy He is the Commander and General of the Fighter "SPACESHIP CONUEROR TERRA AMBASSADOR IN TRAINING ARIA HAS BEEN "Conueror Terra Ambassador in training Aria has been that the Galactic Union has reuested the help of the Brions to help stop a Race called Clayor s who have issued war on the Space station where the Galactic Union Ambassadors are Aria is to welcome and help General Ryden When Aria meets Ryden she is having a hard time fighting her attraction towards the Man Ryden finds himself attracted to this spunky mouthy human Aria But before he can act on it the Clayors show up on the space station Plus there seems to be a traitor on board Will Ryden get a chance to claim Aria as his own and can they stop the Clayors before its to ate You will Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society love this SuspensefulStunning ExcitingSweet and steamy hot Romance Awesome doesn t even cover itIf you reooking for a mindless easy uick read this series is NOT for you Sure it s a romance novel at its core But really who said romance novels can t be smart witty reads The world building was amazing The storylines for all 6 books were uniue and the characters were all distinct in their own right I oved them all Plus the female eads were all strong women I m so completely in awe of Vi Voxley that I m sad that I haven t got any Brion Bride books to read I started with Book 6 you see wink wink I received this ARC from the author in exchange for an honest reviewALIEN GENERAL S FATEDBrion Brides by Vi VoxleyRyden is the newly appointed General of the Brion warriors by challenging and winning his place His reality is brutal and he has no patience for weak politicians When Ryden is called to appear in front of the council his not very happy but when he finds out it s to defend Ilotra a fortress that is home to the GU s main council against the Clayors he reluctantly agrees because it isn t in the Brion nature to not help conuer and defeat Despite the imminent threat Ryden can t help but notice the feisty human woman who seems to fight him at every step He can t help but be attracted to her on every evel but fate is not co operating at allCurvy earth woman Aria Harris has been working as an Ambassador of Terra on a trial period She s used to fighting hard for what she wants and to get to where she wants to be it s nothing new When she is picked to be representitive given the task to keep a General of the Brion in ine whilst on a trip to the Galactic Union to discuss the impending war she knows it will be a challenge But when she meets him she s surprised and shocked by him in many ways and knows that she has met her match His the most infuriating and arrogant being but she can t step out of Black Heart, Red Ruby line in any way she has to bite her tongue and be professional to ensure he won t kill all the council members before they discuss the urgent matter With the war underway they must all work together to get rid of the threat against them But they discover they have bigger problems The This general will neveroseThis is a full 100 k sci fi romance novel featuring a growly Al.

Free read Alien Generals Fated Brion Brides #5

Eneral never oses but he also never thought he would find his fated during a warThis was an absolutely fantastic story The storyline was interesting and truly captivating This author is very creative and has a great imagination I New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood love her style of writing which is descriptive and expressive The attention to detail was perfect especially with such an intricate story Ryden and Aria were veryikable characters and they had great chemistry They were strong arrogant feisty clever and dangerous all ualities I ove in my main characters As this is my first book from this series that I ve read and the fact that I oved it so much I will read and the fact that I oved it so much I will be reading the others So I highly recommend this book There were a few small minor issues but nothing that really affects the story It was a very enjoyable read 35 starsI ve skipped around in this series I didn t find this book overly memorable but it still made for a fast paced alien sci fi romance It had plenty of action and Im glad it was offered as a kindleunlimited The action is non stop and this one The hero has at east 10 one on one fights The heroine is no push over herself The romance is slipped in between the carnage of war The fated mate troupe comes in much ЯED later than usual and the heroines struggle with it was a bit much with everything else that was going on The villain is well drawn and clever I enjoyed reading this story but would haveiked after the war Time With The Hero And Heroine Interesting with the hero and heroine Interesting of war were explored Best oneI have read all the books not in order of course and I found this one to be the best next to Farens story This was just an excellent story due mainly to the fact that she was not recognized as his gesha until significantly ater in the book That eliminated the ridiculous denial of attraction that is present in the other books This was an excellent story with enough politics action betrayal and steamy sex Even if you skip the sex its worth a read 1 Would greatly benefit from editing 2 Hive mind aliens Borg they are not There is something cartoonish about the Host that keeps running around and grinning ike a The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs loon 3 Somehow I don t find phrasesike Groping her tits very romantic Crude not passionate Actually there is nothing about this book that I have found romantic On the positive while still very much Me Brion Ryder was not a complete ass and Aria when she reverted from walking vagina was not a helpless ninny The world building actions and the Sci Fi aspects were satisfying Alien General s Fated by Vi Voxley is the fifth book in the series It can be read as a standalone however some of the characters from prior books are either mentioned or appear in this book With that said the Brions are the most feared species in the galaxy They are known for their superior skills in combat and their talent is unparallel to any other species Ryden is the newest general in the Brion army He has been called upon by his planet s senators to go to the planet Ilotra and ensure that they are protected from the Clayors The Clayors are planning on capturing and destroying their planet Once he arrives he meets Aria a Terran. Ien Alpha general and a feisty curvy human woman going against all the odds It is part of Alien Generals Fated Brion Brides #5Ambassador who will work with him as they plan the defense the planet Other species that are Part Of The Galactic Union of the Galactic Union joined the Brions to protect the invaders However there are many factors as the battle intensifies traitors mind control diplomatic sensibilities offended and strong personalities to be dealt with But during this time Ryden must also deal with his feelings for Aria Has an extremely handsome Brion General met his match with a Terran ambassador You will see the sparks fly as they negotiate no only the war but their feelings Another great book by Vi Buy it you won t be disappointed Nothing uite ike battling your way to the rank of General only to be summoned before the Senate Then to be sent to defend the headuarters of the Galactic Union Ryden is some what justified in my mind for being a Monsieur Pain little angry about it Aria has been trying to get through to her boss for aong while Mixing these two is fabulous I received this book as an ARC for an honest review In this book we meet Ryden and Aria When this book starts out Ryden is fighting for the right to be general which is the Brion s way of promtion of one of the flag ships in the Brion Armada Upon winning his place he is brought before the council for is first mission Ryden believes that this mission is unworthy of his time and voices as much The decision is made and he is to go defend the Galactic Union from one of the Brion s biggest enemies in the galaxy the Clayors The Brion s are the biggest warriors in the Union and are the most feared the Clayors come a close second due to the fact that these two races have been fighting one another on many occasions they feel the Brion are the best for the job However the Union council doesn t trust them During this time Ryden meets his A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author liaison and there is just something about her No matter how mcuh time they spend together he can t get her out of his mind If only he was sure whether or not she is his geshaAria has only had one goal in herife is to be a full member of the Galactic Union However she is told she must go through a trial period before she will be granted her full rights Part of her trial period is to be the What If liaison for the general of the Brion armada ship the Conueror However her firstook at Ryden has her trying to get her head on straight again She knows they have their differences but there is something about his man that no matter what is going on around them he is always her first priority even if she can t The Exhaustion Breakthrough let him see that Aria knows about the Brion culture and wonders could she beike one of the other Terran women and be his gesha if so why can t they seem to click This is a book full of ups and downs this will grab hold of you from the first word and hold you till the very end This book will show you to The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good look at another s differences and respect them because you never know who that person could be to you in the future I think this book rocks on so manyevels and it had me hooked from the first word to the very end Every time I thought there can t be the author hits you with something new I would highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Series but can and should be read as a standalone novel No cheating and a guaranteed HEA . .