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Sometime After Midnight

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4 READ THIS REVIEW ON MY BLOG don t like boys girls like SLOW BURN SHIPS AND EXTREMELY WELL DEVELOPED CHARACTERS WITH PALPABLE UNMISTAKEABLE TANGIBLE CHEMISTRY dear God this book was so much than i bargained for in the best possible way Sometime After Midnight is definitely the kind of book to The Gordian Knot Vol. 4 read when youe in a mood so specific that i hardly even know what i should call it if you The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life re ever feeling sad and want a warm hug if youe feeling silly and want a good laugh if you How Florida Happened: The Political Education of Buddy MacKay re a hopelessomantic if you like old music if you want something full to the very brim with the most wholesome and pure tropes in the world most importantly though if you like complex well fleshed characters and also a whole lot of deep stuff that you definitely won t expect coming from such a seemingly innocent YA gay CinderellaRomeo Juliet Narratives of Human Evolution retelling this book wasn t perfect but ieally did have a blast Understanding Autism in Adults and Aging Adults: Improving Diagnosis and Quality of Life reading it and i m always down for cute upliftingomance books i don t Report on Radiation and the Quantum-Theory, 1914 really think there s too much i can say at this point because i m still trying to process those last few chapters but i genuinely wasn t expecting this book to be one of my favorites of the year so far but here we are and i m having the time of my life babyep nate and cam mcs are gayI was expecting to love this because how could a modern Cinderella story with two guys that s been compared to a book I Lioness remember enjoying go wrongSit tight and let me tell yaTriggercontent warnings for slight stalking doxxing ableism fatphobia toxic masculinity discussions and descriptions of suicide Nate I cannot stand Nate I m supposed to feel for him andoot for him and love him but he s just such an asshole Sorry but the fact that his dad committed suicide doesn t give him a pass for treating people like garbage He thinks that Cam s father pretty much told his father to kill himself so he takes it out on Cam Who was like nine or ten at the time Because that s fair He literally says he might as well have pushed my dad off that balcony like come on he didn t even know the entire story And beyond blaming Cam for what he assumes Cam s father did he treats Cam like shit because of what Cam s sister did She posted the photo of Nate s shoes on Twitter where she has millions of followers which caused him to be stalked and doxxed Does he get mad at the people who doxxed him The person who posted the photo No he gets mad at the person who had nothing to do with it and who was horrified when he found out about it because he knew what would happen Nate goes on and on about how he should hate Cam and not even give him the time of day and I just HE DIDN T DO ANYTHING TO NATE And throughout the entire book everyone validates Nate s unjustified dislike and anger towards Cam for things he didn t do and makes Cam feel guilty and like he has to make up or apologize for things he didn t doAlong with treating Cam like trash for things he didn t do Nate is just so fucking bitter He doesn t have the life and things and money that Cam does and boy he never lets anyone fucking forget it Nate makes a comment about how maybe he should call Cam Sir or Lord or maybe His Majesty might be fitting he makes a dig about how it must be nice to be Cam and have silver spoons and hot guys just because of his last name he thinks about how even with all Cam s privilege maybe there s something genuine in him Nate thinks the guards at Cam s house are to keep out those not deemed worthy What Do Grown-ups Do All Day? rather than just you know strangers and criminals and the like and Nate tells Cam that he doesn t understand how Cam isn t a selfish person when he has cars and houses and a staffWhen Cam is insecure about his singing Nate mocks him for wanting an ego stroke when he has good looks a huge house and his family s company he tells Cam that with is family s legacy whether or not he has talent doesn t matter and then goes on a jealous angryant about how Cam isn t allowed to be insecure because he has fame and money and good looks and nice thingsNate and Cam s Non Censure relationship can be summed with this line from Cam I don t know how to ask forgiveness for something I didn t do And the whole bookeally could be summed *up with Nate is a douchebag and everyone tells him how great he is Tess *with Nate is a douchebag and everyone tells him how great he is Tess Cam s sister is another character I cannot stand I get the feeling I m also supposed to like her for her take charge attitude and slight feminist overtones but she s awful I hate every scene she s in She is the epitome of loved one controls and manipulates and forces main character to Do Things And It S Okay Because They Re Just things and it s okay because they Herrin der Schmuggler re just and want the best for them which I can t fucking standFirst she posts the photo of Nate on her Twitter apparently not knowing what would happen with her nearly 40 million follower count even though later when paparazzi won t leave Nate alone she s all well it s part of the life what can you expect shrug Then she sets up the meeting for Cam s demo without even consulting him and forces him into without any preparation Then she posts him singing on Instagram again without his permission When he tells her to stop posting about him because it s too personal she calls him uptight and defends her actions by saying she wouldn t have to if he had his own account Then she decides he s going on tour without caring for his thoughts or input She defends her actions again by saying she s just worried that if she doesn t push he ll never do it But there s a difference between giving someone a nudge and forcing their hand She also mentions snooping through his belongings andeading his lyrics AND looking through his phone When Nate comes by to ask about the audition she sits in and basically mediates and supervises their conversation telling them what to do and when to hang out And not only does she get information on Cam s plans through the staff she also shares his plans with daddyWhen Cam tells her that he doesn t like her being in charge she immediately accuses him of being sexist when in Hope and Glory reality he was talking about how they ve always been in together on eual terms and now suddenly she s controlling every aspect of his lifeWhen Cam and Nate start working together Tess advice is to show Nate who is in control that it s how daddy would do it and that Nate needs to know Cam is in charge from the start And I justfucking ew That shit is theeason no one fucking likes your daddy and he s lacking in the personal Ngui for Unity relationship department but sure keepomanticizing and idolizing him and his way of doing things TessAnd there s a line where Cam says that Tess is the only person he can be honest with and that most of the time she doesn t abuse it and you Hysterie re telling me I m supposed to like her She schemes and manipulates and controls and is way too invested in her brother s life and thinks I m just worried is an excuse for all of it Fatphobia There s uite a bit of comments and lines throughout the book that strike me as fatphobic First we have Nate s best friend Vic who is fat I swear every single he is in a scene or just mentioned his weightappearanceeating habits are mentioned He s described as an overweight and puffier version of Al Pacino TWICE having a considerable gut never passing up a burger not going easy on slushie drinks eating nothing but carbs and junk food and likely to have a heart attack There are a couple scenes where he s eitherunning or walking at a faster pace with Nate and only Vic is described as bending in half to catch his breath panting wheezing and even just noted as being able to keep up with Nate s uick pace There s also a line where Vic asks Nate to put in a good word for him with Cam s sister and Nate Der Flügel des Engels : Autobiogr., Selbstzeugnisse, Briefe an Jack Kerouac rolls his eyes and tells him getealOther moments that I foundiffy are when Cam s few gained pounds are specifically stressed to be muscle as if otherwise is bad or shameful and when Tess lowkey body shames Cam by telling him not to eat Pop Tarts or doughnuts because they ve already had his suits tailored to his current waistline Ableism Ableist languageslurs Using disabilities and mental illnesses as metaphors Nate and Cam. #AlexFromTarget meets ueer Prince Charming in this glittering داستان‌های کوتاه امریکای لاتین romcom following a teen music prodigy and the handsome socialite who unwittingly turns him into an internet sensationIn a dingy Los Angeles club late one night Cameron and Nate meet and find they have much in common than their love of an obscure indie band But when Nate learns that Cameron is the heir to aecord label the very one that Listen to Nate s father s ecordings which were at the worst of his mental illness and they e both like it makes me feel crzyTess says she doesn t want Cam to end up like their dad or worse their mom who barely leaves the house Their mom isn t Love and Its Place in Nature: A Philosophical Interpretation of Freudian Psychoanalysis really in the story nor is hereasoning for not leaving the house that often other than a sort of throwaway comment about her not being able to handle the fame and paparazzi any But not leaving your home isn t a the worst fate you could have A lot of people can t leave their homes for many disability and mental illness Special Agent Francesca relatedeasons So for Tess to be like don t be like mom she doesn t leave the house is shittyNate thinks ending up like his father who was suspected to have Schizophrenia is terrifying And while it s not like people should strive or hope for having mental illnesses and Nate s father killed himself so it s not a possibility Nate would take lightly Schizophrenia is already one of the mental illnesses that people see as scary so this line Triskell Tales: Twenty-Two Years of Chapbooks really just strikes me as irresponsible and harmfulAnd then this I mean look at people like Nick Cave or Tom Waits Look at how dark they get sometimes Your dad could have been known for this and maybe people would have started to understand what he was going through and they would have accepted it Maybe even thought it was incredibly coolThis line feels incredibly inappropriate Not only is there theomanticizing mental illness aspect of it with the idea that music created during someone s absolute lowest worst moments mentally can be cool edgy music but it has a pain euals good art vibe Mental illnesses are not cool Mental illnesses are not fodder for dark edgy art And people don t have to turn their pain and lowest moments into something for other people to consume and pick apart or glorifyNate s father s Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie recordings were not the product of his underappreciated genius like Nate and Cam think They were the product of his undiagnosedtreated mental illness The fact that the narrative tells me that Cam s father was wrong to hide the tapes and say theye unlistenable is mind boggling To either Mein wildes Geheimnis 03 release or glorify or idolize what is on those tapes is so exploitative and toxic Those tapes aren t from the mind of someone who truly gets music and has a talent like no other theye from the mind of someone who was suffering and needed help he never got The music someone made in the mindset that lead them to smile as they jumped to their death is not music you should be putting a Ein Goldfisch räumt auf romantic or glorified spin onThis is just a contradictory annoyance but when Nate first listens to the tapes he says that Cam s father isight that no one would listen to them but like a couple lines later and then for the est of the book he s saying Cam s father is wrong and the tapes are genius Sowhat is the truth Music Snobbery I don t think I ve ever ead a book based around music that isn t pretentious and snobby as fuck There s a lot of ideas about what The Worst Weather on Earth: A History of Mount Washington Observatory real music is lots of shaming and attacking certain kinds of music and artists and just a general belief that the kind of music you like or create makes you either superior or inferior Other Some problematic linesegarding sexuality such as swings both ways and stereotyping gay guys as loving show tunes and a character not being able to tell if a a guy is gay or not as if those are the only options and as if that s something you can truly tell just by looking at or talking to someoneSome examples of toxic masculinity such as the colors of Cam s bedroom being described as masculine and Nate saying a certain wine flavor is girly because it s fruity and floweryThe book is super white I don t think there s a single instance of a person of color ever appearingCam pulls a stalker A London Home in the 1890s routine with Nate at one point Nate doesn t call or text so Cam out of worry texts his best friend and when that s a bust he tracks down another of Nate s friends to see if Nate s with him and then begs for the location where Nate actually is and then he shows up there And when Nate hears all this and is like so you drove six hours today to find me Cam sesponse is I told you I m Christian Grey I mean I hope I come off a little less controlling and stalkery but I worry and I have The Geology And Landscape Of Santa Barbara County, California, And Its Offshore Islands resources and plenty of money so I can pretty much find anyone I care about if I need to I mean THAT S NOT CREEPY AT ALL Christian Grey who Cam does compare himself to previouslyYIKES is not someone you want your significant other comparing themselves to Ever In any capacity And your significant other basically telling you that they will always be able to find you no matter what is fucking creepy and stalkery and controlling Hard Fucking Pass Overall I went into this book thinking I d love it It had the makings for a book I d love And I went into thiseview thinking I d give it two stars because there are a few things I liked Such as Cam s father and Nate s stepmother turning out to not be awful people after all Nate and his stepmother s talk toward the end Cam s father saying that after Nate s father s suicide they made their artists mental health a priority and talked about how the business is a lot of pressure and can exacerbate their illnesses the character Travis how there isn t a single drop of homophobia directed at the main characters from anyone and how much of an easy uick Biopower: Foucault and Beyond read this isBUT Writing thiseview makes me ealize
#how big the #
big the I have with the book are and how the things I like don t even slightly come close to making this book deserve two stars I liked this book overall What I especially appreciated was a gay book that had nothing to do with BEING GAY No one had a problem with the main characters being gay they had no anxiety about being gay themselves it was just another *Aspect Of Their Lives And Nothing And That Is So *of their lives and nothing And that is so to eadThe story of two musicians finding their missing piece in each other was also great as was the mystery of Nate s father s death and how Cam s family his own father in particular may have had a hand in it Makes for some great non gay Is That Even a Country, Sir! related drama which me likesI had two issues with the book Well three The first being that some of the editing was sloppy and I blame it a little on editing since the writing itself wasn t bad One example is that in one scene Cam thinks He wouldn t cross the street to spit on me if I were on fire And in the very next scene Nate thinks I wouldn t cross the street to spit on him if he was on fire This happened several times throughout the bookThe second issue was that everyone was too wholesome Not a single person in the entire book had any ulterior motives and everyone did everything they said they would and was completely honest all the time While this is very idealistic it s not veryealistic and I kept WAITING for someone to show their true colors #to do something for their own gain but nothing ever happened It was #do something for their own gain but nothing ever happened It was very I trust you you trust me everyone trusts one another even though none of us うそつきリリィ 3 [Usotsuki Lily 3] really knows each other which is kind of boring I very much enjoyed theomantic storyline but it could ve used a BIT of extra dramaAnd thirdly probably not going to be a POPULAR thing to say but I felt a little hoodwinked once I found out the author was female I have been trying to support OWN Voices authors and the first initial threw me enough that I didn t check to see if the author was male before buying or starting to The Prince read the book The author has talent but if I m going to support gay books I d prefer to support the gays who write them when I canOther than that was an enjoyable book Will likely see what else she has to offer This was the perfect Cinderfella novel that I didn t know I wanted I didn teally know what to expect with this A Bold Carnivore: An Alphabet of Predators read and I m happily pleased with it This was a cute and funead but actually incorporated uite a bit of heavy content Prior to Goodbye Sarajevo: A True Story of Courage, Love and Survival reading this novel I had predicted that this would be an emotionalead thinking that it would be a coming out story That actually was not the emotional part because these characters were both actively ou. Estroyed his father's life he Lifting runs away as fast as he can The only evidence of their brief but intense connection is a blurry photo Cameron snaps of Nate's Sharpie decorated Chuck Taylors as he flees Considering that Cameron is aeal life Prince Charming he's handsome famous and ich it's only fitting that he sets out to find the owner of the Sharpied shoes Cameron's twin sister a model and sociali. T I don t know why but I actually eally enjoyed that aspect in this novel By making it less of an event eaders saw of the side of acceptance from family and friends I m not saying that the characters didn t face those emotions when they came out but this story was not centred around that or in that timeline I hope that makes sense and I m not offending anyone I m just saying that I like how that this story didn t focus solely around being a coming out storyI also A Life In School: What The Teacher Learned really liked the two main characters along with side characters I liked their personalities their authenticity and the fact that along with them both being mature they did keep some characteristics of a teenager The writing style was beautiful it flowed and was easy to keepeading without wanting to put the book down I definitely will be looking for written by this author as the style was just so pleasing to ead I definitely will be ecommending this book to others It was such a uick paced The House That Had Enough read that would be perfect for the summer or anytimeeally I do have to make the The Devil's Snake Curve: A Fan's Notes From Left Field recommendation and comparison that for those that like Sarah Dessen s novels check this one out For me who loves Sarah Dessen the writing style was similar but the main characters for this novel are male instead of Sarah Dessen s typical female main characters A sidenote that I have to mention because Ieally appreciate it as a The March Up: Taking Baghdad with the 1st Marine Division reader I love the cover It s not the typical stock photo that doesn telate to the story This cover is uniuely Pimpinella Meerprinzessin 1: Ankunft im Muschelschloss (German Edition) related to the story and I love that Well doneThank you to Penguin Random House Canada for sending me an advancedeader s copy of this novel in exchange for an honest Das kurze Leben der Sophie Scholl review This book was exactly what I wanted it to be sweet funny well written and full of music that made me want to plug in my headphones and fall into the melodies and lyrics that move me Iteminded me occasionally of Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist but it had a lovely Cinderella feel all its own Both boys are adorable the sidekicks are wonderful and it just makes you smile And let me just say that when I m willing to stay up to finish a teen centric novel sometime after midnight see what I did there that s about the highest praise I can give It wasn t as good as L Philips s Perfect Ten but I still enjoyed it No Défendre Jacob regrets ineading it a modern mm Cinderella Darfur's Sorrow: A History of Destruction and Genocide retelling AHHHHHH this sounds so cute i might die And Cinderella was and will always be my favorite Disney movie Im so damn excited for this my hands are SHAKING Not theight book for me DNF 20% Hot damnThis book was great It was wonderful It was such a lovely twist on tropes that are nearing the end of their lifespanI Black Gold in North Dakota really enjoyedeading this one and it was such a bundle of fun I couldn t help but enjoyIt was like Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist but better and wayyy ueer It was exciting less try hard uirky and had enough tropes to pull you in but not too much to push you outI mean this was basically made for me It combines all my favorite tropes Cinderella Check Famous person Check and is diverse feat LGBT main charactersThere had to be something large and terrible happen to make me not like this book and I m glad to say that didn t happen and I ended up enjoying itIt felt clean and polished I actually enjoyed how well Philips wrapped up the ending and worked to make it all fall together even though I m notorious for disliking the endings to contemporaries but with enough grit dark background to make the cover seem fittingI like how Philips incorporated the background little by little At first it s just like a Cinderella story or should I say CinderFELLA story but then Philips adds the layers to Nate Cameron s espective pasts You find out and about what happened with Nate s dad and Cameron s father s ecord company without any flashbacks I might add and it all was incorporated very naturallyI love how Philips added this twist on the story because honestly there s not a lot to the Cinderella trope and you need a little substance to keep it afloat else your book could be summed up in a 10 page children s board bookSimilarly Philips did a nice job of developing the characters I liked both Nate and Cameron s characters and I thought Philips managed to shape their present thought processes and actions well based on the things they experienced in their past and the way they grew upIn the end the only thing I wasn t too fond of was the Nestle Toll House Recipe Collection romance In my opinion when Philips added about their background it kind of took up page time than the actualomance between Nate and Cameron We ended up focusing a lot on them getting over their past issues ather than them bonding omantically so it did *Feel A Little Insta *a little insta to meNate and Cameron bonded a lot over their love for music and they music they played together and I felt like that dominated the actual Wicked City: The Other Side romance I m not actually sure they could end up beingeally great Officer, Surgeon…Gentleman! romantic partners but I don t think that was Philips end goal for this story so it didn t matter to meThis is of a book about finding your way to another person and overcoming your past to potentially lead to something great and amazingI have to admit I was definitely turned off a little by the cover but the description and the book totally won me over Ignore the cover if you need to Justead this bookOverall I Barefoot through Mauretania really enjoyedeading and found Sometime After Midnight to be a Dude, You're a Fag: Masculinity and Sexuality in High School refreshing twist on some of my favorite tropes There was nothing I explicitly didn t like and I think this book definitely deserves a lot love buzzIf youe looking for a book featuring the indie music scene a modern twist on the Cinderella trope andor ueer boys falling in love I definitely Eldest recommend you check this one out It s hard to figure out where to start myeview on this one because there are so many things I liked about It I Read This Book Of Nearly I ead this book of nearly pages in barely two days I couldn t stop eading The story simply flowed and I loved thatThen we have our two main characters Nate and Cameron Sometime After Midnight is written from both their perspectives and that adds so much to the storyWe see how Nate struggles with losing his father how that impacts his views principles and overall character He s still grieving and dealing with everything I Colorblind really believe it s portrayed wellAs for Cameron he isn t the snobbishich kid I expected him to be He s uite grown up and knows what he wants Although I have to admit there are some moments where he goes spoiled and ich all the way but when you ve grown up like that I guess it s hard not to act like it sometimes as wellOverall I simply liked how their elationship came to be grew and how they found their spots in lifeOf course I have to mention the LGBTIA factor in this story Especially since Cameron s a celebrity and his sexuality is simply accepted Same goes for Nate There s no homophobia whatsoever in this story which might make it a bit unrealistic since it s celebrities we e talking about but Let s just say it gave me hope for a better world than the one we live in todayI also adored the musical aspect of this story The author s musical knowledge eally came forward and even made me look up some of the artists mentioned because why notI did miss a couple of things in this story though Overall I liked the characters but they still felt flat to me as well I loved the story but I simply wasn t Spring Cleaning (Virago Poetry) really interested in getting to know our characters better than I did I just wanted to know how the story went if you get what I meanAnother thing I only thought of a couple of days after finishing this book is how the characters actually had it pretty easy at the end of the story Maybe throughout the entire story in a way Some things got wrapped up very easily things I expected of a struggle with Maybe that would ve made the ending heart feltEven though there are some things I didn t like I did absolutely loveeading this story I flew through it It s a cute fluffy and light gay Classic Sunil Gangopadhyay romance which I was simply so in the mood for anyway Definitely makes me go easy on theating this time haha45 5Kathy. Te posts the picture of Nate's shoes on Instagram to her legions of fans with the caption Anyone know the gorgeous owner of these shoes My hottie brother is looking for him The internet just about breaks with the news of a modern fairy tale and the two become entwined in each other's lives in this sparkling story about the power of music the demons that haunt us and the flutterings of first eal lov. ,