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The Doomsday Papers

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Too good to put down sci fi paranormal suspense thriller all olled into one Action murder love hate you name it this book has it I loved it My immediate eaction after eading the book I eally have to think about this book I mean this is a long long story and there is a lot I mean A LOT going on in this book Heck it s an emotional oller coaster on steroid Major Spoilers aheadWe all have Finding Caruso read books or even watch shows about some deadly virus attack that goes out of control and kills half the world s populationmostly it s a zombie apocalypse themed or about some group of city folks survivors trying to endure in the new harsh andaw Fat Lives reality of dystopian future But here is the story from another angle same concept but from a Amish Mormon cult like community point of view particularly from a unpopular dark skinned and overweight girl called Dumani This community is called the Saints They were stuck in the middle of this whole dystopian mess and this story is from Dumani s POV I was very intrigued from the first page onward I was impressed how we were given a glimpse of who this solo girl suppose to be from her briefeflection of her past life just before the story started That was interesting on it s own I m going to be honest I think Dumani is an impressive person I personally don t believe Dumani is a strong person I believe she is very capable of being a very strong and independent women but Dumani s mentality is stuck in the frigid box of I need a man to survive Over and over again in this book we have seen Dumani surviving the impossible and she CAN 100% take care of herself but she always felt the need to feel wanted by man and to be loved I don t blame her because of the cult she grew up in Dumani is coached into believing that a woman absolutely cannot function without a man and if forever submissive to their bidding They have no say whatsoever and they have one main function sex object and baby machine for man Ugh it absolutely disgust me So it s no wonder why she felt like this way You know although unlike other girls in her cult Dumani does have some kind of expose to the outside world it may have NOT been positive expose for the most but Dumani does uestion the happy faces of the free and outside world women She watched and Số phận chú bé đánh trống read books so I m so sad that she STILL did not shake the women can be independent and free but she still focuses on the happy pregnant and wifey of the outside world She still stuck in that bubble It also does not help that she is so hopelessly in love with Judea I have such a joystick feelings about Dumani throughout the book I pity her I hated her I wanted to smack the back off her head I wanted to hug her I wanted to help her and I went back to wanting to strangle her Most of the time I wanted to take her by her shoulders and shake hereal hard Every time she pine after Judea I felt sorry for her I A Southern Moderate in Radical Times: Henry Washington Hilliard, 1808-1892 really do because he is the only guy who showed her some mercy and attention besides her brother Titus Dumani is desperate for his attention and affection that she was willing to look away a lot of nasty things Judea did The only time I strongly felt that Dumani absolutely stopped bullshitting herself and stood up for herself on her own without a man was when they were on theoad and she got a canning because she went against her father s wishes to go search for medicine supplies and SAVED all the pathetic Saint dudes that was the one time everyone around her was in shocked including her father and Judea But fuck It did not last long because her father used a dirty trick to make her stay and Judea stepped inso her newly found flame was doused to a dimmed emberJudea oh boy this dude is one hell of a messed up SOB Gosh I loved it when he defended Dumani and I loved that he showed her so much affection and love BUT I can t help but wonder if this is all because he have some other agenda that he was hiding He seemed to be loyal to Dumani fierce in protecting her but in the back of my mind I always wondered if he was playing this ole because of something secret or only until another set of girls is made available I mean seriously how logical does this sound to you I will fuck all the town girls as much as I can while my beloved Dumani sits sweating outside the whore house waiting for me and Titus to finish I mean I even have a type of town girls I like to fuck but Dumani is the type I will marry You know that time Judea Was So Nasty Towards Rena I was so nasty towards Rena I his hostility towards her is because she is exactlty the type of town women he used to fuck and looking at the her now makes him uestion his own judgment of the type of women he used like to fuck and it makes him uncomfortable because it eminds him of that when he suppose to be protecting Dumani Why because Dumani Loyal wife he knows she is fat she is older she is shy and desperate to please him and no man is eyeing her why would he not take her she is a strong women who can bear him loads of would he not take her she is a strong women who can bear him loads of I do believe he loves Dumani but I also think he knows for sure that he does have an ADVANTAGE over weak Dumani that gives me a loyalty card he thought will never be broken Turns out Judea did fall back to his old whoring self when other beautiful girls were available to him Despite him acting like a loyal and noble husband to Dumani the moment he saw the drop dead gorgeous virgin Jennifer being offered as his wife I knew Judea was going to take wife He loves Dumani but hey why esist the temptation to fuck not one but two beautiful young virgin girls who was willing to sleep with him The day he gotten married to the girls and he casually mentions that he already had a uick fuck session with the girls after marriage ceremony BEFORE coming to search for heart broken Dumani says a lot about his character or in his case his true intention Something tells me that if this "WHOLE DYSTOPIA THING DID NOT HAPPEN " dystopia thing did not happen doubt Judea would have taken Dumani as his first wife maybe the 5th or 6th Because excuse me being the handsome son of a ich and powerful Reverend he will have young virgin beautiful girls willing to offer their life at his feet He wants Dumani but if other girls are available Dumani won t have a chance of being his first choosing wife Because Dumani is not just seen as ugly and fat she is also the daughter of the most unpopular and ud mother So truly believe the Reverend himself will not allow his son to marry Dumani let alone make her his first wife I was very disappointed with Judea the moment I started to change my mind about his love for Dumani that s when he does something that makes me so pissed of and angry with him OMG I knew Judea is IN LOVE with Jennifer it s obvious the moment after he fucked Dumani on his wedding night he kept thinking about the girls especially Jennifer Later we found out that during the time he was suppose to be searching for Dumani he had actually promised Jennifer that she is the most beautiful girl he made love to and would love her to be his first wife if Dumani never eturns Reading that made me absouletly hate that SOB The last draw was when he canned Dumani after saying he will never cane. It all started with a cough No one knows who coughed or where but it changed everything That cough did what Vladimir Putin and Bin Laden couldn’t do It nearly exterminated the human population and toppled the invincible United States Government It uined me Before the sickness I was a meek subservient woman I was uiet and useful to my family but I ate than anyone else and I got the most thrashings I was the unfortunate Dare girl The fat one That was before The long journey kill. Her or any women in his church UghOMG this book have loads of sex scenes some are very nasty and some is sooooo bloody taboo some are interesting to ead but OMG is that how polygamy wives have sex I mean I highly doubt they do it like that but man that was weird sex between 7 wives I mean expanding into one wife after the other in a Access to English. Test pack 4 row WHOAAAWhen Dumani got kidnapped I was desperately hopping she would try to find her way out but at the same time it will open her eyes to the outside world too bad by that time the world has gone to shits But still Ieally wished Dumani had gotten a eality check on how capable she was and how a lady is suppose to be treated Too bad she still wanted to un to Judea I was not happy she decided to leave Judi behind and Hoffnung Mensch run away She should have confronted him and left his sorry arse behind Instead she did a patheticun which only took a lil loving from Judea to change her mind OMG how weak is that Judea knows that very well and he uses sex and sweet words to charm her again and again OMG During this time everytime she gave in to Judea and his wives I felt like I lost all espect for all of them When she finally an away with Judi I was so glad but OMG boy was I in for a shock Like WTH women are you seriously trying to sleep with Gavin Why can t you not want a dude all the time stop being so darn submissive you idiot Oh after chapter 33 this is where I started to think the whole story took a completely different shift from where it was heading WTH is up with vampire and witches HUH WHAT HUH WAAAAAAAATTTT Suddenly there is a whole new world of supernatural taking place that was not mentioned at all in the first part of the book I was severely disappointed after this and this is also where the book started to drop its ating stars I felt like the author did a easy way out instead of going with the original story line This is where the beginning of Dumani s pathetic ness and stupidly was fully blown outI was shocked and annoyed because after the mysterious OMG I m so irresistible mysterious stranger Maximino came into picture there was nothing but sex sex sex and sex I got eally tired of this part of this book to a point I started skipping the sex scenes to just get on with the story I was desperate this to be some kind of Dumani s wild dream while she was passed out while being experimented on but unfortunately it wasn t In my opinion it had completely shattered the story for me What was the point of this take in this book Dumani did no spell she was a witch with no power no courage pathetically a whoring witch and desperate for a man attention Did she even bother teaching or trying to find a better life for Judi No she decided to become a thrall for this dude WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY After that she was just submissive Dumani all over again sex is always there for no eason and she is just like how she was with Judea pinning for love when she knows its impossible Dumani started to lack serious self espect here Ugh it got to a point I started to wish Judi would just grow up in a cult with Judea instead of with a weak women like Dumani The story just goes on and on suddenly the virus battered world is no longer a priority in this book no survival no about Dumani trying to find her self The Witch who was a princess respect and courage to be a strong women Nope it just became another typical handsome vampire and witch love hate story in oddly modern functioning life in Rome OMG I was at the verge of giving up this book Maximino sighjust another typical hot vampire with immortal sex drive and have commitment issuesbut eventually gives in to the forbidden love he tries to bloody hard to deny and goes against his vampire clan to save his lovemeh sound typicalwhatever NEXTCan I be honest Was this whole morbid vampire gangape eally necessary I mean thank god we only have glimpse of it although it was just a glimpse of it here and thereit was explicit enough to make me cringeit was totally unnecessary Ugh it made no difference I believe we learn about witches and vampires for 3% from Maximino and 97% of it was just hot sex this part of the story could have easily betaken out of the book and it would have made not much difference because towards the end what Dumani knows about her witch ancestry could be summed up in 3 paragraph seriously what did we know about her witch past anyway What s so amazing about it that we needed this take into the story Sigh towards the end she ended up with Judea oh wait how did he know where to find Dumani And so uickly UGHHHHH Anyway she went back to life in Saint church getting dissed by every men and women Her mother committed suicide because apparently all witches are pathetic and can t live without their man in their lifeI was so bloody yearning for Dumani to start a whole life with her mother and her children away from the nasty churcha happy free livebut no that will never happen Judea trying and her children away from the nasty churcha happy free livebut no that will never happen Judea trying econnect with her and eventually did I bet because his wives and kids died so why not ight they lived a happy life until their son and everyone around them started dying one by one Living Dumani and her granddaughter alone until Maximino comes back and they apparently uplifted that omg suddenly witch spell and decided to live their immortal life togetherwooo the end But there is the thing though I was angry with Dumani in this book but somehow I still wanted to keep eading this book maybe because I was hoping she did find the courage somehow or have an happy ending somehow Also writing style is Jeden výdych koňa really good and the story pace is good so half points for that I initially gave the work 5 starsbut decided after carefuleflection that I needed to Eleanor, Quiet No More re think theating I felt cheated when the theme of witches and vampires were incorporated into the plot I felt cheated because I felt the author took the easy way out and didn t continue on the challenging path she set forth on with the main characters growth It was too easy veer of into the supernatural plot ather than let the story unravel and subseuently endnaturally Also one chapter in my kindle edition had numerous typos etcnot sure what that was aboutbut yeah I would have loved the opportunity to experience Duma and Jude working their shit outor not without the supernatural aspects as a uick fix to save a plot that seemed to become too tedious to finish for the author I loved this book It s different weird strange funny scary and terrifying and ight up my alley The Paranormal the IR Romance and the hot sex scenes the Sci Fi The apocalypse has never been as interest as it was portrayed in this book One of the WOWI the story never wanted
to end some 
end Some but you can What It Takes: Fighting for My Life and My Love of the Game read through them If i could give this writer stars i would I m now one of her number one fans keep up the good work D Wtf did I justead I bought this book a while ago and I couldn t Luftwaffe Fighters 1945 (Topcolors) read it It took me a month to do so I finally got into it I didn tead any eviews on It And Yes It and yes it me that it was written in first personI ll just say I finished this book at work and now I m an emotional mess I ead on my phone with the kindle app and I have taken a cr. Ing people and burning bodies it all changed me If only my family could see me now They can't see me They're dead Dead and burned in the south field Father used too much gasoline and the fire spread out of control It burned acres of thirsty grapevines and almost took the barn He cried over the grapes but not the two wives and fourteen children we cremated Thinking about the dead makes me sad Thinking about the food that I took for granted makes me sadder Our ways kept us alive Be.
Die mechanischen Kinder
Ap load of notes I am a mess after eading this book Duma lives in a polygamist cult This the only life she knows and she is also in love with a boy The preacher s son Duma s life changes when a virus starts to kill off humanityThere is so much shit in this bookThis is the walking dead mixed with a Western mixed with HBO s big love and TLC s sister wives with love and hip hop and mixed with ueen Sugar Charmed mixed with Iyanla fix my life Along with true blood maybe some twilight and blade Like Na What did I just Wonderful Memories of It's a Wonderful Life read There are side characters I m still wondering about Also there wasn t much explanation on Duma s past and how that all fit in with her life There wereushed elements to this book and like most 1st person stories you often get lost on who is speaking in that moment But yea I ll Green Eyed Envy read this author again but not for a while This shit got me emotionally drainedSigned by a hater of books written in first person I need a minute toegroupreview to comeSome days laterWhen you cant predict the story line Seriously this had me all up and around the corner in my feelings I ended this story with a heavy heart ooohhhhh the emotional ache I feel I feel like I ve been beaten down chil I m just worn the heck out After The A-List Diet Fitness Plan reading one of her books you gotta goead something light and uick to get your mind The Amethyst Road right before you catch yourself thinking about these characters like they belong to you and suddenly find yourself washing dishes talking out loud to yourself about scenes in the book yep I did thatThis was a tough one toead but I was so intrigued with this didn t like some of what happen like the whole polygamy thing I cant imagine sharing my man girl Id kill a Oh I just The King's Cardinal: The Rise and Fall of Thomas Wolsey remembered this one part where Dumani goes after one of the Ahhhh you gottaead don t want to spoil it for you man almost couldn t stop myself lol The Author knows how to captivate you like a damn sparkling vampire I could not look away and I wanted This story centers around a cult type life with polygamy being the heart of it Buuut then there is also a apocalyptic thing going on annnnnd lawd yes there s a paranormal thing too Once again Ms Jan Jan threw everything at me all at once with no time to breathe My heart broke a million times for the Heroine Dumani she was strong woman also the Hero Judea he was in a tough position with the church even though I wanted to kill him in the middle of the book I understood his positions and oh he made my heart strings go nuts with his crazy in love for Dumani Fav oute Don t listen to those heathens What do they matter They don t know us Look at them They The Lupus Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide for Patients and Families re lazy and worthless They don t compare to you in any way Dumani Stop walking with your head down I don t care who is in the fuckingoom You look up and if you don t know where to look after that you look to me You are my wife Those bitches are sunburned and bitter They When I Grow Up, I'm Going to Play for the Nebraska Cornhuskers re jealous of you Why would they be jealous of me My handeaches up and brushes my scar Jude shakes his head sadly You are everything a man needs in a woman This story takes you on a journey a looooooong journey Dumani goes through it I tell you and grows as well She not only gets to have love she gets to grow in love Don t get me started on the third Man she meets This story it Sextus: Ou, Le Romain Des Maremmes: Suivi D'Essais Detaches Sur L'Italie: Par M. Me Hortense Allart de Therase rips through your chest throws your heart on the floor but it s puts it back again and I loved every minute of it I love her writing style I cant imagine not liking anything she writes Here s my couple Happyeading friends eading playlistWide Eyed by Billy LockettWhere s My Love by SymlVoodoo by Ashanti I felt that this book started off well but then it headed into crazy land I can understand the compelling part about this book but it was not to my taste This is the hard part about reviewing a book I do not eally want to down ate it because it was a book I do not eally want to down Will Gallows and the Snake-Bellied Troll rate it because it was a bad book I just did not like it So I won tate it at all This book took me trough a whole spectrum of emotions and brought me to tears This interesting and significant story is so moving you can t help but Nosferatu root for Dumani As she travels far and wide with her unexpected self discovery she finds herself inexplicably far from home And her love for Jude Hamilton so strong she always finds a way back It is a love story but a painful one that will have your heart breakingight alongside hers This story does has such achingly sweet moments it hurts much when the bad ones come Duma needed to find herself and who she truly was without a man or the church to decide for her After being Snuggle Up, Little One: A Treasury of Bedtime Stories raised in a cult of polygamists emotionally and physically abused her tender heart still foundeason to love Towards the middle of the book I was proud of her for standing up for herself and not lying complacent after discovering a bit of the world after her previously shelter existence She deserved than empty words of love with no true devotion Why couldn t Jude just keep every promise he made He Nefertiti: Egypt's Sun Queen ran her away into the arms of other men He just couldn t actight after he allowed the church and their beliefs to come between then Finding out she s a witch the whole debacle of meeting Maximino the vampire was a bit of a shock almost as if it wasn t the same storyline any But after that The Jive Talker rough patch I felt it blend into the storyline when I figured they couldn t continue on like that Overall I love this story and the character development was astoundingly good even of a little heart breaking had to happen My favorite scenes will always be from the beginning where all Jude and Duma had was each other OMG OMG OMG if I could give it ten stars I wouldThis book was sooooooo good Ian the gambit of emotions I had to stop Gargantuan reading for awhile to give my heart a chance toecover from the adrenaline Wolfgang rush fromeading certain scenes The end of the book had me crying like a babyJan Jan Untamed wrote an amazing story about apocalyptic end times and how a young couple and their community survived it The Doomsday Papers was just that Dumani Dare Hamilton s memoirs of her life and times of emotional growth during the viral epidemic We see her character grow from a timid shy abused and over worked young woman into a very self aware sexual being who Publishing Women: Salons, the Presses, and the Counter-Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy refused to share her husband Judea Hamilton with his two other wives he was forced marry Being members of the Saintseligious sect similar to Mormons the men were allowed to have as many wives they could take care of The women were just used for men s comforts and procreation After Duma Wurr 3 (Wurr returned from being forciblyesearched on to find a cure for comforts and procreation After Duma Кракатит returned from being forciblyesearched on to find a cure for virus for a year she found out that Jude did not keep his vow to her This caused her to make poor decisions and become involved with other people and discovering long held secrets to her life Her life comes full circle where she is back to where she first began before the NY2 viral epidemic started She also finds out that she is destined to epeat her mother s life only with a different "outcome My heart was overcome with joy that Dumani finally got her HEA with both of the " My heart was overcome with joy that Dumani finally got her HEA with both of the she lovedThis story was long but very well done It was an excellent plot that I hope I never see come to life Good job Jan Jan. Hind our walls men can have six wives and father twenty children The walls are high enough to keep strangers out and keep our secrets in They were not high enough to keep out the sickness or wide enough to keep out death when it came to collect The outsiders called us crazy Uneducated A cult They all died We didn’t just survive we thrived It was during this dark and tragic time that the most unusual thing happened I found love in the most unexpected place Me the unfortunate one. ,

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