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(Kindle) [Twice Bossed (Twice, #2)]

Yeah no Ok this is gonna be shortI m sorry I have to say this BUT the story is shit honestlyso 25 stars is as high as I can giveBUT you DO NOT fuckin TURN YOUR BACK to MENAGEI ll tell ya there s some steamy off the charts HAWT stuffeasy come asy go ARC was provided by Madison Faye in xchange for an honest reviewAnother great story come asy go ARC was provided by Madison Faye in xchange for an honest reviewAnother "great story Madison Faye I love her OTT alphas and strong "story Madison Faye I love her OTT alphas and strong submissive heroines This one has double the pleasure with not one but two hot alphas Luke Steel and Jordan Stone Sasha Reed is at her wit s nd without a job and has used up all her savings on her criminal loser x boyfriend whom she finally dumped after two years Sasha nds getting hired as the assistant to Luke and Jordan and when she meets them on her first day of work BAM Hot insta loveattraction Apparently the attraction is a two way street and both Luke and Jordan who love to share women find themselves instantly obsessed and possessive of Sasha The attraction between the three is steamy and the sex is hot and dirty There is no cheating but there is menage mfm and an HEA If you love those then this book is for you And Madison Faye s books are on KU which I m a subscriber I m always happy when authors publish through KU since I feel like I m getting my money s worth The only thing keeping from giving this book 5 stars is I wanted More story More sex More of Sasha Luke and Jordan I m xcited to note that at the nd of the book the Twice Series by Madison is going to continue with another one called Twice Tackled Yay Sounds like a hot football story Can t wait yee gods the first chapter is a info dump of OW and basically sexually objectifying themselves and the h The second chapter same xact info dumped worded a bit DIFFERENT CIRCLES WE GOT CIRCLES PEOPLE AND NOT EVEN circles we got circles people and not ven onesDon t think I can rate when I only got 4% in 25 StarsSo I will state that the author sent me this for free to read and review and uite frankly I ve read three books by this author now and I ve come to realise that she s hit or miss with me I loved Legal A First Time Novel it was ridiculously hot then read Freshman A First Time Novel and strongly disliked it There are still From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 editing issues like her other books now while I understand it can bexpensive to pay for an Fresh Water editor if you re self publishing it costs nothing to read through a few times to make sure you ve caught any mistakes that is what all these books needA few things annoyed me about this story 1 The repeated mention of how the 2 friends WEREN T gay or sexually attracted toach other Okay say it once to make it clear but than that makes me uestion why it needs to be repeated 2 view spoilerThough they re NOT interested in French Daguerreotypes each other sexually they masturbate in the same room while talking dirty toach other about Sasha They were watching one another stroking their cocks Hmmm not sure about that hide spoiler. Ertain appetites and we have to have her We have to possess her make her submit and take her until she’s moaning both our names We need to make her ours and nothing can stand in our way And of course we share verything Twice Bossed is a uick read 20k novella involving hot steamy insta love with two utterly obsessed alpha heroes If you love over the top slightly unrealistic and wildly dirty stories this one’s for you HEA mfm with NO CHEATI. Typical Madison Faye read Sasha gets a new job as a secretary for 2 hotty CEO s Luke and Jordan are instantly attracted to her No work gets done while the three of them romp around the office furniture view spoiler Sasha s x makes an appearance at the nd threatening her life and Luke and Jordan save the day THEY END UP FIRING SASHA AS THEIR SECRETARY SO end up firing Sasha as their secretary so can continue their 3 way relationship She nds up rejoining the company as an Doris Salcedo eual and pregnant at thend Yay hide spoiler Two might be a couple but three is a family Fast paced and Twelve Days of Pleasure exactly what you dxpect from a menage novelI m definitely reading books from this author in near future I don t know what to feel about this one There s a lot of similarities here and in Twice Driven The way the characters think and talk I didn t like this one as much as the first and I didn t like how often the two Hs mentioned a woman from their past Often like all throughout the book The story was about Luke Jordan and Sasha no age mentionedSasha landed a job as a secretary at Steele and Stone Holdings after being unemployed for months She s broke because of her wannabe gangster Gods Choice ex boyfriend She had no idea what her two bosses looked like and just assumed they re pot bellied old menLuke and Jordan came from nothing They re best friends and like brothers They worked hard to build the company they now haveThe first time they laidyes on Sasha "They Knew She S Trouble "knew she s trouble had a bad Gustave Caillebotte: The Painter's Eye experience before and didn t want a repeat They can t fight it though so they just gave in and claimed herThere s a little chaos near thend but it was Grand Illusion: The Third Reich, the Paris Exposition, and the Cultural Seduction of France easily solved and the men involved were put in jail including herxThere s a nice pilogueSAFETYview spoilerNo cheatingNo love triangleNo OWOM drama But a woman from their past was often mentioned They had something with this woman Amanda They had sex on their desks their beds and her bed They thought it meant something but she sued them after She used them for money and it almost destroyed them Amanda was not present in the book but I still felt like she s there Nothing was mentioned when it happened but I didn t like it And they had sex with Sasha on the same desks and beds they had sex with Amanda Well I assumed they re the same because nothing was mentioned about them changing desks and beds There s also her x calling her He wanted her back He also knew about her job and wanted her to be their spy but she refused He also showed up near the Great Plains: America's Lingering Wild endNo abuseNo push and pullNo separationAll three were non virgin Nothing was mentioned when s the last time they had sex Luke and Jordan always share women They also masturbated nearach other while imagining Sasha No condom used and I assumed they used condoms beforeThere s anal sex and she d never done it before them hide spoiler 25 starsRTC If I had a million dollars i would gladly give it to the person who sent an We're going to make her ours no matter the cost Sasha Broke after bailing out my criminal x one too many times a boring and stuffy desk job at Steel and Stone Holdings seems like a bleak path to getting back on my feet But that’s before I met my two new bosses Because Luke Steel and Jordan Stone are anything but boring and stuffy They’re rough tattooed and criminally attractive not to mention demanding and dominant Worse they’re awakeni. .

Madison Faye · 2 Review

Ven remotely accurate BDSM book my way I was just looking for a uick kindle unlimited sexy book for before bedtime So I Didn T Really I didn t really at any reviews if that would ve ven helped I just dove in Things that a Domsub relationship isinvolves It is a loving relationship the sub is not a lesser person in fact the Dom s only goal is to bring the sub pleasure Though it is not my particular lifestyle it is also beautiful that the sub trusts the dom Electromyography for Experimentalists enough to give themselves over fully trusting the Dom to take care of them andnsure their pleasure It is safe sex it has boundaries there is a safe word which when said immediately stops verythingWhat BDSM is not it is not bossing a stranger around it is not rapeassault it is not something dirty or shameful or harmful I m sure I could add given time and when less sleepy but you get the ideaI was a little hesitant about reading this due to the blurb When I see words like make the h do somethingoutside of
bdsm it s 
it s absolute no ven in the genre it s iffy because there is so much bad BDSM out there Then there was a thing in the front of the book saying verything was consensual and so I felt like maybe there was a glimmer of hope Sadly I was mistaken I was appx 3 chapters in when one of the dudes threatened her job if she didnt bend over his desk that is NOT bdsm that is SEXUAL HARASSMENT and it pisses me off to no nd that authors do this shit People in the Domsub lifestyle have a hard Runaway Wedding enough time without assholes making them look like rapists So that was what led me to this being a DNF however i ll add that I don t think the authorver bothered to read her own work because there were tons of awful Wicked Loving Lies errorslike basic shit like not capitalizing her name Typical work smut with a side of danger Twice Bossed is the second installment in the Twice Series by Madison Faye The MC Sasha has just gotten a secretarial job working for the two hottest CEO sver known to man Luke and Jordan Of course they start lusting one another with their first glance and from then on well it was game time babyThings happened unexpectedly for Sasha like spilling iced coffee all over her and having to change into a skimpy nonprofessional work outfit without panties and then there s the creepy phone call from the La heredera del mar ex Now the whole spilling coffee thing yeah I ve done that but there s thing called tide pens or the wipes orven shout wipes yeah they help Or ya know washing them in the sink and drying them These must be all new concepts to Sasha because she was like hh fuck it i ll just wear this outfit and no panties Then of course the lust starts happening ven from this outfit Then the crazy x walks in well like shooting guns in Long story short the dude was bonkers Overall it had a cute happy nding with some unrealistic things happening like Sasha s unbelievable climb up the social ladder secretary to freaking CEO. Ng something dark inside of me something aching to be let out I’d ask how in the world I’m supposed to choose between two forbidden men but I’m not sure I’ll have to LukeJordan We came from nothing clawing and fighting our way out of the streets to build the mpire we sit on today Success has given us almost verything but there’s one thing we can’t find no matter how hard we look And then Sasha walked into our office We’ve got
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Twice Bossed (Twice, #2)

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