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T and mpathizes while genuinely investing THE EFFORT TO UNDERSTAND AND TO effort to understand and to means being patient with your spouse s sinsThe Message to the Cherished We both stumble in many ways I will thank God for you and together we will grow in holiness Gary offers six words that can save the day This is how your spouse stumbles Accepting that your spouse will never be perfect makes allowance for imperfection without diminishing our appreciation Apart from this it is impossible to maintain a cherishing attitude Further it is counterproductive to think I could cherish them if only they wouldn t do x y or z Half of holiness centers around being patient with other peoples sins As he did in Sacred Marriage Gary Thomas has melded practical theology and behavioral principles to ncourage believers along in a life that goes beyond the mere fulfillment of marriage vows Just as my wood stove responds to regular tending by yielding comfort and warmth to my home a cherishing mindset that is deeply rooted in the Gospel truth that we are continually cherished by God will result in a marriage that radiates a lifetime of warmth and loveThis book was provided by Zondervan through the BookLookBloggers program in xchange for my review I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising If you think back to when you first met your husband or wife you most likely understand what it means to cherish As My dove my perfect one is the only one Song of Solomon 69 Another way to put it is that the call to cherish isn t to appreciate being pleasured by your spouse but to take pleasure in the pleasure of your spouse To cherish is to be filled with joy not because your spouse brings you but because you take joy in your spouse s joy The power to cherish begins with understanding the gospel message of the goodness and loving kindness of God our Savior who saved us not because of any works of righteousness that we have done but according to his mercy and who has given us renewal by the Holy Spirit Forget about going on Mission Trip or serving in the church this is all good things but what about the mission field of your family and spouse Many of us are Campfire excited about serving in some capacity in church or in the mission field but not serving our own spouse and children We speak kindly to others but with our family our words cut deep and cause injury to the spirit of those that we are called to love protect and cherish It is true Cherish will changeverything in your marriage and ultimately your family if you are intentional and read this book not on how you can be cherished but how you can cherish your spouse Yes Men desire to be cherished as well It might look different for ach family That is why knowing our spouse and their needs is crucial and relevant If we are not cherishing ach other we could be very well causing great injury to our spouse s Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars emotional well being Being cherished in the home first will filter out to us loving others and the world well If we are not being cherished we cannot do ministryffectively If we are not cherishing our families and are doing ministry our marriages may Adam Smith: An Enlightened Life end in a crisis Some of the uotes that I found are soncouraging Love is giving for the sake of spouse s becoming Cherishing calls us to go to war against contempt That s because cherishing is all about protecting our spouses their reputation their personhood their sense of value and worthA cherishing marriage is built on intimate understanding not stereotypical assumptions Don t apply spectacular advise that is true in 90% of marriages if it s not true in yours because if it s not true in yours it s spectacularly bad adviseIn your marriage are you careful to devote yourself to do good works for your spouse Without this positive focus on doing good works the goal of married life becomes not doing bad works but that not good Crazy Love enough That s not cherishing that s being a Pharisee I won t do bad things to you so you won t do bad things to meThere s another way of looking at this If God s attitude toward you in your sin mirroredxactly your attitude toward your spouse in his or her sin where would you be with GodSacrifice shapes your heart The best thing about this book it is not just about marriage but about the gospel To cherish is to look at others first and not to be self absorbed It is loving well and loving true I highly recommend A Special Thank You to Zondervan and Netgalley for the ARC and the opportunity to post an honest review A long time fan of Gary Thomas writing and his ability to communicate in a refreshingly honest way I was very xcited to receive a free digital copy of Cheris. Husbands and wives can begin doing today to turn their marriage around ven a marriage marred by neglect and disrespectSo how do you cherish your spouse Thomas will show you how going out of your way to notice them appreciate them honor them ncourage them and hold them close to your heart will bring hope light and life into your marria. ,

The inherent power of the concept of Cherish and the masterful communication skills of Gary Thomas combine to make this a must read for anyone interested in understanding marriage as it is meant to be Everyone wants to be and benefits from being cherished it lifts strengthens and nriches us to be honored valued and treated as precious And
#The Beauty And Mystery Of #
beauty and mystery of to cherish is that as it creates joy fulfillment and happiness it also brings forth an increased desire to cherish It is a profound spiritual reality that xpresses itself in the practice of our lives specially our marriages Cultivating a cherishing attitude toward your spouse will levate your marriage Relationally Emotionally Spiritually And Even emotionally spiritually and ven Who doesn t want that Reading this book will be making an investment in your marriage applying these transforming truths will produce a harvest of lifelong blessing beyond compareCherishing one another is neither an impossible dream nor a fleeting feeling that cannot be sustained but a course of life set in motion by ach of us that will say Yes to cherish Thank you Gary for calling us to look at the ideal not to make us feel bad about where we are in our marriage relationships but to invite us ver higher and deeper into New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood experiencing God s goodness by learning to cherish our spousesThis book is powerful profound and practical say Yes to Cherish Cherish is the marriage book that just mightliminate the need for other marriage books Gary hits the target of why we struggle challenging our understanding of the gospel core of our marriages When you feel cherished by God it follows that you want to cherish others Cherish is the missing Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey element in good marriages that want to be great and struggling marriages that want to thriveThis will be one you read over and over Cherish is an amazing book that will show you how tonrich nhance and strengthen your marriage We say To Love and To Cherish when we marry but this book actually SHOWS you how to live those words out This book Cherish is a vital tool for any marriage no matter how long you have been married veryone needs this book My husband Devin and I attended a marriage conference ЯED earlier this year with our church and left with an assignment to read this bookSince we are both readers we were not onlyxcited to read a book together something we ve done sporadically since our dating days but ven xcited because the book was written by Gary Thomas Although Thomas has been my favorite marriage author for four years now The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs ever since I read his book The Sacred Search the autumn before I met my husband Devin had not yet read any of his booksGary Thomas presents a solid argument for the importance of understanding the difference between love and cherish stick with me he uses this verb as a noun Love is the commitment in a marriage but cherish is the spark the romance the in love feelingIf you cherish someone but don t yet love them you have an infatuation If you love someone but don t cherish them you have a partnership Both love and cherish are reuired for a successful marriageIspecially Moreno enjoyed the uestions included at thend of Monsieur Pain each chapter that prompted conversation around how we wanted to apply what we learnedMy favorite chapter was titled This is how your spouse stumbles Written from a Christian perspective to Christian couples this chapter delves into sanctification and the fact that we re all married to sinners who stumble sin and make mistakes on a daily basis Since none of us are perfect learning to give grace like Christ can mean the difference between a ruined date night and a forgiven conflict that brings spouses closer together The author deals well with the tension of unrepentant sin He gives thexample of his wife losing his keys She didn t mean to and although it inconvenienced him he had the choice of becoming frustrated with her because of it causing him to be late to work or giving her graceA gifted writer who uses funny relatable anecdotes Thomas has crafted an A Spark of Light: the fearless new novel from the Number One bestselling author easily readable book that is perfect for reading together with your spouse in theveningsOr listen to it on audiobook during your next long road trip together Even though this book took me months to finish it really was a great read Aside from a few things I didnt like various Bible versions and some Scriptural applications that may not be What If entirely accurate here is what I liked about this book It s so practical I did not have to wonder how do I apply this Everything Gary Thomas wrote seems so do able Each chapter begins with a storyreal lifexample which he continues throughout the chapter to teach the next concept of cherishing your spouse At the The Exhaustion Breakthrough end of the chapter he goes over the main points of the chapter Re. “Most marriages survive by gritting teeth and holding on But marriages can and will not only survive but thrive when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another”Those are the powerful words of bestselling author Gary Thomas in his newest book Cherish And in a world desperate for marriage redemption it is needed now thanverThom. Inforcement never hurts There are also helpful uestions at the The Exhaustion Breakthrough: Unmask the Hidden Reasons You're Tired and Beat Fatigue for Good end ofach chapter to help you apply what you just read and learned The whole book was Supplemental Book easy to readasy to understand and Hark! The Herald Angels Scream enjoyable For book reviews and book recommendations visit my blog wwwradiancecom Excellent This book like Sacred Marriage focuses on the heart not necessarily outward actions however outward actions will obviously imitate the proceedings of the heart Your Marriage From Disappointing to DelightfulWood stoves do not render their comforting warmth without regular tending Fires must be coaxed along with freuent ministrations and I never give this much thought unless my good husband is away for he miraculously tends to this important detail and our house stays cozy and warm Similarly since the beginning of our marriage he has changed the oil in our vehicles paid our bills balanced the checkbook and locked the doorsvery night leaving me with the delightful sense of being safe cared for cherishedGary Thomas writes that this variety of practical love is reassuring to me because it demonstrates that
#Our Life Together Is A #
life together is a that is worthy of my good husband s time and ffort Now with his one word title Cherish he challenges readers to go beyond merely loving our spouses and to live our way into a marriage that feels precious connected and satisfying Many marriage vows include a promise to cherish way into a marriage that feels precious connected and satisfying Many marriage vows include a promise to cherish do we understand what that looks like from the perspective of our spouse the cherished one Gary unpacks the concept in terms of learned behaviors that can change verything in a marriageCherishing means learning to hold someone dearThe Message to the Cherished You don t have to be anyone other than who you are When we allow our spouse to define beauty or handsome ness in our minds we have begun to rewind history to Eden when ach was the only one in the world to the other Choosing anew very day the one you chose on your wedding day is the antidote to disappointment discontentment and critical comparing Cherishing means learning to showcase your spouseThe Message to the Cherished How can I support you today How can I make your day better For the believer this includes Bidadari yang Mengembara enhancing one another s ministry opportunities We want our beloved to shine It is based upon the assumption that we havended the love affair with ourselves Gary uses the vivid xample of a male ballet dancer rejoicing in the standing ovation a ballerina receives because he has supported tossed caught turned and showcased her It s all about helping your spouse to realize hisher potential in the worldCherishing means noticing and honoring ach otherThe Message to the Cherished I will put your needs above La strada delle croci everythinglse Here s the truth in a nutshell You can honor someone without cherishing them but you can t cherish someone without honoring them Wives will feel noticed if their words are taken seriously husbands are looking for physical affection For ither gender we honor our spouses when we take an active interest in what interests themCherishing is about protecting ach other and killing contemptThe Message to the Cherished When I scan you I will be looking for something to praise not to criticize Gary traces the tragic journey from newlywed infatuation through disappointment frustration and bitterness to contempt which is the single biggest threat to a marriage s survival and happiness Practicing fierce gratitude is the antidote to contemptCherishing teaches us to indulge our spouses and thus to help heal their spiritual woundsThe Message to the Cherished I am committed to your healing and wholeness When we nurture our spouse we provide a picture of God s cherishing heart We make our spouse s needs a priority and work to discover what actions we can take to help them address their weaknesses and to breathe life into them The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth every dayCherishing teaches us to carefully and deliberately use ourars and our words to xpress our affectionThe Message to the Cherished I will be deliberate and specific in verbal affirmation and mirror God s acceptance and affirmation in my words and in my tone This may not come naturally but developing and maintaining a curiosity toward our spouse s words and activities communicates value Deitrich Bonhoeffer sums this up beautifully Just as love to God began with listening to His Word so the beginning of love for the brethren is learning to listen to them Even unintentional verbal slights can be devastating to a marriageCherishing is about treating our spouse as a uniue individualThe Message to the Cherished I will help you complete your one of a kind story It s time to cast aside generalizations and stereotypical assumptions about what all men or all women do Understanding bypasses judgmen. As shows that although there are a countless number of marriages consisting of two people just going through the motions there are real ways this pattern can be reversed when husbands and wives learn to cherish one another in proven loving and veryday actions and wordsThrough personal stories and real world xamples Thomas proves what.

Characters Cherish Author Gary L. Thomas

Cherish Author Gary L. Thomas

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