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Thank you so much to Kensington Books for giving me an ARC of The Glamorous Dead by Suzanne Gates via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewI m sorry but 15 I DNF it on 36% and I never DNF any book but this I tried I tried so much but this just didn t pull me I do not recommend this for people who has no idea what s happened in 1930s1940s Hollywood Yes I know I picked p a book set in 1930s Hollywood Yes I know it s going to deal with things I do not know aside from brunettes and blondes in curly bob hairstyles I only knew a bit of that era and wanted to learn but I only learned a bunch of words that didn t make any sense to me It seemed interesting but the author did not explain what those nicknames are and what they are doing Obviously they are shooting for some kind of film and they are extras and all that but I was still in a lossAnother reason I didn t finish this was I didn t feel any suspense orand thrill that this book promises It s a mysterythriller book after all The book immediately starts with Rosemary s body being found told by our narrator and main character Penny Rosemary s best friend The author lays out possible suspects and try to play and confuse the reader from finding the real suspect but it just fell flat for me I didn t even have any interest to know who the real suspect is It may be contributed to the narration I didn t feel any connection on Penny she sounded so distant and rigid I can t feel any of *HER HATE REMORSE SADNESS NOTHING I CAN T EVEN * hate remorse sadness nothing I can t even with her She was bland and flat to meThe writing was also odd for me anyway I feel like I m missing something There are not enough descriptions and it makes you feel lost The dialogues are weird the characters talk about two subjects without any pauses and just confuses you Do they talk like that back then I don t think so Penny is accused of murder and no one seems freaked out They just hate her that s it And when a cop chases you in a subdivision of rich people when you re accused of murder you should freak The Hell Out But No hell out but no just chats with drunk Madge about her family and lets the girl puke in a bush of someone popular while she daydreams of her First Mother I do not get it all And despite her being a murderer she is still able to work WHAT IS HAPPENING WHY DOES NOBODY CARESI never felt any thrill suspense or interest I really tried hard to connect and get myself interested and immersed but I was seriously just in a loss I couldn t stand it any and had to stop reading Most of the action in Suzanne Gates s debut mystery THE GLAMOUROUS DEAD takes place in 1940 on a Hollywood movie set while Preston Sturges films his classic screwball comedy The Lady Eve Between takes and after hours the film s leading lady Barbara Stanwyck plays amateur sleuth to solve the murder of one of the film s extras While the premise sounds like it will be a lightweight comedic mystery along the lines of Stuart M Kaminsky s Toby Peters series or George Baxt s novels featuring real celebrities solving fictional murders Gates s mystery is deadly serious THE GLAMOUROUS DEAD will remind genre lovers of Dorothy B Hughes s darker noir crime fiction especially the fever dream atmosphere and nreliable narrator in. Set in the dream factory of the 1940s this glittering debut novel follows a young Hollywood hopeful into a star studded web of scandal celebrity and murder The chipped pink nail polish is a dead giveaway no pun intended But when a human thumb is discovered near a Hollywood nightclub it doesn't take long for the police to identify its owner Miss Penny Harp would recognize that pink anywhere it belongs to her best friend Rosemary And so does the rest of the

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Her 1947 classic IN A LONELY PLACEWhen her beautiful roommate disappears on Halloween and is later found buried in a shallow grave film extra Penny Harp becomes the LAPD s top murder suspect It doesn t help matters that Penny the narrator has a lot of secrets and seems to alienate everyone around her with the exception of the film s star Why is Stanwyck suddenly best buddies with this background performer Was Stanwyck s husband dashing actor Robert Taylor having an affair with the murdered girlTHE GLAMOUROUS DEAD alternates between chapters of the two women trying to solve the murder with flashback chapters that begin to explain why neither woman is being completely honest with the other This moody and retro noir mystery pulls readers along with carefully revealed twists complex characters and nnerving apprehension In this dark and moody retro murder mystery actress Barbara Stanwyck turns amateur detective when a beautiful film extra is murdered I think A MEMBER OF MY BOOK CLUB SUMMED IT UP member of my book club summed it 120 Jobs That Wont Chain You to Your Desk up when she said This book should be re titled CALL YOUR BROTHERFirst of all I spent a good couple of pages wondering who the hell the main character wasntil I checked the back of the book jacket to remember it was Penny This book was not glamorous it was just one shit show after the other and I found myself frustrated with the main character one shit show after the other and I found myself frustrated with the main character she wasn turgent about the murder that took place Also she knew she saw her brother so pick Taken by the Pterodactyl (Dinosaur Erotica) up the phoneAlso the whole reason behind the murder in the first place wasn t the robbery or a coverp or anything linear like that I foun Compulsively readable noir set in 1940 Hollywood The prose snaps in noirish patter and you feel like you re there I had a small problem with the motive and thought the ending was a bit flat but an enjoyable and stylish read all the same ARC received in exchange for an Honest Review Suzanne Gate s debut novel The Glamorous Dead brings you back in time to the 1940 s Hollywood with the glamour fame and dark secrets This is truly a captivating story that has you guessing on who did it and why they did it It is also filled with OMG that did not just happen moments This mysterythrillerhistorical will have goosebumps rising and you will be gripping onto your tablet or book yelling don t do it Penny is a young aspiring Hollywood hopeful She moves to Hollywood with her best friend in dreams of making a better life for herself When a human thumb with chipped nail polish is found Penny s life turns The Four Faces of God upside down with full hurricane force Being the number one suspect in her best friend murder Penny starts her own investigation to prove herself innocence Help comes from annexpected source world famous movie star Barbara Stanwyck aka Stany With Stany s connections and *take no prisoner attitude the journey to prove Penny s innocence is well on its * no prisoner attitude the journey to prove Penny s innocence is well on its Penny holds her cards close to the heart not knowing whom she can trust But when the nthinkable happens she must decide to trust someone and fast While I enjoyed reading this at times it was almost as if there was too much information given Information that wasn t exactly necessary to the story There were also times it felt as if the characters were just rambling on. Ody buried beneath it Rosemary with the beauty and talent who stood out from all other extras on the Paramount lot She was the one whose name was destined for a movie maruee not for the obituaries And for an extra twist now an LAPD detective thinks Penny is the one who killed her Penny is determined to prove her innocence with a little help from an nlikely ally the world famous een of film noir Barbara Stanwyck Penny met Stany on the set of Paramount's cl. ,
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The Glamorous DeadAnd on These things made it a little difficult to read I enjoyed This Story Because Of story because of plot line of the 1940 s glamour and the mystery of old Hollywood The details of the backlots and stage settings made me feel like I was sitting on the stage with them A bonus to the story line is the se of and involvement of the 1940 popular celebrities I felt that added to the story of how captivating Hollywood was then and still is today I started off reading this story and thinking that I wouldn t be Hollywood was then and still is today I started off reading this story and thinking that I wouldn t be to finish it but in the end I truly enjoyed the overall story line FOUR glamourous stars The story takes place in 1940 in Hollywood Penny Harp an actress wannabe has found herself in a middle of a murder investigation Two of her friends have been murdered and Penny suspects that both deaths are somehow connected Barbara Stanwyck befriends Penny during the making of one of the movies and helps her to find the truth During the investigation Penny discovers non glamorous and dark secrets about her friends her brother and her employer Paramount The last secret holds everything together Penny later discovers that Paramount likes to fix any problems that come Nude Women Photography (Sexy Photo Book) UNCENSORED upon the company or people that work there Pennyestions everything and everyone and is eager to learn the truth but the truth can cost Penny her life Will she let Paramount fix her or will she end Solutions Manual for Introduction to Systems Biology up just like her friendsI liked the idea of the story the place and the time when it took place However my opinion only the books is way too long too many characters and way too many background stories I had a very hard time focusing on the book and follow the storyline I m biased but I loved this book A great evocation of the glitz and mystiue of golden era Hollywood serves as a backdrop for a compelling murder mysterypsychological suspense Fans of The Black Dahlia or the podcasts Hollywood Crime and You Must Remember This will find a lot to love I didn t like this book at all I really wanted to The description on the back of the book does not match the story It is not thrilling or suspenseful The protagonist is mostly an idiot or at least mentallynbalanced I could not see anyone doing the things she didAlthough we realize that sleazy things happened in Hollywood during that era the book made me feel sleazy just for reading it I There was no redemption for any of the characters I will probably not purchase any of Ms Gate s titles I do not see my library patrons enjoying this any than I did I received The Glamourous Dead by Suzanna Gates from Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis was a difficult book to read In all honesty I DNF d it which is a once in a blue moon kind of thing for me I really wanted to like this book too I loved the cover I loved the summary the mystery and the glitz and glam that it promised but I didn t really get any of that I m a huge fan of historical mysteries The writing style th The Glamorous Dead by Suzanne Gate is a free NetGalley ebook that I *read in early NovemberAs a kind of 40s Hollywood murder mystery the * in early NovemberAs a kind of 40s Hollywood murder mystery the guydame dialogue shines when it s coming from the likes of Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda but from its lead narrator a bit player for Paramount named Assic comedy The Lady Eve where the star took an instant liking to her With Stany's powerful connections and no nonsense style she has no trouble following clues out of the studio backlot from the Los Angeles morgue to the Zanzibar Room to the dark winding streets of Beverly Hills But there's something Penny isn't telling her famous partner in crimesolving a not so glamorous secret that could lead them to Rosemary's killer or send Penny to the electric chai.

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