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Milk The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages

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S our first dairy products The first half of the book traces the history of human use of animal milk from the earliest domestication of animals to modern dairy farms The second the history of human use of animal milk from the earliest domestication of animals to modern dairy farms The second of the book contains recipes that encourage cooks to make choices that go beyond choosing from 1 percent or skim milk The author is a very enthusiastic advocate of fresh raw milk products and forms of dairy products from the Middle East and India She wants people to branch out beyond cow s milk Supposedly milk from water buffalo is very tasty I know you can get a lot of different food products in New York City but I have yet to come products in New York City but I have yet to come thatThe diversity of animal sources was interesting especially learning how certain sections of the world never turn to cows for milk Until refrigeration and modern transportation fresh milk was a rarity all over the world reserved for those who live close enough to milk a cow Dairy products like yogurt and sour cream were commonThe book talked a little about the history of milk in New York and other American cities People looking to earn a uick buck turned to fraudelent milking practices Think of them as Bernie Milk Madoffs They would take cows into the city and put them into a cramped space next to distilleries They would feed the cows the leftover grains from the distilleries which led to very unnutritious milk They would add whiteners to make the milk look like it was supposed to Many people got sick and died from this swill milk until the authorities and politicians listened to the public and cracked down on the practiceHope you are enjoying your morning coffee perhaps with a little cream I am no foodie While other kids were dreaming about et packs and flying cars my favorite childhood sci fi fantasy was the invention of a pill that would obviate the need for three meals a Day Freeing Up My freeing up my for less burdensome pursuits There was a solid year and a half during middle school when I ate the same Stouffer s microwave dinner literally every single night In fact I amassed enough proofs of purchase to send away for various prizes through the mail including a copy of Robert Redford s 1992 adaptation of A River Runs Through It on VHS Incredibly I never remember getting tired of this routine I ust wanted not to be hungry I didn t really care how my dinner tasted And while my cooking skill and culinary range have greatly expanded sinc. Curd that beautiful uasi cheese Mascarpone as well as homemade yogurt sour cream true buttermilk and homemade butter She gives us comfort foods such as Milk Toast and Cream of Tomato Soup alongside Panir and Chhenna from India Here too are old favorites like Herring with Sour Cream Sauce Beef Stroganoff a New Englandish Clam Chowder and the elegant Russian Easter dessert Paskha And there are drinks for every season from Turkish Ayran and Indian Lassis to Batidos Latin American milkshakes and an authentic hot chocolate This illuminating book will be an essential part of any food lover’s collection and is bound to win converts determined to restore the purity of flavor to our First Fo.
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Enefits of milk the poor treatment of dairy cattle or the corporate nature of the dairy industry she talks about the loss nature of the dairy industry she talks about the loss richness flavor in our modern versions of an ancient food source The recipes are an added benefit as you learn about a dairy product and can then go and try to recreate a product that would most likely be unaccessible at your local grocery If you are interested in food who isn t then give this a try That is correct I have read a 300 book about milk I m now that much likely to bore my acuaintances with all sorts of fun details about food that I have learned from this book I AM GREAT AT PARTIES This book is a good read but I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 because I was hoping it would cover the topic in depth The recipes take up a majority of this "Book The History Part Does Not Which When You Consider "the history part does not which when you consider subtitle The surprising story of milk through the ages I think you would be surprised too However even though the majority of the historybackground lesson ends on page 72 she talks in depth about the various dairy products individually like milk buttermilk butter yogurt etc in the recipe section The recipe section is really awesome and I want to own this Anne Mendelson explores the history of milk starting with the prehistoric origins of goat and sheep domestication and ending with modern large scale dairies I found her writing entertaining and wished the history section was longer I was glad that she didn t ust gloss over the science but really delved into the particulars The book also contains a number of recipes for milk products and dishes from around the world I am a mostly vegan so I didn t try any of the recipes but I really loved the first sections about the History of milk I didn t try any of the recipes but I really loved the first sections about the History of milk went into the book expecting to have to wade through a lot of pro dairy industry anti vegan stuff to get to the history but I was pleasantly surprised Mendelson a passionate dairy lover did a fantastic ob of presenting the facts about human consumption of non human milk through the ages including the dark side I am currently on a history of various food staples reading spree and I m glad I picked this one up You will never look at the dairy section of the supermarket the same again but in a good way I can t help but pick up a container of milk and think of the sheeps and goats grazing near the Tigres Euphrates River in ancient times that gave Cow what she calls the Northwestern Cow Belt northern Europe Great Britain North America She shows us how milk reached such prominence in our diet in the nineteenth century that it led to the current practice of overbreeding cows and overprocessing dairy products Her lucid explanation of the chemical intricacies of milk and the simple home experiments she encourages us to try are a revelation of how pure milk products should really tasteThe delightfully wide ranging recipes that follow are grouped according to the main dairy ingredient fresh milk and cream yogurt cultured milk and cream butter and true buttermilk fresh cheeses We learn how to make luscious Clotted Cream magical Lemon. ,
I really miss being able to consume dairy products so I thought it might be fun to read Milk However reading it ust left a bad taste in my mouth This has nothing to do with the recipes which seem well researched and tested with relatively easy to follow instructions The author s food snobbery really got to me after a while though surely it would have been sufficient for her to state once clearly before every recipe section that she thinks it would be better to use milk that is unhomogenized and if possible pasteurized slowly at a lower temperature rather than saying it in every recipe Should you be tempted to undertake preparing some of the recipes in this book you should be aware that they are most emphatically not for the budget conscious cook You ll need to buy beg borrow or steal a double boiler stockpots of varying sizes rennet tablets the aforementioned artisanal milk in udder busting uantities the correct kind of cheesecloth not the kind you can get in the grocery store the author says this repeatedly as well and something called a Flame Tamer to keep your dairy delights at the proper temperature It all sounds lovely but so expensiveThat being said the book is an interesting read and I do recommend it to anyone who s curious about the cultural history of milk and can afford to the recipes An enjoyable history of dairy products from the beginnings of Human Civilization To Now civilization to now a three pronged approach she examines what humans do with milk how that s changed over time and it has changed drastically and the science behind it all Fascinating thought it made me than a little leery of consuming dairy The five stars are for the cover I m not going to actually read it I reserved this after Tamara put it on the front page and I fell in love with the cover I it on the front page and I fell in love with the cover I to see if the lettering was hand done a la The Principles of Uncertainty or if it was a font It seems to be a font adjusted to different sizes and not lined up on parallel lines very interesting The book didn t say what the font was so I consulted the internets and look A blog post written by the cover designer Everything I wanted to know and Man I love the internet sometimes Thus far I am loving this book Mendelson looks at the history of milk using taste as her rule She does look critically at the modern dairy industry but rather than bemoan the decrease in the health Part cookbook with than 120 enticing recipes part culinary history part inuiry into the evolution of an industry Milk is a one of a kind book that will forever change the way we think about dairy productsAnne Mendelson author of Stand Facing the Stove first explores the earliest Old World homes of yogurt and kindred fermented products made primarily from sheep’s and goats’ milk and soured as a natural conseuence of climate Out of this ancient heritage from lands that include Greece Bosnia Turkey Israel Persia Afghanistan and India she mines a rich source of culinary traditionsMendelson then takes us on a The League for the Suppression of Celery journey through the lands that traditionally only consumed milk fresh from the.