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Still like the plot and the different creatures they very detailed the same goes for the surroundings to step into a completely different world where the creatures think and live differentlyI actually don t know I will get the third book in this think live differentlyI actually don t know if I will get the third book in this The price goes up and the pages goes down so I will wait maybe an offer comes along This Is Such A Good BookThis series is drawing me in so uickly I can barely stop for breath to write this review before downloading the next in the series Thank you Kindle Unlimited for saving my bank balanceIn this book we get to see a lot about October s troubled past We still don t know why her sister left and slowly withdrew from all contact but we do hear about Judge which is revealingOctober is starting to catch up on the backlog of souls reuired to keep the suns fed in Terraway She s trying to catch up and then get ahead for a few days so they can make a trip to Terraway in order to try and set things in place to help Omens in the future to not get so overwhelmedIn addition to all the souls she s collecting October is becoming comfortable with Von and Mason They sleep together very night and whilst she sleeps the guys pull her negative motions away to keep her on an ven keel The problems seem to start when motions start to become involved specially when Mason seems to be clinging to his dead wife s memoryWe see of Terraway in this book and what the inhabitants are like and what they have been suffering through famine We see their bravery and their loyalty and their hope that October can help them I m looking forward to seeing what the other lands are like CrazyThis is getting ven crazier October is being pushed to her limits psychologically Von and Malcolm can only take so Much I Am Curious I am curious her OCD symptoms since Von noticed that they aren t consistent She definitely has pisodes but she still gets things done Von Malcolm and her are getting really close However its completely unbalanced relationship uite a bit of angst going on I am loving it though The cliffhanger is a doozy thoug. To splinter apart the trust in their platonic threesome After accidentally killing off an A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, entire race in Terraway October isn’t sure who the biggest monsters are – the ones trying to work her into anarly grave or the one she fears she’s becoming hersel. .
I couldn t get nough of this series Just finished binge reading all 9 The Story Was The story was captivating and the characters were people you honestly felt connected to It s not often that you really get sucked in the world an author creates like I did for terraway i think my favorite thing about the I think my favorite thing about the series is that you never know what is going to come around the

Surprises left and right You you know which way the story is headed and it veers offI m going to miss girl October and all the men The first book was amazing and this second one does not disappoint The characters keep developing and Octobers character and back story continues to volve and changeI barely kept myself from continuing to book 3 so that I could leave a review for book 1 and 2 I love all characters including Mason who kind of becomes a selfish prick by the Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies endven though he seemed like WoooooooweeeeeeeSo yes October Grace has a strength in her I admire She also lets veryone walk all over It s like if she thinks your broken you get a pass to just trample on her It s beyond frustrating I was so xcited at first for October and Mason getting together But then he started using her to see his wife Which is wrong on so many levels And then he takes first her by comparing them Like it wasn t already bad The Power Of A Choice enough that he was kissing October to see Kara So nowvery time he touches her or kisses her I just want street fighter upper cut him See how he like it And then Von doesn t ven realize he has a whole shot with October because he thinks he doesn t deserve one He thinks because of what he is he should be scrapping the bottom of the barrel for verything At this point nobody deserves October because truly understands her Except for maybe Von He has been the only one to actually take the time to try and understand her OCD which actually could be trauma Even Edward likes him Which is saying a lot Now dream dude is clearly not a dream I actually think he might be Sama And I think he is using King Geon I don t think he really has any intent on continuing to give. This is book two in the ight part Terraway series When October Grace begins reaping souls she doesn’t think life can get much worse Mason and Von have their work cut out for them trying to keep the council members from abducting October Everyone wants to get. Help to him He s weak clearly and asily manipulated Now by biggest curiosity and the thing that no one seems to really be looking at is who is October s father It s clear he had to be matraculean but he had is October s father It s clear he had to be matraculean but he had be something The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right else too She is touching the sagrado stone and shouldn t be able to And she tamed a sigbin There has got be anxplanation for that IJS I m
the fence about this one still stands out with good world building and original characters but something s missing Not sure what though Finally had to skip a few chapters towards the Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling ends because it was going no where fast or rather slowly Didn t notice any difference with not reading 4 5 chapters so that just goes to tell youI guess I would have liked for a bit action and a faster pace Also at this rate MC is still going to be a virgin by book IV I liked this one It was short and not a lot of time passed but there has been uite a lot of character and plot development October is progressing nicely as are the boys I don t particularly like Mason right now but I think he is dealing with his trauma in his own way and it is going to get harder before it gets better I like that this story is very different from other PNR books I have read It is very slow burn From what I understand there is 9 books so I m not sure at what point a solid relationship forms but I actually think this is probably pretty realistic as life is pretty messyHappy Reading Von in a tie was a sight to see The hostess could not stop ogling him making it known that no matter your social status Von wasveryone s taste The strangest part of it was that he didn t seem to care that he turned many a single and married woman s ye as we walked in Von was one of those rare breeds who was totally married woman s ye as we walked in Von was one of those rare breeds who was totally NotesOk I m hooked I love the characters and thank god the series is done At least I m guessing that it s done Onto 3 That s a really xtreme trembleI still like the storyline and the charactersBut I start to think that October Grace is getting to xtreme I find her behaviour to aggressive bit over the top Their hands on the sagrado stone they need to heal their broken homelands Now with all the nations vying for their piece of the stone to heal their land October doesn’t know who to trust Her attraction to Mason proves problematic when a simple kiss threatens. ,

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REVIEW È Book, PDF or Kindle PUB Ò Mary E. Twomey

Tremble By Mary E. Twomey