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Genuine FraudEl that is sophisticated than most I think Genuine Fraud is worth giving a shot I received a free copy of this book from Delacorte Press I had no obligation to review this book and all opinions are my own This book is very very good and super mind twisty I haven t read an E Lockhart book since We Were Liars came out so I had no idea what to expect I thought it was contemporary but it s actually a thrillerya know Rocker Babies Wear Jeans like the back cover says A MASTERFUL THRILLER in case you are a good member of society and read back covers I do not However that didn tessen my enjoyment of it I did fall apart a bit because the book is basically told backwards Which I get It s a common thriller thing right You start with the character in this case Jules iving a mysterious ife and there s probably a body and you want to know HOW DID IT GET HEREso wheeeee we go back in time and see But the time Sono with Visits from the Seventh line jumps around SO SO MUCH that I just got freakingost We re in the present then back in the past and then further back in the past before ducking forward to that present bit again and and and insert cait s brain melting Remarkable Creatures like a glue pot hereBy the end I was just so freaking confused Plus I thought the end contained a wholeotta coincidences that I just couldn t gnaw through and acceptHowever ike all that asideit is REALLY well written The details are amazing and the book is really short but doesn t feel ike it It packs a punch and ties things in and ike halfway through my brain was split into WOW and WTF Excellent reactions for a thriller Plus it s in 3rd person which is my favouriteAnd Jules is a totally unreliable narrator I really don t want to say much because the plot s too hard to Explain Without Spoilers But Basically We Re without spoilers But basically we re to her iving an extravagant and Chuck and Danielle lavishife in a hotel but obviously using a stolen identity And then a cop catches up with her and she runs and then we start trawling back through her Escaping the Endless Adolescence: How We Can Help Our Teenagers Grow Up Before They Grow Old life s story to understand WHO THE HECK IS JULES WEST WILLIAMS So the story is totally full of basically richavish messed up white kids Which isn t my favourite trope but hey AT LEAST they weren t pretending not to be severely messed up view spoilerJules is a freaking psychopath so that was interesting hide spoiler There s a sweet spot in the suspense genre where character study combines with psychological horror This sweet spot has produced masterpieces Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs like Dare Me Dangerous Girls Allegedly and now Genuine Fraud These are stories about bad people who don t get their punishment because that s not how the real world works Realife is messy Sometimes bad people Gray Bishop live on First things first I KNOW aot of people are going to be comparing this to We Were Liars Genuine Fraud is a very different novel and I expect that plenty of people who hated We Were Liars s pretentious rich kids and poetic writing style will ove Genuine Fraud s straightforward writing style and morally black main character I enjoyed the former a fair amount but this book blew me away Weirdly enough the difference between We Were Liars and Genuine Fraud is similar to the difference between Dangerous Girls and Dangerous Boys they re both excellent books but the first one of each pair is concentrated on atmosphere and one final twist while the second one is about the why than the how Genuine Fraud is the story of Jule West Williams and her best friend Imogen Anything else said here would spoil the plot This book is told in flashbacks with brilliantly subtle clues as to what s going on and reveals that made my heart pound I have to say that I wasn t totally shocked by much about the book but damn if the ride wasn t enjoyableThis book is about the outcasts the kids who aren t rich and perfect It s about how far someone might go to have their own happy wealthy ife The tension builds so slowly in this story You feel sympathy for Julep towards the beginning and even towards the end I admit there were confusing parts If you re someone who wants everything to be clear from the beginning don t pick this up But for me the unanswered uestions worked perfectly This was a book that eft me absolutely desperate to finish Even when I predicted twists every moment was full of tension Just et this book surprise you Thanks to my ocal bookstore for allowing me to borrow the arc. Ng to want to remember the title Liars details the summers of a girl who harbors a dark secret and delivers a satisfying but shocking twist ending Entertainment WeeklyAn ambitious novel with an engaging voice a clever plot and some terrific writing The New York Times Book ReviewThrilling beautiful and blisteringly smart We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable John Green #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fault in Our Sta. .

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Nd nothing made any sense to me I can t imagine that your ordinary girl would change so drastically just because the opportunity arose There has to be a motive but if there was one it definitely was Noir lost on me The stereotypes in this one were so urgh The spoilt heiress that does everything her way and always picks some people that areucky enough to capture her attention Immie was horrible Jule was even worse and Brooke Don t even get me started Imogen s bf what was his Don t even get me started Imogen s bf what was his again And what s with Paolo The guy pops up every once in a while obviously sweeps Jule off her feet and then nothing It made no sense to me The ending Boy this was so anticlimactic I can t even If I d be a smoker it wouldn t even be worth the infamous cigarette after the sex Like seriously why did I read this book I m unsatisfied I Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are loved We Were Liars and it s such a shame that Genuine Fraud didn tive up to my expectations Having read some early mixed reviews for Genuine Fraud I decided to go into the book with an open mindThe story is written backwards in time starting at chapter eighteen through to chapter one and then ending at nineteen Although I didn t initially have a problem with this after you stop the book and then pick it up again it can become slightly confusing especially since the story evolves around two characters that from the start you realise one is pretending to be the other I don t know if I would Gaffer like to read a reverse timeline again but I did enjoy the plot and found myself wanting to continue to see the outcomeThe characters aren t particularly endearing or evenikeable but I think that s the way they are supposed to be portrayed however the author E Lockhart has written a very ingenious story that keeps your attention This may not have the punch and killer twists that some psychologicalcrime novels do but nonethe CW talk of suicide murdergoreTHIS BOOK IS A TRIP MAN I definitely struggled a bit with this read It s not exactly my cup of tea but I think it is so uniue and genius that it has to get a good rating from meI really enjoyed the first two chapters of this book E Lockhart has a very sophisticated writing that can be hard for me to jump into but the beginning was so intriguing with a girl on the run that I just wanted to read Then by the third chapter we re back in time Essentially this story is told backwards Every chapter skips back a week to a month BEFORE the events we ve just read As someone who does NOT Circumstantial Evidence like flashbacks in books I almost set the book down but as we got deeper into the story I started to really enjoy the process of reading a seemingly insignificant detail discovering the significanceater and then making the connection as opposed to traditional writingI m also pleased with this book as I think it is the only young adult novel I ve ever read with a true unreliable narrator Or maybe it s that the storytelling is unreliable but the protagonist is not one you can trust regardless I had to second guess my feelings on Jule every step of the way Even after finishing I m still perplexed The same goes for Imogen I was constantly flip flopping on which girl I trusted which I Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers liked which I felt empathy for and it made for a really uniue reading experience I did find the plot to be aittle dull at times reading experience I did find the plot to be a ittle dull at times scenes aren t all that exciting they are fairly mundane but it s the overall storytelling that kept me going The way the book is written made the ordinary scenes feel interesting than they actually areI don t know how strict of a mystery I would abel this book because I don t believe it s a clear cut whodunnit with a single crime to be solved It s not the most suspenseful and there is not a ton of actionhigh intensity I think it is a novel that has of a psychological trip the forces you to uestion absolutely every sentence written I also don t believe there is a huge plot twist because you sort of expect it but it s the process of unraveling of the truth that I found to be exciting than the actual revealAll in all I found Genuine Fraud to be an interesting novel I didn t LOVE it because the writing style flashback and plot isn t really for me but the way it is written is truly a novelty I thoroughly enjoyed the freshness and uniueness of the novel If you re A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping looking for a different intriguing young adult nov. Der or maybe two A bad romance or maybe threeBlunt objects disguises blood and chocolate The American dream superheroes spies and villains A girl who refuses to give people what they want from herA girl who refuses to be the person she once wasPraise for E Lockhart's We Were LiarsHaunting sophisticated Twisty and well told The Wall Street JournalIt willeave you dying to talk about the book with a pal or ten ParadecomYou're goi. ,
That was a wild ride I had high hopes for this one after We Were Liars I was et downI didn t really get it When I finished it I asked myself Why and there was no good answer The author tries to explain her inspiration in an Author s Note at the end but it seems ike what she was trying to do didn t end up with a full cohesive and complete storyThe book had its moments and part way through I thought that maybe the interesting format was going to play out into an awesome AH HA moment But not really maybe of an Ahhhh meh momentI t really say who I of an Ahhhh meh momentI can t really say who I recommend this one to is not one that I can say that I didn t care for it but I would expect that some people would think it is awesome It is just too contrived with no great payoff RATING 255 Imogen is a runaway heiress an orphan a cook and a cheat Jule is an athlete a social chameleon and a fighter An intense friendship murders bad romances How many times can someone reinvent themselves You be the judgeI dare say both Imogen and Jule are two of the most complex and fascinating characters I ve ever read about This is narrated in the third person but don t be fooled the narration is completely unreliable and I oved it It kept me guessing 999% of the time However the timeline in this book was ALL OVER THE PLACE It was intentional of course Some readers might find it original and intriguing but for me it was just too much My God Said, Ha!: A Memoir little brain could not process all the information I got the overall picturethough so I wasn t completely out of theoop I recommend this but don t expect it to be as good as We Were Liars though cause it is not It s a shame because it had potential Genuine Fraud is neither another We Were Liars or a great alternative for those disappointed with it It s a confusing reverse chronological rip off of The Talented Mr RipleyAt first I was iking it Lockhart has cooled off with the metaphors and weird writing here making it much to my tastes stylistically The book opens at the end of the story with Jule clearly on the run She dresses up in disguise calls herself Imogen and flees at the first sign her cover has been blown The story moves backwards in time from thereI don t mind retellings of classic tales especially those that stick a woman into a traditional male role but this book is almost exactly the same story as The Talented Mr Ripley Lockhart names it as one of her inspirations for the book but honestly inspiration is kind Not only is the plot almost identical but Genuine Fraud I cannot say about the genuine part but this book is definitely a fraud It pains me to say this because I was blown away by We Were Liars It s in my TOP 10 But this is ike someone else wrote it Okay I could feel a certain similarity in the plot twist but it s nowhere near We Were Liars I read several reviews and it seems that pretty often people who On the Right Side of a Dream liked We Were Liars were disappointed by this one But on the other hand people who were not impressed by We Were Liars found this one to be better So if you did notike We Were Liars this might be a better one for youAnd I want to write a ong review explaining what went wrong for me but it seems ike everything went wrong The main thing is I was obsessed with the writing style of We Were Liars the metaphors personifications That it was almost poetic And it was non existent here view spoilerSo the thing that got me angry was that it started with Jule running away from a detective and then we go down the memory Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II line which is not that surprising However it still ends with Jule running away from the detective Nothing is resolved in that regard I feel cheated hide spoiler Okay so Andrea said she needs a review to those two stars and because she s Andrea and Iike her so much I m going to write a few sentences why this was only a two star read for me I didn t Arrows of the Night: Ahmad Chalabi's Long Journey to Triumph in Iraq like the writing style of this book and whilst it s a nice idea to write a book from the ending to the beginning this stylistic device didn t work out for me Ateast not when it comes to Genuine Fraud I m sure some people will beg to differ but it s just the way I felt after reading the book Who is Jule Why is she doing the things she does What happened before she became the person she is now There are so many uestions and none of them were answered I mean I read 262 pages From the author of the unforgettable New York Times bestseller We Were Liars comes a masterful new psychological suspense novel the story of a young woman whose diabolical smarts are her ticket into a charmed Michelin Green Guide Normandy life But how many times can someone reinvent themselves You be the judgeImogen is a runaway heiress an orphan a cook and a cheatJule is a fighter a social chameleon and an athlete An intense friendship A disappearance A mur.